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The students who can be admitted to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy have their own strengths. After the first few days of confusion, everyone adapted to the military training life. After the fat loss period caused by poor food, many people began to gain muscles.

Except for Brad.

The punishment for the Battleship Command Department has ended and they all performed very well in the days that followed, so it was never their turn to cook again, but only Brad’s punishment continued.

They live in the dormitory allocated on the first day every day and they have to go to the long-distance running destination for training and eating. That is also the place where the pig pen is. The job of taking care of the piglet can’t take up training time and he can’t run in advance by himself or run back later, so he could only use part of his mealtime to work on the pigpen.

When sitting in the car through the long food transportation lane to the training site every day, Brad always remembers the first day. He thought that the instructors deliberately let them go back and forth on this track and made them do long-distance running here every day to deepen their memories of that day.

So he endured it.

Being excellent ever since he was a child, he entered through the number one Academy of the planet——Imperial Comprehensive Academy. While his own abilities are excellent, Brad’s family background is also very superior. As a child, it’s enough to just study hard since the others will arrange everything for him.

Under these circumstances, suddenly being assigned the job of taking care of the pigpen made Brad feel humiliated.

When others are eating, he needed to prepare food for the dirty pig. The pig’s food is also very bad since the planet is very poor. To be precise, all military camps are stationed in very poor planets with no merchants at all, so the spacecrafts from outside come only once a month. When the monthly food ration is already limited, this pig’s food is the dregs leftover from human consumption. The people in the Cooking Department believed that the biggest advantage of this pig was that it’s easy to feed, and finding them alive even under such circumstances, they’re even more casual in feeding it.

When feeding this pig beast on the first day, Brad accidentally discovered that it ate its feces. Brad almost fainted when he discovered this scene.

Fortunately, he held on.

You can’t faint. You’ll fall to the ground if you faint. The ground is full of dirty mud mixed with pig feces.

This is the only motivation that supports him every day so that he never faint.

Smelly and dirty, Brad returned to the cafeteria to eat after feeding the pig and then saw the leftovers on the table. Thinking that the food he fed the pig beast every day is this, he wanted to vomit once more.

He’s obviously very hungry, but he just couldn’t eat anymore.

The result of reluctantly eating is just spitting it out.

Brad was thinning down at a speed visible to the naked eye.

More than that, he felt that his whole body was probably stained with the smell from the pigpen. Recently, the students in the same department were not willing to approach him——Brad discovered this and was at a loss.

With a strong sense of loneliness and lack of nutrition, finally, after persisting for two weeks, Brad finally fainted.

Seeing the food he had just put on the food trough, Brad felt himself twitch before his eyes went dark. Unable to control it anymore, he fell heavily.

He was awoken by licking.

Brad opened his eyes and met the big, dirty, and ugly face of the pig beast. At that moment, he wished to faint again. However, his physical fitness was so good that he immediately returned to normal after briefly fainting. Not wanting to be licked by the pig beast anymore, Brad propped on the floor and sat up.

The moment his hands sunk to the mud, Brad stiffened.

Having been here for so many days, in the end, his hands still touched the mud on the ground.


“Oink! Oink!” Realizing that Brad was motionlessly sitting on the ground, the pig beast came over again. It looked at Brad’s face first, then walked around behind Brad, desperately pushing on Brad’s back with its small body, as if trying to push Brad up.

Not at all disgusted with the dirty smell on Brad’s body, the pig beast licked the dirty mud from Brad’s hand little by little.

For the first time, Brad looked at the little thing he raised for the first time.

Under the dirty mud, the skin of this pig beast is white. It has a big nose and fan-like ears with small eyes. At this moment, it’s looking at him with incomparably pure eyes.

It was a very careful look.

Brad is not good to this pig and learned from that fat chef. Whenever the pig beast wanted to lean over, he would violently kick it away. Over time, this pig beast didn’t dare lean over anymore.

Their daily communication is limited to him throwing food into the trough. Brad didn’t think this pig beast will have emotions.

It’s just a piece of meat raised by him, nothing more.

However, at this moment, Brad felt that he was wrong.

The pig ran to the food trough and then ran back again. With its big head down, it threw something into Brad’s palm.

Brad looked at his palm numbly: A piece of radish.

“Oink! Oink!” The pig beast then snorted again and didn’t dare lean in anymore, but it still yelled anxiously from the side.

“This is…food for me?” Looking at the pig beast, Brad was stunned.

“Oink~” The pig beast snorted again.

In the end, Brad didn’t eat the food given by the pig. Rising from the ground, Brad squatted by the trough and watched the pig beast gorge on the food. No longer minding the mud mixed with feces on the ground and no longer minding the bad smell coming from the trough, seeing the pig beast with a pile of mud on its body, he felt that something hard in his heart was suddenly shattered.

His right hand slowly drew out and finally landed on the warm back of the pig beast.

After this day, Brad’s appetite returned to normal.

Taking care of the pig every day is no longer an unbearable thing for him. After consulting the breeding guide for pigs in his smart brain, he began to take care of the pig. Brad repaired the light source in the pen and cleaned the pigpen bit by bit, even transplanting a piece of grass.

When everything was finished, he also bathed the pig during his dinner time.

Although it didn’t become fragrant, the white and tender pig beast appeared in front of him for the first time.

After discovering that the chefs didn’t care how he took care of the pig, Brad now brought the clean pig out every night and went to the cafeteria to eat with everyone.

The pig is still the pig, and Brad is still Brad. However, life began to improve.


“I hope the Cooking Department can get the last place next time!” After eating the food cooked by the “chefs” of the Battleship Command Department, all the freshmen had this idea in their minds.

However, this year’s Cooking Department is particularly vigorous, having survived rounds of high-intensity training and never getting the last place.

The results of the first long-distance physical fitness test shocked the freshmen too strongly. In the following training, whether its the chairperson or ordinary student, they all cared about the concept of the “collective” very much.

Although very clumsy, they began to enjoy the happiness that a collective brought them.

“Believe in the power of the collective, trust in your companions. These are not beliefs that can be formed in people’s minds overnight. It requires people to work together bit by bit in their everyday lives. See the power of your peers, understand your power better, and trust that you will grow rapidly after you fully understand each other. I thought they can’t learn these things in three months, but I didn’t expect that in only one month, they’ve already understood this decently.”

In the distance, the cold-faced instructor watched the freshmen training under the scorching sun as always. After a month of training in a queue, they continued to mechanically repeat the most basic training programs in recruits since ancient times, such as walking in sync and standing at attention. They looked completely different from a month ago.

The casualness that belonged to freshmen completely disappeared as they followed the instructor’s demonstration. When the instructor ordered everyone not to move, no one dared to move. The scene of thousands of people performing the same action at the same time is extremely spectacular. At this time, if one person’s movements are not coordinated with the others, this disharmony will be infinitely amplified, and under the command of the instructor, everyone would shout the slogan. This scene could only be described as shocking!

“Ha——” A very simple slogan. When thousands of students roared out at the same time, the cold-faced instructor felt the ground under his feet slightly tremble.

This is a huge force that only the collective can condense.

A person, even if he’s Kantas, can’t make such a terrifying and shocking roar.

And the freshmen who just made this roar were also aware of this effect. Everyone’s eyes sparkled and their faces filled with excitement that can’t be overlooked. Suppressing this excitement, they worked hard to complete the next command issued by the instructor.

These young people have begun to master the power of the collective——the cold-faced instructor thought.

“Yes, that’s why I sent them to you in recent years. Among the current generals, you are the only one who still adheres to this ancient training method.” Suddenly, another voice was heard. It turns out that he wasn’t talking to himself but was talking to someone. The voice on the other side of the communicator is also very familiar…

“Thank you for your trust, Dean Ode.” Finally, the cold-faced instructor called out the name of the other person.

“Lt. General Fraffetal, in my opinion, no one is more worthy of my trust than you.” Dean Ode, who sounded lonely, answered like this.

“Isn’t Argos included?” With a serious face, the cold-faced instructor teased Dean Ode.

“…” Dean Ode said nothing. After a long time, he spoke again: “Whether it’s the attitude towards the soldiers or the students, the two of us have completely different approaches.”

“But his training method is indeed the mainstream today. Maybe next year when you send the freshmen here, I will also use Argos’ method to train them.” Lt. General Fraffertal——that is, the cold-faced instructor said. There’s no loss in his voice at all, but the gaze looking at the freshmen accidentally revealed his true emotions in an instant.

“This year the Military Department and the Ministry of Education will jointly hold an inter-academic competition for military training. At the kind invitation of the Minister of Education, all generals below the marshal will come to the game. Lord Marshal’s itinerary is still being confirmed but there’s a 60% chance that he’ll be invited to come.” Dean Ode quietly threw out this terrible news.

“I have accepted the invitation of the Ministry of Education so the Imperial Comprehensive Academy will participate in this competition. The game time is in the last week on the last month of military training. I hope you can train these little guys well before then.”

“Make them perform well.”

After saying so, Dean Ode hung up.

He allowed the communicator to hang up automatically. When the cold-faced instructor looked at the freshmen again, a faint trace of fire was born in his gaze.

In an instant, he had already made a certain decision.

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TINA V2C077: The Correct Way To Eat Uncle Alpha's Buns
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