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Due to the strict censorship mechanism of the Imperial Military Academy. The letters sent by Mu Gen often have to wait for several months before being delivered to Olivia.

Therefore, in fact, Mu Gen became the Department Chairman much earlier than when Olivia became the Chief~\(≧▽≦)~

Of course, this is nothing to be proud of orz.

“Passed unanimously! Then Mu Gen will be the Chairman of the Cooking Department for this year!”

When the voting results appeared on the screen, the classroom was silent. In the end, Professor Kurno took the lead to clap her hands, and only then did sparse applause resounded in the classroom. Among them, Dobby’s applause was the most intense as he watched Mu Gen with joy. He was truly happy for Mu Gen.

Scratching the back of his head, Mu Gen smiled shyly: “Thank you. I will do the work that a Chairman should do.”

“Great! Then you can clean up the professor’s office in a while.” With three heads turning to look at Mu Gen, Professor Kurno’s six eyes were shining.

“The main task of the Cooking Department’s Chairman is cleaning the classroom, distributing various materials, handling various chores given by the professor, as well as other tasks issued from time to time.” Kurno immediately announced the job functions of the Chairman. In short, it’s such an equation: Chairperson=Doing odd jobs.

“There’s no chairperson in the Cooking Department for the grades above you! No one ran for the position, so everyone has to take turns hehe~”

Hearing Professor Kurno’s words, all the students couldn’t help showing a hint of fortune on their faces. They looked directly at Mu Gen on the podium for the first time: It was this guy who saved everyone from hardships!

So after Professor Kurno announced the end of the meeting, Mu Gen excitedly took Sigma to the professors’ office. The little brontosaurus Dobby didn’t go when everyone was walking outside and instead ran over to help Mu Gen.

“I’m strong! Let me help you!” Dobby smiled, showing his big white teeth.

“Okay.” After gladly accepting Dobby’s kindness, Mu Gen also smiled.

The professor’s office in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is a huge building! Thirty-five floors above the ground! The ground floor is the office space that accommodates all the faculty and staff of each department. The 35th floor is the Dean’s office, and the top platform is a micro spacecraft takeoff platform. The Dean’s private spacecraft was parked there and last time, Dean Argos’ spacecraft was also parked here privately.

And four of the five underground floors are parking lots where hover cars and bicycles for the teaching staff (←yes, this kind of environmentally friendly transportation is still very popular today ~\(≧▽≦)) are parked. Besides, taking into account that many professors come from races that don’t like sunshine, the Academy specially designated the fourth underground floor as their office floor.

The Imperial Comprehensive Academy is a very humane Academy that fully considers the needs of its students. It’s also very concerned about the welfare of faculty and staff, so it’s a good choice for someone wanting to study and find employment!

Cough! I accidentally said the advertisement for the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. Then, let’s get back to business.

Standing in the lobby on the first floor, Mu Gen and Dobby showed their student cards one after the other, explained their intentions and the front desk released them after entering their student card into the system.

Before leaving, she also gave them three watches:

“This is a pass. Because you were sent by Professor Kurno from the Cooking Department to clean up the office, this pass has all the key card information and elevator information of the Cooking Department’s Office. Except for that floor, you cannot go to any other floors!”

Not only Mu Gen and Dobby, but Sigma also got a watch.

“You are so cute!” Before leaving, the lady at the reception desk smiled and touched his bald head.

For the first time, he got a friendly expression from the outside world, so Sigma touched the big head that had just been touched. Then he raised his face to his brother and put on a happy blue light.

Bringing the watch, Mu Gen and his team finally obtained the qualification to go to the professor’s office to clean up!

Standing in the completely transparent elevator, Mu Gen felt it was fun. Dobby and Sigma were not much better than him. For a long time after the elevator stopped, the three of them were still stuck on the transparent wall and looking out. Sigma also hadn’t had enough, so he clicked the button representing the first floor and the elevator went down again. They sat in the elevator and went up and down several times before they were caught by the sullen Professor Mu Lansha!

“Hmph——” Fingers stroking her meticulously tied up hair, Professor Mu Lansha looked condescendingly at the two teenagers plus a robot squatting on the elevator.

Carefully giving up the center position so that Professor Mu Lansha could come in, the three collectively shrank to the corner of the elevator.

Professor Mu Lansha was also followed by a tall robot, which was completely different from the other robots. This robot is wearing a very retro three-piece suit.

Looking at the three-piece suit on the “senior” then at his naked self, Sigma carefully pulled at Mu Gen’s uniform then pointed to the robot’s clothes.

“What do you mean? Are you dissatisfied with Mulland’s clothes?” With raised eyebrows, Professor Mu Lansha condescendingly questioned Mu Gen behind her.

Being conservative and rigorous by nature, Professor Mu Lansha can’t tolerate her robot walking in front of her all day long without clothes. As a result, Robot Mulland, who wore thick and conservative clothes every day like Professor Mu Lansha, has become a special case in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

The robot wearing clothes is too weird——Mu Lansha wouldn’t miss hearing such a sentence and she always confronted the other party on the spot. Being arrogant, rigorous, and conservative, Miss Mu Lansha has the same sensitive mind as the plants she loves.

Her expression became terrible. As the lady most feared by students and colleagues in the Academy, ordinary students would have trembled with fear when they saw her like this. Dobby froze on the spot, and he subconsciously leaned against Mu Gen——

Mu Gen smiled.

“Sigma envies Mr. Mulland! He also wants to wear such beautiful clothes.” Growing up with Sigma, Mu Gen knew Sigma well and knew the meaning of all signals Sigma sent.

Professor Mu Lansha was stunned.

Without paying attention to her expression, Mu Gen continued.

“I am Mu Gen, and Miss Mu Lansha has the same surname! Maybe we were one family five hundred years ago!”

Such bold pursuit, could it be taken seriously? Professor Mu Lansha blushed. She coughed lightly and finally raised her head with a cold snort.

“You have foresight. Mulland is very tall, so the short guy over there can’t wear Mulland’s clothes, but I still have a vest that might fit him.”

The elevator stopped and Mu Lansha strode out of the elevator first. After a long while, feeling that Mu Gen and the others were not following, she condescended and turned back. The pointed chin lifted and motioned for them to follow, so, before heading to the professor’s office of the Cooking Department, the three went to the professor’s office of the Life and Breeding Department first.

In there, they harvested a vest sewn by Mu Lansha.

“Okay, what are you still doing? Do you still want me to entertain you for tea?” Putting the vest on Sigma, Miss Mu Lansha raised her eyes again. After a while, just when Mu Gen and Dobby were about to leave, Robot Mulland arrived with a set of exquisite classical tea sets.

So Miss Mu Lansha entertained them for tea.

As the first guest to be entertained in Miss Mu Lansha’s office in 300 years, Mu Gen and Dobby were completely unaware of how lucky they were.

Carefully touching the beautiful vest, Sigma also hid the cup of tea in front of him in his stomach.

“Thank you very much for your hospitality. Then, we are going to the professor’s office to clean up!” After drinking tea, they even ate some biscuits. Although it’s incomparable to the craftsmanship of the Department Chief of the Cooking Department, the biscuits made by robot Mulland are still delicious. After rubbing his stomach contentedly, Mu Gen got up and left.

Just when they were about to go out, Professor Mu Lansha suddenly stopped them:

“Mu, Mu Gen.” Unskillfully calling out Mu Gen’s name, Professor Mu Lansha hesitated to say what she wanted to say a long time ago: “That…do you still have more of the eggs you used for the exam?”

“Have.” Mu Gen didn’t know why she asked as he looked at her.

“Treat them well, it’s a very precious egg.” After opening her mouth, Mu Lansha was ashamed to request an egg as a research project.

As early as the end of the exam, the examiners recognized that Mu Gen used the egg of the legendary Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon. The competition around this candidate began and in the end, it was the Dean who ended the dispute.

“Don’t interfere with the fairness of the exam because of the examinee’s background.”

So according to the results of this exam, Mu Gen should have failed the Cooking Department and got admitted by other departments through his grades, however, under the sudden intervention of Dean Argos, he took away Olivia, who was the first in the Cooking Department, so Mu Gen became the tail end of the Cooking Department as a substitute.

These are things that Mu Gen didn’t know.

After blinking, Mu Gen smiled and waved to Professor Mu Lansha, then left with Dobby and Sigma.

Along the way, many professors saw them coming out of Professor Mu Lansha’s office and all the professors who witnessed this scene were stunned:

Did someone come out of Professor Mu Lansha’s office alive?

Isn’t Professor Mu Lansha’s office known as a “death trap”? It’s easy not to enter and all the students who enter never came to the Academy again the next day. Professor Mu Lansha’s office is one of the seven inaccessible places of wonders in the Academy!

And the two students in front of them not only came out but also…

“Gods! It’s a vest made from Life Tree fiber!” Someone on the spot recognized the material on Sigma’s vest.

Regarding the robot that was around Mu Lansha——not long after Mulland’s clothes were ridiculed, Mu Lansha proved that Mulland’s clothes were inviolable!

The clothes are cut out from a cloth made from fibers of three Life Tree leaves. It can automatically help the owner resist outside attacks. How precious is this kind of living cloth?!

The professors of the Mechanical Engineering Department rushed to Professor Mu Lansha’s office that same day to try to purchase this material and then got ruthlessly swept out by Professor Mu Lansha.

Since then, the professors of the Life and Breeding Department and the Mechanical Engineering Department have had a feud.

Professor Mu Lansha, who was able to successfully breed a Life Tree independently, was also firmly seated as the Chief Professor of the Life and Breeding Department at that time. The Imperial Comprehensive Academy also gathered a lot of fame within the academy system because of the existence of this tree (this news was not revealed to outsiders).

“Such precious material, used just like this…for a robot?” The professors of the Life and Breeding Department were dumbfounded, and when Mu Gen and the others passed by with a fragrant smell, they’re even more dumbfounded!

“This is the smell of Life Fruit tea, did Professor Mu Lansha even give them Life Fruit tea!”

That’s the legendary Life Fruit tea that prolongs life and eliminates all diseases!

The professors were all in chaos with that scent.

The author has something to say:

I changed the Department Head from Mu Gen’s previous campaign (?) to Chairman.

In this chapter, Mu Gen conquered Professor Mu Lansha, who was the most difficult to engage in the Academy and even believed they were cheating during the exam.

He even got a precious little gift (no one else knew).

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