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“How come I’m tenth?” Looking at the results announced on the score panel, Voge was very dissatisfied.

The surroundings were quiet, and the students standing behind him also saw their own results at this time.

The last place in the shooting event——

Tiger gazed at his results blankly and felt hot on the face.

Although he knew that he had to sacrifice his scores in this test so that Voge can climb higher, the ranking right now still made Tiger feel wronged.

Especially when he heard the excitement of a group of students next to him, his face quickly became gloomy.

“Wharton, you actually placed 30th in the whole grade this time. Didn’t you say that the test you’re most worried about is the shooting event? You’re too humble!” A brown-haired student happily said. Beside him was a teenager with red curly hair, tall and thin but much shorter than the brown-haired teenager.

Wharton is Tiger’s brother of the same species, and their relationship was not good. Wharton, who is born from a side branch, has been inconspicuous since he was a child, and being able to take the entrance exam with him broke many people’s colored glasses. It’s said that Wharton’s father asked many people for this, but what’s the use of entering the academy this way? A place like the military academy is where strength and performance are the most important. One year later, the group of people at the end will be eliminated.

Tiger yearned for the strong and despised the weak, so he didn’t like Wharton, who had been small and weak since he was a child. When Wharton was assigned to Class 4 and was spotted by the overbearing Holland, Tiger didn’t say anything.

The level of bullying in the military academy is completely different from other places. In Tiger’s view, Wharton should be crying and going home soon.

That guy, Holland, only understood personal strength but doesn’t know how to win over the idiots in his class. Although he has strong personal strength, he only had a few bad boys around him. In Tiger’s view, he’s not to be feared. The real strong must grow their brains and know how to rely on collective strength.

For example, Voge in his class, whose name sounded a bit similar to Wharton, but the two are completely different! Voge is not only strong but also very appealing among the students, so the students in Class 2 quickly recognized that he would be the Chief of this year.

Jopson in Class 1 is a herbivorous dinosaur. Although strong, he’s not aggressive enough, so he’s more suitable to be a team leader than a commander;

Although Olaf of Class 3 is smart enough, he’s a bit weak, which destined him unable to be the Chief.

Unexpectedly, things reversed drastically later——

A guy in Class 4 whom they’d never heard of became the Chief!

Olivia? Is it a woman?

At the first glance of the name Olivia, Tiger felt that the world is a fantasy. He had never seen such a person:

On the day of the election, Tiger saw Olivia for the first time. Olivia gave him the feeling: he must be an outsider.

Growing up in a military family, his surrounding friends are all from the same background, and they have essentially the same things. Even the weak Wharton has the sense of being a child from a military family.

But there’s nothing on Olivia.

He looked a lot like the kids outside: Having their own personality, likes to dress up, understands what’s popular outside, and his parents are very relaxed about him...

He doesn’t understand the rules of the military academy.

However, it was such a person who finally defeated Holland and the other three candidates, then became the Chief of the freshmen of the Imperial Military Academy!

Not to mention Voge and Olaf’s dissatisfaction, Tiger himself wasn’t convinced of such a person’s leadership.

If it weren’t for Holland and the others dying in an accident, how could such a person jump out to represent Class 4 and in the end, actually got elected?

It’s said that Olivia is the person brought in by the Dean. That’s a privilege! He must have used his privilege!

From top to bottom, all of Class 2 recognized this as the case.

This Chief will be removed soon——Voge kept instilling this idea into them and Tiger was also brainwashed by him.

However, Chief Olivia miraculously stabilized his position. The people led by Jopson already submitted to him, and some of Olaf’s people had also secretly taken refuge from him. Probably only the people from Class 2 are still resisting.


“In fact…thanks to meeting Kenny in the system this time, he taught me a lot…” The boy with red curly hair whispered.

“Kenny? He’s a student from Class 2! H-he taught you?” The voice of the brown-haired boy raised three degrees on the spot!

Realizing that his voice was too high, the red-haired Wharton immediately tugged him, then said something in a low voice. His voice was too small for Tiger to hear as he stood stiffly on the spot, watching the many people who had been listening to them gather around them. That group then murmured and made surprised sounds from time to time.

From time to time, their gaze would secretly look back as if to see Kenny, but Tiger knew that they weren’t looking at Kenny, but Chief Olivia who was surrounded by everyone behind Kenny.

Olivia, who looked like an intruder a month ago, now looked like a very qualified Chief of the military academy. With the aura of a superior, Tiger no longer dared to look directly at Olivia like the other students.

Without any indication of their sacrifices, Voge just asked them to work harder in the next events.

“I don’t need a tenth place. I want to surpass Olivia and become number one.” Voge only said these words.

As a result, in the next event, Tiger’s report card has two more bright red bottom ranks.

The results of the military academy are never anonymous as everyone’s grades are publicly displayed in front of everyone. Faced with his own achievements, Tiger can only straighten his back and tell himself that as long as Voge is in charge, his and the other’s sacrifices will not be in vain.

If you want to get something, you have to sacrifice something. It’s nothing to sacrifice a little achievement…

It’s nothing.

Until the test results of the Arms Operations Research came out. Tiger’s score was still the last one. When the names of his three partners, who were tied for the last place with him before, suddenly appear in the top fifty, he felt a deep feeling of betrayal!

“The last one after this test will be sent home. If Dad sees my result…I can’t explain it…” Faced with Tiger’s questioning, they explained it this way.

“Why did Voge sacrifice us! He’s not the Chief. If this goes on, none of us will benefit except for him, right?”

“The students from the Chief’s side is really good! They will make an appointment to meet and if they meet someone who’s not good at a subject, others will help him pull up his results, I say…Tiger, forget it, Voge can’t beat the Chief. Fighting with the Chief will not end well, just look at Holland, Abil, and…and the ones I can’t remember the name. Did you see any one of them have a good ending? He takes care of the people on his side. Jopson’s recent grades are getting better and better. According to the news I got privately, the test scores of the virtual system are directly linked to the departmental exams. If you go on like this, you might be classified into the Logistics Department, then your dad will kill you.”

The last person had a good relationship with Tiger, so after a long conversation with him, only then did he close the door.

Wharton of the same race happened to live in the bedroom next door and saw Tiger. He just smiled, then turned around and entered his bedroom.

Wharton’s scores on these exams are very good, even better than the results of the previous children from the family. Tiger could already imagine how his family will react after receiving their transcripts.

Tiger was stunned.

And so, before the next exam test, when Voge routinely told each of them what to do next, Tiger suddenly asked him a question:

“Sir Voge, do you know my name?”

Voge was visibly stunned.

Then Tiger smiled relievedly.

“Sir Voge, goodbye.”

He only said this and without another word, left.

Until this moment, Tiger finally understood that he had been deceiving himself and the others.

If he sacrificed like this, the final result will be nothing more than poor grades and expulsion from the Imperial Military Academy. At that point, he’d become a person whose name has been forgotten just like Paolo.

A true leader should not be like this, sacrificing his subordinates to pave the way for himself.

A real leader should be like Chief Olivia, choosing a better path for everyone.

Tiger knew what he should do.


The tree fell and scattered——

Vogewas stunned when he realized that he was the last one.

Seeing all the students who had surrounded him in the past now surround Olivia, he felt fire burst out of his eyes!

It’s all because of that guy Olivia! He swept over all the people who originally belonged to others——

Olivia did it on purpose: Those who obey him will have good grades and let those with a vague attitude towards him sway in the middle and lower ranks. For the rebels, only the last rank about to be expelled is waiting for them!

He subconsciously wanted to call someone, but at this time, he realized that there was no one around him to call.

This year’s freshmen have originally divided into three parts: The biggest piece is naturally Olivia’s side, followed by the members of Class 2 originally led by Voge, and the last piece is Olaf and his group at Class 3.

In this simulated environment test, all of Voge’s subordinates have been annexed by Olivia, and now only Tiger was left.

Angrily, Vogetore another hundred pictures of Olivia. In the end, he found his depression not abating so he slipped out of his dormitory and went in front of Olivia’s dormitory building.

There are a lot of people coming and going here every day, so it’s not difficult to get close.

Standing on an inconspicuous outer wall, Voge took out the suitcase he’s carrying and carefully dumped the contents into the yard, before quickly slipping away.

Bayati Giant Snake! This is the guardian snake that he stole from the Academy’s biological research room where he’s responsible for guarding at the research institute! 0.5ml of its venom is enough to poison anyone! Although they won’t die, they won’t move for a full week. It’s said that Olivia lives here alone at night, hmph——

With a sneer in his heart, Voge left without a trace.

Not long after he left, the snake woke up. Instinctively feeling that he had reached a strange place, it straightened the first half of its body. At this moment, two gleaming light bulbs suddenly appeared in the grass in front. The Bayati Great Snake remained vigilant.

No…not a light bulb! Those are the eyes of a beast!

In the darkness, Big Horn, who had drunk too much water that night, came out to piss. After doing so, he’s a little hungry and was about to gnaw on a piece of the lawn for supper, but then saw a long strip in front…snake!

Facing the giant snake that was several times bigger than itself, it couldn’t hold back.

The two sides stood still for about ten seconds, then they attacked each other in unison!

It’s at this time——

When the giant snake’s tongue was about a meter away from him, Big Horn suddenly jumped up. Its plump body leaped more than one meter high and Big Horn opened his mouth in mid-air.

Completely different from its gentle and obedient appearance in normal times, this time, Big Horn’s expression was even hideous. His mouth quickly widened to the limit and at that moment, Big Horn’s mouth could almost be described as a huge mouth!

As soon as the mouth opened and closed, the body of the Bayati Giant Snake was almost bitten in two!

The giant snake struggled painfully on the ground. It wanted to use its last strength to restrain the enemy, however, without giving it a chance, Big Horn quickly took a second and third bite.

When Big Horn took the third bite, the Bayati Great Snake died.

Squatting on the grass, Big Horn ate the snake’s body as supper, but he didn’t finish eating all of it. There was still a big chunk of belly meat left. After eating, he relieved himself again, then returned to the house to eat the snake meat.

Since it didn’t succeed the first night, Voge successively dropped all kinds of fierce beasts into Olivia’s yard. Then, these fierce beasts were killed by Big Horn and made into supper. Within a few days, Big Horn became fatter by two circles.

As early as the first day when Big Horn came back with snake meat, Jopson and the others saw the sneaky Voge through the monitoring system. The monitoring system of the Chief’s dormitory building is very developed. As long as you step into the monitoring system’s range, everyone’s whereabouts couldn’t be hidden. This is something the other students who have never been to the Chief’s dormitory building don’t know, so Voge naturally didn’t know.

The moment he found Voge, Jopson immediately asked Olivia how to deal with him. Olivia just waved his hand and motioned them to ignore it for the time being, but…

“The doctor said that Big Horn is overweight now and it’s not suitable to eat supper at night.” Since knowing that Big Horn is a precious Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon, the hospital took the initiative to come to the door and give Big Horn a physical exam every week. In Olivia’s negotiations, this number has been changed to twice a month. Because of his species, the security equipment in Olivia’s dormitory is twice as tight as the other Chiefs.

After seeing this report, Olivia finally decided to end the nightly farce. So when Voge came again with “supper”, Jopson, along with twenty people, caught him!

Looking at the serious-looking Jopson and then at the invisible Olivia in the front seat, the last trace of courage in Voge’s heart suddenly shattered and he suddenly thought of Holland’s fate.

Things that he laughed about before, now…Voge thought about Olivia’s expression that he’d just seen and a chill suddenly formed in his heart.

He tremblingly took out a stack of photos from his arms and threw himself on the ground.

“I, I, I am not a villain who is here to put poison in an attempt to harm Sir Olivia! I, I am a super VIP member of Chief Olivia’s Support Team! I especially admire Sir Olivia!”

Everyone was stunned.

“Haha.” Olivia laughed: “Unfortunately, you’re not my type~”

The next day, when he saw Voge appearing in Olivia’s camp, Olaf froze for a moment, then dropped his eyes and walked past them.

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TINA V2C082: The Situation At The Imperial Military Academy
TINA V2C084: Mu Gen in the Instructor's Eyes

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