TINA V2C062: Big Horn 2

TINA V2C061: Big Horn
TINA V2C063: The Second Spark

For Big Horn, who’s only three months old, the piece of grass in front of him is a very spectacular place for entertainment! Compared to Olivia’s iron-gray room, here is obviously more fun!

Not only fun but also very delicious!

No dad here (Yes, for the little dragon, Olivia is like his parents.) saying “these things cannot be eaten” since everything here can be eaten ~\(≧▽≦)~

The green grass is delicious, the dark soil is also good, the small butterflies flying in the sky tasted very soft, and the insects on the ground are crunchy!

Of all the food, Big Horn liked the tree behind Olivia’s bedroom the most. It’s a very tall tree with a thick trunk. Its scientific name is Machilus nanmu, a toxic tree species. Because the leaves and sap are both toxic, this tree had a very good insect repellant effect so such trees are scattered around the teaching and dormitory buildings of the college.

For the students of the Military Academy, this vegetation is just to beautify the environment. They’re trapped by high-density training and homework every day so they’re not in the mood to study this vegetation, but Big Horn is different.

For Big Horn, this small forest is his territory! He has the responsibility to carefully study every inch of land and every plant in his territory! He only eyed this cedar tree at first, but at that time, he was still young and didn’t dare to challenge this tall plant rashly. After getting familiar with it, the little guy became eager to try this cedar tree.

Adult Crescent Dragons are very tall and extremely heavy, like small spacecrafts. Not to mention climbing trees, even climbing a hill might collapse it. However, young Crescent Dragons are different. It’s more convenient to climb to their parents than to be carried, so the cubs are all young climbers. Dragon climbing and tree climbing skill are similar so Big Horn learned to climb trees even without a teacher.

The first time he climbed a tree, he only climbed to the first branch and then stopped moving.

Olivia couldn’t find him and finally climbed the tree to get him down.

With the first successful tree-climbing experience, Big Horn’s courage became greater the next day——anyway, if I can’t get down, dad will get me down!

So he crawled up. On the tree, he saw a scenery that he’d never see on the ground, as well as round fruits. That day, Big Horn went home with the fruit from the cedar tree dangling from his mouth, distributing his prey to “dad”.

Being stared at by the little dragon’s big watery eyes, Olivia finally ate the cedar fruit, and then——

Had diarrhea for a day. 囧

Big Horn decided to eat more by himself since his father wasn’t blessed to eat such delicious fruit.

Olivia also indulged him for a long time, so after discovering that there’s no danger for Big Horn to go outside, he couldn’t bear to see his small and listless appearance in the dormitory, so Olivia would sometimes let him out to play during the day.

Big Horn is very good and will never go where Olivia said he can’t go. Olivia also saw this before letting him go.

That morning before Olivia went out for training, he noticed that the weather was not so good, so he didn’t let Big Horn out. But Big Horn kept rubbing against his feet and holding his trousers to prevent him from walking. Completely unable to resist those small eyes, Olivia finally smuggled him out.

“Only play on the grass, no other places!” Before leaving, Olivia made a solemn agreement with Big Horn.

“Mooo!” Big Horn agreed.

Olivia frowned and went out.

Big Horn quickly climbed the cedar tree. Standing on this tree, he could see farther and can see Olivia’s back. Only when it was no longer visible did he eat the fruit with peace of mind.

When Olivia and Mengmeng are away, Big Horn is still very good. It ate three cedar fruits, a beetle, and a bird. He pooped a little so he felt a little hungry and gnawed on a couple of grass.

At this moment, a ball of waste paper rolled out of the grass. After playing the game of throwing paper balls with Olivia every day and having cultivated excellent reflection ability, Big Horn immediately jumped up and grabbed the paper ball. And then, he was seen.

“What’s this thing?” An unusually tall boy raised a brow and looked at Big Horn stupidly biting the ball of paper. He lazily asked his companion next to him.

“Looks so ugly, don’t know.” The brown-haired male student following him wore glasses.

“There are wild animals in the Imperial Military Academy?” The third boy was the shortest, but he’s very muscular and looked like the strongest.

“I know it.” The last red-haired male student recognized Big Horn: “It’s Olivia’s little pet!”

With a malicious smile on his lips, the red-haired man beckoned to Big Horn who was hiding in the grass and dared not come out.

Holland, Gaia, Abil, and Paolo——at this moment, these four who appeared near the empty dormitory around Big Horn were the roommates of the freshman brontosaurus who killed himself.

Sumei Ge called them to the office early in the morning and said a bunch of things before releasing them again. They’re supposed to go and continue participating in the training, but after receiving a scolding this morning, all four of them were angry: They decided to skip morning training. Anyway, the instructor probably thought they’re still in Sumei Ge’s office.

He casually crumpled the paper that Sumei Ge had given them to write their reflection and threw it away. At that moment, Big Horn came out with the review paper he just threw away in his mouth.

“Mooo?” Biting the paper ball and looking at these people wearing the same clothes as his dad, Big Horn hesitated a bit.

“I don’t know the origin of that weak chicken with the woman’s name. It’s not enough that he brought a chicken-like robot, but he’s even raising one…haha! Don’t you think this ugly monster with a ball of paper in its mouth looks like a dog?” The short Abil laughed loudly.

“However, he’s no bigger than Holland.” The red-haired boy, Paolo, stared at Big Horn who seemed hesitant to come out, and slowly squatted down.

“Yes, after all, Holland is a Tyrannosaurus with half Kantas blood! Blood ties account for more than 70%! Holland can already be called Kantas, right?” The brown-haired man with glasses——Gaia, tilted his head and looked forward:

Looking at him, Holland grinned cruelly.

Big Horn finally came over with the paper ball in his mouth and cautiously threw it at Holland’s feet, a little scared. As he was about to leave, Paolo threw another paper ball.

“Go! Olivia’s dog, fetch.”

Big Horn couldn’t understand such a complicated command, but he understood the name “Olivia”.

His dad’s name made him very happy. Thinking that these people knew his dad, he ran after the paper ball that Paolo threw out, quickly found it, picked it up, and gently put it on Paolo’s feet.

“What an obedient dog, come again!” At this time, Paolo was not the only one who did so, Holland and Abil both threw out the review paper in their hands. With the three simultaneously throwing out the paper ball and ordering Big Horn to pick it up for them, Big Horn was turned off by their jokes.

After all, Big Horn is a cub that’s only three months old. This kind of game is beyond the range he can go and he was tired.

Spreading on the grass, he didn’t get up anymore.

“Dead dog, keep picking it up!” Abil became impatient and ran out when he saw Big Horn not moving even after yelling a few times. He smashed the paper ball against Big Horn lying on the grass.

“Wuwu…” Big Horn cried out pitifully since it hurt.

But the four people in front of him are not Olivia and have no sympathy for Big Horn.

“Go, pick it up.” Hollan’s face darkened.

His face, when angry, looked like his dad…

Neck shrinking, Big Horn whimpered aggrievedly, then limped to the paper ball and timidly walked towards Holland.

“Too slow.” Slowly speaking these words, his powerful legs suddenly kicked out like lightning. Big Horn couldn’t react at all. His small body became a dotted line in the air and Big Horn fell heavily on the cedar tree.

The paper ball in his mouth slowly rolling down.

“Don’t be so rough! I haven’t played enough yet!”

When the little cub finally realized the danger and wanted to escape, the red-haired Paolo smiled like a devil as he stepped on Big Horn who had just gotten up then lifted it.

“Take it to the room and play slowly! It just so happens that that guy’s bedroom is vacant.”

That guy is the freshman brontosaurus who committed suicide a while ago.


At the same time, Olivia was surrounded by a group of freshmen.

“What are you doing?” A group of people coming over is the posture for a group fight.

Olivia frowned. He had a cub playing outside which made him a little uneasy, so he wanted to go back soon.

“Olivia, please help us!” Seeing that he’s anxious to leave, the representative of the freshmen surrounding him stopped Olivia.

“Bray has been bullied to death by Holland. I don’t know who their next target is and we hope that you can help us.”

The freshman who stood up to speak is also a brontosaurus. Taking a closer look, he seemed to be his roommate. He hadn’t spoken to the other party so Olivia couldn’t remember him.

Taking a closer look at the new students around him: brontosaurus, triceratops, stegosaurus…a group of herbivorous species.

Olivia found it funny: A group of herbivorous dinosaurs came around asking for help, but do I look like I ate grass?

He continued to pack his belongings.

“Go to the instructor.” Olivia didn’t lift his head.

“The instructor is not a good person! He’s the one who assigned Bray to the dormitory of a group of carnivorous dinosaurs.” Speaking bitterly, the eyes of the lead brontosaurus showed resentment.

“My dad graduated from this college. He said that the military training period for freshmen in the military academy is a process of differentiation. The instructors don’t care about the disputes between students. They just want to select the most leader-like freshman in the end and then support him.”

“We don’t want Holland to be the leader of this year!”

The herbivorous dinosaurs said a lot of things that Olivia had never heard of.


“So you came to me?” Olivia finally sorted things out: “I was forced to come to study and just wanted to graduate and go home early. Your business has nothing to do with me so I’m going back.”

After speaking, he squeezed through the crowd and walked out.

“It has something to do with you.” Just when he was about to go out, the lead brontosaurus suddenly said loudly: “Olivia, you came in the Dean’s car. We saw it and Holland saw it too.”

“He will find you. At that time, once you figure things out, you can come to us.”

Without any hesitation, Olivia strode out of the classroom in an impetuous mood.

He quickly ran to the small road leading to his dormitory building and ran directly to the vicinity of the cedar tree.

“Big Horn! Big Horn!” He whispered the Crescent Dragon cub’s name.

Big Horn is very sensitive to his voice. He’d usually jump out and fall on his boots at this time, but today, he didn’t know what happened. Even though Olivia shouted for a long time, he still didn’t see him come out.

With a tight heart, Olivia climbed the tree. He comforted himself that Big Horn might have fallen asleep in a tree. This kind of thing didn’t happen before but it might in the future.

Then, on the empty tree branch, Olivia looked down. By a curious coincidence, he suddenly noticed a few white paper balls under the tree.

Quickly jumping off the tree, Olivia unfolded the few paper balls and saw the few familiar names next to the words “Self-Reflection Letter”. Olivia’s heart sank and a chill rushed from the paper to his head.

“Holland——” Olivia immediately ran to the dormitory building not far away.

He kicked open the iron-gray door and when he saw the pool of blood on the ground, Olivia’s face became the same color as the door.

“Yo! A rare visitor, Miss Olivia, hello!” Paolo greeted him playfully.

“Where is Big Horn?” Ignoring Paolo’s greeting, Olivia directly asked Holland who was sitting on the sofa.

Holland, who’s three months older than Olivia, slowly squinted to Gaia next to him: “What big horn?”

“Oh! I don’t know.” Taking off his glasses, Gaia wiped them very slowly. There was a drop of blood on the glasses which he didn’t completely wipe for a long time.

“Big Horn is a dragon and will not become a human being. There’s a small horn on its head. Of course, this horn will grow into a big horn in the future.” Seeing Olivia’s face dark and silent, Mengmeng jumped out and seriously described Big Horn’s appearance to Gaia. He didn’t understand the human world, so he thought these four people really didn’t know what Big Horn looked like.

“Oh! If you describe it that way, I’ve seen that big horn. Is it that?”

Abil pointed to another pool of blood in the distance with his toes, in the center of the blood pool was a small broken horn!

When he saw the horn, Olivia’s mind went blank. Walking slowly, he saw his pale hand grab the small broken horn from the blood pool.

“Where is the owner of this horn?” He heard his own voice gently ask.

“Probably in the trash can downstairs. Ah! If it hasn’t been taken away yet.” Abil smiled maliciously.

“Got it.” Olivia nodded.

“I will come again.” He heard himself say this to the people in the room.

“Come back to repair the door and dispose of the trash left by your pet?” Holland touched the black blood on the ground with his foot.

“Yes, I’m coming to pick up the trash.” Olivia turned his head and showed a very penetrating smile at the people in the room!

Then he walked out of the door without turning back.

Running quickly to the trash can downstairs, Olivia looked pale as he turned over the trash with Mengmeng. Finally, at the bottom of the third trash can, they found Big Horn covered in blood and packed in a plastic bag.

Olivia shivered and opened the bloody bag, Big Horn inside was no longer the same as the one this morning: The horn was gone, his body is all bloody, and he didn’t know how many bones are broken. Lying softly in Olivia’s arms, its small body was cold and stiff, like…

Olivia didn’t dare think about that word.

However, at this moment, Olivia suddenly felt a tremor in his hands and he looked down incredulously. Olivia met the slightly open eyes of Big Horn.


Big Horn weakly responded to his dad.

As early as when Olivia was calling his name from the side, it responded to Dad, and now, finally——

Big Horn calmly closed his eyes in Olivia’s arms.

Barely alive.

The author has something to say:

Big Horn will not die, it’s not fattened enough

TINA V2C061: Big Horn
TINA V2C063: The Second Spark

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