TINA V2C058: First Day Of School

TINA V2C057: Germination
TINA V2C059: Oli's First Day Away From Home

Oli left but his presence was everywhere in the house. Oli’s lollipops are hidden everywhere, in the balconies, beds, even the brush covered with his shed hair.

Thin and very soft.

Collecting all the hairs together, Mu Gen took the white coat that Oli left, sewed a white cute doll on the fabric of the shirt then filled it with Oli’s fur.

Tomorrow was the day for new students to report in.

Waking up early, Mu Gen and Sigma bid farewell to their Dad and Uncles, then went to school to report together. Now that the exam was over, all the other people have left so there aren’t many people on the street. Most shops aren’t open yet and only a shop selling pastries opened.

Thinking that Oli once said he wanted to open a dessert shop, Mu Gen was stunned.

Probably because he’d been standing there for a long time, the owner of the pastry shop couldn’t help but look at him. Scratching his head embarrassingly, Mu Gen loudly called out good morning to the boss. At the same time, he made a big smile and then ran away with Sigma.

The boss, puzzled by Mu Gen’s reaction, raised a brow then continued to prepare.

They live a little far from the Academy, so Mu Gen and Sigma ran for an hour and a half to get to school. Mu Gen met Dobby when they arrived at the school gates. The tall Dobby was particularly eye-catching in the crowd. With the help of his height advantage, he saw Mu Gen from a long distance and as if liberated from something, he waved at Mu Gen.

“Good morning, Mu Gen!” Dobby looked very happy. If he’s in his original form right now, he would have started wagging his tail. ~\(≧▽≦)~

“Good morning, Dobby, this is my brother Sigma.” Smiling back at Dobby, Mu Gen immediately introduced Sigma.

“Good morning.” A green light flashed in his dark screen as Sigma raised his head and stretched out a robotic arm.

Dobby was stunned for a moment but still stretched out his hand clumsily. He shook hands with Sigma and hurriedly said good morning.

“Mu Gen, this, is this really your brother?” Bending down, Dobby asked Mu Gen in a low voice.

“En.” Mu Gen nodded.

“But…your brother is a robot? Is your father also a robot?” Dobby was stunned.

“En.” Mu Gen continued nodding.

Looking up at the sky, Dobby felt…

The sky is so blue!

He always felt that something was wrong. But the biggest advantage of this brontosaurus was his self-knowledge.

“It would be nice to have a little life.” “Don’t fight IQ with others.”——Dobby, who was educated and raised by his mother like this since childhood, quickly became acquainted with Sigma. While Dobby was chatting with Sigma, Mu Gen had already obtained the freshman manual from the senior in charge of welcoming new students at the gates. After reading the manual, he understood the next procedure.

“Dobby, Sigma, come here.” With the two still chatting, Mu Gen led them to the admission place.

The Imperial Comprehensive Academy does not charge tuition fees. In addition, the school will also provide the corresponding teaching materials to students during class but there’s a limit on the number. Students need to buy the extra parts themselves and if they want to try the parts outside the scope of the school’s teaching, students need to buy the materials themselves.

Since there’s no tuition fee, the so-called admission was actually to confirm the identity of the freshmen and distribute uniforms, student cards, and other necessary items. Since robots have now become a must-have item for humans, the freshmen’s robots also need to be filed today. The curriculum and other instructions will be distributed to each robot’s brain through the Academy’s central brain.

“Ah…but I don’t have a robot.” After hearing this notice, Dobby was dumbfounded: “My planet is very rural, so there’s only one robot, and all notices go through it. I can’t just bring it…”

His voice was a bit loud and the new students next to him heard it.

“Poor ghost from the countryside.” Don’t know who said such a sentence, then someone sneered. Mu Gen and Sigma next to Dobby also became the subject of ridicule. Someone immediately noticed that Sigma had no butt and legs, so they immediately sneered.

“Here’s also a poor ghost, look! His robot is only half, even I’m embarrassed to bring it out!”

Mu Gen’s eyes suddenly turned towards the speaker——

There was a very thin boy with a very luxurious robot next to him. Why did he say that——because the whole body of that robot is golden.

Mu Gen’s black eyes were extremely clear. Being stared at by such a pair of eyes, the young man who’d just taken the lead to ridicule people suddenly could no longer speak.

But Sigma was upset.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Three times, Sigma took out three buttocks and legs from the multidimensional space in his stomach and solemnly said: “Sigma is not without butts and legs. Sigma has too many butts and legs. I don’t know which one to wear today, so I didn’t wear it.”

One of the butts was grounded from the bones of the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon. Don’t know whether intentionally or unintentionally, when Sigma smashed it out, the butt just hit the boy’s feet. Shocked, the boy was about to yell at him when suddenly, an old man jumped out from beside him and pushed the boy away with one hand. The old man then threw himself on Sigma’s butt!

“Oh my God! What did I see!” His voice full of surprise, he stroked the butt inch by inch with his hands, looking…

Terribly perverted 囧.

But no freshman dared to speak, because this old man is wearing the blue professor uniform. As long as you know a little about the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, you’ll know: This is the uniform of the professors from the Mechanical Engineering Department. If you know more about the Academy, you’ll also recognize that: The old man in front of them is the leading mecha maker in the Mecha Manufacturing Department of the Mechanical Engineering Department——Grove.

No one in this universe would dare inconvenience an excellent mecha maker and no one dared accuse them of something, even if their behavior was so absurd in the eyes of the world!

Whether it’s civilian mechas, commercial mechas, or military mechas, people in this world have always been enthusiastic about mechas. Any top mecha maker is a rich man and they’d have so many powerful contacts that no one dared to mess with them.

The young man, who just made trouble, is a freshman from the Mecha Department. He’d done his homework before this, so he naturally recognized this old man and didn’t dare say a word upon being pushed away.

“This color…this touch…this density…this is! This is the leg bone of a Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon!” Worthy of being a mecha maker who has dealt with various materials for a lifetime, he finally confirmed the material used to make this butt after three minutes!

Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon——the legendary top material! It can be fused with various metals to increase the elasticity and toughness of the metal! Even in the legends, this material has a certain degree of reproducibility. What does that mean? Suppose people use it in manufacturing mecha, if the mecha is ever damaged in battle, it can complete a certain degree of self-repair on its own!

It’s this characteristic that made it a legendary material!

However, it’s also because of this characteristic that the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon has become the most wanted object in the universe. By now, they have disappeared from every planet, but what did he see just now? He saw a whole Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon’s leg bone made into——a butt!

Grove’s eyes widened.

He tightly held this precious butt in front of him.

“Why are you holding my butt?” Sigma was upset and stretched out a robotic arm, poking the old man in front of him. Seeing him not responding after a while, he poked him again. Seeing that the old man still didn’t respond, Sigma began to pull his butt from him.

“Who dares grab my butt!” Feeling the precious material in his hand forcibly being pulled out, Grove glared at him while puffing his beard!

“It’s Sigma’s butt.” Without letting go, Sigma even had the strength to free up a hand and pointed to the words engraved on it: “Look, Sigma’s name and butt number. This is Sigma’s 23rd butt.”

Grove was dumbfounded when he finally recognized that it was a robot vying for ownership of his butt.

“The butt my brother made for me, only for Sigma.” He emphasized again.

Only then did Grove notice: The Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon leg bone in front of him was actually made into the shape of buttocks!

Finally realizing how unsightly his actions looked just now, his old face became slightly red, but his hands didn’t let go, and was still at a stalemate with Sigma.

Realizing that it belongs to the robot in front of him, as a mecha maker, he couldn’t help but observe the manufacturing process of this butt:

To be honest, it’s very rough.

But there were no mistakes.

“Are you comfortable with this butt?” He asked Sigma subconsciously. Probably because Sigma behaved too much like a human being with whom he could communicate, he asked reflexively.

“Very comfortable.” Sigma resolutely said.

It’s obviously made from a bone, but it has been carefully hollowed out with the positioning even more remarkable. This handiwork is good!

Grove subconsciously looked behind Sigma and instinctively recognized Mu Gen as the maker. He was surprised by the other party’s immaturity but the moment he recognized his freshman identity, Grove suddenly had a good idea in his heart!

“Which department are you from?” When he asked this, Grove already thought that the other party was a freshman in the Mecha Manufacturing Department: If not that, what other department can the freshmen independently manufacture such intricate mechanical parts before enrolling?

Who knew——

“I’m a freshman in the Cooking Department.” Although he thought the old man was strange, Mu Gen answered him honestly in the principle of respecting the old and loving the young.

“What!!!!!” Grove yelled out incredulously.

There was a terrible picture of this butt being put into a big pot to stew in front of him. Familiar with the background information of this legendary material, while the world recognized it as a legendary mecha-making material, it’s also a legendary food material!!!

Damn Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon, how can you be so stupid! Why do such good materials look so delicious! It’s already not enough, but the gluttonous people even joined in.

Eat, eat, eat! Just know to eat! Being made into a mecha can save the world, don’t you know that!

Grove’s injustice rose to the extreme, and with a big wave of his hand, he told Mu Gen:

“No need to go to the Cooking Department! Come to me to the Mecha Manufacturing Department, I’ll make you an exception!”

The scores of the Cooking Department and the Mecha Manufacturing Department are not at the same level. In Grove’s eyes, freshmen who go to the Cooking Department are forced to enter because they failed to pass the other departments.

His words horrified the thin freshman next to him: He’s the last in the Mecha Manufacturing Department. If Grove makes an exception and recruits this black-haired boy, he’ll definitely be squeezed out!

Grove’s smug gaze and the thin freshman’s panicked gazed were aimed at Mu Gen at the same time, waiting for Mu Gen’s answer:

“No, it’s not easy for me to be admitted to the Cooking Department.”

Shaking his head, Mu Gen motioned for Dobby to keep up. His business here is done so they’re going to the next place.

Grove was stunned and while in a daze, Sigma took the opportunity to grab his butt and retracted it with the legs, then he followed after Mu Gen and Dobby.

Their conversation drifted along with the wind:

“Dobby, wait for me to study it later and make you a robot?”

“Ah? Mu Gen, do you even know how to make robots?”

“No, I can only do the butt and legs now.”


“But I can learn.”

“Really? Thank you then!”

Dobby’s wounded heart healed little by little during the conversation with Mu Gen. With the anticipation of the robot he will have, he happily discussed with Sigma again.

And at this moment——

Olivia also enrolled.

When he saw Olivia’s name on the freshmen admissions list, Sumei Ge’s eyes widened!

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Butt butt

Eyes only full of butt, 囧

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TINA V2C057: Germination
TINA V2C059: Oli's First Day Away From Home

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