TINA V2C064: Robot’s Heart

TINA V2C063: The Second Spark
TINA V2C065: Big Horn's Territory

For a three-month-old cub, Big Horn’s injury was too serious. Fortunately, they used the most high-end medical equipment today. After a whole night of soaking, it opened its eyes when the first rays of sunlight entered the medical room.

The first thing Big Horn did after opening his eyes was to eat the oxygen tube in his mouth.

“Ahhh! You can’t eat that!” Not only did they not neglect the little thing labeled “very important” by the Dean, but the medical officer also stayed up all night, its every move under his close observation. Now that it chewed off the oxygen tube, he was terrified!

“Quick! Open the repair chamber quickly. It’ll drown if we’re too late!” With a roar, a group of nurses hurriedly rushed to help, but it’s not that easy to open the repair chamber. They had to destroy a part to open it, but after opening, all the white-coated officers were dumbfounded again——

In those moments, Big Horn drank all the repair liquid in the cell repair chamber!

The small body lay on the bottom of the chamber as Big Horn kept licking the small pool of repair liquid left. Under the eyes of all the medical staff, it didn’t take much effort to slurp the last few drops of repair liquid.

Then it burped.

“This, this, this is the latest repair liquid! The repair fluid in this repair chamber is worth five million farads!” Too shocked, the leading medical officer was stunned for a full minute before wailing and frantically covering his head.

Olivia strode past the messy medical officers and lowered his head. His eyes focused on Big Horn at the bottom, still licking its little paws.

As if noticing his dad’s sight, Big Horn slowly raised his head and his big round eyes carefully looked at Olivia, before giving a timid “mo”.

Opening his arms, Olivia picked it up, lightly poked its little nose and the little guy immediately sneezed.

At this moment, Olivia finally showed a smile.

Although Big Horn’s body has been repaired, there are marks left on the skin. The original uniform brown skin has some dark and light spots, looking like a patch at first glance.

“It’s still small so it’ll grow better over time. The newly repaired organs are still a bit weak but will soon be healed. After all, it just drank five million farads worth of cell repair liquid——” The medical officer was obviously still worried about the repair fluid that Big Horn drunk, but he still responsibly explained nursing instructions to Olivia.

“But I must tell you: its horns might not grow. The place where it’s broken is just at the growth base. This little dragon might not even be able to maintain this length.”

With that, the medical officer shook his head with regret. Even with very advanced modern medicine, some injuries still can’t be cured.

“For wild species, horns are very important weapons and props to attract the opposite sex, but since this one is domestically raised, as long as you keep it, there’ll be no problem.”

“…I see.” Holding the heavy Big Horn, Olivia listened carefully to the medical officer’s explanation.

The medical officer saw that he accepted it well and finally heaved a sigh of relief. After a whole night of getting along, he had a good impression of this teenager who cared about his pet so much, so when he sent him away, he couldn’t help but say a few more sentences.

“I don’t know what kind of dragon that is but depending on its size, I can guess that it will grow bigger in the future. This way, it’ll be very inappropriate to keep it in the dorms.”

Olivia looked directly at the medical officer for the first time: Short curly brown hair, eyes of the same color, and slightly drooping eyebrows made him look very kind. He looked very young on the outside but the slight wrinkles around the corners of his eyes reminded others that he’s not that young.

This is an old herbivorous dragon——Olivia has already seen his identity.

Shocked by Olivia’s sharp gaze, the medical officer hurriedly said: “I’m not suggesting that you dispose of your pet. This is a precious breed that even Dean said we should take care of! I just want to make a suggestion…”

“Please say it.” Olivia continued to look at him and asked in a deep voice.

“Um, I’m just making a suggestion, a suggestion.” Although he didn’t know why he felt a little weak when stared at by such a small cub, he pulled his coat and told himself that he couldn’t be frightened, then raised his head and looked at Olivia again.

“Aren’t you a freshman this year? You’re now living in a group dormitory with five people living in an apartment. When the military training is over, you will move to a three-person dormitory. Although it’s slightly better, the space is still not large enough. To allow the students to adapt to the collective life of the military, the Academy has always arranged it this way.”

“There’s only one kind of dormitory that’s big enough for you to raise…to raise Big Horn.” Looking at Big Horn shrunk in Olivia’s arms, the medical officer wanted to touch it, but Olivia hid it. Awkwardly retreating his fingers, he continued:

“In the Imperial Military Academy, the dormitory of the Chief student of each year can have the largest building. It’s separated from the dormitory buildings of ordinary students and as large as a single-family house. Even a brontosaurus can run around the yard, let alone a large pet. It’s the perfect place!”

“I think…it would be great if you could live there…” Scratching his head, the medical officer finally finished speaking. But after that, he regretted it:

As if it’s that simple. Is being the Chief of each year so easy to get? They’re the leaders of all the students of their respective years!

There’s only one requirement to become the Chief, and that is to become “strong”!

As the Empire’s premier Military Academy, this academy has produced 5 Marshals, 11 Generals, 20 Lt. Generals, and 40 Major Generals over thousands of years. In the military headquarters of the Empire, the number of officers from the Imperial Military Academy overwhelmed all other officers from other schools.

No place in this world values things such as “factions” more than a giant like the Imperial Military Department.

Almost on the first day of officially enlisting in the army, everyone had to prepare to stand in line. Which faction you join will inevitably become an enemy of another or even a few factions. The word “faction” is like a brand that’s deeply branded in their resumes and their hearts at the same time.

In the process of selecting a faction, the word “concurrent” came into being.

Enlisted in the same year, with the same instructor, and joining the same army…it’s often the easiest to establish feelings in the same period. The same environment and experience are more likely to breed the same views on things.

“There is no concurrent natural alliance”——This was something that a certain General said after being drunk. Although he made it look like a joke, this sentence spread.

Everyone thought so.

However, after more and more officers sent from the Academy entered the military department, the concept of concurrence re-expanded and finally, extended to the student days of the officers.

Graduated from the same school and graduating from the same class——these “concurrent” military officers often end up in the same camp. With this context and in the last century, the major military academies finally formed an educational philosophy centered on a “Chief”.

The strongest student in each year are collectively referred to as the “Chief” and they can directly control all the students in that year.

Not just the students of a certain department, but all the students of all departments that belong to that year.

The entire year is like a mini-military with different departments. The students belonged to different branches of the military and the commander of all these students is the Marshal of this mini military headquarters——in other words, the Chief.

The will of the Chief will eventually become the will of all students in the current year; Choosing the chief will also become the choice of all students in that year.

Because of this extremely detached position, the chiefs of major military academies have always been recruited by the military during the graduation season each year. After they enter the military and be intensely trained for a few years, the Chief among the Chiefs will eventually become the best in the military.

It’s like a perfect pyramid.

For a hundred years, no one can break this super barrier composed of elites.

As if to further highlight the transcendent status of the “Chiefs”, the military academies provided them with a variety of special privileges that ordinary students could not enjoy.

The super large and luxurious single-family dorm building that the medical examiner just mentioned, independent of the student dormitory, is one of them.

“There are a total of 7 dormitory buildings for the Chiefs of each year. Six of them have owners, and the 7th grade senior has graduated, so his previous dormitory has been vacated.” ——this is the information he just found.

Under the sun, looking at the white buildings in the distance, Olivia narrowed his eyes.

That meant there’s a large yard in front of the dorm that had just been vacated with green grass and no other obstacles.

Olivia is very satisfied.

He lowered his head and stretched out his fingers to gently touch the broken horn of Big Horn. He whispered:

“Big Horn, we will live there in the future, where the grass is tall. Big Horn can run as he pleases and no longer has to hide in the dormitory during the day.”

“Is Big Horn happy?”

Looking at his dad who smiled slightly, Big Horn slightly turned its head, its mouth holding dad’s finger and then spitting it out, making a happy “mo” sound.


Olivia decided to become the “Chief”.

But before that, he has to clean up some “trash”.

After leaving Big Horn in the dormitory to recuperate and changing into a clean uniform, Olivia immediately went to the camp for the usual military training.

This morning’s class is a close combat class.

In an era when robots have become popular, a large number of robots have replaced human jobs in many fields, such as today’s fighting class.

Today’s society has limited manpower and the teaching effect of one instructor on multiple students is not good, so fighting robot instructors are widely used in teaching. Each freshman can be assigned an exclusive robot instructor who can carefully analyze each action and conduct fighting drills with the students. This can not only save manpower but also freely choose the learning content according to the student’s learning progress.

“Boom!” There was a loud noise, and everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but look at the source of the sound——

One of the fighting robots had its head taken off.

It wasn’t an accident. Instead, the freshman who practiced against it blew the robot’s head off with his own efforts.

“Oh! Accidentally used too much force!” That very familiar voice was exactly the same as that disgusting voice that smiled and told him that Big Horn was thrown in the trash can.

It’s Abil.

Original form, Lester Gigantosaurus, second only to the Tyrannosaurus in power and even more aggressive than the latter. It’s a very dangerous large carnivorous dragon. After transforming to human form, his body size might be smaller but his strength didn’t diminish at all. After a fast and powerful blow, the robot instructor belonging to Abil had its head smashed with a punch.

Very powerful.

When most of the freshmen were being beaten up by the robot instructors, someone could blow the robot instructor with one punch, making the surrounding freshmen can’t help but take a breath at the same time! When they saw who that person was, all noises disappeared.

No one dared to speak, for fear that the plague god would notice them.

In the first three months of school, all students in Class 4 have experienced the dominance of Holland’s quartet. At first, everyone thought they’re just overbearing, but the incident with the brontosaurus Bray woke them up.

Everyone became alert, fearing that they’d become the next target.

Turning their heads stiffly, the freshmen pretended not to see the scene just now and continued their previous training.

The robot, whose head was smashed by Abil’s punch, got up again.

The fighting robot’s program is relatively simple. Even if the brain is destroyed, as long as the body parts are intact, it can still move.

The tattered robot walked towards Abil.

With just one punch, it was knocked down by Abil again. This punch was so heavy that the entire chest of the robot instructor collapsed.

However, the robot instructor got up again.

The next scene is the process of the robot instructor constantly getting up and then being knocked down by Abil. It didn’t last long. After all of its limbs were broken, the robot instructor could no longer get up.

Abil kicked it hard then happily kicked it to the air.

“When a robot is beaten, it’s not as fun as beating a human. The performance of that brontosaurus before was much better. Not only was it resistant to beating, but it also barked when told.”

Next to Olivia, the brontosaurus freshman who stood up and asked Olivia for help on behalf of all the herbivorous dinosaurs turned gloomy in an instant.

For a moment, Abil didn’t notice that he said something that should have been hidden in private: About how he hit Bray when the school didn’t arrange battle practice between freshmen…the result can be imagined.

Bray must have been treated like the robot instructor in the bedroom.

With his fists tightly clenched while looking at the tattered robot instructor lying in the dust in the distance, the brontosaurus freshman——Todd told himself to be patient.

However, at this moment, Abil suddenly noticed him——

“Huh? There’s also a brontosaurus over here!”

Leaving his field, he walked straight towards Todd.

Todd, who was firmly locked on by Abil, instantly froze and didn’t dare move. Todd, who blanked out, stood upright on the spot.

“Another tall man…and you look very strong too! My robot instructor is broken, how about you lend me your robot instructor? Ah…I have a better idea, instead of the robot, how about you come down and play with me by yourself?” While making a few quick punches in the air and seeing Todd’s pale face, Abil smiled maliciously: “If you don’t speak, I’ll assume that you agreed…”

It’s over! After Bray, the second to be bulled is me! I’ll die——at this moment, Abil’s hands were about to reach Todd’s shoulders, making Todd panic. He looked around for help, but what he got were the averted eyes of other people.

Todd was desperate.

However, at this moment, he suddenly heard someone speak from behind him:

“Todd, give him the robot instructor opposite you.”

When his name came from someone else’s mouth, Todd seemed to have grabbed a straw as he looked behind him in a panic. The speaker was——


Todd was stunned.

“I said, give him the robot opposite you, then you can retreat.”

This was the first time Olivia spoke in front of so many freshmen. His voice was not loud, but all the freshmen heard it. Olivia clearly used a tone of command, but Todd found that he didn’t hate it at all. When he blanked out and couldn’t think, Olivia’s tough tone was like the light that pointed the way out of the maze.

“…yes.” The moment he said this, Todd found that he could move again. Shaking Abil’s palm from his shoulder, he passed the robot he had been training with to Abil. After doing all this, he quickly stood behind Olivia.

“Hmph!” Abil snorted coldly and watched Olivia, who continued to fight the robot instructor after speaking, then snorted disdainfully: “Olivia, your strength is not enough. Do you want me to instruct you?”

With the corner of his mouth slightly raised, Olivia glanced at him: “I’m afraid there’s no chance.”

“No chance? How could there be no chance? This robot shouldn’t take that long. When I finish playing with it, I’ll come over to find you~”

As if not caring about Olivia, Abil was satisfied with Todd’s robot and left.

Being overbearing by nature and seeing Olivia ask Todd to give him the robot, Abil’s first thought was that Olivia had softened. This made him feel better, so he deliberately took his damaged robot in front of Olivia. Abil then returned to his training field.

After resetting the robot, Abil boredly punched the robot instructor. Unexpectedly, the opponent’s fist was faster than him and the robot instructor took the lead.

It punched too fast that Abil had no time to dodge.

But Abil didn’t take this punch seriously. In his opinion, these robot instructors set up for other freshmen are very weak, and their fist strength is also very small. For Abil, who’s a Lester Gigantosaurus, this kind of punch is simply on the level of playing.

He unsuspectingly took the punch of the robot instructor with his body, but Abil didn’t expect it! The fist of this robot instructor is surprisingly heavy!

With a sharp pain in his chest, Abil’s body slid back!

Abil tasted blood. As someone who only beat others and did not allow others to beat him, he was furious.

Angrily turning into his beast form, Abil rushed towards the robot instructor who was standing in the field. Then, the robot instructor was like a toy, torn and bitten by Abil. Finally, after playing enough, Abil opened his huge mouth and bit the head of the robot instructor!

And then——

There was a muffled “boom” in the field again.

With the previous experience, this time, the new students turned their heads towards the source of the sound more smoothly.

It’s Abil’s side again. It must be Abil who beheaded the newly snatched robot again.

Everyone thought so. However——

Red liquid fell from the sky and sprinkled on the faces of the freshmen who just turned around. Someone couldn’t help but touch their faces on the spot.

“It’s warm? This is…”


Looking at the Lester Gigantosaurus with only its body left, all the freshmen were frozen in place.

“Bang!” There was another loud noise as the body of the Lester Gigantosaurus, who was still standing in the field, fell heavily.

“AHHHHHHHH——” Finally realizing what just happened, they screamed out loud.


It was an accident. Due to the freshman improperly using the robot instructor, it exploded during use——this is what the school staff, who was sent to investigate afterward, wrote in the report.

In the future, we recommend the Mechanical Manufacturing Department to strengthen the monitoring of robot quality issues to more rigorously guide new students on how to use robots correctly——they also commented on the report.

“What a pity.” Glancing at the accident investigation report submitted by his subordinates, Argos lazily said. Throwing the report into the pile of processed documents, the death of the freshman Abil was ultimately deemed as an accident.


“It’s you! It’s you, isn’t it?” After sending all the students back to the dormitory, Sumei Ge suddenly stopped Olivia. His voice trembled as he asked in a low voice.

Turning his head slightly, Olivia raised a brow in confusion.

“You killed Abil! It must be you!” Two of the students he was responsible for died within a month, and Sumei Ge felt like he’s going crazy!

“Teacher Sumei Ge, please pay attention to your words.” With the corners of his mouth rising slightly, Olivia looked at Sumei Ge.

Due to the height difference, Olivia looked up at Sumei Ge, but Sumei Ge felt like he’s being looked down on by the other party.

“The robot was taken from Todd by Abil himself, and I didn’t do anything from start to finish.”

“But…but…” Of all the freshmen, Olivia is the most proficient in robot construction. In Sumei Ge’s dream, Olivia was never a strong man who ruled by physical strength, but someone who relies on his brain! To conceal his relatively weak body, he’s very proficient in mecha transformation! He must have changed the internal settings of the robot that Abil robbed to kill Abil!

Sumei Ge confusedly stared at Olivia.

“However, the robot Abil robbed was said to belong to classmate Bray.” As soon as the conversation turned, Olivia suddenly mentioned another name from the depths of Sumei Ge’s heart: “To make one’s body stronger and able to withstand heavier hits, Bray’s robots have always been set to the highest level of force.”

“The settings are too abnormal, so the robot instructor has only been used by Bray.”

“After classmate Bray left, the robot was dormant. This time, it happened that classmate Todd’s robot instructor was sent for repair and that robot instructor was assigned to him.”

“Who knew——it happened to be snatched away by Abil…”

“I heard that the robot self-destructed from the heart, right?”

With a light sigh, Olivia closed the door.

With an extremely pale face, Sumei Ge finally knelt on the ground.

The author has something to say:

Today’s goal is to at least clean up a small piece

I didn’t expect that after writing so many words, I just cleared a small piece of garbage out…


The last sentence is a bit implicit, I don’t know if you understood.

For a long time, the robot instructor, who had been training Bray, eventually killed one of the murderers who made him commit suicide in the form of mutual suicide.

That’s it.

TINA V2C063: The Second Spark
TINA V2C065: Big Horn's Territory

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