TINA V2C066: Two In One

TINA V2C065: Big Horn's Territory
TINA V2C067: Second Letter From Home

It was an ordinary morning.

Big Horn left the dormitory building where Olivia was while everyone went to train outside.

A dozen students led by Holland stood on the left while some students were scattered in the middle. Then, all the remaining students stood on the right side. Among the many students, Olivia looked inconspicuous, but if you look closely, all the students on the right have their positions centered on him.

The pattern of the fourth class was very clear.

Today’s training content was underwater search and rescue exercises. Before the official start, as usual, the assistant teacher will explain the task to all students.

“This underwater search and rescue exercise will last three days. The exercise will use all the knowledge you have learned in the three months since you started school. Everyone’s protective suit has enough oxygen for two and a half days. This is to increase your sense of urgency. If something went wrong, you can use the code you learned last month to send a distress signal, and any student passing by will help you if they receive the signal.” After telling the instructions he had memorized beforehand, Sumei Ge slightly tilted his body. He dared not look to his left side where Olivia’s sharp gaze was coming from, making him fidget.

He decided to end this lecture quickly.

“Then, please check your watch. It’ll give a reminder of the remaining time for the task. Before this, the roles that everyone will play in the task will be assigned.”

“Two-thirds of everyone present will be searchers and the remaining one-third will be trapped. Students who play the trapped person should go to the designated place to hide and wait for the rescue of their companions.”

The instruction from the instructor’s teaching plan sent by the Academy ended here, however——

Sumei Ge raised his head and saw the three groups of students in front of him. He gritted his teeth and added another sentence:

“Firstly, this exercise is to examine everyone’s mastery of the knowledge they have learned before, and secondly, it’s to cultivate trust among peers. Please cherish this training opportunity. In the next seven years, the instructor might adjust it according to everyone’s course, but your classmates will not change. Everyone will live together for seven years so I hope that the trust between the students will gradually deepen and eventually become comrade-in-arms who can entrust their back on the battlefield——”

This passage was for Holland and Olivia. Sumei Ge is still holding onto the last trace of hope. With that last expectation, his gaze fell on the faces of the two of them:

Holland didn’t look at him at all, while Olivia was looking at him, but——

Just like how Sumei Ge averted his eyes, Olivia turned his head to listen to the person next to him.

With his mouth opening and closing, Sumei Ge finally bowed his head and walked off the podium.

The search and rescue mission began.

“I’m the victim.” Paolo glanced at his watch and raised his head to tell Holland.

“Great, you can go sleep in.” Holland raised a brow.

“Don’t rescue me too early, I’m going to bed.” Waving at Holland and Gaia, Paolo put on his suit then went to play the “trapped” student. There, he met Olivia by accident.

“Yo~ Isn’t this Princess Olivia who recently became the leader of a group of herbivorous dinosaurs! You and your knights have become trapped!” Paolo smiled and said hello.

Abil’s death is an accident so he didn’t associate the incident with Olivia. The little pet was made like that but he didn’t see Olivia jump out to fight them, so Paolo didn’t put Olivia in his eyes.

Even if Olivia took so many followers, it’s only a trivial matter in the eyes of Holland and Paolo: Absolute strength is everything, it doesn’t matter what Olivia does now, as long as Holland defeated him in one fell swoop, all his previous efforts will be lost. His current territory will automatically be sent to Holland by his current attendants, that picture…just think about it!

“I know what you did to Big Horn that day.” Ignoring what he said, Olivia just spoke to him lightly.

“Ah?” Paolo was stunned for a moment, then turned to look at Olivia on the side: “Is it the horn matter? Or about the pool? Aren’t you too slow? It’s been a few days since then…why, do you want revenge?”

At this time, Olivia put on his equipment under Todd’s service. The protective cover tightly covered his face so Paolo could no longer see his expression.

The signal bell to inform the “trapped people” to be in place happened at this moment, so all the “trapped people” were immediately carried into deep waters by submarine. When the submarine sunk to a certain level, all the “trapped people” were discharged together. The submarine immediately left after that, and the “trapped person” needed to find their specified location within the next twenty minutes and then wait for the search and rescue of their companions.

The geographical environment of Hengtian Star where the Imperial Military Academy is located is very dangerous, and the climate was also very bad. The founder of the military academy set up the Academy here because of the environment.

The deep-sea where Paolo and Olivia are belongs to the sea area north of the Imperial Military Academy. This sea is a very good training place. Since the beginning of school, they have completed various stress training in this sea. So even if they heard it’ll be a deep-sea search and rescue this time, there aren’t many nervous people: Every day, they’d wear protective clothing and run on the seafloor in the morning, so these students will not panic at being underwater.

But when they came to the sea area about six hundred meters deep, most of them still panicked.

It’s too dark!

And the pressure is too much!

But a mission is a mission. As long as they hide in their designated place, they can definitely be rescued in the end, right? Thinking of this, the freshmen began to explore the hiding place they were assigned to.

Paolo is no exception, but unlike other people’s timidity, he had the courage and good physical ability. He just wanted to simply find a good place and rest. Maliciously kicking the few nearby freshmen who hadn’t adjusted to the pressure on their protective suit, he admired how they struggled in surprise for a while. Then he took the lead to swim forward.

However, at this moment, he suddenly felt that his ankle could not move.

Looking back in surprise and with the help of the light on his head, he saw at a glance two people holding his foot together!


In astonishment, he kicked hard and tried to kick the two people away. Who knew that while he was struggling, two more people joined in and grabbed his thighs!

The strength of those people was surprisingly great and Paolo found himself under their control! After his furious struggle was unsuccessful, his brain calmed down: The only ones strong enough to control him among the class…

Are the brontosaurus and all the brontosaurus in class is now under Olivia’s side——


The moment the name appeared in his mind, Paolo suddenly felt a chill on his back. He finally felt a little scared and his eyes under the protective suit instantly widened. He struggled even more than before and saw that the person holding his thigh was about to be kicked away by him. At this moment, a few more people came out. Not only did they grab his other leg, but they also grabbed his arms this time.

This time, Paolo was completely unable to move.

Olivia appeared in front of him at this time. His stature was smaller than the others so Paolo immediately recognized him among the crowd. Condescendingly looking down at Paolo, the light on Olivia’s forehead hit Paolo’s face straight through the protective cover. Olivia could easily see Paolo’s horrified eyes under the protective cover, but Paolo, who was dazzled by the light, couldn’t see anything.

Until Olivia leaned a bit to the left.

In front of all the freshmen who played the “trapped people”, Olivia made a gesture. Then, Todd and the others who were imprisoning Paolo swam forward with Paolo who could not move. A freshman followed them, and the light on his forehead illuminated the actions of his companions in front of him.

They pushed Paolo, who could not resist, into a sunken spacecraft rescue cabin and then sealed the cabin door firmly. The freshman in charge of lighting aimed the light on the hatch, and Paolo, who was locked up and struggling to open the hatch, was faithfully displayed in front of all the freshmen.

At this moment, Olivia “talked”.

The Academy didn’t configure a communication channel for them, so Olivia used the code they learned from the Academy professor to “speak”.

Using the illuminator in his hand, Olivia typed out what he wanted to say stroke by stroke:

We are bullying him.

You all saw where we kept him.

Save him if you want.

We will not stop you.

These few words were “told” to the freshmen who belonged to Holland’s camp and the neutral camp among the “trapped people” from the same class. After saying this, the few freshmen who had just escorted Paolo swam back and while surrounded by them, Olivia and his party swam far away.

As a result, only freshmen from Holland’s camp and freshmen from the neutral camp were left on the scene.

They saw the signal that Olivia sent, as well as Paolo’s eyes, who was locked up. Angrily smashing the hatch, Paolo motioned to his subordinates outside to let him out.

He’ll get out! He’ll get out and tear Olivia, who dared bully him, to pieces! He will not let go of those guys outside! He will find them one by one一一and then!

There was a fierce light in his eyes behind the protective shield, and Paolo looked viciously at the students who were stood still for a long time outside.

Come here! You come over here! He silently roared.


Something unexpected happened:

A student went away.

After the first student went, the second also left, and then the third and the fourth…

In the end, all the freshmen left. Not only the freshmen from the neutral camp, but even the freshmen outside who belonged to his side didn’t hesitate to leave!

Paolo’s eyes widened.

The outside became dark again and only the small piece illuminated by Paolo’s light was bright.

I…was abandoned?!

Abandoned in a place other than the pre-arranged search and rescue area?


Thinking of the fate he might face later, Paolo struggled violently and hit the hatch. However, no matter how hard he struggled, the hatch wouldn’t open! On the contrary, because of his struggling movements that were too violent, the oxygen content in his protective suit rapidly decreased at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Cold sweat appeared densely on Paolo’s back and he didn’t dare to move anymore!

At this moment, he saw someone swimming towards him from a distance.

It’s like seeing the straw that would save his life, so leaning the light over, Paolo tried to distinguish which camp the person is from. Recognizing him as someone from his side, he was pleasantly surprised and patted the glass window on the cabin door.

He didn’t remember the name of the person who came but he knew he’s a Gigantosaurus. His strength is great and his words would echo loudly. He’ll definitely help him open the hatch一一there was an ecstatic light in Paolo’s eyes.

Under Paolo’s expectation, the man finally swam close. With his face leaning against the hatch, Paolo finally saw the other’s face clearly.

An expressionless face.

Across the hatch, Paolo saw the other person’s expression under his protective cover and saw the man’s mouth open.

Paolo subconsciously read his lips:

“Go, to, hell!”

An astonished expression solidified on Paolo’s face and immediately afterward, he felt the cabin he’s in tremble violently and leaned slightly before his world immediately turned around.

The rescue capsule he’s in was pushed down by the new student.

From a position where he might have been saved, he was pushed to a deeper and darker sea.

The author has something to say:

Thank you for waiting so late

I’m happy to see so many long comments today, and I’ll add a chapter during the day~

TINA V2C065: Big Horn's Territory
TINA V2C067: Second Letter From Home

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