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TINA V2C079: For That Day
TINA V2C081: First Place!

Under the guidance of several black-clothed instructors and through various inspections, the freshmen with obvious youthful faces were taken to a white room with rows of egg-like cabins neatly arranged. At this moment, the hatch was open as if waiting for their arrival.

“This is where everyone learns about equipment operations tasks. After entering the equipment, the system will use three minutes to collect everyone’s personal information and at the same time, it will generate everyone’s personal holographic information in the system. For everyone’s practice results in the holographic environment to be directly applied to actual training, everyone’s parameters in the system are similar to the ones in real life. The pain setting is also 100%. Please don’t do anything beyond your ability just because you’re in a virtual environment.”

A black-clothed instructor stood at the forefront and gave instructions to the students. He looked the same as usual, but his heart had already exploded:

This is a military holographic training device under the military network! There’s a complete set of weapons, from the oldest to the weapons still under debugging at the forefront. According to the permissions granted, these students can try various levels of weapons, including various holographic training fields and virtual scenes of major classic battles. Ordinary soldiers have no access to this system since this high-end combat readiness system is only available on military bases with four or more stars. To compete for the quota to use this system, the officers and soldiers of other bases would have been robbed.

Even when they served for one year, they’re only granted the initial permission to use this system! And these students who have only been at the base for a month are so easily given the authority. This, this, this is unreasonable!

However, despite the turbulent waves in his heart, the psychological quality he has trained for many years allowed him to control his expression. They knew at least one thing now, and that is: That cold, dead-faced instructor must have a high rank.

Those who can open the right to use military holographic training equipment at any time have at least the rank of Brigadier General.

Secretly conscious, the black-clothed instructor’s statement didn’t stop:

“According to confidentiality regulations, all users are not allowed to use their real names in the device so it will ask for the identification name that will be used in advance.”

After quickly digesting the words of the black-clothed instructor and getting two minutes of extra preparation time, the freshmen immediately entered the white egg-shaped cabin under the guidance of the black-clothed instructors.

Like his classmates around him, Mu Gen was also very excited to climb in ~\(≧▽≦)~.

Just like crawling into Uncle Epsilon’s belly, Mu Gen quickly went inside. After taking a seat, Mu Gen felt the seat start to tilt. At the same time, his ankles, wrists, and head were all held in place by cold metal rings. This feeling of being restrained in an instant shocked many freshmen, but Mu Gen wasn’t.

For Mu Gen, who was raised by robot parents since childhood, metal is the texture that relaxed him the most.

Due to the harsh environment when he was young, their home has been destroyed countless, countless times. Mu Gen was taken everywhere by his father and uncles. When the wind and sand were too great, Mu Gen was often put in his uncle’s stomach. It was dark there and cold, but it’s the place where Mu Gen felt safest.

Mu Gen thought of the past and was startled.

It’s been a month since he left home and he’s homesick.

Shaking his head, he felt more of the cold metal band wrapping around him.

Mu Gen knew that was the connection port. He immediately closed his eyes and counted down to ten in his heart. When he “opened” his eyes again, he was already standing in another place.

He tried to jump and felt it’s the same as usual. He raised his hand and took a look, it even had the blue mark left during training a few days ago.

Mu Gen sighed and looked at his body. At this moment, a cold mechanical voice came from the sky:

“The recruit that spawned, may I ask your name?”

“Mu Gen.” Mu Gen reflexively replied.

“The ID does not meet the naming rules, please change your name.”

Mu Gen was stunned, then remembered that the system was not asking him for his name, but the name of this virtual character.

“Olivia, I want to be called Olivia.” He said that name he had thought of for a long time.

“Character registration complete. I wish you good luck on the next journey.”

There was no lengthy explanation and in the blink of an eye, Mu Gen was ejected from the room and stood among his classmates the next second.

Mu Gen arrived early so there weren’t many students at the scene. The miscellaneous departments that had arrived earlier seemed crowded at this time.

“We all like holographic games, so this kind of registration doesn’t bother us at all.” Their game time is much longer than that of other departments and this led to the poor academic performance of the miscellaneous departments.

“En, I also like playing games ~\(≧▽≦)~,” Mu Gen nodded in agreement.

Although many have not yet arrived, the students stood in their positions according to their usual formation. After a month of rigorous queue practice, they have developed certain habits. Obviously, this kind of habit is something that the instructors love to see and those who came before them couldn’t help but nod in satisfaction.

But they didn’t wait too long. In the next ten minutes, the freshmen arrived one after another. Seeing where they are now, the freshmen all showed the same curiosity.

They’re now standing on the edge of a huge cliff, the rocks are rugged, and there’s no greenery nearby. At the instructor’s signal, they lined up on the edge of the cliff.

“Today’s training program will not be freestyle rock climbing, right? No, aren’t we already standing on top of the cliff? Do they want us to go down the cliff with our bare hands?” Many freshmen muttered in their hearts and many have begun to measure the height of the cliff with their eyes: It’s easy to fly down with their original forms, but it’s a little hard for their human forms to go down…

Just as the freshmen were thinking about what would happen next, a muffled sound came from below the cliff. Everyone couldn’t help but look towards the bottom at the same time:

There was a burst of yellow sand, but two black shadows rushed in from two opposite directions simultaneously, engulfed in the wind and sand.

Is that a herd? The freshmen thought at first, but as the shadows grew closer, they finally realized that it wasn’t a herd of animals, but a human being!

These human beings have strong chests with only their heart and head covered with simple metal armor, the left side held swords while the right side held giant ax, and both rode on a huge land dinosaur beast, coming from afar very quickly. The land dinosaur beasts stepped heavily on the ground and the rising dust enveloped the group like fog.

The freshmen noticed one thing: Even in their fast march, they still maintained a rigorous formation. Uniform movement, unified equipment, these are two armies! Only military personnel can achieve such rigor!

Realizing this, the freshmen immediately became excited, but one month’s training was not in vain. No matter how excited they were, their formation remained the same and no one shouted. They kept their original formation and quietly stood on the edge of the cliff, watching the two groups meet below.

There are quite a lot of people on both sides, so they could roughly estimate: There are as many as 100,000 people!

The leaders stood at the forefront of each group. Behind them was a soldier holding the battle flag high and following the leader’s order, the standard-bearer waved the battle flag forward. The army behind them immediately exploded with a long roar and accompanied by that roar, the two groups frantically rushed forward and the two black shadows merged into one in an instant. The battle actually started like this!

This is an extremely savage battle.

Without any high-tech weapons, all the soldiers can rely on was their strong bodies and long-term training fighting skills. The huge shield is the only thing that can protect them. Once they’re shaken off, the fate waiting for them is death.

The leader looked down upon the giant ax in the enemy’s hand, the body holding the ax was like a doll that had lost control. He fell heavily into the dust and the land dinosaur beast under the rider still didn’t know the tragic death of its knight and was still trying to bite the opposite side.

The mutilated corpses gradually covered the entire battlefield, human beings and land dinosaur beasts alike. Blood flowed like a river, and the original yellow-brown dry land was moisturized by blood, vaguely looking like black fertile soil.

This is no longer a battle, but a war.

The leader of the group on the left finally chopped off the head of the opposing leader and raised the opponent’s head with his eyes still wide open in the air as his mouth let out a beast-like roar.

Motivated by their leader’s actions, his soldiers chopped down the enemy on the opposite side one after another. In the process, the enemy’s battle flag was also broken. The battle flag fell into the mud and after being trampled by the land dinosaur beasts, it was soaked in black blood until the original color could no longer be seen.

The war ended with the victory of the left group.

A roar broke out again and the soldiers looked at the flag bearer, At this time, the flag bearer should raise the battle flag high and wave it vigorously in the air to celebrate their victory in the war, but——

While watching the battle, the main focus was on the leaders and soldiers of both sides. The freshmen didn’t pay attention to the standard-bearers of both sides and only at this time did their companions notice the standard-bearer:

The flag still stood firmly there. Even if it was stained with blood, the battle flag was still fluttering in the air, but the flag bearer had been dead for a long time.

His head was chopped off by the enemy at some point, but he was still standing proudly on the spot, holding the flagpole deep into the ground with both hands and protecting the flagpole. He died standing.

Looking at his posture, they could almost imagine what happened at the last moment of his life.

The moment his head flew away, this dedicated flag bearer inserted the flagpole heavily into the soil at the last moment of his life——

He’s dead but his flag is not dead, just like a beacon standing there firmly, always cheering up his companions to march forward bravely!

Cutting off the heads of all the captives, the soldiers in the victorious side rearranged their queues according to their original formation. Although they’re victorious, the price of victory was extremely disastrous. The group of at least 100,000 people now only have half left and the proportion of people to land dragon beasts are higher. Many soldiers lost their mounts and their companions let them sit behind them.

Using their swords to strike the shield, the soldiers with broken shields hit the ground with their feet, bidding farewell to their companions in this way.

Not only for this standard-bearer but also for the companions who died in this war.

A soldier stood up, pulled out the battle flag from the hands of the dead standard-bearer, and raised the battle flag high in the air. The group that had just gone through a bloody battle continued to advance.

And their companions just stayed there forever.

The scene became silent.

Faced with this result, the freshmen were shocked, and some of them even cried. It’s not that they’re afraid, but many of them don’t know why they’re crying.

Fraffetal only spoke at this time.

“The virtual scene just now is not a fictitious thing but a war we watched on a remote planet ten years ago. The local civilization is still in a very early stage, without high-tech weapons and the orientation of the war mainly depends on military strength and the wisdom of the commander.”

“The war ended with the victory of the team on the left. However, in the post-event data collation, we discovered an amazing fact: Among the two sides, the right sight has 150,000 while the left side only has more than 90,000. With such a huge disparity, the side with the smaller number still won the final victory. I think, by watching this record, everyone should understand the reason for that.”

“Without the influence of weapons, I have always believed that “people” are the most basic element that determines victory in war.”

“Believe in your own strength and the strength of your companions. No matter what position you are assigned to, you must be committed to your duties until the last minute. I hope everyone can at least understand this.”

His gaze swept through the tearful faces of the students one by one一一from the thoughtful Brad and finally on the expressionless Mu Gen. Fraffetal’s mouth bent slightly, his hands returning to his back as he immediately announced:

“Very good, then, we’ll start today’s training.”

The author has something to say:

Mu Gen’s name in the virtual world is Olivia, then, chick Oli will play to the side (kicks)

Translator’s Note:

I was really bored throughout this chapter. God dangit, if you’re writing such a simple battle, don’t use so many words, just describe it. The war scene was so long that I almost skipped this chapter.

It sounded inspirational when reading but believe me, it’s boring as hell when translating it.

And now that I’m editing it, I have mixed feelings, but not as bored as I would have thought. It’s easier to read it than to tl it.

TINA V2C079: For That Day
TINA V2C081: First Place!

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