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According to the system rules, the two parties sent to a fighting field will be the those closest to their current level.

That meant that the opponent was a freshman who had just entered the mecha training program just like him. However, as soon as the opposite freshman moved, Fraffetal knew that the freshman on the other side was definitely not a real freshman.

In the system, due to different levels, permissions will vary. But as long as they’re newbies who registered for the first time, everyone in the system would be the same. However, hidden under the same database, the actual level of each person will be different.

For example, mechas. Today’s mechas are controlled weapons. It’s not common, but there are always people who have the conditions to get in touch with mechas in advance, learning how to operate the mecha before entering the system, and was even quite good.

To send off these people to their closest level as soon as possible, instead of staying in place to abuse the poor real novices or people who are not suitable for these tasks, the system arranges five positioning matches for each newcomer who used the program for the first time. Each round will choose the opponent with the closest hidden score. According to their performance, the newcomer’s hidden score would be constantly refreshed and after five positioning matches, they’d be sent to the fighting platform with the most suitable level for him.

The opposing mecha took a pose as soon as he saw Mu Gen appear. His movements were very standardized, the standard posture for military instructors and professors.

This person is from a military academy——Fraffetal immediately recognized the identity of Mu Gen’s opponent.

In fact, there’s no need to guess. In the novice area of the system, except for the batch of freshmen from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy that he brought, everyone else came from various military academies.

Most military academy students will enter this system for supplementary teaching in some courses in the second grade. Most military academies will even use the system scores as part of their final assessment. However, there are special circumstances this year. When the Military Department issued the news about the upcoming inter-academic Military Training League, at the same time, the right to use the military network of participating academies was specially allowed to be opened in advance. All academies approved to participate in the league can allow their freshmen to register an ID in the system in advance to start practical lessons.

In principle, academies other than military academies don’t have the right to send students into the training system affiliated to the military network, and it’s not possible to obtain “system” access until they graduate and join the military.

The Imperial Comprehensive Academy under Dean Ode is the only general academy approved to participate in the inter-academic Military Training League this time.

Don’t know what Ode did, but the Military Department actually opened the right to use this military training system to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy at the same time! This is something that has never happened since the system operated.

In other words, Mu Gen and the others are now the only little white sheep in the military training system where beasts gather ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿.

Of course, this matter is currently classified. Except for Dean Ode and the military leaders who approved this matter, probably only a few instructors from this four-star military base knew about it.

Fraffetal didn’t participate in the initial training of these children. He was more like a bystander. Like the other instructors leading these children, he’s now on “vacation”.

For frontline officers, taking care of daily security at remote bases is a vacation. Fraffetal’s last mission failed, and his enemies attributed his failure to his training method. For this reason, Fraffetal was removed from a position of practical power and only retained the title of Lt General and arranged to this remote four-star military base. Although it’s four stars, there are no classified items here and the armament equipment is common, so Fraffetal knew what’s going on.

The soldiers here are of ordinary qualifications and even when trained in Fraffetal’s way, they didn’t achieve much in the past few years. Generally, four-star military bases can be used as military training camps for major military academies, but in the seven years Fraffetal stayed here, there has never been a military academy training here. However, Ode didn’t know about this situation and since a few years ago, he has set the military training site of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy here every year.

Fraffetal accepted Ode’s kindness.

He didn’t disclose his identity and lived here as an ordinary military officer. He participated in military training every year, but only that. The students in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy are incomparable to military academies and their physiques are not suitable for ancient training methods. Fraffetal only trained them mechanically and after they left, he hoped that this military training experience would not leave too many traumas in their memories.

Fraffetal thinks he could probably retire early.

Seven years of living with almost nothing to do has wiped out his fighting spirit. He thought he will probably never go back. In fact, he has already written his resignation letter. After this wave of freshmen’s military training is over, he will end his military career and return to his hometown to find someone to marry and live the rest of his life.

However, Ode suddenly told him that he could participate in the league.

Squinting his eyes, Fraffetal quietly watched Mu Gen’s first positioning match on the console:

Under the same machine parameters, the strengths of the two parties are completely unequal. Compared to the pure novice Mu Gen, his opponent had obviously experienced the actual operation of the mecha before entering the system. This is a test with great disparity in strength.

Facing the opponent who used mecha grappling skills to attack him from the beginning, Mu Gen avoided it awkwardly. Before he could stand firmly, his opponent attacked again with a sweeping leg and Mu Gen quickly jumped up.

The next process was almost like a funny show. Mu Gen’s opponent showed all the postures of mecha basic combat skills. Although his posture was not standard enough, his momentum was amazing!

However, these amazing fists did not fall on Mu Gen’s mecha.

He was a little clumsy at first but after dodging for ten minutes, Mu Gen’s mecha became more flexible. By the time the opponent started to show the second set of “fighting skills”, Mu Gen’s dodging technique was already very agile! And then——

“This is…the first set of standard fighting techniques, right?” Sitting next to Fraffetal, another instructor has been paying attention to Mu Gen’s side. After noticing Mu Gen’s dodging action, he couldn’t help asking his colleagues.

“Uh…looks like it…” The colleague he questioned immediately replied.

As the ones responsible for the military training for the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, they only taught these children the first set of standard combat skills. This set of actions can also be used as a mecha fighting technique, but it’s one thing to master the combat skill using a human body, and another thing to copy the action to a humanoid mecha!

People with a talent for mecha operation can generally master the basic operations of mechas within three days and can use mechas to act according to their wishes within seven days. Ten days is the standard time to see if a person has a talent for mecha operation. For students in the Mecha Department, after taking the first step in using mecha, most of them would spend most of their lives practicing one action after another.

These actions ranged from simple to complex, starting from the decomposition of the action, then practicing the combined movements. An excellent mecha operator can perfectly combine these movements!

Those who can accomplish what other people can’t, and even create a variety of new ways of connection, are called “geniuses”!

“A genius…” Looking at Mu Gen in the field dazedly, an instructor murmured.

Showing the actions you have learned through the mecha in less than an hour after you have just been in contact with the mecha, what is it if not a genius?!

In the following period, Mu Gen used the moves in the “First Set of Standard Fighting Technique” over and over again. While his movements were getting better and better, his opponent was getting more and more flustered. Finally, after five minutes, he actually ran into Mu Gen’s fist.

And fainted.

“Winner: Olivia, Number of battles: 1 game, winning rate: 100%.” Following the system’s announcement, Mu Gen and his opponent were immediately teleported out.

“This…this also works?” Although Mu Gen’s movement proficiency exceeded their expectations, Mu Gen has been dodging from beginning to end! He stretched out his fist once and the opponent was so stupid that he ran into it and knocked himself out!

This way of winning is truly unexpected!

After a brief rest, Fraffetal followed Mu Gen to his second match.

Still using the first set of standard fighting techniques, and still dodging nonstop, Mu Gen didn’t seem to want to attack, but after half an hour, when the opponent’s mecha easily caught the mecha driven by Mu Gen, he suddenly lost his balance and fell!

The system once again judged Mu Gen to have won.

The mouths of the two instructors opened slightly.

With their curiosity completely provoked, they couldn’t help but lean forward to watch Mu Gen’s third match:

This time the opponent was even worse. The mecha he’s driving slipped strangely and while gnawing on mud, the poor opponent and mecha were directly sent out of the game!

In the fourth match, Mu Gen used his weapon for the first time but his bullet missed. However, no one thought that his opponent would suddenly give up the attack on Mu Gen at that time. Instead, he avoided it. This avoidance didn’t matter but the bullet that was destined to shoot air suddenly hit the mecha’s left chest.

The system judged that Mu Gen won the game.

“No…is this what I’m thinking?” With his mouth wide open, an instructor suddenly turned his head to look at Fraffetal, who was expressionless on the side.

Nodding slightly, Fraffetal said intently: “Exactly what you imagine.”

This kid is a genius! He’s a real genius!

“There is no accident, it’s the inevitable result of accurate prediction. This child saw through all the weaknesses of his opponent in a short period!”

Not only the weakness, but he also memorized all the habitual movements of his opponent. After several rounds of trial and error, he determined when he’d use a certain action and the opponent will definitely respond with another action. He only needs to issue a blow.

A hit in one move!

“Absolutely Effective——only effective blows that can bring irreversible damage to the opponent will be judged like this. All of Mu Gen’s attacks in the four games just now are Absolutely Effective.”

Fraffetal was still expressionless, but if he’s looking at himself right now, he’d find that his eyes were horribly bright compared to usual.

He’s not usually a talkative person but explaining these things to several faculty officers who were not proficient in mecha fighting is already his very talkative performance.

However, at this moment, he couldn’t restrain the series of sentences pouring out of his mouth.

Looking at Mu Gen’s performance in the field, Fraffetal seemed to feel his heartbeat become louder, little by little.

This is the excitement he never had when Ode told him that he could participate in the Military Training League!

What about being able to participate? Fraffetal is not optimistic about this. Since they were born, the students from these general academies can’t compare with military academies. Compared with their peers who aimed to become soldiers, they’re much worse in terms of momentum and physical conditions.

From the results of the freshmen in this system, he could see: The students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy naturally have some excellent students, but most of the freshmen’s grades are very average in the bottom area of all freshmen.

He thought he was dead, but when he heard the news, a rush of enthusiasm blazed from his chest, and Fraffetal only realized at that time: It turns out that he…never gave up!

Sometimes, Fraffetal himself wondered why he hasn’t given up his heart after so long, until today! Until now!

Fraffetal suddenly understood the reason:

The reason is the boy in front of me!

This boy named Mu Gen from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy!

He acted like a fire that quietly ignited Fraffetal’s remaining ambition hidden in the ashes, spreading bit by bit, until it became a raging fire!

The author has something to say:

It’s a bit late, but I’m trying to explain why Mu Gen is so good~

This humble child is still more in line with his name.

TINA V2C084: Mu Gen in the Instructor's Eyes
TINA V2C086: Passed By Each Other

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