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The first bite was too quick so Olivia chewed slowly on the second bite. It’s hard to describe this taste. Every fiber was soft and chewy, the kind where the taste will change with every bite.

“It’s so delicious that I can swallow my tongue!” ——this figure of speech is definitely not a joke for those who are lucky enough to eat the meat of the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon! Some people literally bit their tongue while tasting it.

The sensation of the delicious explosion in the mouth——only those who have eaten it can understand!

Even though he tried to chew slowly, in the eyes of Mu Gen and the others, Olivia gobbled up the big bun.

After eating it, Olivia then lifted Mengmeng!

“Say it! Where did those buns come from!”

After a long time without being hugged by his owner, Mengmeng felt his hard drive become a little overwhelmed. However, he still responded to Olivia’s question as soon as possible: “Alpha and the others made it together!”

“Where’d you buy the materials for making the steamed buns?” Speaking so quickly, Olivia didn’t even realize that he used the cute word “da”. (T/N: Sorry, I have no idea why adding da was supposed to be cute so I omitted it. Hope you’re not confused.)

“Beta bought the flour, Eta bought the kitchenware, Pi bought the packaging bags, then Alpha and Robot A bought the vegetables for the filling.” Mengmeng honestly said and then looked down at his little apron: “Mengmeng bought this apron ~\(≧▽≦)~”

Olivia had black lines on his head: I just want to know the source of the meat in the buns! In the end, except for the source of the meat, the other things I’m not interested in were clearly explained!!!

Mengmeng, you idiot!!!

If his eyes can shoot lasers like Kan Mengmeng, Mengmeng’s apron would have been scorched by the anger in Olivia’s eyes  ̄▽ ̄.

Facing Olivia’s anger, Mengmeng gave a silly chirp.

Mengmeng was not in a condition to answer, but Alpha, who had been standing next to him, turned his dark screen: Olivia’s reaction…was it because we used ten-year-old horned beast meat from the refrigerator to make the buns?

Alpha thought about it calmly and was thinking about how to circumvent this question when Mu Gen had already said the answer:

“Oli, do you want to know where the meat is bought?” Unlike robots that can only analyze human intentions through words, Mu Gen could easily perceive Oli’s true mood at this moment.

“It’s not bought outside~ It’s the meat originally stored in the fridge at home.”

“I’ll kill a new one~ Oli, if you want to eat, I’ll cook it for you!” Looking at Olivia, Mu Gen gave a big smile: “Before that, here’s another bun for you.”

With that, Mu Gen stuffed the bun he’s holding into Olivia’s mouth.

With a big bun in his mouth, Olivia was dumbfounded.

He stayed in a daze until Mu Gen pulled him home, opened the fridge, took out a piece of meat, and then turned the meat into a black ball of roasted meat.

“Oli, eat it!” The pot of roasted meat was served on two plates. Mu Gen pushed one of the roasted meats in front of Olivia. Seeing him not moving even after a long while, Mu Gen used a fork to split the piece of roasted meat then lifted it to his mouth.

Olivia swallowed the meat in one bite!

He almost burst into tears~

Mothereffer! All this way, Mu Gen asked him if he wanted to eat the dark dishes he made and it turned out to be the “Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon” meat? Oh my God! What did I miss!!!

“You, do you know what kind of meat this is!” Olivia yelled.

“Uh, this…isn’t this the meat of a horned beast?” Mu Gen was stunned.

“…” Olivia then quickly called up the information of the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon and showed a 360-degree holographic photo of it in front of Mu Gen. He asked with a serious face: “Look clearly, did the meat we’re eating now came from something like this?”

Seeing the seriousness in Oli’s question, Mu Gen also looked carefully and finally nodded: “That’s right! It’s the meat of this beast!”

“…how did you get this?” Olivia took a breath then asked immediately.

“Uh…it should be what Uncle Alpha met on the road, then it was beaten to death and dragged back. Because it was killed on the roadside, I threw it into the fridge and didn’t eat it. After all, the other uncles already hunted other horned beasts so we ate that (≧▽≦).”

“…” There was another ellipsis. Olivia was speechless! The scarce prey of Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon is hard to find but if Uncle Alpha obtained it, it made sense if he thought about…

Mothereffer! That might be the last Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon in the world! But it was beaten to death on the roadside orz, and made into a bun… Thinking of the buns, Olivia quickly cheered up and straightened. Holding the last glimmer of hope, he asked Mengmeng a question: “You…how much did those steamed buns cost?”

A Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon! That’s a Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon! If they have those steamed buns from an endangered animal, maybe they can sell it for three million farads?

Then, Mengmeng mercilessly gave him the final blow.

“Two coins, chirp~\(≧▽≦)~ In the beginning, no one bought it. In the end, someone gave Mengmeng two coins so Mengmeng gave him a steamed bun, which successfully sold the first steamed bun!”

Mengmeng felt great!

But Olivia was finally knocked down.

His cheeks fell heavily on the dinner table as his eyes weakly looked at the plate in front of him.

Turning grief into anger then appetite, Olivia gobbled up the roasted meat! Chewing the last piece of meat with relish, Olivia heard Mu Gen tell him:

“Oli, eat slowly. If it’s not enough, there’s still a lot in the fridge. There are also two living beasts in the yard!”

Wait——Mu Gen, say that again, I want to hear what you just said...

Olivia lifted his head!

“Well, there are two in the yard since we brought two horned beasts from our hometown. No, it’s Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon now, ah…with this one, there are now three heads in total.” With that, Mu Gen bent down and picked up Olivia’s backpack from the ground. After releasing the little guy who had been locked up for a long time on the plate that Olivia had just eaten from, Mu Gen smiled.


Olivia heard the sound of the plate being bitten.

Like the sound of his heart breaking.


For the rest of the time——

“Horned…no, there are so many dragons like the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon on our planet, so you catch it no matter how many you want,” Mu Gen said.

“They also love to lay eggs. Our climate is very hot so some young Crescent Dragons often accidentally lay their eggs on the sunny sand, and then——”

“And then?” Olivia blankly repeated the last few words.

“Then their eggs became baked eggs ~\(≧▽≦)~” Mu Gen laughed.

This…is truly a story that makes people feel uncomfortable!

With a snort, Olivia also laughed out loud.

Then, Olivia enthusiastically listened to Mu Gen tell the story of his hometown. Apart from Mu Gen, there are only one other species on the entire planet and that is the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon, which Mu Gen named a horned beast. Mu Gen told him in detail how he caught his first Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon and talked about the process of planting Mugen grass.

All sorts of little things in life are brought to life by Mu Gen, making it particularly interesting. Until Alpha drove them to sleep, but the two hadn’t had enough talk, so they hid under the blanket and continued to whisper.

“Today I finally saw a Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon that I was thinking of, so happy!” After finally saying enough, Olivia stretched out lazily under the covers, looking content.

“That’s great, the one I want to see the most is Kantas! Kantas, like Kan Mengmeng, is also a dinosaur! I hope I can see one!” Mu Gen also learned and stretched his waist, exposing his head outside: “But Dobby said Kantas are powerful men and I might never see them in my life.”

Speaking of this, Mu Gen couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. The room was very dark so most people can’t see it, except for Olivia who has good night vision ability.

After lying stiff in bed for a long time, he suddenly poked Mu Gen’s waist.

“Oli, why are you poking my butt? It hurts.” Mu Gen’s sleepy voice came from the other side of the pillow. Hearing him yell in pain, Olivia quickly retracted his paw——Σ(°△°|||)︴He poked the wrong place!

“Do you still want to see a Kantas?” He asked very quietly.

“Yes!” Mu Gen answered without hesitation.

“The…the feathers don’t look so good…and it has no tail hair yet…do you still want to see this Kantas?” Saying this, Olivia was a bit shy.

“Want!!!” Mu Gen interrupted Olivia’s hesitation with a quick answer.

So the next second, something bulged out of the bed  ̄▽ ̄.

A white and fluffy chicken squeezed heavily beside Mu Gen and sat up with difficulty. He shyly and timidly went out of the quilt, his big eyes tremblingly looking at Mu Gen.

Mu Gen also got up with a grunt and took out his antique flashlight from the pillow. With a “click”, he turned on the flashlight and aimed at Oli, who now had nowhere to hide from him!


Mu Gen was stunned——

Like Oli said, this guy is completely different from the cartoon Kan Mengmeng: His hair is white, severely lacked hair in some parts and extremely thin, but…”

“It’s so cute ~\(≧▽≦)~” Mu Gen hugged the “chicken” to his neck.

Olivia’s body stiffened and finally didn’t resist. He obediently let Mu Gen hug him and finally, cautiously put his chin on Mu Gen’s shoulder.

“Chirp…” He weakly tweeted.


“The guys in the orphanage said that I’m a hybrid and had a genetic defect. That’s why I grew up like this. I don’t know who my parents are, so maybe I’m really a hybrid…” Oli was still explaining why he didn’t look like a real Kantas: “So maybe I’m not a real Kantas either…”

“Those bastards, you’re just of mixed race!” Mu Gen refuted him: “Mixed-bloods are smart! And looks pretty! Oli, you’re much smarter than those other dinosaurs! And…”

Mu Gen observed Olivia up and down then objectively and cautiously expressed his opinion: “If you don’t have dark circles, you must be a handsome guy.”


After these words, Olivia finally made up his mind to use eye cream every day.

This night, Oli fell asleep as a cub.

This is a rare experience for him: The cuffs of the orphanage is made according to the cub’s size and Olivia always felt that the reason why he became humanoid earlier than the other cubs was that he didn’t want to be handcuffed.

Olivia in human form has smaller limbs than the cub, so the shackles can be removed.

For a long time, Olivia has been sleeping in human form, which is contrary to the habits of other cubs.

Sleeping on their stomach under their father’s wings is the innate habit of Kantas cubs.

Although he didn’t have a father’s wings, sleeping with Mu Gen under a thick blanket is very warm.

Olivia slowly fell asleep.

The author has something to say:

What will happen next?

It’s almost time to open the second volume.

TINA V1C054: Delicious Meat Buns, Chirp!
TINA V1C056: Coming To An Abrupt End

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