TINA V2C061: Big Horn

TINA V2C060: Reporting To The Cooking Department
TINA V2C062: Big Horn 2

“Dear Oli,

I officially entered school today. The Department Chief invited us to eat a very delicious snack. He said that we can also make such a snack in the future, so I’ll try to learn how to make it for Oli. In addition, Dad’s bun shop also opened today. Because the shop doesn’t look very good and there’s no Mengmeng to sell the buns, the business today is not so good. Only 20 buns were sold. However, First Uncle said that it’d get better in the future. He already greeted all the nanny robots around us. When those robots come out to purchase food every day, they will buy buns from our shop. When that time comes, our family will have money and I can bribe the Dean again.”

“Uncle Alpha cheated again. He must have hacked into the brains of the nearby robots.” After reading the letter, Olivia turned to Mengmeng behind him.

“Olivia, please don’t move. I can’t bandage your wounds like this.” The just-wrapped bandage loosened again so Mengmeng hurriedly stretched out a claw and stepped on Olivia’s back.

Olivia felt the pain and the corners of his mouth tightened, he didn’t smile anymore. However, his hand never let go of the letter. After reading the short sentences several times, he already had them memorized. At this time, Mengmeng announced that he could get up.

Without rushing to put on his coat, the first thing Olivia did was to fold the letter and then carefully stuff it into his desk’s drawer.

It’s been three months...Olivia thought.

As of today, Olivia has been in school for three months and it’s not until today that he received a letter from Mu Gen about his first day of school.

All signals are intercepted and intranet usage is only at a specified time. Only the most backward paper is allowed for communication between relatives and friends, which is received by the school and distributed after careful inspection. The supervision of students is stricter than that of prisoners so Olivia has been in isolation for three months.

Three months of hell.

The first six months after enrolling into the Imperial Military Academy is the military training period. During this time, all freshmen will be divided into several teams for group training. Based on their final performance and wishes, the Academy will organize a unified departmental exam. Different from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy where the application for each department is based on personal wishes, the department division in the Imperial Military Academy is based on the Academy’s judgment. Students can choose their department according to their own interests and abilities, but the final result will be determined by the Academy according to the students’ military training performance and exam results.

The Imperial Military Academy doesn’t have a Cooking Department, so after repeated consideration, Olivia chose the Mecha Department: First of all, mecha is the most interesting thing for teenagers at this age; Secondly, Olivia is already very good at driving the spacecraft Mengmeng; Third, the Mecha Department values the individual ability of soldiers the most. It seemed to be the department with the least contact with the other departments which was very in line with Olivia’s preferences.

It was a coincidence to meet Mu Gen, a very beautiful coincidence, so apart from Mu Gen, Olivia had no interest in meeting other peers.

“Olivia, your classmates all look more annoying than how you were before!” Regarding Olivia’s classmates, Mengmeng said so.

Olivia punched Mengmeng on the spot, but after doing so, he actually believed it:

The people in this school are really more annoying than me, and each one is even more annoying than the other!

Many students saw the scene where Dean Argos personally sent him to school, so there are all kinds of guesses about Olivia’s identity. In the case where his final identity has not been confirmed, Olivia got his wish to maintain a lone ranger identity among the turbulent freshmen of the military academy.

But this kind of solitary life is about to end.

One of the new students died the night before.

It was a brontosaurus with a very strong body. He performed well in the first few lessons of the school and because of his good personality, he has a good relationship with many students in class, including several in Olivia’s dormitory. The students all have a good relationship with him.

His body was strong, his brain wasn’t stupid, and his popularity was also very good. It was such a student who died.

Many students in this Academy die every year. Some might die during training or missions and for these deaths, the Academy didn’t have to pay any price. According to the concept that the Academy instilled in the students: From the first day of entering this Academy, they have been reserve soldiers and their lives belong to the Empire.

Valuable deaths will be rewarded, and their families will receive condolences and “compassion” from the Imperial Military Academy but for worthless deaths, only a notice will be sent. All the parents of the Imperial Military Academy are soldiers so they knew the iron rules of this school.

The cause of death of the freshman brontosaurus belongs to the latter——

Suicide is a worthless death.

This is the reason that the Academy announced to the outside world, but Olivia knew very well the real cause of the freshman’s death.

Within a few days after enrolling, he started to change. That person became more and more dull and unresponsive until his whole personality changed from when he first enrolled.

Growing up in an orphanage, Olivia was familiar with this situation: He was bullied.

Olivia can easily see the people who bullied him: the four freshmen in his dormitory: Holland, Gaia, Abil, and Paolo.

Four very domineering carnivorous dinosaurs. Although they’re still young cubs, they’re already very strong.

However, this has nothing to do with him.

Not intending to be part of the collective at all, Olivia didn’t care.

“It’s really boring here, I want to graduate early.” Finally looking at the drawer containing Mu Gen’s recent letter, Olivia looked at “Big Horn” rolling around on the bed.

“Big Horn” is the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon egg Olivia hatched in the Cooking Department exam. When he was forcibly sent to the Imperial Military Academy, Mu Gen stuffed him into Mengmeng.

This lucky little Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon is now being raised by Olivia and has the majestic name of “Big Horn”.

After three months of careful breeding, Big Horn is already as tall as Olivia’s calves.

“However, he’s still a bit thin and doesn’t look delicious at all.” Picking up Big Horn’s two small paws, Olivia weighed him and was dissatisfied.

Not understanding Olivia’s troubles at all, Big Horn just affectionately licked Olivia’s hand.

After dangling in his hand, Olivia put him down and Big Horn immediately pulled out a ball of paper from under the bed, then handed it to Olivia.

This is to play the game of throwing paper balls——Olivia knew what Big Horn is doing. Complying, Olivia threw the paper ball, and Big Horn immediately ran towards it. He ran too fast that————he hit the wall very hard, but even that made this little guy happy. He quickly peeled himself from the wall, picked up the paper ball, then ran back to Olivia, putting the paper ball in his palm. Big Horn then anxiously waited for Olivia to throw it for the second time.

The dilapidated paper ball is the only toy that Big Horn has, and throwing the paper ball is also the only game between Big Horn and Olivia.

For Big Horn, the happiest time of the day is now.

Big Horn is a very lively cub, a bit naughty but not excessive. As long as Olivia didn’t allow him to touch anything, he will never touch it. When Olivia and Mengmeng came back late, he would rather lick his paws than eat the things in Olivia’s room. For a young Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon cub who eats everything, he’s very self-restrained.

Feeding the food from the cafeteria to Big Horn, Olivia gently ran his fingers along his back——the little dragon with his vertebrae showing is really too thin.

“You’re as thin as Olivia.” Mengmeng interrupted.

“Shut up!” Olivia roared fiercely. He roared but only he knew what he thought.

Big Horn, who had been trapped in this small dormitory since birth, is very similar to when he was a child…

There’s too little food and the range of activities is too small. During the day, Big Horn must be very scared in this bedroom.

Touching the little guy’s thin back, Olivia made a decision.

“Let’s take Big Horn out to play for a while.”

At the end of today’s training, there’s half an hour before the time stipulated to return to the dormitory. During this time, he can take Big Horn and walk around the grass near the dorm…right?

The desire to make Big Horn happier overwhelmed his vigilance, so Olivia sneaked him out of the bedroom with Mengmeng on the same day.

Olivia’s chosen location is the small woods near the bedroom. As he passed by it every day, he’s relatively familiar with the terrain. At this time, most of the freshmen will not come out so Big Horn can rest comfortably in the grass for a while.

The only thing he needed to watch out for is the professor who checks the dorms at any time, but——

Seeing the excited look on Big Horn as he ran around the grass, Olivia finally put this problem aside for the time being.

During the days of leaving home, Big Horn became the only color in Olivia’s repressive Academy life. For Olivia, the happy playing time with Big Horn is his only moment of relaxation.

So with Olivia’s indulgence, Big Horn developed the habit of walking in the woods near the dormitory before going to bed, grazing, and peeing. In less than a month, he had grown up a circle wider and his back no longer felt like bone, but fat.

Big Horn’s courage was the same as his fleshy body, quietly fattening a circle.

The author has something to say:

The tone in this chapter is a bit serious, but I still wrote it

Oli started to change a little bit.

PS: Thanks for the name of the little dragon from the comment area ~\(≧▽≦)/~

TINA V2C060: Reporting To The Cooking Department
TINA V2C062: Big Horn 2

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