TINA V2C065: Big Horn’s Territory

TINA V2C064: Robot's Heart
TINA V2C066: Two In One

The high-density metal door separated Sumei Ge and Olivia.

Olivia walked straight to the bed and gently moved Big Horn who was on top. He laid down and looked straight at the ceiling, no one knew what he was thinking.

Mengmeng stood on the bed with his head tilted for a while before falling beside Olivia with a chirp. The little head squeezed onto Olivia’s pillow as Mengmeng swore to him:

“Olivia, if you’re bullied in the future, I would also ruin that person’s mouth and blow him to death! Just like that robot instructor.”

“Ha! You can’t, your shell is much stronger than those robot instructors. If the inside explodes, the outer shell will remain the same so you exploded for nothing.”

Mengmeng blinked and wilted.

I won’t let you self-destruct, I won’t——closing his eyes, Olivia silently said in his heart.

After stepping on Olivia’s quilt for a long time, he finally made sure that he’s safe and fell asleep. However, not long after falling asleep, the little guy’s head, which was missing a horn, emerged from the quilt again vigilantly. At the same time, Olivia, who had closed his eyes to rest, suddenly opened his eyes——

A minute later, there was a soft knock on the door.

“It’s me, Todd.” Without waiting for Olivia to ask, the person outside took the initiative to report.

Turning over and sitting up, Olivia immediately turned on the door lock switch. Under his watch, the door slowly opened. Todd walked in and he didn’t come alone. If he remembered correctly, they’re Olivia’s roommates for the past three months.

“I’m here…” Like all brontosaurus humans, Todd is also a tall boy. Although he’s tall, he looked very childish——this is how Olivia perceived him at the beginning. However, after three months of military training, his childishness has become less and less and after the baptism this afternoon, the last trace of youth on his face disappeared.

Todd now looks very calm.

I’m here to thank you——Todd wanted to say that first but when he walked in and saw Olivia, he suddenly couldn’t say this sentence.

Olivia’s expression was very flat.

Compared with his four roommates in the same dormitory, Olivia’s figure is very thin. In this Academy that only recruits those of the dinosaur genus, his size is considered very weak. If not for the Dean sending him to the Academy at the beginning, all the students wouldn’t look at him. Olivia by himself wouldn’t attract the attention of these freshmen.

He also kept a pet in the dormitory. Others might not have noticed it, but Todd, who was in the same dormitory, knew it. They kept silent but were not optimistic about the future of that pet. And then, something happened to that pet yesterday. Olivia walked to Holland’s dormitory with a blue face and was seen by many people. Their conversation was also heard by the students in the neighboring dormitory.

The scene of Olivia coming out of Holland’s dormitory building with a blood-covered pet was seen by all the students in that dormitory. To be precise, when Olivia left, all the students stood in front of the window and watched him leave.

He’s finished——at that moment, almost everyone had this idea!

All the people present, including Todd, only had this thought left in their hearts.

However, the following developments exceeded everyone’s expectations: Something happened to Holland’s side first!

Abil died.

Without any signs, clean and neat, and in front of everyone, Abil’s head exploded!

The feeling of fresh blood dripping on his face seemed to burn his cheeks and Todd couldn’t help but touch his face——just this afternoon, it was stained with Abil’s blood.

Without panicking, Todd’s heart was very peaceful at that moment. Everyone was in chaos so no one noticed Todd’s actions.

Using the palm of his hand, he wiped the bloodstains on his cheeks and Todd licked the blood that belonged to Abil without a trace.

At that moment, Todd only felt one emotion in his heart: Very happy!

Standing among the frightened students, Todd slowly turned around. Then, at that time, he saw Olivia standing among the anxious crowd, just silently looking at Abil’s body in the distance.

At that moment, Todd felt that time had stopped.

While everyone else’s time proceeded normally, only the time between him and Olivia froze. In that frozen time and space, his sight finally collided with Olivia’s——

The memories from before came back in an instant, and Todd suddenly remembered a little thing that happened before:

On the way to the training ground with the robot instructor, Todd’s robot instructor suddenly stopped moving. Not wanting to delay the training course, Todd immediately returned to the warehouse with the broken robot, and in that empty warehouse, he saw Olivia standing there alone.

In front of him stood a motionless robot instructor, and Todd had the illusion that “they’re chatting” when he entered.

Today, Olivia is still in front of him, but the robot is gone.

Just this afternoon, the robot exploded in Abil’s mouth. Its whole body exploded into small metal fragments, a huge part embedded in Abil’s flesh and blood, while the remaining parts were swept away as garbage by the cleaning robot.

This matter has been in Todd’s mind since this afternoon, but when the school investigation team conducted the routine investigation, he said nothing.

Todd knew who the previous owner of the robot instructor was.

That’s Bray’s robot instructor.

The moment the robot instructor’s iron punch hit his chest, he immediately knew who the former student of the robot instructor was. Except for Bray, who’s also a brontosaurus, no other student in this group can withstand this kind of fist!

A brontosaurus’ combat training had always been based on strength, not only to exercise his strength but more importantly, to exercise its ability to withstand hits. As the largest herbivorous dinosaur, they have always been the “shields” in the team. For teammates to resist as many attacks from the enemy as possible, and to protect their teammates to create better offensive opportunities, this is the greatest significance of the existence of a brontosaurus soldier!

That’s what his officer father told Todd, and Bray’s father probably told him the same. So both their robot instructors have very strong punching power, but! Even for a brontosaurus! Even for Bray! The punching force of that robot instructor was too great!

With just one punch, Todd was knocked into the air!

Rubbing his chest in disbelief, he stood up, realizing that the punch just now was at least twice as powerful as his original robot instructor and Todd was astonished.

However, thinking that the owner of this robot instructor was Bray, Todd immediately understood the reason.

Immediately, unimaginable anger rose from the heart of this young brontosaurus.

With his inherently tall body and powerful strength, a brontosaurus’ inherently strong body is their best shield!

However, the meaning of this shield is for protection!

Instead of taking damage that they shouldn’t!

In what mood was Bray in when he adjusted the power of the robot instructor to a level that a freshman shouldn’t bear?

At that moment, Todd’s mood instantly synchronized with the deceased Bray!

He felt extremely angry——

Anger towards Holland and his group, and anger towards himself.

However, all those emotions disappeared completely when Abil walked towards him.

He blanked out and Todd, who felt that he’s about to step foot in Bray’s footsteps, completely lost his ability to react. At that moment, he heard Olivia’s voice.

When no one dared to say anything, only Olivia spoke.

So only Olivia’s voice was left in Todd’s world.

With just one instruction and one action, Todd handed his robot instructor to Abil according to Olivia’s order. The moment he hid behind Olivia, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Olivia was very thin, but when hiding behind him, Todd felt extremely safe there.

“If a person is afraid to walk, find a companion to walk together; it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the way, you can just find a guide who will never get lost.” What his father said suddenly appeared in Todd’s ears: “When you feel safe standing behind him, it means you have found the right person.”

So, at that moment, Todd felt that he had found the right person.

After reviewing his mood at that moment, Todd stood up straight in front of Olivia.

He became firm again.

“S-sir Olivia, please let me help you out tomorrow!”

This is a brontosaurus’ surrender.

If you want to please your boss, you must first please his wife. If he doesn’t have a wife yet, find a way to please his pet. It’s a good idea to help him walk the dog!

The strongest brontosaurus in class surrendered to Olivia. Thinking about Abil’s terrible death and thinking about Bray again…the remaining three freshmen shuddered and scrambled to please him.

The next period, in addition to the people who sneaked it outside, some people also changed its bandages, people who prepared its food, and…people who wiped its ass.

Starting this evening, the rooms of Todd and the other three roommates will no longer be locked. As long as Big Horn wanted to go and play, he can go there at any time. The safe range of activities is no longer restricted to Olivia’s small room. Big Horn’s territory expanded to the entire dorm!

At first, Big Horn was a little scared of these people who wore the same uniform as Dad. When Todd took it for a walk outside for the first time, Big Horn sat on Olivia’s feet all the time. When its ass was wiped for the first time, it was very stiff: Halfway through pooping, when he saw the other person holding something to wipe his butt, it would not come out. But soon, Big Horn’s wild instinct told it: The boss of this territory is Dad! As Dad’s cub, it’s super safe!

After leaving traces everywhere in Todd and the others’ rooms, Big Horn finally adapted to the expanded new site. After marking this new site easily, Big Horn found: There’s a new site that needs to be marked.

Dad’s territory is bigger again.

To ensure that all territories will have Big Horn’s smell, Big Horn had to increase the amount of water it drinks every day o(╯□╰)o.

Expanding from this dormitory building to another dormitory building and then the next one. Nowadays, Big Horn is very free to play around among the several dormitory buildings and no one dared to hit it with paper balls anymore.

Speaking of paper balls, the toys that Big Horn can play with are no longer just paper balls crumpled from waste paper. Someone made a beautiful cloth ball with bells hanging on it and whenever it falls on the ground, it will bounce up and Big Horn can chase after it. No matter how he played with it, he wouldn’t be bored so Big Horn will hold it wherever it patrols.

On this day, Big Horn is, as usual, running around with the cloth ball in its mouth and throwing the ball out from time to time and then getting it back. When dad was away, it was a dragon who could play happily by itself. When throwing it, it accidentally threw the ball to the boundary.

The elastic ball rolled from the dormitory building where Big Horn played to the grass on the opposite dormitory building.

Big Horn froze.

With its tail tucked between its legs, it stared at the grass on the opposite side like meeting its enemy——that’s not Dad’s territory, but that group of bad guys’ territory!

The previous experience was too painful that even someone as young as Big Horn remembered the pain that this dormitory brought him.

But it couldn’t let go of the ball. It took a long time to see that no one’s there before cautiously crawling over. It was easy to get in front of the precious cloth ball and Big Horn was about to pick up the ball and run, but at this moment, its beloved cloth ball was picked up by someone.

When it raised its head to look at the other person, Big Horn shivered: It’s that person! That man who broke my beautiful horn!

The moment it saw Paolo, Big Horn flinched but soon cheered up, straightening up and trying to roar at the opponent!

“!” Showing two small white fangs at the other person, a fierce light appeared in Big Horn’s always soft eyes!

“Yo~ Are you not dead yet?” The red-haired boy——Paolo, slowly picked up the saliva-covered ball from the grass. The moment he picked it up, Paolo frowned at the drool and mud in his hands, narrowing his eyes in disgust.

As soon as he raised his right hand, Big Horn’s cloth ball was thrown into the pool beside him.

“The ball is too dirty, time to wash it.” Clapping his hands, Paolo smiled at Big Horn then sat on the side.

Looking at the floating ball in the pool, Big Horn finally chose to climb over. It took a long time to hook the ball with its tail stretched out, then Big Horn fell into the pool!

Big Horn, who can’t swim, struggled in the water for a long time, but Paolo, who was sitting next to it, didn’t move. Holding his chin and admiring Big Horn’s appearance, he always smiled.

These things were told to Olivia by Todd who arrived later.

Big Horn’s okay. After struggling in the pool for a long time, it actually learned to swim and crawled out on its own!

Baby got its lost cloth ball so Big Horn was very happy: I took the treasure back from the villain’s lair! Big Horn is great!

Flicking the guy’s head and touching the broken horn, Olivia couldn’t help but relax.

“It’s okay. Soon, Big Horn can go there to play ball.” He whispered.

Although it couldn’t understand what Dad is saying, the touching fingers were too comfortable that Big Horn made a gurgling sound in its throat.

The author has something to say:

Seeing everyone’s comments in the previous chapter, this should explain a little bit about Abil’s death.

The wish of the robot instructor is the main reason.

Oli just added to the flames and gave it a chance.

TINA V2C064: Robot's Heart
TINA V2C066: Two In One

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