TINA V2C063: The Second Spark

TINA V2C062: Big Horn 2
TINA V2C064: Robot's Heart

It was dark and the sky that had been overcast for a day finally began to drip rain at this time.

Without an umbrella, Sumei Ge planned to stay for a while. It’s almost time to lock the doors so he’ll go back by then.


Seeing the time on the antique watch in his hand reach the stipulated lockdown, Sumei Ge, who was supposed to leave, stopped.

He stared at the student dormitory in the distance. As soon as the time for lockdown came, all the bedroom windows darkened. Against the backdrop of the dim sky, the student dormitory building was like a beast in the dark, but with its sharp claws temporarily closed. It hung there quietly and unpredictably.

And also very dangerous——

Thinking of the freshman who died there some time ago, Sumei Ge shuddered.

No one knew better than him what the cause of death of the new student was.

Suicide——this was written in the report submitted by the medical officer regarding the freshman’s death.

This is true. The new student did commit suicide, but…

Thinking of the new student, Sumei Ge’s thin body trembled slightly.

He couldn’t be any clearer about the freshman: As the student who lived in that dormitory instead of Olivia, Sumei Ge carefully screened them. Holland’s dorm had the most ferocious carnivorous dinosaurs of this year, so he can’t send a fifth carnivorous dinosaur over. He had seen the freshman information he’s responsible for and no one among it can compete with Holland and the others. In this way, he could only choose from the herbivorous dinosaurs.

The brontosaurus Bray became the first name that caught his eye.

His physique is stronger than Holland and the others. He came from a family of officers, has a cheerful temperament, and has excellent grades. Among the freshmen, Bray is a student who’s favored by many instructors.

So Sumei Ge chose Bray almost immediately.

He…he pushed him to that terrible place!

Shaking even more, Sumei Ge thought about the last time he saw Bray: The originally strong and tall back humped down like a camel. Because Bray quickly lost weight in such a short period and with that tall skeleton, Bray looked like a ghost. Terrified, Bray knocked on Sumei Ge’s office door loudly before the lockdown.

The weather that day was very similar to this day. It was also a rainy night. The weather was a bit cool and Bray stood at the door with wet hair which frightened Sumei Ge. Sumei Ge’s first reaction was to glance at the time on the wall.

“Lockdown is coming soon, you should go back to the dormitory now.” He said at the time.

He can’t remember it wrong because Sumei Ge remembered every word he said that day.

Then, Bray shuddered even more severely, until Sumei Ge repeated that sentence.

And then…

Just when Sumei Ge decided to close the door, Bray finally spoke. It was completely different from the loud voice he had when school started. His voice was very weak and Sumei Ge had to lean over and listen carefully to hear what the other party was saying.

“Assistant Teacher Sumei Ge, I, I want to change rooms…”

Bray said that at the time. It was like opening a valve as he repeated the same words several times in a louder voice. And then, and then what?

“I know you are under a lot of pressure, but you are the strongest freshman this year, can you bear with it for me? Before I find the right person to change dormitories with you, okay?”

Throwing an umbrella into Bray’s arms outside the door, Sumei Ge then closed the door.

In front of that desperate child, Sumei Ge closed the door.

Squatting down hard, Sumei Ge covered his face with both hands!

The next day, Bray was found to have committed suicide in his dormitory. There was no sharp weapon in the student dormitory, but he pierced his heart with an umbrella.

It was the long-handled umbrella that Sumei Ge tucked into his arms the night before.

No one knew Sumei Ge’s loss right now: He knew he was wrong, but…

He clearly wanted to prevent another tragedy from happening.

How did things become like this? Sumei Ge didn’t understand.

He vaguely knew that the suffering that should be borne by Olivia in his dream was now borne by an innocent child under his deliberate arrangement.

However, if that’s the case, didn’t that mean that Olivia in his dream also encountered terrible things that can make normal people want to commit suicide?

Encountering this kind of thing, the little brontosaurus Bray couldn’t bear it and chose to commit suicide;

But in that dream, Olivia silently endured everything without telling anyone and then completed his revenge before graduation.

Yes, it’s revenge.

Who is right? Who is wrong? Sumei Ge is completely lost.

The only thing he’s clear is: Due to his intervention, a brontosaurus cub who should have become an excellent officer chose to leave the world not long after entering school.

Wiping off the water on his face, Sumei Ge stood up. The rain is getting heavier and he has to go back. He didn’t have an umbrella and the one he had一一is with that little brontosaurus, forever.

He was about to go back, but at this moment, he noticed a dark figure walking quickly forward from the direction of the student dormitory building.

“The access time is over, please go back to your dorm as soon as possible.” Sumei Ge instinctively stopped the other person.

But the other party didn’t hear him and still strode forward. There was also a small figure at his feet, like a robot.

Sumei Ge’s heart trembled suddenly.

He knew who this is! Of all the freshmen, there’s only one person who brought a small robot like this to school and that is一一

“Olivia, where are you going? The access time has passed!” To conceal his guilty conscience and timidity, Sumei Ge couldn’t help but increase his tone.

“I want to send Big Horn to the infirmary.” Just after Sumei Ge called out his name, the owner of that name actually replied to him.

However, Olivia’s voice was extremely cold. He’s obviously speaking normally, but Sumei Ge felt completely cold.

Turning on the light beam he carried with him, he only now noticed what Olivia was holding in his arms. It was tightly covered by his coat, so Sumei Ge didn’t see what was hidden underneath.

Due to the lighting and angle problems, Sumei Ge couldn’t see Olivia’s face clearly, but instinctively, he knew that Olivia was extremely dangerous at this moment. Standing in the shadows, the boy looked like he’s halfway through the gates of hell.

Sumei Ge was stunned. Seeing Olivia about to move past, he boldly moved forward and carefully uncovered the coat covering the thing in his arms.

Sumei Ge was stunned and moved his gaze to the hand he used to untie the coat in a daze——this is red, blood?

“Big Horn is injured seriously. I’m going to the infirmary now. Is there a problem?” He finally saw Olivia’s gloomy expression amidst the shadows.

Not even glancing at him, Olivia carefully pushed the coat back and continued to stride forward.

There are medical types of equipment for cell repair and Big Horn’s current injuries can only be healed by that——Olivia calmly thought while looking at the brightly lit medical building in front of him. He quickened his pace, his arms steadily supporting the increasingly stiff but breathing body, then kicked the door of the medical building!

“What happened?” The doctor on duty in white uniform immediately ran over and when he saw the soaked Olivia, he was taken aback and looked down. He immediately noticed the little dragon in his arms and the blood dripping down with the rain on the ground.

“Prepare the cell repair chamber, there’s a serious injury.” The medical officer in white coat immediately called the other medical officers to come and help. While busying around, he didn’t forget to ask Olivia: “Which class is this student and how did he get hurt?”

“Not a student, I raised him.” Olivia blankly replied.

“What? Is it just a pet? How can pets…how can such precious medical equipment be used on a pet?” The medical officer was stunned.

“Go! This is a very rare and precious species. Can you afford to take responsibility if the treatment is delayed?!” His expression instantly became extremely fierce as Olivia shouted to the medical officer.

A Kantas’ coercion unconsciously broke out from the cub in an instant, and all the medical staff present felt their legs soften. The two nurses even sat down on the ground!

“Stand up and continue what you should do.” The golden eyes coldly glanced at the other side, and the two nurses immediately stood up while supporting each other. Before their boss could order them, they already ran to the emergency room with Big Horn on a mechanical stretcher!

Big Horn’s small body was placed in a sealed chamber filled with cell repair fluid, just like a viviparous fetus. The only thing connecting him to the outside world is the oxygen tube in his mouth.

Big Horn had never been so quiet.

He’s a very well-behaved cub, but never a quiet cub. When he woke up, he seemed to have ADHD and always running around. Sometimes, he’d chase his tail for an entire hour.

At this time, he could only hold his broken tail without moving as he curled up weakly in the cell repair chamber.

Standing quietly outside the observation window of the emergency room, Olivia didn’t have a trace of expression on his face. No one could figure out his mind at this moment. The medical officers standing next to him were uneasy. The medical officer responsible for that day quietly exited and called his boss, then came back and continued to nervously stand with Olivia.

Until the contact device in his pocket suddenly rang.

He looked at the number he’d never seen before and hesitated for a while, but the medical officer still connected the call. When the projection at the other end came up, the medical officer was dumbfounded. Fortunately, the medical officer also had a formal military background. Years of training gave him an instinctive reflex, so that the moment he saw Dean Argos on the other end, the medical officer stood upright and quickly made a very standard salute!

“Still on duty so late, everyone has worked hard.” The military uniform has long been taken off and Argos in the projection is only wearing a normal white shirt. But even so, through the radio waves, the medical officers present was still suppressed by his aura, making everyone a little weak. He lowered his head and listened quietly to the instructions of this great man.

“It was just reported that a freshman came to see a doctor with a prohibited pet.” After a simple greeting, he immediately changed the topic.

Just when the medical officer thought that this big man is coming for accountability, Argos suddenly said in a serious tone: “That pet is very precious, please take good care of it.”

“Make sure not to let it lose a pound of meat…yo~”

“Yes!” With a sigh of relief, the medical officer stood straight and saluted again!

“Go down, I have to tell…I want to be with Olivia…the mentioned freshman.” After calling the cub, Argos smiled again and motioned for all the medical officers present to retreat, leaving Olivia alone.

All the medical officers couldn’t help but look at Olivia as they went out: Fortunately, he just wanted to heal his pet and let the adult call to explain in person…what is the identity of this young man?

A raging desire for gossip ignited in the hearts of the medical officers.

And so, only Olivia and Mengmeng were left in the corridor. Looking at the projection of Argos on the wall, Olivia didn’t speak.

Argos didn’t speak either as he slowly took off his white shirt in front of Olivia and took out very cute pajamas.

He’s actually going to sleep right now 囧!

Not wanting to see the man undressing, Olivia turned his head to the corner where Big Horn was.

At this moment, the man’s voice suddenly rang behind him.

“Today, Mu Gen delivered me some steamed buns. The steamed stuffed buns with Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon meat are very delicious. He said it was a bribe so I’ll help you again.”

Hearing the name of the person he could only see in his dreams, Olivia fiercely turned around!

“Three months after entering school, all the freshmen’s letters are stuck, but you alone received the letter from your family, do you know why?” The shirt has been taken off and Argos showed off his strong chest muscles to Olivia. It was completely different from Olivia’s thin, barely muscled chest. The Argos in front of him was already an adult male, a very powerful male.

“Because little dearest Mu Gen was very clever and mentioned my name in the letter~ That little villain actually wrote the word bribe on it in an open manner.”

“Aiyo~ He’s so smart!” Spreading his hands, Argos pretended to be struck and shrugged helplessly: “As soon as the people at the inspection office saw my name, they didn’t dare question it and gave you the letter.”

“Compared to the little dinosaurs who can only think with their muscles, Mu Gen is so cute ^_^. I regret not bringing him here more and more…”

“You, don’t have this idea.” With his eyes fixed on Argos, Olivia didn’t know that his eyes had turned a rich golden color.

If this cub had been in his original form, probably all the feathers on his body will explode by now.

Oh~ The head is not good since he’s a little bald.

Thinking of something interesting in his mind, Argos laughed playfully.

Such Argos made Olivia feel more dangerous. Staring at the opposite side, Olivia’s expression was more serious than ever.

Argos finally stopped laughing and finally looked at Olivia again.

He suddenly raised his right hand.

“I raised this cockroach.” Argos suddenly said something without beginning or ending. He subconsciously followed his words and looked at the palm of his hand——there’s nothing there.

Olivia was stunned.

“Believe it or not, as long as I say this, from now on, no one will dare step on cockroaches in the entire Academy.”

“Even if it climbed onto their faces, no one would dare move.”

“If someone wants to do something to the poor little cockroach passing by, someone will stop him, and someone will report it to me secretly.”

“Just like now. You just came to the medical office and someone immediately told me the news.”

Lying down on the sofa very comfortably, Argos’ sitting posture was completely lazy but no one dared to jump out and reprimand him.

He sat there laughing lazily with blatant arrogance in his smile.

Then, stretching out his long arms and with a swing in his hands, the projection in front of Olivia instantly disappeared.

Olivia then turned around again, his face as usual as if Argos’ words didn’t seem to have any effect on him. However——

“Olivia, your heartbeat is too fast, do you want the medical officer to check it?” Mengmeng blankly looked up at Olivia.

“Shut up.” Ruthlessly wanting Mengmeng to remain silent, Olivia felt himself getting more and more excited.

Yes, excited.

He almost trembled with the excitement of what he’s about to do.


After the projection disappeared, the wall became white again.

Without putting on those cute pajamas, Argos leaned back on the sofa with his upper body bare.

“There are always so many ignorant idiots…in this world, there’s no mixed-blood Kantas…hmph!”

“Yes is yes, no is no, the world of Kantas is super simple~”

The author has something to say:

I haven’t written what I want to write yet

Let me explain the details.

Argos is really conscientious in helping Mu Gen teach Oli

Oli will change his views bit by bit.

The blackening is absolute, but…

I’ll talk about it in the next chapter

TINA V2C062: Big Horn 2
TINA V2C064: Robot's Heart

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