TINA V1C056: Coming To An Abrupt End

TINA V1C55: Oli Transformed!
TINA V2C057: Germination

The next day, Olivia wandered around without wearing underwear.

In his cub form——how do you want him to wear underwear?!

After buying a small brush, Mu Gen and Sigma spent half a day helping Oli brush all the hairs on his body. During this time, Oli lost another large pile of hair.

Seeing Olivia squatting on the ground and picking up his feathers, Sigma was frozen while holding the small brush and then lightly tapped Mu Gen.

“Oli looks like a mature bald uncle.” He whispered to Mu Gen.

When he said this, this guy didn’t know how to lower the volume.

So Olivia’s expression became even more downcast.

Mu Gen hurriedly took the brush and continued to smooth his feathers. He brushed it very carefully, his power light. Just when Oli was depressed, Mu Gen suddenly yelled:

“Oli! You have hair!”

Olivia froze for a while then raised his head in disbelief.

Mu Gen then took a small mirror and showed him the bald spot and how the new hair is growing inside: “Look! These are new ones.”

“It wouldn’t take long for Oli to become fluffy ~\(≧▽≦)~” This sentence is more effective than any hair restorer. After carefully inspecting the new hair he’s grown, Olivia became happy again.

“Eat less sugar and more nutritious food. I think this is the secret to hair growth!” Mu Gen then preached Oli.

The preaching this time was definitely more effective, and Oli accepted it completely.

They had enough money to rent a house through the lottery tickets, had a rare ingredient in the fridge, and the hair that had been shed showed signs of regrowing——

Squatting on the ground, Olivia inadvertently pecked at his feathers, the pecking became slower and slower until his head strayed and his mouth lightly grabbed Mu Gen’s clothes.

Like when he gently pecked his feathers, Oli pecked Mu Gen’s clothes with his mouth like a baby.

Looking at the huge chicken cub leaning towards him, Mu Gen was stunned but let him lean.

Then, Sigma also joined in.

For the young Olivia, he felt that now is the happiest time of his life.

He thought he would always be happy as long as he was with Mu Gen. As long as they go to school together, then go home and later find an ordinary job, or simply win more money through the lottery to open a shop.

For the first time, Olivia felt that living like an ordinary person was also very good.

For Olivia who suffered a lot when he was young and believed in violence, almost becoming a villain, this is an incredible change!

Then, the exam results arrived.

All the results are posted on the Starnet. As soon as the results came, Mu Gen and Olivia logged on in time. Among the names of countless people, Mu Gen finally found his own name.

“Last in the Cooking Department!” He was very happy to read his own rank on top of his name. They also found the name of the little brontosaurus Dobby and were happy for him, then the two continued searching for Olivia’s name.

However, they didn’t find Oli’s name in the admission list for the Cooking Department.

Not only is it nowhere in the Cooking Department, but it’s also not on the admission list of other departments.

At the same time, Mu Gen received a new email congratulating him on being accepted to his first choice, followed by a detailed report on the time, place, and things that needed to be prepared.

As of this time, Oli still hadn’t received anything.

Olivia glanced at Mu Gen and for the first time, Mu Gen saw panic in Oli’s eyes.

Olivia had never felt abandoned.

Even though he grew up in an orphanage with a harsh environment, he didn’t feel abandoned.

Without any feeling of belonging, there’s naturally no way to feel abandoned.

And now, just when he finally found a place to return to, just as he planned a future for himself and Mu Gen, and just when he wanted to work hard——

He felt abandoned.

“Don’t worry, Oli, we can go to school together tomorrow to ask.” Meeting Olivia’s helpless gaze, Mu Gen told him earnestly: “If it’s not possible, we can ask Uncle Pi——”

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

When the doorbell rang for the first time, no one realized what it was. They had never been visited before so neither of the teenagers responded. Alpha was the first to act.

“I’ll open the door.” Mechanically saying so, he went to open the door.

The door opened.

“Excuse me, is this the home of Olivia Augustus?” An unusually tall man with blond hair stood outside the door. With brown eyes and a nicely textured white shirt just right to show his thick pectoral muscles, paired with trousers of the same color which was extremely harmonious on him.

This human being is a soldier——Alpha determined the other party’s identity almost at first glance.

Whether it’s the white trousers or the white shirt, they’re all part of the Imperial Military Uniform. The coat that the man isn’t wearing must have metal epaulets in eye-catching yellow silk metals. At this time, his coat was in the hands of the man beside him. Behind this human were four tall men with straight backs and a very weak sense of presence. They’re obviously the officers or guards of this man.

Sending the results of his observations to the other robots via radio waves, Alpha’s dark screen remained very calm, only faintly flashing with soft green light.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” This sentence was very in line with human etiquette and habits, but Alpha’s body didn’t confer. Instead of getting out of the way, he put a hand on the door.

“Domestic…nanny robot, Alpha.” The man in white playfully called out Alpha’s name and the description of his registered model.

“There are only two minors in your family, but there are eight robots. What a luxurious configuration.” He smiled: “The eggs of the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon are so delicious. I like them very much, whether they’re made by Olivia or Mu Gen, I like both.”

Alpha still didn’t let go.

By this time, Mu Gen and Olivia had already come out. When Alpha went to open the door, he changed back to his human appearance, so Olivia’s hair was a bit messy.

The moment he saw the man through Alpha’s tall figure, Olivia felt all his hairs explode——

With a strong grasp, he dragged Mu Gen, who was still moving forward, abruptly behind him, blocking him.

Olivia looked at the white-clothed man outside the door with full alertness. At this time, the other party also saw him. Facing such an Olivia, the other party just smiled with interest.

“Seems like you recognize my identity.” With those words, the aura that had been deliberately suppressed was let go unscrupulously. Behind Olivia, even Mu Gen felt the horror of this man!

Very powerful——even though he’s unable to judge the identity of this man, Mu Gen realized this instinctively.

It’s like the first time he saw a horned beast when he was a kid, no——this man is more terrifying than the horned beast back then, much more terrifying!

“He is Kantas, an adult Kantas.” While Mu Gen wondered about the man’s identity, Olivia whispered.

This man turned out to be the same kind as Oli! Shouldn’t he be happy seeing his fellow kin? Why is Oli so scared?

The atmosphere was too tense, so Mu Gen didn’t ask this question.

“Aiya~ Don’t be so nervous, little chick! I’m here to tell you the good news.” Seeing Olivia and Mu Gen full of vigilance, the man smiled again: “Olivia, you have been accepted by the Imperial Military Academy!”

After saying those words, Olivia and Mu Gen were stunned.

“The Imperial Military Academy is the number one academy and only people from certain races are eligible to enter. You should thank me~” Looking at Olivia, the man made a gesture of not needing any gratitude.

The man was smiling from start to finish, but Olivia didn’t feel the slightest warmth from his smile.

This man is threatening him.

A drop of cold sweat slipped from the back of Olivia’s neck.

“I’ll go with you.” He heard himself calmly tell this to the other person.

Saying so, Olivia walked forward. With every step he took, he could hear his inner cry: I don’t want to go! I don’t want to go!

At this moment, Mu Gen suddenly spoke.

“Come in for tea.” A standard greeting in excerpted form.

Alpha immediately gave way and Mu Gen’s courtyard was finally opened to the man.

The man, who had always been smiling, was stunned but quickly smiled again: “Okay.”

Letting his subordinates stay outside, he stepped into this very small and poor yard.

“Please sit down.” Mu Gen led the “guest” into the living room and motioned the other person to sit on the sofa. Mu Gen noticed that the man’s eyes fell on the balcony window——there was the hair that Oli just shed.

“I forgot that there’s no tea in my house, so I can only ask you to drink water.” Sigma walked over with a large tray then Mu Gen picked up the glass of water from it and placed it in front of the man.

“It’s okay.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s tea or water, the man is only interested in the next move of this humble little guy.

For him, it was a matter of course to control everything and any reaction beyond his expectation would make him interested.

Next, Mu Gen took Olivia and sat opposite the man. He asked in detail about the Imperial Military Academy: the courses, the source of examinees, the accommodation conditions, the test rules, the vacation time…

After listening, he then asked: “Does Oli have to go to your Academy?”

The man froze for a moment, then nodded: “That kid is a Kantas, a Kantas! He had great destructive power so, in principle, the Empire will not allow a Kantas cub to live alone outside. I don’t know where this kid lived before, but he has violated the rules of the Empire~”

“All Kantas must enter the Imperial Military Academy to serve the Empire.” He added.

“Then, can I go to the Imperial Military Academy?” Mu Gen asked.

As soon as this question came up, the man was surprised again.

The Imperial Military Academy sounded good but its willingness to accept new students is extremely low.

This is a paradise for beasts.

The instructors will pursue a Spartan education and the students believed in the supremacy of violence. This Academy is hell for ordinary students.

The man had just explained this to Mu Gen, but Mu Gen still raised this question, making the man surprised.

“No way~ You’re not qualified.” He shook his head and then made a gesture: “You’re too weak.”

“…” Mu Gen went silent.

“Mu Gen, don’t listen to him. I’m going to that Imperial…Military Academy or whatever.” Olivia suddenly said.

Mu Gen stood up and worked in the kitchen for a while. He then brought out a large plate of scrambled eggs and a large plate of roasted meat with a strange and attractive fragrance. The man immediately realized that these all came from a Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon.

“Please.” Mu Gen politely told the man to enjoy a good meal: “Can I take Oli to prepare? Prepare for…admission.”

“Oh? Sure.” The man shrugged and watched the two teenagers go to the back room. Only then did he spread a handkerchief and happily enjoyed the big meal.

Mu Gen silently packed a bag for Olivia. He stuffed him everything he could think of and all the money that Mengmeng made from selling buns was also in it.

“Oli, you have to be good and not be bullied.” A trace of sadness finally appeared in his eyes as Mu Gen quietly looked at Olivia.

“Stupid…how could I be bullied?” Olivia smiled while looking at Mu Gen like this.

He didn’t know how ugly he smiled.

“I’ll find a way to see you and you must remember to come back during the holidays.” Mu Gen stuffed Oli’s bag again.

Olivia nodded slightly.

Finally, after hugging each other, Mu Gen pulled Olivia out. When they came out, the plate in front of the man, Dean Argos, was already empty.

“Can we go now?” He asked Mu Gen very gentlemanly.

“En.” Mu Gen nodded, handed the bag to Mengmeng, who was beside them, then Mu Gen gently hugged Mengmeng.

The cheers and laughter no longer existed. Mu Gen silently walked behind Oli and watched as Oli got on the floating vehicle outside. He suddenly stopped Argos.

“Sir, this is for you.” He took out a small package that had been by his side.

“This is——” Dean Argos raised a brow.

“A bribe.” Mu Gen seriously looked at him and said word by word: “I hope you can take care of Oli in the Academy with this bribe.”

His expression froze for an instant as Argos was truly stunned this time. He laughed for a while before taking the small package. He then touched Mu Gen’s head: “Interesting! You are really interesting! If you can meet one of the admission requirements, I will definitely admit you!”


Waving to Mu Gen, Argos finally disappeared in the largest floating vehicle ahead. Not long after he was seated, the fleet set off.

The fleet carrying Oli set off and it didn’t take long before it disappeared from the sights of Mu Gen and the Alphabet Series robots.

Like a dream, Oli came and then left.

The author has something to say:

Oli is destined to go black.

Only this time, he has Mu Gen.

And he has his own faith.

TINA V1C55: Oli Transformed!
TINA V2C057: Germination

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