TINA V2C081: First Place!

TINA V2C080: War
TINA V2C082: The Situation At The Imperial Military Academy

All of them changed their clothes and instead of their previous military training uniforms, they changed into camouflage uniforms, the same as those worn by the officers.

With eager to try gazes, the freshmen were ready to go一一sliding over, the black-clothed instructor said:

“Then you will act alone and everyone will be randomly assigned to a training ground. You’ll be equipped with the same weapons and randomly assigned mission targets. Since everyone in the training ground will have random appearances, you won’t recognize each other. There are only two things you need to do: One, protect yourself from harm; Two, fulfill the mission objective.

The passing score of the first level is 20 bullets. After 20 successful hits, you will successfully enter the next level.

The training time is ten days. In the next ten days, please practice hard.”

The instructions were as concise as always. After a brief introduction, the door behind the candidates opened and they lined up towards the dark door. The presence of their companions disappeared after entering the door and after walking through a long dark passage, they found that they had arrived at a wonderful place.

Mu Gen stood blankly in front of a sea. He’d never seen the sea so he looked at everything around him curiously.

The sun is about to go down, so it’s no longer hot and difficult to look at. The golden sunlight flooded the entire sea and sailboats came back from the far sea one after another, more or less with prey.

“Why are you standing in the water? Are you afraid of the water because you can’t swim?” The guy on the sailing boat in front of him laughed loudly, and Mu Gen was taken aback by what he said:

Uh…I can swim well, how can I be afraid of water?

Of all the freshmen, the most confused person at the moment is probably Mu Gen. Growing up in the barren star, although he played some games with his uncles, he had never experienced this kind of holographic large-scale realistic environment. If he played some popular immersive games a little bit, he would immediately understand what it’s all about by now.

It’s a pity that Mu Gen never played before. He was dumbfounded by the fishermen who got off the boat one after another. The last person stroked his head with a big hand and threw a fishing net with a lot of fish toward Mu Gen. His shoulders sank heavily, almost pressing Mu Gen on the ground.

“Olivia, let’s go home.” That was from a big guy who looked about thirty years old with blond hair and blue eyes. However, his face became extremely dark because of going out to sea all year round, and there were two deep folds in the corners of his eyes when he laughed.

Hearing what he said, Mu Gen understood a bit of what’s going on right now.

Is this a role-playing game? Oli once said that the player can play a certain role in the game, and all the plot starts from the character’s living environment.


Mu Gen quickly figured out his current role positioning: He’s now a boy from a fishing village named “Olivia”, living with his brother-in-law and two nieces. The people in this village are all fishermen. They depend on the sea to eat and they have fished for generations.

However, what does this have to do with the shooting task? This fish looks so delicious!

Grabbing the grilled fish handed by his sister, Mu Gen didn’t forget his purpose for coming here. By his feet, drooling and looking at him, was a little girl——this is his eldest niece. Mu Gen picked the fish from his hand and divided it into two. The larger one was given to his eldest niece and the smaller one is given to the little niece.

“Eat yours and leave them alone.” Brother-in-law quickly stopped Mu Gen’s behavior and looked sad when he looked at Mu Gen: “Olivia, Poseidon refuses to bless you, so you are born unable to swim. After we die, how will you live?”

Uh…it feels a bit contrary to hear a thirty-year-old man say this.

Mu Gen thought silently while eating a fish that the man handed over.

“If there’s no way to fish, just go hunting in the mountains.” Saying so, the man suddenly took out a gun from the cabinet behind him. The brand-new laser gun seemed out of tune with this dilapidated small village.

 ̄▽ ̄

Mu Gen embarrassingly took the gun. He knew: Finally came the training-related plot.

“Take this gun and you can go to old Tom, the guardian, to learn how to use it.” And so, after eating two fish, Mu Gen was pushed by the man to practice how to use the gun.

Old Tom is a very serious old man. Under his guidance, Mu Gen started practicing with static target shooting, then learned to shoot the cunning hares running around on the mountain, and finally started to shoot the birds in the sky and the sea.

For Mu Gen who grew up hunting, there’s no pressure in this training.

He had brought home more than twenty prey in the past few days and Mu Gen counted that he had hunted at least thirty prey with the gun in his hand. However, there weren’t any upgrade prompts, but then, old Tom suddenly told him:

“Your shooting skills are already very good. From now on, you can hunt freely in the mountains. However, I also give you another task: that is to eliminate all invaders from outside the mountain.

“We hid here hundreds of years ago. Our ancestors have never been out of this mountain for generations. I’m afraid that someone outside will discover our existence. Once an outsider discovers us, countless people will come over and kill all of us.”

“So, once you find someone other than the villagers in the mountains, you have to shoot them immediately with your gun! Remember! Must be shot on the spot! Don’t leave anyone alive.”

When Old Tom said this, his expression became particularly horrible and Mu Gen was shocked by his tone.

He gripped the gun in his hand.

Mu Gen knew: This is the task assigned to him. The intruder mentioned by Old Tom is his training target this time!

While hunting in the mountains the next day, Mu Gen met a group of men in black from outside. He immediately thought of what the instructor and Old Tom had said. He knew he should shoot them immediately, but…but…

Mu Gen is a natural pacifist. In his short life, he worked hard every day to live a better life. After seeing the war before, many students explained it as a movie. Although he was very touched during the viewing process, they always regarded it as an unrealistic thing after watching. When something more exciting comes, they’ll soon forget it.

Unlike Mu Gen, who really thought that he had witnessed a cruel battle! Long after the image disappeared, he couldn’t calm down. When the instructor said that it was a real thing that happened, he was greatly shocked.

He didn’t understand why people started wars.

Similarly, when he saw the group of people in black, he hesitated.

Fortunately, those people searched the mountains for a while then left after finding nothing.

Mu Gen breathed a sigh of relief.


In the evening of the next day, Mu Gen returned from the mountain with his prey as always. Seeing everything in front of him, he was stunned.

The small village that should have smoke from fires at this time could no longer be seen. It was quiet with no trace of a living person.

The corpses of countless villagers fell on the small road they walked every day, their blood dripped into the stream nearby and Mu Gen found his brother-in-law’s family among them.

Throwing down the prey in his hand, Mu Gen hurried over.

“Men in black…they…have guns…run away!” Only the woman he called his sister still had the last breath. However, after the last word, the woman’s breathing abruptly stopped. Her eyes were wide open and her big blue eyes stared at Mu Gen intently.

For a moment, Mu Gen blanked out.

Whether it’s the woman in his arms or his brother-in-law on the ground, there are also the two little girls who called him uncle sweetly every day. Each of them has more than one bullet hole, shot and killed.

He immediately remembered the group of people in black yesterday! Those people had guns!

At this moment, Mu Gen heard a small sound approach. Turning his head abruptly, Mu Gen widened his eyes when he found that a man in black was raising his gun towards him.


Everything that happened after the freshmen enter the system was under the supervision of the instructors. These little guys are not under the control of the military. Although they won’t be physically injured in the system, in the unlikely event that these little guys suffer indelible trauma to their hearts, the guys from the Ministry of Education will definitely ask them to settle accounts.

When seeing the task assigned to Mu Gen, an instructor called out in surprise: “This task is a bit too difficult, isn’t it?”

The people in black are made up of humans who have entered the system, but this new student has taken on the role of an NPC from the beginning. The task he received is equivalent to being the enemy of all human students!

“This is the most suitable task assigned to him by the system.” Behind him, Fraffetal, who hadn’t said a word, suddenly spoke up.

Some people are born unfit to become soldiers, and in his opinion, Mu Gen is like that. Although he has always performed very well, he lacks a necessary quality for a soldier.

Therefore, Fraffetal always has doubts about choosing the Commander in the next inter-academic competition.

This teenager left a deep impression on him that first day, and these impressions deepened little by little in the other training that followed. When Fraffetal was choosing the Commander, Mu Gen’s face was the first to appear in his mind, but his experience accumulated over the years in the military told him: This child is not suitable, he is too innocent.

Fraffetal didn’t know the environment in which the child grew up, but there’s no doubt that he grew up in a greenhouse. No matter how talented such people are, they will sooner or later succumb to their character and experience.

Showing hesitation to the people he knew are enemies, this is a fatal mistake.

Not only him but many children as old as he had the same experience. If they decide to do something based on their enthusiasm, they will not lose out on the path they chose in the future.

There’s no instructor better than practice. To determine the Commander as soon as possible in the next few hours, Fraffetal resolutely decided to turn on the military’s dedicated simulation system in advance and let the results tell him who is the most suitable candidate.

Mu Gen’s performance was not beyond his expectations, but the benevolence of men is something that military generals absolutely don’t allow.

Leaving Mu Gen’s side, Fraffetal continued to focus his attention on the next candidate.

However, Fraffetal made a mistake in his judgment this time.

Looking at the man ambushing in the corner and observing the target in front of him, Mu Gen silently pulled the trigger in his hand.

“Number of targets shot: 926 people; Mission completion: 99.46%.” Almost at the same time, the sound of the system came from his ears.

At the same time, the instructors in the surveillance room outside also heard this.

The whole surveillance room was silent.

This batch of eliminated freshmen is particularly large. Usually, about half of them can train in the system for about five days, but today, only a quarter was left.

All of this was due to the student Mu Gen. The freshmen assigned to the same training ground almost all played the role of the men in black who invaded the village. After the whole village was killed, Mu Gen spent a day burying the bodies of all the villagers. Then it took four days to gather the men in black who invaded the village that day一一and shoot them.

He has a natural eidetic memory that allows him to remember the appearance and characteristics of every man in black. Very calmly, just like the most sophisticated hunter with very clean and neat shooting action, he didn’t waste an energy bomb.

All the freshmen’s grades are thus fixed in a very low category and opposite them are Mu Gen’s grades一一

“Good guy! He climbed to the top of the rookie list! Look! The first place’s name is Mu Gen! Wow…that’s amazing! No recruit at our base has ever won first place! This time, we really saved face!” The instructor who had seen Mu Gen’s situation before screamed excitedly.

All bases with four stars or higher can send people into this system. Everyone’s name is virtual but the base name behind the person’s name is indeed displayed to everyone!

At this time, Mu Gen’s name was impressively ranked first in the rookie list!

“That’s not Mu Gen. Look at the name of the base. Besides, the system also prohibits the use of your name.” His colleague immediately woke him up, but…seeing the word Mu Gen, he couldn’t help but have a dry mouth.

Although the first “Mu Gen” is not their Mu Gen, the military trainee at their base, Mu Gen is still ranked in the top five!

“The number of targets shot: 931; Mission completion: 100%.”

As the last man in black fell heavily to the ground, Mu Gen finally completed his training. The name “Olivia” was ranked second, just below the name “Mu Gen”.

This is Mu Gen’s final result.

When he crawled out of the egg-shaped cabin tiredly, he saw the faces of several instructors at a glance. There was excitement on their faces that Mu Gen couldn’t understand.

“Eat more! Just relying on nutrients to maintain your energy these days, you must be starving, right?” An instructor who usually had a dark face actually smiled, not just for a while, but even laughing. Mu Gen tremblingly took the piece of bread from him and under his gaze and smile, he took a careful bite.

“Eat more! Take a big bite!” He patted Mu Gen on the shoulder again.

Although it’s a bit inexplicable, Mu Gen still ate the long-lost normal food. When he was taken to rest, he looked at Instructor Fraffetal who had been following him.

“Have something to ask?” Fraffetal raised a brow.

Mu Gen nodded.

“Then ask,” Fraffetal said.

“Instructor, the small village just now, those villagers…aren’t real, right?” With a hint of anticipation, Mu Gen looked at Fraffetal.

“En, they’re not real, just like a game, it’s all virtual,” Fraffetal answered Mu Gen’s question.

Then Mu Gen finally showed a long-lost smile,

“So it’s fake? That’s great.”

After saying this, the spirit that had been nervous in the system for ten days could no longer bear it and Mu Gen fell heavily.

He fainted.

But even when he fainted, there was still a smile of relief on the corners of his mouth.

So this time, it was Fraffetal’s turn to be stunned.


While the freshmen were working hard on military training, Uncle Alpha and the other robots are also being trained.

What they accepted was a super nanny course!

The robots that the freshmen brought are mostly universal robots on the market, and they might prefer it to accompany them or focus on recording operations. There are even some game robots that focus on entertainment functions, 囧!

Only Alpha and Sigma are pure nanny robots in the record.

As a result, while the freshmen were struggling to become qualified soldiers, Alpha and the other robots were locked in a small black room to download a full set of nanny course materials. It only took one day to download all the materials and in the following time, they have to learn how to fold quilts (a quilt that meets military requirements), how to prepare food for the owner who has returned from a hard day (including fresh dishes and synthetic nutrients), how to massage (for the little master to relieve the fatigue of the day), how to organize qualified tools for the owner who is lying in bed when the owner is tired (washing, cutting and blowing)…and many more.

Apart from these courses, they also have to accept military training courses, that is, how to better assist their little masters in the march. This involves things such as: How to catch small and medium-sized beasts, how to collect materials in the wild, how to perform emergency rescue…

There are so many things to learn, making the robots so busy!

By the way, here’s a special statement: Since Uncle Alpha’s record in the main brain system is a level eight nanny-type robot, this level is too high so after the course, he was stationed as the leader of these newborn robots (including the level six Sigma  ̄▽ ̄) by the human instructor.

Today, First Uncle is still the boss ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿!

“Chief Alpha (what the hell is this 囧!), we have already dissected the beast. Next, the instructor asks you to demonstrate the correct cutting method.” A round robot ran from a distance and called Alpha, interrupting Alpha’s daze.

Cough! How can a wise person like Alpha be in a daze? He’s meditating! Meditating!

Mu Gen and the others should be training for the next task today, right? The information distributed yesterday showed that there will be an inter-academic military training competition soon; the steamed bun business is really good and it’s time to formulate a business development plan for the next quarter; Olivia’s system is too difficult to invade, how can I...as the patriarch, even when Alpha arrived in the barracks, he couldn’t live in peace.

But he was very happy about it.

Alpha, who became a nanny-type robot after walking through the back door, cherished such a fair chance to learn many nanny skills.

“Very well, let’s go now.” Followed by the round robot, Alpha quickly switched channels and turned into a nanny robot state.

Instructor A: Don’t you think these robots are becoming more and more like military robots?

Instructor B: …I discovered it a long time ago. These robots now look more like soldiers than those freshmen. In the beginning, many robots had no useful things in their brains, and even only a few large games. Now it’s good, just put them in the woods, and the fiercest angry tigers would be carried out!

Instructor C: I checked with the robot instructor in charge of their training several times in the past few days and it’s still the nanny course. I always thought that the robot instructor got the wrong teaching materials, and accidentally mistook the nanny robot training plan with the military robot training materials…

Poor humans, your robot instructor didn’t make a mistake and the materials are also correct. The only incorrect thing is:

You have chosen Alpha, a decent super military robot, as the Chief!

Under the leadership of Chief Alpha, the robots are marching bravely in the direction of military robots ~\(≧▽≦)~.

Before Mu Gen became the leader of the freshmen, Uncle Alpha had quietly taken leadership of the freshmen’s robots…

So cool and efficient.

The author has something to say:

The transition is over, today is full of Mu Gen and First Uncle

TINA V2C080: War
TINA V2C082: The Situation At The Imperial Military Academy

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