TINA V2C084: Mu Gen in the Instructor’s Eyes

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TINA V2C085: The Burning Instructor Fraffetal

Unknown Planet, Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Military Training Base

Under the arrangement of Instructor Fraffetal, the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy carried out their military training methodically. After the shooting task, Instructor Fraffetal gave all the freshmen a big surprise!

“Next, you will each be assigned a mecha.” The first sentence stunned all the freshmen.

Mecha…it’s a mecha! Except for those who have special conditions at home, few of these freshmen have ever touched mechas! Even the freshmen from the Mecha Department!

“The method of using the mecha will be explained automatically by the mecha system after you enter. Under its leadership, you will learn how to operate the mecha. Practice is the best way to learn so in the next ten days, you will complete at least one hundred battles on the system with your mechas, and the results displayed at the end will be your mecha operations grade.”

The freshmen were shocked again!

If the “shock” from before was from “surprise”, then the “shock” at this moment was from fright.

Everyone would be happy to touch a mecha, but when driving mecha to fight, many freshmen whispered on the spot. Then, when they saw the mecha assigned to them by the instructor, their inner voice was even louder——

I-is this really a mecha?

All the freshmen were embarrassed.

It’s no wonder that the new students have this expression. Completely different from the handsome mechas seen in photos, the shape of these mechas was simply like welded steel! It looks like an old-age robot, the kind that has been discontinued!

I have to say that the immersive system under this military network is very vivid. Even in a virtual space, it could still cause psychological tremors in people’s eyes. The instructor saw the disappointment in the freshmen’s eyes.

“Don’t underestimate this mecha. This is the origin of all mechas and known as the Heart of Mecha.” For these freshmen who will not go to the army in the future (but many will marry soldiers), the instructors are relatively patient with them: “The mecha is actually a robot. This is the model of the first-generation robot. It’s just that the size has been enlarged several times. Under the model of the first generation robot and due to the various requirements of human beings, mechas are developing in all directions.

For example, the heavy mecha that appeared for protection, or the sniper mecha that appeared for assassination. Like humans, mechas have many development directions due to their different functions. The mechas driven by the mecha fighters in your mind are also a kind of mecha, only that it emphasized on combat capabilities.” The instructor said a lot. He saw the confusion in the freshmen’s eyes and realized: These children don’t know what he meant by saying this.

For these children, their lives haven’t started yet. The future is an endless road and they can imagine freely.

He didn’t continue and instead, he gave a more detailed introduction to the mechas that were about to be assigned to them.

“Inside the system, during the first time learning mechas…all will get these original mechas.” Almost uttering the word “soldier”, the instructor hurriedly changed his words. It’s better not to let these freshmen realize that what they’re using at the moment is a military system: “In the user’s continuous operation, it will continuously improve and deform according to the user’s needs, and eventually become the most suitable mecha form for the user’s operation. This step is also a key link that customized mechas must go through. Although not every one of you will get customized mechas in the future, right now you have a ready opportunity to know what kind of mecha suits you best.”

Sure enough, as soon as this passage was uttered, the eyes of all freshmen were eager to try!

Seeing the children’s excitement, the instructor gave instructions promptly and the freshmen immediately split…lining up towards the mechas.

“Welcome to using the original mecha. Next is the time for mecha operation instructions. To skip, press the R key.” When they just climbed to the mecha’s inner compartment with the instructor’s help, the explanation began quickly. They had no choice but to focus their attention on the console in front of them. Although the appearance of this mecha looks very rudimentary, the console inside is very normal. Just like the mecha console each of them imagined, it’s full of complex buttons and they don’t know what material is used, but those buttons have a particularly good texture.

At that time, a freshman carefully touched one of the buttons. He accidentally pressed stronger and activated one of the buttons.

“Congratulations, you have taken the first step!” Accompanied by the calm mechanical sound of the mecha system, the freshman was dumbfounded to find that the mecha under him had already started walking. Since his finger kept pressing on the button and did not leave, the mecha moved faster and faster. In the end, he was already running. When he was about to hit the wall in front of him, the wall suddenly disappeared and the freshman and his mecha immediately disappeared.

“Seems like some students have mastered the correct way of running and can’t wait to start training this afternoon.” Looking at their backs, the instructor squinted his eyes: “The remaining students, please master the initial operation method of the mecha as soon as possible and enter the training ground.”

“Once you enter the training ground, your identity is of a fighter. You will face opponents at your level. When the system determines that you can advance a level, your mecha and you will be upgraded together. when the system determines that you’re unable to fight, you will return to this room with the mecha for overhaul.”

Just as the instructor said this, a mecha appeared in front of everyone out of thin air. It was the mecha operated by the freshman who just took the lead and ran out, but his mecha was completely different from before: The snow-white armor became charred black and filled with bullet holes.

“Like this student. Very good, he demonstrated the correct return posture for everyone.” Seeing the freshman crawling out of the mecha awkwardly, the instructor squinted his eyes and then ordered the other students to continue their studies.

Mu Gen was the last person to enter a mecha.

Unlike the other freshmen who crawled in as soon as they approached the mecha, Mu Gen stood at the mecha’s feet for a long time.

At this time, Mu Gen thought of his robot Dad A.

The initial mecha using the shape of the first generation robot as a template looks very similar to Robot A in appearance. The appearance of this group of mechas lined up in their initial state reminded Mu Gen of the scene buried in his memory long, long ago: That distant star had nothing, but it was the barren star where he was born.

That was an earlier memory before his uncles arrived, and the days when the robot uncles who were the same as his dad were still there.

At that time, Mu Gen was too young and he couldn’t remember the scene at that time, but he knew that those robots all had the same appearance as his dad. Unfortunately, because of his lack of memory, he could no longer recall the scenes at that time.

Until today.

When he saw these initial mechas standing in front of him neatly, he suddenly had a “nostalgic” feeling.

These brand new and clean mechas reminded him of his dad.

Maybe at the beginning, Dad was also one of the robots waiting to be used, not knowing the future, and just waiting for someone to come for them, right?

Mu Gen rolled over and climbed into the mecha.

“Hello, my name is Mu Gen.” Before the system explanation began, Mu Gen greeted it first and then focused all his attention on the system’s explanation.

Since he hadn’t compared it to anyone, Mu Gen didn’t know how terrible his concentration is! It’s a kind of concentration almost comparable to a machine. When he was routinely asked if he’d like to hear it a second time, Mu Gen declined: “Already remembered it, let’s walk around and take a look?”

His question exceeded the scope of the question bank of this system, so the system didn’t answer Mu Gen’s question.

The keys in his hands cooperated, and Mu Gen moved the mecha.

Under Mu Gen’s operation, the initial mecha raised its left foot, then placed it gently on the ground. After standing firm, he then raised its right foot.

Mu Gen’s mecha was not prominent among the group of mechas. Compared to some students, the action of this mecha is relatively clumsy. However, after five minutes, Mu Gen’s mecha can already walk very consistently. Dexterously bypassing one mecha after another, the actions of the mecha operated by Mu Gen became very flexible.

Briskly walking out of the queue, the robot stretched out its right hand and rushed forwards with a goodbye gesture to the companions behind him, and then strode towards the unknown.

“We are leaving, please rest assured, I will try to protect you.” Before stepping out of this room, Mu Gen excitedly said.

“…yes.” Mu Gen didn’t know, but what he heard at this time was a reply that was definitely not within the scope of the system.

Fraffetal admitted that he made a mistake.

He saw hope in Mu Gen, but he always felt that Mu Gen’s performance was too pure.

An idealistic child who grew up in a greenhouse——this is his initial evaluation of Mu Gen.

This child has a natural charm and is good at discovering the advantages of his peers, just like the moon, although dazzling, he wouldn’t be overbearing and cover the light of the others around him, so everyone was willing to follow his command.


His background is too white.

There’s no trace of gloom in his eyes and this child will be crushed by the sudden discovery of a dark side at some point.

So although he acknowledged Mu Gen’s ability, Fraffetal is still not optimistic about Mu Gen’s ability to become a leader. However, Mu Gen’s subsequent performance overturned his inherent ideas time and time again:

In the shooting training, Mu Gen let go of the established mission because of his soft heart, causing the tragic death of the plot characters, but in the following period, he played an unimaginable ability. Like the most experienced hunter, he found all the people involved in the incident一一and shot them.

The mission target death toll on Mu Gen’s report card was just like its color, blood red.

Having chased and killed so many people in ten days without sleep, this child was already covered with blood on his hands, but that moment, when Fraffetal saw him, his eyes were still the original pure white.

“So they’re fake? That’s great…” Mu Gen’s smile at that time was deeply engraved in Fraffetal’s heart.

He didn’t care that chasing and killing people for thousands of miles is only a virtual mission. What he cared more about was that the villagers in the story are virtual and because they’re virtual, no one died at all.

The logic of this child…is very strange.

After the shooting training, Mu Gen officially entered Instructor Fraffetal’s sight. For example, this time, after Mu Gen was transported to the training ground while driving the mecha, everything he did was under his eyes.

The author has something to say:

What a strange child

TINA V2C083: Big Horn Is Getting Fat
TINA V2C085: The Burning Instructor Fraffetal

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