TINA V2C059: Oli’s First Day Away From Home

TINA V2C058: First Day Of School
TINA V2C060: Reporting To The Cooking Department

History, after taking a turn, turned back to its original direction.

“Holland, Gaia, Abil, Paolo…” Sumei Ge’s voice trembled slightly after reading the names around Olivia in order.

“Sumei Ge?” The man next to him raised his head and got startled by Sumei Ge’s appearance at this time: “You face is scarily white! Is something wrong?”

Sumei Ge didn’t answer.

His lips closed tightly as he stared at the names.

Dead…all these people will die!

Before graduation, during the last group mission, Olivia’s team only had Olivia left while the rest were “sacrificed” during the mission.

“The young reserve officer who returned alone with the corpses of his sacrificed comrades.” Something like this happened: The “sacrificed” members were at odds with Olivia during school, so many protested and demanded a thorough investigation of the mission. However, the video records and reports provided by Olivia were perfect. The sacrifices of his comrades seemed reasonable and sentimental in his report. According to Olivia’s request: All the battle exploits will be put on his dead comrades since he didn’t want it at all. However, in the actual implementation, the military exploits were indeed distributed to those young men who were “sacrificed” according to Olivia’s wishes, but the actual benefits all fell on Olivia alone. After this incident, this young man’s name suddenly jumped into the eyes of military leaders from all sides and he was recruited by many parties. Ever since then, he embarked on a road of promotion.

Olivia was not an excellent student when he was in school. He was even very low-key since every student who performed a mission with him was better than him. According to the evaluation of the teachers and his peers, any of them was better than him and could become a great man, however——

They all died early. Except for their relatives and friends, no one would remember their names. After their friends and relatives died, the evidence representing their existence will also disappear.

And won’t leave any traces.

“If it’s okay, Sumei Ge, you should go welcome the new students. I’m in charge of the students on this list and you’re in charge of the ones you have, how about it?” Standing up, the man put on his coat originally placed on the back of the chair and arranged his appearance in the mirror. The image of a capable staff member of the Imperial Military Academy was revealed.

“…okay.” There’s no reason to refuse so Sumei Ge palely clenched the list of students in his hand.

“Relax, although this is your first time receiving freshmen this year, you can’t show it on the surface~ If you’re really nervous, just pretend to be cold. The students will be scared when they see our cold face and will never ask questions.” His colleague said the same words as in his dream, but at this time Sumei Ge wasn’t touched at all. He was upset and didn’t know what to do when he thought of seeing that person later.

“Yes, although we’re only teaching assistants and are not qualified to teach them directly, we can still put disobedient students in confinement! There’s a special small black room at the end of the student dormitory, and any student who stayed there for one night will never make trouble again.”

Sumei Ge’s pupils suddenly shrank.

He followed his colleague, dazed. When he realized that they had stopped, he finally woke up. Raising his head and looking forward, he saw this year’s freshmen standing in neat lines in front of him. And Olivia stood in the first row of the first group on his left!

Compared with the students before and after him, Olivia looked extremely conspicuous, not strong enough and not tall enough, but the silver-white bangs that always cover his eyes in his dreams was gone. His two big eyes were exposed and unexpectedly, Sumei Ge saw a hint of childishness in those eyes.

Right! Even if he’s a lunatic, that lunatic is just a teenager at this time!

“Then, I will start the roll call. All mentioned students should stand behind me.” After clearing his throat, Sumei Ge spoke. When he clicked on Olivia’s name, he immediately regretted it: In his memory, it was here that Olivia was ridiculed for the first time by everyone.

Olivia, who was ridiculed for having a woman’s name, fought with the opponent in full view of the class and lost. Since then, Olivia became the target of bullying throughout their school year.

If you have ever lived in a “collective”, you’ll notice that people in a “collective” are stratified according to “class”. A few people are leaders at the top of the pyramid, some are blind followers while most would belong to the quiet and unaffected middle class, and then there’s the vulnerable group.

One or two people in the group will be the target of bullying.

Olivia was the chosen target.

And the source of Olivia’s ridicule was his inadvertent roll call——

Surprised in his heart, Sumei Ge took a deep breath and for an instant, he felt like he returned to that dark room. Forced to press his face on the floor, Sumei Ge felt horrified at hearing the thick rustle of army boots stepping on the carpet getting closer.

Closer until Sumei Ge could almost smell the leather on the other party’s boots. Then he heard the slow voice of the owner of those boots:

“Sumei Ge, I hate flies the most.”

Sumei Ge held his breath——

At this moment, a voice very similar to that memory but much immature suddenly rang in his ears:

“Assistant teacher, is there a problem with my name?”

The white-haired boy with big eyes raised a brow and looked at him.

“No! No! No problem.” There was a sudden wind and Sumei Ge shivered as he continued the roll call.

He hid the stormy waves in his heart with an indifferent appearance: Why? How could this be?

He already called out Olivia’s name, right? The freshman named Holland should have jumped out to ridicule him, right? Why…why didn’t he respond?

Not only him, but the other students next to him all have expressions that this should be expected. It’s as if the name Olivia is very normal and not worth all the fuss about.

Suspiciously, Sumei Ge finished the roll call for the students on his side. Although he didn’t understand why what should have happened didn’t happen just now, Sumei Ge made up his mind: Be sure to keep Olivia and Holland’s rooms far away!

As a teaching assistant, he still has this right.

After arranging Holland, Gaia, Abil, Paolo, and another student to live in a dormitory, Sumei Ge felt a little more relaxed in his heart, and then, after trying hard to remember, he assigned Olivia to another dormitory. In his memory, the students in that dormitory were very honest and shouldn’t bully others.

Sending the last five students to the same dormitory, Sumei Ge’s task was now complete. When passing by Olivia’s dormitory, he stared at the house number for a long time before leaving.

When he returned to the staff room, the things that puzzled him were finally answered:

“I don’t know the identity of the student named Olivia, do you know? The others told me that he got out of the Dean’s car.” Godot, who has been sitting in the same office with Sumei Ge, had always liked to collect gossip. Thanks to him, Sumei Ge is much more informed than the others.

“What?” Sumei Ge was stunned.

“Many people saw it. Driving is prohibited in school and only the Dean’s convoy can drive into the Academy. All the students present at that time saw: The new student with the girl’s name got off from Dean Argos’ car.”

I’ll tell your family that you have safely entered school, so please rest assured——I heard that Sir Dean even said that!” The tone was vividly imitated as Godot happily said: “I don’t know whose kid Olivia is, but to ask Dean Argos to relay the news on his behalf and send him to school, he must be a big man!”

Sumei Ge bit his lip tightly.

It turned out to be here!

The root cause of the discrepancy between the facts and his memory is here!

After getting off work, he immediately accessed the Academy’s database and used his teaching assistant authority to query the information of ordinary students. What Sumei Ge wanted to query was Olivia’s information! He wanted to see: Olivia, who should have no father, no mother, and no background, when did he have a parent who can let the Dean pass a message!


“Your authority is not enough to query and retrieve content”——the red-lettered warning on the screen undermined his plan.

Could it be…someone else has the same experience as him? After knowing Olivia’s future, did they decide to adopt him?!

Putting his fingers in his mouth, Sumei Ge anxiously bit his nails.


“Oh! Is this Mr. Mu Gen? I’m Argos, Olivia has already enrolled and I personally sent him in, so…bye ^_^.” Turning off the screen, Argos looked happy: “This way, I won’t owe you anything~”

He hummed a song while untying his uniform. He listened carefully, realizing that the tune he hummed was surprisingly a minor tune from the music box that Mu Gen gave him.

“Sir, where should this be placed?” While he was humming, a guard holding a tray came over and asked him for instructions. On the tray was the legendary music box——The Devil’s Sweet Words.

“That…whatever! You can put it wherever you want, or throw it away. I’m tired of playing it.” With a smile raised at the corner of his mouth, he glanced at the tray, then Argos’ attention was quickly diverted by other things.


Mu Gen finally felt relieved after receiving the call from Argos, but at this time, Olivia was a little homesick.

He obviously didn’t live in that small courtyard for more than a few days, but it’s now “home” in Olivia’s heart. There’s Mu Gen, Sigma, and many robot uncles over there. The day before he left, they measured their heights in the yard. Robot A even used a marker to mark them on the door frame. What made Olivia feel a bit unfair is: Mu Gen is 5mm taller than him!

And now, there’s nothing anymore.

The dormitory of the military academy is very simple: a bed, a table, a chair, and a wall with an embedded screen. There are no other furnishings.

All the beddings are black and a stack of clothes was neatly placed on the bed. He picked it up to take a look. This should be his future uniform. Throwing the uniform aside, Olivia jumped into the bed. Mengmeng screamed shortly after he jumped up:

“Olivia, take off your shoes! Chirp!”

“If you’re like this at home, you’ll definitely be scolded by Alpha,” Mengmeng vowed.

Olivia didn’t say a word but he silently kicked off his shoes.

Mengmeng carefully wiped his mechanical claws before jumping on the bed and nestling next to Olivia.

“Mengmeng…” Olivia suddenly called out to Mengmeng.

“?” Mengmeng tilted his head in confusion.

“Nothing,” Olivia said nothing after that.

Only a few hours after entering this Academy, he already felt the unfriendly atmosphere here.

He remembered what happened after getting off the car:

“Two pieces of luggage.” The one in charge of the freshman safety inspection blankly said.

In his opinion, the robot Mengmeng is just a piece of Olivia’s luggage.

Mengmeng didn’t feel anything, but Olivia felt angry at that time.

“Fortunately, Mu Gen is not here.” Mu Gen was so concerned about his robot parents. If he encountered this kind of thing, he’d be very said, right?

On his first night away from home, Olivia felt a bit cold.

“Mengmeng, come closer, I’m cold.” He ordered Mengmeng.

“But my body temperature is only 3 degrees, so you’ll feel colder if I lean over, chirp!” Mengmeng is a very honest and unromantic robot, thereby destroying the mood.

“Just come over here, stop chirping!” Olivia scowled so Mengmeng obediently came over.

“Shall I raise my body temperature? How about 23 degrees?”

“Idiot! You’ll burn out at 23 degrees! Keep still right now.”


So Olivia and Mengmeng stayed together on their first night away from home.

The author has something to say:

Compared with Mu Gen’s side, Oli’s side is very pitiful.

The tiger touches its bald tail

Regarding Sumei Ge, everyone shouldn’t care about him, he’s just a bystander

I want to express something from his perspective, nothing more.

As for the real mystery of this story, everyone will understand it at the end.

I’ll tell you at that time!

PS. Happy birthday Xiao Hua

PPS. Accepted the suggestion to modify Mengmeng’s temperature, thanks, chirp

TINA V2C058: First Day Of School
TINA V2C060: Reporting To The Cooking Department

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