TINA V2C082: The Situation At The Imperial Military Academy

TINA V2C081: First Place!
TINA V2C083: Big Horn Is Getting Fat

Hengtian star, Imperial Military Academy

The Chief of each year is not only a student leader but also an idol. Even the military academy has various departments. Among them, the Information Department is most keen to chase news of the Chief, especially the new Chief——Olivia.

The thin new Chief is surrounded by a group of strong military cadets in the middle, isn’t this picture very beautiful? Short platinum blonde hair and tall, isn’t this picture wrong? Doesn’t he sound loving once you hear that he has a pet? The Life Department discovered that the Chief’s pet was the rumored extinct Emperor Crescent Moon Dragon. Raising such a legendary beast as a pet is indicative of a local tyrant?!!!!

All kinds of reports about the new Chief came in like snowflakes and various secretly photographed photos have also been released. This freshman Chief who looked very different from the previous Chiefs was unexpectedly popular. Among Chiefs with an average height of more than two to three meters, the new Chief is only 180 cm and looked particularly fresh, his handsome appearance adding a high score.

“Olivia, you weak chicken who dare not even show your original form! Sooner or later, I’ll let you know that it’s useless to rely on the support of a group of weak people to become the Chief. In the end, personal strength is the key to everything!”

Staring bitterly at Olivia on the moving photo in his hand, Voge——that is, the candidate who once ran for the Chief position against Olivia, smashed the photos in his hands.

Whenever he thought of Olivia, he needed to tear up a photo. For this reason, he had to buy Olivia’s dynamic photos in large quantities. Because the number of purchases was too large, he was already part of the group who printed these photos——The major VIP client on Chief Olivia’s Support Team list is now  ̄▽ ̄.

The election has passed and he can’t overthrow Olivia. However, not all Chiefs can sit securely in the Chief position from the first grade until the last year. About 60% of the Chiefs would change midway. When their approval rate rose to 70%, students who think they’re more qualified to be the Chief can propose an impeachment plan. After the Academy’s investigation confirms that they’re qualified, it’s possible to re-convene the Chief election.

This is what Voge urgently needs to do now.

Tomorrow, they will enter the virtual actual combat system exercise directly under the military network. Voge has long heard of this system: As long as it’s an in-service officer, they can have a system ID and participate in any project and leave results. Although this is an anonymous platform, however, it’s an extremely open and fair platform. It can be said that if you can shine on this system, this person’s future military journey will be smooth sailing!

Voge pinned all his hopes on the virtual actual combat course starting tomorrow. Although his written test scores did not rank among the top three in his grade, his physical fitness was quite excellent. Due to his background, he had an inkling to what items the military network will generally assess. Although he hadn’t entered the system before, he has learned some of the items in the system in advance.

Then more pictures of Olivia were born before going to bed, and Voge fell asleep with a yearning for tomorrow.


The same candidate who once competed against Olivia for the top position, Jopson, established his position as early as the moment he voted for Olivia.

Living under Olivia and obeying his leadership——this is something he decided immediately after learning what happened from Todd.

After persuading his classmates, Jopson brought his whole class to Olivia’s side. Todd is mainly responsible for Olivia’s private affairs, while some public affairs are mainly handled by Jopson. The two brontosauruses are now like Olivia’s left and right hands.

“Sir Olivia, tomorrow is a real combat simulation task. I heard that Voge still hadn’t given up and wanted to create a chance to impeach you by achieving excellent results in the system.” Jopson told Olivia what he had learned. The students on Voge’s side are not monolithic and there are always some people vacillating.

They are now on the lawn outside Olivia’s private dormitory building. In this singly white dormitory building, there are a total of 14 rooms: one large and one small meeting room, one study room, a deliberation room, a multifunctional entertainment hall, a well-equipped kitchen, a dining room that can accommodate twenty people, a storage room, a master bedroom, three secondary bedrooms, and two guest rooms. In addition, there’s a very large outdoor swimming pool and an indoor heated pool.

For students, it’s too extravagant!

However, for a grade Chief, this place might not be enough. Every day, dozens of people will come in and report to him on various matters. For them, this house just happens to accommodate all these people.

As Olivia’s right-hand man, Todd, and Jopson each own a room here. They put most of their things here but they don’t usually live here. On the one hand, they are worried that they will affect Olivia’s work and rest. On the other hand, they also need to maintain communication with the other students in their dormitory. After all, they’re now the most important way for Olivia to communicate with the outside world.

But this alone makes many students very envious: The Chief will become a big man after graduation, and the capable men who are allowed to live in the Chief’s dormitory will also have a particularly good career on their way out!

Jopson received a letter from his family which was delivered by his father through the channel. The above said that he already knew about this matter and thought his decision was correct and hoped that he could better serve the Chief in the future.

His father’s letter strengthened Jopson’s beliefs.

“…” Looking at Big Horn running around in the distance, Olivia didn’t speak.

In the end, Big Horn finally noticed its dad’s gaze and ran back. With a small flower in its mouth and blinking its big eyes, it put the small flower in Olivia’s hand.

So Olivia smiled.

Unlike the smile he put outside, Olivia smiled very cheerfully this time. Although the folks beside Voge commented that Olivia is a gloomy conspirator who loves scheming, Jopson is more inclined to believe that this is what the Chief really looks like.

Olivia sniffed the flower in his hand and touched Big Horn’s head. Without waiting for Olivia’s order, Todd came out of the room with a vase. The vase is already filled with all kinds of small flowers, not at all cultivated, but wild flowers that can be seen everywhere on the lawn. When Olivia put the flower in his hand to the vase, the other people realized that this vase was probably what Big Horn took back.

After admiring the way the flowers are placed in the vase, Big Horn was satisfied, then saw Jopson. “Mo!” With a cry, it ran back to the house and when he ran out again, it bumped its head into Jopson’s leg.

“Mooo!” Big Horn raised its head and yelled at Jopson, then lowered its big head and vomited something on Jopson’s feet.

Jopson looked down: Two nails, the kind cut by nail clippers. 囧!

Olivia then smiled: “Yesterday, Mengmeng cut Big Horn’s legs. The instructor of the Mecha Manufacturing Department wanted me not to give it to him, but let Big Horn take it to the person it likes. I didn’t expect it to be for you.”

Jopson’s eyes widened!

By now, everyone knew that Big Horn is an extremely precious Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon from the legends. This fantastic creature is full of treasures. Every day, professors from the research institute would come to the door to find Olivia for any materials that fall off Big Horn. Such a precious thing was given to him?

So everyone else looked at Jopson enviously.

“Isn’t your father looking for someone to get a new mecha recently? You can send this back to him and he will use it.” Olivia also gave him a suggestion.

“T-thank you very much!” Holding the two small nails tightly, Jopson was overwhelmed with joy. He didn’t say much and in the end, he bowed and then grabbed Big Horn and kissed it.

Big Horn: Big Horn is so cute today! I was kissed again! ~\(≧▽≦)~

“You don’t need to worry too much about Voge and his people. They won’t get any good results in the virtual system.” Just when Jopson thought Olivia would not answer this question, Olivia took the initiative to speak.

“I will be the number one in all tasks.”

He spoke slowly and clearly. He hadn’t entered the system yet, but what he said seemed to be the result.

“And for the next few positions, I’ll assign them to you based on your future development.” Olivia’s next words stunned everyone.

“We are now a whole, and you guys are usually excellent and this excellence can be expanded a bit. Next, I will make arrangements so that everyone can get a good ranking in this virtual system.”

Olivia didn’t say how he’d deal with Voge, but everyone present knew: Voge is destined to be at the bottom of this test.

In the next test, Olivia demonstrated his excellence to everyone. He also didn’t suppress the other students to show their excellence, Todd and Jopson even achieved better results in some physical fitness projects.

However, Voge and the others, whom the Academy had been hopeful before, failed in the test.


At this moment, Lt General McCaw was sitting leisurely on the chair in front of the monitor with a steaming drink and a cookie in front of him. He even enthusiastically pushed the cookie in front of the other officers in the room: “Taste it. This is what my daughter baked and sent to me before going to military training. The Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is really good. In just a few days, everything she cooks can be imported.”

Other officers: ...in fact, you can’t eat all of it, that’s why you treat us so warmly, right?

But the others still needed to give Lt. General McCaw’s…daughter some face and took a piece one after the other. Seeing the empty plate, Lt. General McCaw breathed a sigh of relief. Looking up, he finally turned his attention to the freshmen’s scoring board.

“This year’s Chief is very good, but the second one surprised me a bit. I thought it would be Voge from Class 2 or Jopson from Class 1, even Olaf from Class 3 is not bad, right?” In a military academy that only admits specific species, race can’t decide everything, but it’s not far off. Vogg is a “Carrolt”. At a time when “Kantas”, known as the strongest race in the universe, is becoming rarer, “Carrolt” is almost directly regarded as the heaviest species of dinosaurs. The evidence is: Among the seven current Chiefs of the Imperial Military Academy, five of them are Carrolts!

Jopson is a brontosaurus from an ancient family and among the seven Chiefs, the fourth grade Chief is a brontosaurus. In the long history of the Imperial Military Academy, there are also many examples of large herbivorous dinosaurs serving as Chiefs, so McCaw had heard a little about Jopson who had excellent qualities.

Although Olaf in Class 3 is a bit worse in physical fitness, he has a very good mind. In the entrance exam result, he was first in the whole year, so Lt. General McCaw also remembered his name.

The grade Chiefs of the Imperial Military Academy had always been the focus of recruitment by major army groups as a condition of recruitment. In many cases, the recruiting corps will collect all of the Chief’s capable subordinates. With the lifespan of humans now being greatly extended, the Chief of a certain term can’t become colleagues with the others.

“But this year’s freshman Chief in the final election, whether it’s the instructors or the students’ internal voting, Voge, who ranked second, had a huge gap, and Jopson, who ranked third, voted for him.”

“Oh?” This is great.

Successive Chiefs competed very fiercely and it was rare for the same candidate to vote for a competitor.

Even if the students of the Imperial Military Academy are already in reserve military status, the internal elections of the academy are still areas where the military can’t intervene. The instructors in the academy are all military personnel with many years of experience while the students of the academy are all future military officers who are aspiring to join the army and have a strong enterprising spirit. The person they finally choose has always been the one most suitable for that position.

“No. 1 in shooting events, No. 1 in mecha operations, No. 1 in mecha combat, No. 1 in armament planning…who said this Olivia was stuffed through the back door? I think Argos walked through the back door and snatched the Chief from another Academy, right?”

Having heard a little about this student’s enrollment, Lt. General McCaw took a sip of a sweet drink. Paying special attention to the results of his three previous competitors, he squinted his eyes: “The Chief of this term is a very capable person.”

This result might seem ordinary at first, but it’s very interesting if analyzed according to factions:

All freshmen who stood within Olivia’s sphere of influence had excellent results and Jopson, who had defected with a large number of students, had particularly excellent results. And among his opponents, Voge had poor results while Olaf, who’s still on the fence, lost his former glory.

If Olivia had nothing to do with this, Lt. General McCaw would be the first to not believe it. That Olivia must have secretly mobilized the strength of all students within the rules and redistributed the results within a certain range!

Everyone was willing to carry out this kind of distribution, which is upright collective cheating.

Looking at the word “Mu Gen” hanging high in the first place, Lt. General McCaw drank the last sip of his drink.

The author has something to say:

Guess what Oli did?

TINA V2C081: First Place!
TINA V2C083: Big Horn Is Getting Fat

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