TINA V2C057: Germination

TINA V1C056: Coming To An Abrupt End
TINA V2C058: First Day Of School

Gripping the windows, Olivia greedily looked at the small courtyard behind him until he couldn’t see it anymore.

The scenery outside the window was replaced by the black night sky.

Olivia slowly sat down, his expression fierce, almost like the him from some time ago, maybe——even more terrifying than that time.

But Mengmeng didn’t feel this is terrible at all.

Moving a few steps forward, he wanted to use his small body for support and leaned against Olivia’s left side.

Just like every day before they met Mu Gen, Mengmeng stuck to Olivia’s side.

Before meeting Mu Gen, the two depended on each other in this way.

There were no lights inside, but the outside light spilled in through the window. The inside of the floating vehicle only has two passengers and it looked like Olivia’s “bedroom” when he was in the orphanage.

Small, dark, and lifeless.

“Chirp~” Mengmeng twittered. After checking the surroundings with his scanning device and confirming that there’s no monitor in the car, Mengmeng cautiously pecked Olivia.

Slowly looking down, Olivia looked at him blankly.

“Chirp! Before leaving, Mu Gen gave me this and asked me to secretly give it to you.” With the volume turned down extremely low, Mengmeng took something out of his stomach…

A cub?

This cub is…a Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon!

The one held by Mengmeng’s two small wings was surprisingly the cub that Olivia hatched unexpectedly during the previous exam.

The horrible expression from before instantly shattered as Olivia was stunned!

“Mu Gen said: Give this Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon to Oli, let you——” Mengmeng faithfully reproduced the entrustment he received when he got the cub.

“What does he want me to do? Say it!” Mengmeng didn’t say anything else so Olivia urged him impatiently.

“There’s nothing else. We had to leave before he could finish, so he secretly gave me this before we went out.” Mengmeng answered honestly.

Olivia was startled.

“Moo!” tenderly called out the little guy in Mengmeng’s wings as it sprayed a snot bubble.

His rock-solid heart softened all at once as Olivia took the little dragon.

Although these creatures are delicious, they aren’t good-looking at all. At this moment, the cub still has a runny nose. Olivia had never touched it, but at this moment, he didn’t dislike anything. The little dragon in front of him seemed to suddenly have Mu Gen’s face. Looking at the little dragon carefully, Olivia finally hugged it tightly in his arms.

“I will raise it well, Mu Gen.” Olivia vowed.

The cub’s warm body softened Olivia’s newly hardened heart as he placed the cub between his legs. Olivia squinted his eyes and looked forward as if it would pass through the floating vehicle and see that damn man in front of him. He asked Mengmeng, who was next to him, softly:

“Mengmeng, are you scared?”

“Not scared. With Olivia, Mengmeng is not afraid of anything.”

Yes, he still has Mengmeng as well as this Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon, and Mu Gen’s family with Uncle Alpha at home. He can’t be confused by others.

Familiar faces emerged in his mind and his empty heart filled up bit by bit as Olivia’s eyes became firm again.

He began to calmly observe the current situation. Turning his head, Olivia looked out the car window:

They’re not flying on a high-speed air track, which was completely different from the air track densely packed like a pot of porridge below. The air track they’re using now is empty and Olivia knew that this is the legendary private rail transit.

The opposite of public is private.

Private ownership has never truly disappeared in any era. As a sign of privilege, all kinds of things are exclusive to a very small group of people, or even to a certain person and have always been sought after by many people.

Absolute privateness represents absolute privilege.

Driving high above in an unobstructed private air track, the normal drive that should have taken five hours was over in only one hour.

Olivia is very familiar with their destination: He and Mu Gen had just been here a few days ago, and they had been in line for a long time. In the end, they had to pay the environmental tax which Mengmeng provided before being released.

This time was when the parents who sent their children for the exam were returning in large numbers. Bailu Star’s ports are overcrowded and all kinds of spacecrafts lined up so long you couldn’t see the side waiting to enter the port.

Argos’ convoy stopped next to this long line. Quickly pushing the little dragon to Mengmeng, the car door opened just after doing this.

“Come out.” This way of speaking indifferently is more like a robot than an actual robot. The person speaking is one of Argos’ guards and the driver of the floating vehicle Olivia rode on.

In front of their car, Argos’ floating vehicle was tightly protected by these guards. After the door was slowly opened, a long leg wearing white trousers slowly stepped out. The medals and golden tassels on his shoulders were more dazzling than the owner’s blonde hair and Argos, who was neatly dressed in a military uniform, came out.

“Reporting sir, the spacecraft has been inspected and can take off immediately.” A guard he’d never seen before ran over from a distance, and only then did Olivia notice: Besides the long line of civilian spacecrafts was another port. Completely different from the civilian’s side, there’s only one ship at the end of this port! At this moment, the spacecraft was parked very close to them. Under that was a man in a port command officer uniform, standing there nervously.

“Very good.” Smiling slightly, Argos immediately walked toward the spacecraft. In tandem was his guard detail, who protected Argos and Olivia in the middle position, as the group quickly advanced towards the spacecraft.

The noisy long line on the left became silent at this moment as the awe and curiosity of the civilians seemed stuck to their side. He had never been watched by so many people at the same time and in just three minutes, cold sweat broke out in Olivia’s forehead.

Fortunately, it’s only three minutes.

It took them only three minutes from leaving the floating vehicle to boarding the spacecraft. After that, the spacecraft started moving.

After being arranged to enter one of the spacecraft’s rooms, no one paid any more attention to Olivia. Standing in the open space for a long time, Olivia’s proud shoulders finally collapsed and he sat heavily on the floor.

A strange emotion slowly fermented in Olivia’s chest.

He didn’t know when it planted in his heart, maybe it’s the three minutes from the floating vehicle to the spacecraft, maybe from the fearful look of everyone, or from an earlier time, or even as early as the moment Olivia couldn’t resist being taken away from Mu Gen. Before he knew it, that emotion took root in his heart.

While feeding on power, it’s an emotion called “ambition”.

After taking a long breath, a smile appeared on the corners of Olivia’s mouth when he raised his head again.

Seeing Mengmeng shocked by his appearance and dared not move from the door, Olivia called him over.

“Come Mengmeng, take out the gift Mu Gen gave me.”

Smiling, Olivia waved to Mengmeng.


“Oh oh~ This cub is very interesting!” Glancing at the monitor, Argos stretched his neck until the bones creaked before straightening it again. Unbuttoning his military uniform, he also waved to the guard.

“You also bring me the gift that Mu Gen gave me.”

“Yes, sir!”

The small package was quickly and timely placed in front of Argos. Humming, Argos happily opened the package representing the “bribe” like a gift.

“It’s the first time I met someone who bribed me so openly!” He enthusiastically said while demolishing the packaging.

Like a statue, none of the guards next to him dared to interpret his words.

Sir is just talking to himself and doesn’t want anyone to spoil his happy time——after following him for a long time, any guard understood this.

With the last knot opened, it revealed an inconspicuous carton inside.

“I’ll have you know, if your bribe doesn’t satisfy me, I’ll bully your little chicken~” Looking condescendingly at the small box, Argos gave a wicked smile.

Then his hand stretched over and slowly and expectantly removed the lid——

“Oh! Oh!” Argos cried out in surprise!

“The Devil’s Sweet Words! Oh my! It’s actually The Devil’s Sweet Words!”

Taking out the music box, Argos circled the room~

“What an amazing sweet talk~ Why isn’t that little guy Kantas? If not Kantas, then even a raptor will do, I’ll definitely let you go to school!”

“What a genius bribe expert——” Holding the small music box, Argos kissed it. Turning the music box happily and listening to the legendary deceptive tune from hoarse to smooth, the smile on Argos’ face gradually solidified and the big smile slowly reduced to an inconspicuous touch at the corner of his mouth as he whispered: “I accept your bribe.”

“I’ll treat your little chick well.”

“It’s really exciting just thinking about it~”

“I’m really looking forward to it ^_^.”

He muttered to himself as the melody in the music box became more and more intense. In the end, there was only the enchanting music left in the room, ethereal and illusory. From a distance, it sounded like the devil was talking sweetly to Argos.



And at this time, Mu Gen——

“Mengmeng should have given the horned beast…no, the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon to Oli, right?” Lying on the bed and rolling around, unable to sleep, his mind was always thinking about Olivia who was suddenly taken away.

“Oli went too abruptly. I promised to make him fresh Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon before, but now…”

“When Oli raised the little dragon, he’ll have fresh meat to eat.”

“Right, Sigma?”

In the darkness, Mu Gen uncertainly asked the younger brother next to him.

“Oli will definitely fatten up that dragon.” Sigma comforted his brother very seriously.

With Sigma’s reassurance, Mu Gen slowly fell asleep after touching the hair that Oli shed before.

Hey——um, Mu Gen boy, Olivia’s understanding is different from yours!

But this should be fine, right?

It should be, right?


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Chick Oli has become an ambitious chick!

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TINA V1C056: Coming To An Abrupt End
TINA V2C058: First Day Of School

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