TINA V2C060: Reporting To The Cooking Department

TINA V2C059: Oli's First Day Away From Home
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When everyone and Professor Grove stared at Mu Gen and his group in a daze, a cold-faced young man with glasses tapped his finger on the No.3 glass window of the Freshman Navigation Office:

“May I continue?”

“Huh? Okay, please take out your robot.” The people who work here are also students. To give the students as many practical opportunities as possible, the Imperial Comprehensive Academy will provide the students with many on-campus job opportunities every year.

“I don’t have a robot, I only have an intelligent system. Please pass all relevant information to my intelligent system.” The freshman with glasses revealed the light brain he carried on his wrist.

“Ah? No robots?” The elder sister in charge of the reception was stunned. After receiving so many new students, it’s her first time encountering a situation where someone used the brain but without the robot.

Robots also have built-in brains. The robots used today can be regarded as the evolution of light brains. At first glance, someone who uses a brain instead of a robot is probably the same as seeing someone leaving a spacecraft to drive an antique car.

“I’m a freshman in the Cooking Department and my name is Doug…” If there’s no robot, the freshman needed to provide some contact information. Knowing this, the freshman with glasses actively cooperated.

But before he could finish speaking, the owner of the golden robot——the annoying voice of the thin student who was almost dropped out inserted again:

“It’s the Cooking Department again. Can the freshmen in the Cooking Department not even be able to afford robots? One by one…” What happened just then made this adolescent young man, who wanted to save face, unable to come to the stage, so he had nowhere to vent. After Professor Grove left, the “Cooking Department” in Doug’s mouth seemed to have torn a hole in his emotions so he used all the anger he held back to mock Doug.

The Cooking Department is the place where pitiful people who fail to pass the exams of other higher professions go——this idea has been deeply ingrained in people’s hearts nowadays, and has become a kind of prejudice.

However, this young man is destined to kick an iron plate again:

Without being interrupted by the thin boy’s words, Doug reported his full name:

“Doug E. Grumman, my hometown is Pendra.”

“Wow!” The senior sister who searched based on the information provided by Doug immediately took a breath.

When entering the word Pendra, she felt it’s a little familiar, but when the specific location in the galaxy was displayed on the screen, her eyes widened!

In this world, not everyone knew that the name Pendra has been replaced by its nickname:

City of Machinery——Pendra.

The place where the most advanced technological power in the universe converged, Mechanical City Pendra. Ninety percent of all mechanical technology products used by people today are produced there. Almost all the best mechanical craftsmen, the richest mechanical consortia, and the most cutting-edge mechanical researchers are there.

This is the holy place that everyone yearns for.

Countless people wanted to go here for a pilgrimage, but this is a forbidden place for ordinary people. Only those with government-approved documents have the right to purchase tickets for the spacecraft going to Pendra. This type of document can allow the holder to stay in Pendra for a maximum of 15 working days. If you want to stay in Pendra for a long time, you must obtain relevant high-end researcher certificates or huge investment certificates to obtain Pendra’s resident status——

This is an unimaginably difficult task!

“You’re actually an official resident of Pendra!” The senior sister took a breath.

“Please continue your work.” The boy’s cold voice was like a bucket of cold water splashing on the girl’s red hair: “In addition, you leaked my personal information in front of everyone. Strictly speaking, I can make a complaint.”

The elder sister was stunned.

“If you can complete your work within one minute, I can withdraw the complaint application.” The teenager put forward his conditions.

So, no longer daring to interrupt, the red-haired girl quickly completed the work in hand. Taking the related items from her, Doug stepped in the same direction as Mu Gen and the others had left before.

Passing by the expressionless and pale thin boy. From beginning to end, Doug Grumman didn’t say a word to him.

After Doug left, the freshmen who were still in line exploded:

“Oh my God! A Pendran! A Pendra resident came to Bailu Star!”

“Isn’t the best mechanical science academy in Pendra? It’s famous and difficult to enter! But all Pendra residents are born with the qualifications for admission!”

“This can only mean that Pendra thinks the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is better!

“But…that Pendra resident is not reporting to the Mechanical Engineering Department, but the Cooking Department…”

As a result, everyone felt a cold wind passing by.

“Haha! Seems like the Cooking Department of our Imperial Comprehensive Academy is very awesome! Even residents from Pendra signed up!” In the end, someone dryly summed it up.

As for the thin young man, no one paid him any more attention. In the end, it was the golden robot that helped him carry his luggage and escorted his dazed master to the next location.


The next designated place is the Cooking Department’s classroom. Mu Gen and Dobby arrived neither early nor late and only six people arrived before them.

This classroom is very large so everyone is scattered but most of them sat in the back or the middle section.

“Mu Gen, where are we sitting?” Dobby asked against Mu Gen’s ear.

He thought he was asking very quietly, but in fact——

The whole classroom heard  ̄▽ ̄.

All the students in the classroom turned their heads to look at them. Only Dobby, who looked nervously at Mu Gen, and Mu Gen, who focused on the classroom, didn’t notice.

“Of course it’s the first row! So lucky! No one actually grabbed the first-row position!” Noticing that no one was sitting on the first row, Mu Gen immediately pointed to it: “Dobby, let’s go to the first row to occupy a seat!”

Everyone: Nonsense! Never grab the first row! No one will ever sit there!

“The first row is close to the teacher and the best position! Dad said he wanted me to go to school and try my best to sit in the first row~” Not knowing what other people are thinking, Mu Gen was elated.

“Is that so? There are too few students on my planet so everyone sat in the first row.” Only Dobby listened carefully to what Mu Gen said, nodded seriously, and hurriedly said: “Such a good position, let’s sit there quickly.”

So the two idiots and one silly robot eagerly went to the first row (the least popular) to grab a seat ~\(≧▽≦)~.

Not long after they sat down, the glasses freshman: Doug Grumman also arrived, sitting directly in the last row farthest from the others, he took out a paper book and looked at it.

The clock’s hands on the wall finally pointed to the required time. One second later, the secret door at the front of the classroom opened, and five tall, short, fat, and thin people with different appearances, the teachers, walked in one by one.

At the forefront is a three-headed person who is particularly fancy as each head has a different hair color and hairstyle, looking particularly eye-catching. The second professor looked very fat. Other than these two professors, the others looked very ordinary, especially the last professor. At first, Mu Gen didn’t even notice his existence.

But it seemed like the automatic secret door also didn’t notice his existence: After all the previous professors entered and before the last professor could enter, the secret door mercilessly closed.

“Huh?” Mu Gen was surprised, but apart from him, no one was surprised so he didn’t know what’s going on. Finally, taking a look at where the hidden door was closed, Mu Gen turned his gaze back to the front podium: The professors are already seated on it.

“Helly everyone, I’m the Chief Professor of the Cooking Department, my name is Kurno, and my forbidden word is ‘hey’. Don’t violate this rule in front of me ^_^.” Seated on the podium, Kurno was the first to talk. The voice came from the calm male head among the three heads and the remaining man and woman, these two heads, were looking forward, smiling and sending out an “I’m friendly” signal to the new students.

Dobby, who was well-versed in the truth of “ask if you don’t understand”, whispered to Mu Gen again:

“Mu Gen, is our professor male or female?”

Dobby is really not to blame for being born with a loud voice. He really tried to “whisper” with the smallest voice——the absolute lowest volume for whispers between brontosaurus are at this level.


He’s now in a place where many species live together and his lowest volume is much louder than the normal volume of many people. Everyone in the classroom heard, including the mentioned central figure——all three heads of Professor Kurno looked at Dobby.

“A lady. Kurno is a female name in their local language.” Mu Gen answered him naturally: “It meant blessing from the sky, and Miss Kurno should be born in May. This name is very contemporary, and only women born in a certain year would take such a name——”

“Oh…” All the freshmen, including the other three professors on the podium, were being taught at the same time.

“Ahem ahem!” Before Mu Gen could reveal the age information hidden in her name, Kurno loudly coughed so everyone stilled.

The remaining three professors hurriedly completed their self-introduction. After discovering that all three professors were secondary professors, many freshmen in the classroom became excited.

According to the regulations of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy: A department can have one chief professor, three secondary professors, several general professors, and multiple teaching assistants.

“I heard that most of the Academy’s freshmen receptions are done by general professors or teaching assistants, but the lowest in our department are secondary professors, which means we’re really valued!” At this time, there were discussions among the excited freshmen.

“That…excuse me, I want to explain here.” Kurno smiled and interrupted the students’ discussion: “Everyone is very lucky: In our Cooking Department, the lowest title of professor is also the secondary professor!”

The freshmen were in an uproar!

Everyone was in an uproar with excitement at first, and then, after understanding the meaning behind this sentence, they were stunned:

The lowest title is secondary professor → each department can only have up to three secondary professors = the professors of this department are all sitting on the bench of the podium.

That——are there only these few professors in the Cooking Department?

The freshmen were all 囧.

“Everyone is smart. That’s right!” Not caring at all, Kurno still smiled: “Next is our Department Chief…”

“Huh?! Where’s the Department Chief?” The smiley mask that had been hanging on her face cracked for the first time as Kurno stood up.

“Someone was shut out just now.” Mu Gen was very considerate and told what he had just seen.

“The Department Chief hasn’t been recognized! These stupid machines!” The young man’s head was cursing while the female head smiled at Mu Gen and the calm male head complained to the last professor walking in front of the Department Chief. Kurno then ran to the secret door to open it.

The chief with a very weak sense of existence appeared behind the door with a large plate.

“I waited outside for too long, so I made a little afternoon tea snack for everyone.”

When the scent of the snack came out, there was nothing more to say. Kurno and the other professors took the Department Chief’s large plate and distributed the snacks to the hands of every freshman.

“Delicious——” Mu Gen widened his eyes and raised his head. He saw Dobby had the same expression. Not only Dobby but all the freshmen present were shocked.

That was the expression brought out after being completely shocked by the deliciousness at the tip of their tongues.

“The taste is very soft and it slips off the tip of your tongue…” Sigma couldn’t taste it so Mu Gen carefully told him about his feelings. While holding half of the snack that Mu Gen gave him, Sigma tried to record it and finally put away the snack that Mu Gen said was very delicious.

“Is the snack delicious? In the next few years, I hope you’ll study in the Cooking Department and make such delicious snacks for family, friends, and guests when you graduate.”

When everyone was conquered by the delicacy, the Department Chief spoke with a smile.

Many years later, many of the freshmen present wouldn’t remember his face, but they firmly remembered what he said and the wonderful taste of the snack.

The author has something to say:

I’m so tired today, I slept before getting up to write

TINA V2C059: Oli's First Day Away From Home
TINA V2C061: Big Horn

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