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The student group headed by Olivia is getting stronger and stronger. In contrast, there were only a few people left on Holland’s side, looking very pitiful.

But Holland himself didn’t seem to be in a hurry.

For a powerful tyrannosaurus rex, the more “food” around, the better. If the “prey” takes the initiative to walk together, it’s a good thing for the hunters since they don’t have to search, saving a lot of trouble.

Starting from the fifth month of military training, various field missions have become more frequent.

This day was another day to go out for training.

This time, it was a field survival training exercise in groups of two. To avoid the situation from last time and at Sumei Ge’s strong request, the school finally equipped the students with a monitoring system throughout the process.

“This is to increase the level of safety in the exercise. This time, the school gave full consideration to the students’ wishes. Therefore, please join hands and conduct this exercise in teams of two.” Routinely carrying out the instruction before the exercise, Sumei Ge carefully observed the grouping of the students.

He was satisfied to see that the students had become very orderly after months of military training. Not long after he ordered them, all the students chose their partners.

This method is very good since it pays more attention to the students’ ideas than the random grouping. The students who wanted to be together must be students who usually have a good relationship or cooperate well so they’ll definitely accomplish the task even better if they walk together.

Just thinking about it, Sumei Ge suddenly found that one of the students was still alone. When he saw who he was, Sumei Ge was taken aback.

Holland is alone?

“In the past when voluntary grouping was required, Holland’s fixed partner was Bray~ It’s a pity that Bray is no longer there.” His companion——Gaia tilted his head as if to explain. He already had a brown-haired student in front of him, obviously his chosen partner.

He looked at Holland who stood indifferently in the middle of the field, looking at other students around who were already discussing tasks with their partners. Sumei Ge was stunned:

Bray is dead, Abil is dead, Paolo is dead…sure enough, in his class, no one can partner with Holland.

“You’re the assistant teacher, so just go and partner with Holland.” Don’t know who said this first, but in the end, Sumei Ge found that he was assigned as Holland’s partner. His heart trembled inexplicably.

Dozens of students will follow their assigned routes to the Toyas Mountains to perform tasks. Without any food and water supplies, they need to rely on themselves to get enough living supplies along the way.

This time, to reduce conflicts among students and increase the difficulty of the task, the Academy carried out a startling plan when allocating routes to fully ensure that the routes of each group were independent and wouldn’t interfere with the others. In other words, in theory, they will not meet another group along the way.

Sumei Ge felt a faint uneasiness in his heart.

The task this time was very long, as long as 20 days. Apart from the support of the partner, no one will give any help to the students along the way.

This is an open secret.

The route that Sumei Ge and Holland were assigned to started very well. They have enough food to eat every day and the careful Sumei Ge also processed the leftovers and preserved them. He carried the heavier things in the backpack behind him. Holland didn’t comment on Sumei Ge’s handling of the leftover food he ate, but when he occassionally couldn’t find food, Sumei Ge would hand him some and Holland would not refuse either.

Holland is actually not a bad boy, he’s just a bit grumpy——Sumei Ge thought like this more and more.

Many carnivorous cubs are like this. They’re always anxious to ask for food from their parents and occasionally hurt their parents when they’re in a hurry.

This is the instinct of carnivores.

While teaching them how to control violence, they also taught them how to use their power correctly. This is the reason why they’re admitted to this school.

During the five days of traveling with Holland, these thoughts appeared in Sumei Ge’s mind one after another.

He sometimes thought of Olivia, but every time he thought of Bray on that night, he didn’t dare continue thinking about it.

Things went wrong from the sixth day: The last bit of food in Sumei Ge’s backpack was used up last night. As an instructor, Sumei Ge took the initiative to give that part of his food to Holland who wasn’t full.

“Hold on, wait till tomorrow.” ——Sumei Ge comforted Holland in this way and himself as well.

However, things did not go as well as he expected. On the contrary, since the sixth day, they saw nothing edible. They walked to an extremely deserted area where there was nothing but sand and gravel, no plants, and no herbivorous animals, so there are no carnivores that feed on herbivores.

They can’t even find a drop of water here.

Holland became more and more anxious, and Sumei Ge had to study the map more carefully: As a huge institution occupying an entire planet, this entire planet is a training ground and divided according to type, difficulty, and level. Right now, those training are freshmen who have just entered school so the training ground assigned to them is an A-level training ground. There are basically no dangerous beasts in these areas, but the terrain is slightly difficult. It stands to reason that it will not endanger the lives of students. As long as they work hard to analyze the map and carefully find a way out, they can tide over the difficulties safely.

“If you don’t have any difficulty, you don’t need to come and train, so bear with it.” Sumei Ge himself is very hungry because most of the food is distributed to Holland every day. In fact, he’s more miserable than Holland. However, thinking of his identity, Sumei Ge told himself that he must be patient.

After a careful study of the map, Sumei Ge finally confirmed that they didn’t go the wrong way. This desert-like area is an important part of their route. This is a place called the Dead Desert. Only two routes went into the B-level training ground in this exercise. One route is here for Holland and the other for Olivia. This is the route deliberately chosen by the Academy to increase the difficulty for these two students.

Selection existed from the beginning. The better the students, the more the Academy will assign them more difficult tasks, and correspondingly give them higher rewards after completion. Not only in their class, but also in other classes. Each class will eventually select candidates for the “preparatory Chief”, and then this year’s Chief will eventually come from these candidates.

However, the route assigned to Holland was more difficult to follow than he imagined. Sumei Ge carefully calculated the time. Using their current average forward speed as a standard estimate, it’s conservatively estimated that it’d take them 10 days to get out of this desert. In the absence of food, they can’t persist for 10 days.

Sumei Ge began to ponder other possibilities.

The Academy won’t assign impossible tasks to students, not to mention that this student is still a freshman, so there must be a way to complete this task.

Under his constant reassurance, Holland reluctantly persisted for another four days. Sumei Ge gave Holland the last sip of water in his bottle, but these were to no avail: Holland was already hungry.

His eyes don’t look right—

When he first noticed Holland looking at him with a fierce look, Sumei Ge’s heart sank. He didn’t want to, but still, he improved his defense against Holland in the following days.

On the sixth day, Sumei Ge was awakened by the feeling of water dripping on his face. When he woke up, he saw Holland, in his original form, drooling and looking down on his head. The shock of this scene for Sumei Ge can be imagined!

“There is another way…we…can go off route a bit and go to other areas to hunt some food first and then come back…what do you think?” Faced with Holland, who had already begun to be dominated by his animal instinct, Sumei Ge suggested this.

Holland agreed.

So, after Sumei Ge carefully studied the map, they chose to spend half a day hunting in a nearby area.


There, they met two freshmen who were proceeding step by step on their established route.

Sumei Ge hadn’t reacted yet when the hungry Holland had already rushed towards the two freshmen like a real tyrannosaurus beast!

“No! That’s a student! Not food——” A cracked roar erupted from his thirsty throat as Sumei Ge chased after him. Smashing the backpack on the head of the tyrannosaurus Holland, he loudly informed the two freshmen to run!

The two freshmen didn’t hesitate much. After they ran away, only Sumei Ge and Holland were left on the scene.

With a long roar in his mouth, Holland shook his big head angrily. Pulling off the backpack covering his sight and biting it in his mouth, Sumei Ge’s backpack was torn into rags under his fury.

Along with the ruins of the backpack falling, Holland’s brown vertical pupils met Sumei Ge.

Without a trace of humanity, Holland was already a beast at this time.

An extremely hungry beast.

Sumei Ge subconsciously wanted to gulp, but his dry throat reminded him: He hadn’t drunk water for many days.

Holland drank the last sip of water in the bottle.

“Hey…Holland, it’s me, I’m Sumei Ge, you’re instructor…” He tried to awaken Holland in his beast state.


Accompanied by the roar and the sound of the wind, Holland leaped at him while drooling!

Then he bit Sumei Ge!

Facial features wrinkling together, Sumei Ge let out a muffled roar. He touched the wound tremblingly, his eyes widening when he saw the bright red liquid on his palm:

Holland wants to eat him! Holland actually wanted to eat him!

At this moment, there was no more hope in his heart. The severe pain in his calf and the blood on his palm were like a mountain, telling him what Holland really thought of him!

So when Holland pounced on him again, Sumei Ge subconsciously counterattacked. Holland, who was unable to defend himself, was hit hard. The injured Holland howled in pain on the ground and Sumei Ge realized that he had hurt his student.

He looked down at his palm again: This time, the blood on his palm was not only his own but also…Holland’s blood.

It smells so good…

Holland’s blood is so fragrant…

Fascinated, Sumei Ge lowered his head. Sticking out his tongue, he licked the blood from his palm little by little.

The warm blood moisturized his dry throat that hadn’t drunk anything for several days, but it didn’t wait for him to drink enough when a huge roar came from Sumei Ge’s belly and a strong sense of hunger swept over him instantly.

Very hungry…he hadn’t eaten for a long, long time…

Touching his shriveled belly, when Sumei Ge raised his head again, the pupils in his eyes have also become a thin straight line.

The straight assistant teacher’s uniform instantly stretched and a huge tyrannosaurus instantly appeared in front of Holland.

Three times the size of Holland and with huge teeth gleaming silver, this beast dwarfed the other party the moment it appeared and its bloody mouth widened to its limit as it bit Holland extremely viciously——

With the huge difference in physique and power, Holland only had time to let out a roar. Before he could roar a second time, half of his body was swallowed by the newly appearing adult tyrannosaurus.

Blood was scattered all over the ground.

Invaded by huge hunger pangs, Sumei Ge couldn’t endure and he…ate Holland.


“Ah! Sumei Ge, you’re really in trouble this time. Even if the students in the class died one after another, you actually ate one yourself this time.” This time, his always smiling colleague couldn’t smile anymore and was walking around the office frantically. He abused his own hair, which wasn’t much, with his hands: “What’s more, a monitoring system was installed according to your requirements this time. That scene…it’s all recorded ahhhhh!”

Indifferent to what his colleague said, Sumei Ge sat in his seat blankly. He wore the uniform that his colleague put on him when he was found which was too big so most of his body was covered. The bloodstains on his body had been wiped off by his colleague, but the strong smell of blood remained on his body. After half a day, it still couldn’t be removed.

Sumei Ge had always liked being clean, but at this moment, he didn’t care about his dirty self at all.

In the office, his heart was still in that afternoon: No one knew, nor did the monitor catch it, that Holland turned into a human figure in the end.

He howled in pain under his mouth, looking at him with horrified eyes and revealing a look begging for mercy.


Sumei Ge closed his mouth without hesitation.

The scorching blood was like a stream flowing down his throat along the gap between his teeth, sliding to his stomach from his esophagus and into his hungry and twitching stomach.

So full...

That moment, that moment when his mind blanked out, Sumei Ge closed his eyes contentedly.

At that moment, he suddenly understood one thing, one thing about the purpose of this training.

Maybe, there’s no perfect way?

The purpose of arranging two students to conduct survival exercises together…was it supposed to let them fight each other?

Deliberately arranging a route where only one person can survive, so there’s only one person alive on this road.

“You’re the assistant teacher, so just go and partner with Holland.”

When grouping, Holland didn’t have a partner. A student suddenly said this and because of this, Sumei Ge and Holland set off together.

Now that he thought about it, which student said that?

Closing his eyes, the scene at that time is clearly reproduced in Sumei Ge’s memory——

In his memory, back to that morning, back when they’re grouping before the training.

“You’re the assistant teacher, so just go and partner with Holland.” In the corner, the tall brontosaurus boy, Todd, suddenly said that. After he finished speaking, the students next to him agreed.

Behind their tall figures, Olivia has been standing there quietly, a ray of sunlight shining on his silver-white hair, making it look a bit like gold.

As if feeling his gaze, Sumei Ge saw Olivia suddenly turn his head, and across the layers of people, the boy slowly smiled at him.


“Sir Olivia, I heard that Holland died unexpectedly during training.” The little raptor, who had established his identity as a scout, ran back to inform Olivia.

“Oh.” As if not hearing something important, Olivia didn’t even look up.

“Then, Gaia is the only left, right?” Todd, who had been standing next to him, suddenly spoke. After speaking, he carefully observed Olivia’s next reaction.

To his surprise, Olivia slowly shook his head.

“It’s fine to treat him like he doesn’t exist.”

Olivia only said such an understatement.

Though suspicious, Todd still did what Olivia said and really didn’t intervene in Gaia’s affairs anymore. Then, a week after Holland’s “accidental death”, Gaia committed suicide in his bedroom.

“It’s said that he couldn’t stand the bullying of other people and committed suicide.”

This is the last news about Gaia.

When he heard the news, Todd only felt a burst of understanding from the soles of his feet!

Thinking of Olivia’s expression at that time, he couldn’t help but straighten his back and stand more respectfully.

Todd is very good at doing multiple-choice questions.

Since childhood, his academic performance has not been good, but his test scores are always very high. The reason is that there are always many multiple choice questions and regardless of the subject, Todd can always get it right.

Turns out that he’s really good at doing multiple-choice questions:

Two months later, after methodically defeating the other three chief candidates, Olivia successfully became the Chief of this year.

At the same time, Mu Gen was also unanimously elected as the Head of the Cooking Department in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

Reason for being elected——

He’s the only candidate during the election. 囧nz

The author has something to say:

Both got elected

The dark part is finally finished

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten Mu Gen

Oli’s CP is definitely not Big Horn (although the little guy is very cute)

A few days ago, the two novels crossed the other day and many readers reported that there’s a lack of coherence and they often misunderstand, thinking they missed something. To feel coherent, I decided to describe the whole piece of content before proceeding to the next one.

This process, for chick Oli, is very important to the story. I don’t want to interrupt the process of how a child who is simply a little bad-tempered transformed.

I hope these chapters gave you the feeling that it’s gradual, rather than sudden.

PS: Thank you for the long comments

I’ll be making new updates.

TINA V2C067: Second Letter From Home
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