TINA V2C067: Second Letter From Home

TINA V2C066: Two In One
TINA V2C068: Elected

“Cause of death: Insufficient oxygen supply.” The final report submitted by Sumei Ge was like this.

“The student didn’t hide in the designated place following the instructions, and the abandoned space capsule he chose privately rolled down to the next deep sea level, so much so that no one noticed the light signals he put out.”

Sumei Ge couldn’t believe the words in the report.

Paolo’s body was found within an hour at the end of the mission. The hideous face under the protective suit frightened Sumei Ge and he quickly launched an investigation.

To achieve the purpose of the mission and to prevent cheating, the Academy didn’t install any built-in communication equipment in their protective suits, so all communication between students would only rely on signal lights.

The first thing he did was ask the people who entered the sea with Paolo.

“Didn’t notice.”

“We went to our designated place to hide from the beginning.”

“Paolo kicked us away and didn’t want us to follow him.”

All the students answered like this, making Sumei Ge dumbfounded.

“I heard that this student in your class often does this, like telling others to find him later and going to sleep lazily. Didn’t you say he could use the signal lights? You didn’t make a mistake, right?” His colleague also made a joke at that time.

Yes! Signal lights!

The person who entered the sea might know about Paolo, but there’s no reason for the search and rescue people to not know! Paolo was holding the signal light firmly in his hand when he died. This shows that he must have sent a signal! Until the energy of his signal light was exhausted, he must have been working hard to ask for help!

His colleague’s words reminded Sumei Ge and he immediately went to the student in charge of the search and rescue for questioning.


He returned without success again.

“We only patrolled in designated areas and didn’t see any signal lights.”

“Didn’t see it.”

“I didn’t see anything.”

The overly consistent statements gave Sumei Ge an illusion: These students are lying! They’re all lying! They’ve seen Paolo’s distress signal but all of them regarded it as not seeing it…

The moment this guess appeared in his mind, Sumei Ge felt his body was cold as if he was in the deep sea.

Just like the deep sea where Paolo died…

Desperately locked in the space capsule and desperately launching distress signals, everyone saw it but pretended not to see it as they turned around and walked away.

Sumei Ge was shocked by his own imagination.

No! No way! Gaia and Holland, Paolo’s partners, are also part of the search and rescue team.

Holland and Gaia were the last people Sumei Ge found. However——

“Didn’t see it.”

With a green face, Holland denied it word by word.

In the end, Sumei Ge could only submit the report verbatim.

He didn’t know: Holland and Gaia didn’t go into the deep sea from the beginning and arranged for someone to carry out the search and rescue work for them, so they have been resting in the shallow sea. This is their usual method, so when the instructor asked, they couldn’t say anything.

With this, Paolo’s death passed in this way. Perhaps Abil’s death required the Academy’s Mechanical Engineering Department to take a little responsibility, but Paolo’s death was entirely his responsibility and the inevitable result of not following the instructions of the Academy.

However, after this incident, Sumei Ge found that the situation in class has changed again: The originally neutral students completely fell under Olivia’s group.

His heart sunk instantly.


What else could he say?

“That’s great! When the chief candidate in your class is determined, he can manage those students well. You also saved some trouble, right?” His colleague said this smilingly regarding Sumei Ge’s concern.

It’s the same colleague and same smiling face, but for the first time, Sumei Ge, who only thought this colleague was a good partner, felt that the other party was terrible.


“Holland hit someone in the dormitory again.” The small raptor who volunteered to monitor Holland’s group came back to report.

Sitting on the carpet with Big Horn and playing a game of tossing the ball, Olivia didn’t raise his eyes.

Until Big Horn didn’t want to play anymore, he put down the ball to find someone and went out, so Olivia stood up.

“He has a bad temper, must be because of too much sugar.” Olivia suddenly said something without a beginning or an ending.

“Ah?” The students around him were stunned, but no one dared to laugh at him. Olivia obviously didn’t mean to explain as he sat down on his desk. He took out a book from the drawer and then sat there reading leisurely.

Sir Olivia, when reading a book, looks so approachable…

Seeing Olivia’s faint smile at the corner of his mouth, all the students present thought so. Not daring to interrupt his happy reading time, all the students in the room left under Todd’s sign.

So in the bedroom with only Mengmeng, Olivia read a book pleasurably.

To be precise, he’s reading a letter in the book.

Mu Gen’s second letter arrived.

“Dear Oli,

The family’s bun business started to improve. I sent some buns I made to Dean Argos. He called and said he liked it very much! However, I’m a little worried whether he’s comforting me: I later learned that the skin of the buns I made was too hard. Yesterday, a Gigantosaurus customer came over and complained that a small piece of his tooth was knocked off while gnawing on the buns. Can you tell me if Dean Argos’ teeth are all right? If you meet him, please help me check his teeth, thank you.

So, wait until I made a soft and delicious bun before sending it to you. Oli, you often eat lollipops so Uncle Alpha had always been worried about your teeth decaying.

PS: I want to tell Oli one secret, um…I want to become the Department Head!

Uncle Alpha said that the Head of the department is a sign of being the best student, and an ambitious person must run for it, so I went on campaign. But Dobby said the Head of the Cooking Department will only buy groceries, clean the classroom, and hand in reports…it has nothing to do with learning.

That’s also fine as long as I study hard. I absolutely can’t fight other people and Dad said I’m stupid. If it’s just buying groceries, cleaning the classroom, and submitting reports, I’m still a little confident.

Wish me luck!

PPS: The Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon cub that I sent you last time, did it grow fatter?

Mu Gen ~\(≧▽≦)~”

This letter made Olivia’s mouth bend to a great extent. The rain outside the window had been going on for several days but through this letter, Olivia seemed to see the brilliant sunshine on Bailu Star.

He squinted slightly and imagined:

In the courtyard of the house, there is Mu Gen, Uncle Alpha, his robot dad, Uncle Epsilon, Uncle Eta, Uncle Beta, and Uncle Pi…

Everyone was wearing aprons and was busy making buns.

At this moment, the door was suddenly kicked open and a Gigantosaurus with his teeth broken ran in to complain…

Then, where Mu Gen couldn’t see, Uncle Alpha dealt with the complaint of the Gigantosaurus very “appropriately” and then turned back to comfort Mu Gen, who was frustrated that his bun was so hard it made people lose their teeth.

“It’s not your bun’s problem, but his teeth that are already bad.” Uncle Alpha must have said that and if it were him, he would have said the same.


Sitting alone on his desk, Olivia leaned forward and closed his eyes with a smile. At this moment, he imagined the young boy who opened a bun shop at home.

Nothing else.

Putting the letter in the book, he then put the book in the drawer again. When he turned his gaze to the torrential rain outside the window, the cheerful expression on his face slowly faded. In the end, it turned into a penetrating meaningful smile.

“Mu Gen is going to be the Head of his department. To not lose to him, I have to speed up here~” Seeing Mengmeng ironing his clothes by the window, Olivia said this to himself softly.

Two more people left.

The author has something to say:

Tonight, I’ll finish it.

TINA V2C066: Two In One
TINA V2C068: Elected

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  1. Mu Gen is planning to make the best possible bun shop and then Oli’s just killing people. They’ll go well together. Thanks for the chapter!

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