TINA V2C086: Passed By Each Other

TINA V2C085: The Burning Instructor Fraffetal
TINA V2C087: Terrifying Child

Under Fraffetal’s fiery attention, Mu Gen and his fifth opponent stood at both ends of the fighting platform at the same time.

The exact same mecha, but the records of the two sides were completely different: One is Mu Gen, who had experienced four matches with a 100% winning rate. He’s the well-deserved number one among the freshmen with the same number of matches; on the other side was a freshman who lost all four games, not even able to fully operate his mecha.

Several instructors immediately searched the information of the other student and weren’t surprised to find that the other party had poor grades. His current comprehensive score seemed to be the last among the freshmen.

Up to now, a match between the best freshman and the worst freshman is also a deliberate act of the system.

The system will first arrange the two sides whose hidden scores are as close as possible, but occassionally, the system will also arrange the person with the highest score and the person with the lowest score together. For the person with the highest score, this would allow them to complete the game as soon as possible and upgrade to a zone that’s more suitable for them. For the person with the lowest score, this is his last and only chance to achieve a counterattack.

Used to the opponent attacking first, once the other party didn’t move, Mu Gen also didn’t move. The two mechas stood there blankly, and the atmosphere was strange for a while.

“Please start the competition as soon as possible.” Suddenly, there was a cold voice from the system: They stood still for too long that the system began to urge them.

So both sides started to move.

Like a hunter, Mu Gen moved toward his “prey”. Even though his opponent didn’t seem strong, Mu Gen was still very cautious. When he was young, this recklessness directly caused his dad’s arm to be beaten by a horned beast to save him. Later, although he was repeatedly repaired, Dad’s arm is not as flexible as it used to be. Thanks to meeting Miss Dolai later, Dad got a new arm and it’s more flexible than ever. However, the arms made of materials left over by the robot uncles who are no longer there remained broken.

Your recklessness sometimes requires others to make sacrifices——this is something that Mu Gen knew from a very young age.

So he was never reckless.

He carefully approached the “prey” in a circle. Along the way, he had already looked at his opponent from start to finish.

Mu Gen’s approach was all seen by the other party. As Mu Gen got closer and closer, the mecha finally moved: He moved his body very cautiously, and the mechanical arm stretched out abruptly. As he squatted down, his hands immediately encircled his head——

Facing Mu Gen, the mecha crouched down with his head in both hands.

Then, don’t know if it was because he hugged too hard, or that it wasn’t strong on that part, under Mu Gen’s gaze, the head of the mecha fell off.

Gululu, rolling directly to Mu Gen’s feet.

Mu Gen was instantly 囧.

Not only Mu Gen, but even the instructors who were watching were also 囧.

Mu Gen hesitantly picked up the head, looked at the big bald head in his hand, and handed it to the enemy mecha who was still squatting stupidly on the ground.

The other party was stunned and took his head, then awkwardly pressed it back to his neck, but because it was upside down, the head was reversed after it was installed and the mecha had to remove the head again and reinstall it.

Maintaining the squatting posture, he silently hugged his head after installing it.

“This freshman, is this funny?” Looking at the situation on the console screen, the instructor who was expecting to see Mu Gen continue to show his talents sighed with disappointment.


Losing four games in a row, beaten by opponents without any power to resist, and still unable to adapt to the operation of the mecha, the freshman driving this mecha is about to collapse mentally. He’s not destined to be Mu Gen’s opponent.

“I don’t know which school this child came from. He couldn’t adapt to the mecha operation for so long, so he should belong to the few people who can’t operate mecha.”

The other instructor also sighed: “After so long, did he only learn one defensive move?”

At this moment, what this mecha showed is the first move of the first set of standard fighting technique一一a recruit’s defensive posture.

From the beginning of taking this pose, he didn’t do any other actions.

It’s not that he didn’t want to but he can’t. Due to his lack of talent, he’s clumsy in any move. Every time he was beaten down by the opponent and to protect himself as much as possible, he could only choose a defensive posture.

The instructor called up his previous four matches. As expected: Since he was completely unable to control the mecha, the freshman used only one defensive move from start to finish. This is a good move since it can resist the attack until the opponent is declared the winner by the system.

In the first round of the game, he wasn’t even proficient in this move and the mecha’s head was broken at that time. The head is an important place for the positioning and imaging system as well as the radar system. The head will not be considered by the system, so he wasn’t immediately ruled out. But for this freshman, he continued to fight with myopia or even blindness. Under these circumstances, he seemed able to advance only in defense. After four consecutive games, his defensive style was decent.

Looking at the “giant mushroom” in full bloom on the ground, the instructors all hoped that Mu Gen will end this very unusual match as soon as possible to hurry up and enter the stage that’s more suitable for him. However, Mu Gen didn’t do what they wanted.

Mu Gen suddenly squatted opposite the other mecha. Under the gaze of all the instructors, he put on the same defensive posture as the opposite mecha.

Stunned, he then began to constantly adjust his posture and when he stopped making any adjustments, the two mechas looked exactly the same.

The same appearance and the same posture!

Not bad.

Under the incomprehensible gaze of the instructors, Mu Gen let go of his head. He stretched out a robotic arm and knocked on the other’s robotic arm, then he gave a “thumbs up” to the other mecha.

“This is the most perfect defensive pose I have ever seen. It’s amazing ~\(≧▽≦)~.”

In the fighting arena, communication between the two parties is not allowed, so the other party didn’t hear anything. To let the other party know what he meant, Mu Gen drew out what he wanted to say word by word in the air.

The same with the action of making a fist. With the thumb clasped in the other four fingers, it’s a heavy fist that symbolizes pain and injury! But just change the angle and let go of a thumb, it immediately became a gesture of praise.

The mecha holding his head blankly raised his head, looking at the thumbs-up of his opponent, stunned——

“Thank you for demonstrating the most correct defensive pose for me. In exchange, I will also tell you the know-how I’ve mastered!” With gestures, Mu Gen told the other party.

“…after this defensive pose, just use an elbow blow. Like this——as long as the angle, strength, and position are correct, everyone can’t escape this blow and they will fly out with a pew!”

While “speaking”, Mu Gen gestured to him what he’s saying.

The instructors had never seen Mu Gen perform this set of moves, and when he showed this set, all the instructors were stunned.

“That, that, that is…” Extending a finger to point at the screen, the instructor’s voice trembled.

“Akimota’s Head Twisting Style!” He finally called out that name!

Akimota’s Head Twisting Style, this set of action combinations was created by a mecha operator named Akimota. It was originally called Akimota’s Wringing Style, but in a later battle, Akimota used this action to smoothly wrench down the head of the enemy’s mecha, leading to the opponent’s defeat, so it was officially renamed Akimoto’s Head Twisting Style.

A very simple, neat, and efficient action, but it can’t be widely promoted. The reason was: this combo’s difficulty is too high!

Its initial action copied the first form of the most basic first set of standard fighting techniques, which everyone knew. It’s not a big deal, but the change to the next action is difficult. It’s been 50 years since the creation of this combo. Except for the founder Akimoto, only a few people can perform it, and in the end, it could only become a legendary stunt in the army.

Everyone knew it, but no one knew how to do it.

On the contrary, thanks to the continuous efforts of scientists, a group of high-end military robots have mastered this move.

Under the horrified gaze of the instructors, Mu Gen demonstrated this action again, then he started to signal the mecha on the opposite side to follow along.

Though the hiding opponent couldn’t figure it out, his mecha still followed him. With each movement, his fists kept falling on Mu Gen. Since it’s a two-way operation, it didn’t hurt. Even their movements looked very graceful. From a distance, it looks a bit like a dance.

“I also learned it after practicing for a long time. As long as you practice hard, you can definitely master it.” After making the gesture, he also used sign language to encourage his opponent.

The so-called “sign language” is actually writing in the air. If the other student could see it, then the instructors could also see it, and the instructors were shocked after seeing those words——

“How’s that possible! How could this be something that can be mastered through hard practice!” Finally, one of the instructors could no longer hold back and stood up, pointing to Mu Gen in the field with excitement: “Fraffetal, this freshman, he…”

In extreme shock and excitement, he was already incoherent. However, no one laughed at him because, at this time, the other two instructors who had witnessed the situation just now felt their hearts surged like him!

“(My uncle said,) The first set of standard fighting techniques is the most basic and the best fighting technique. As long as you practice hard, you will definitely gain something.”

Mu Gen shared his experience with him.

Once again, the enemy mecha that failed to hit the correct position landed on Mu Gen’s shoulder and was stunned. In this short pause, the system’s voice sounded again——

“Winner: Knight, Number of battles: 5, Win rate: 20%.”

Not long after the results were announced, the two players will be sent out of the fighting area.

Before being forcibly sent out, the mecha once again clumsily used the combo that Mu Gen had just taught him,

Of course, it didn’t connect.

“Come on, add oil!” Not minding the failure at all, Mu Gen wrote a sentence in encouragement with his fingers at the last moment.

He waved, then the other party also waved goodbye.

Then the two figures disappeared on the stage at the same time.

Avery Comrow, the “Knight” in the system, pursed his lips.

In the days that followed, he worked hard every day to practice that combo.

Mu Gen told him this was just a trick so he took it seriously. Avery, who didn’t have much interest in mechas, had no idea that the action he’s learning was one of the more legendary skills that humans could not accomplish.

Whenever he could not persist, he would think of what that person told him in the system:

“As long as you practice hard, you can definitely master it.”

Then he’ll continue practicing.

Although he didn’t know who that person is, Avery still figured out that he’s Mu Gen. There’s no helping it: When he woke up and passed the training ground the next morning, Avery saw that move being practiced there. Mu Gen, who performed the first set of standard fighting techniques, used the same move as that person!

In the process of being beaten, Avery quietly changed and tried using this move. He knew that this small change could only be done by the person who fought him in the system that day.

Chairman Mu Gen is that person–Avery realized immediately!

Such an excellent student like Mu Gen still worked hard every day, so how can the stupid him be lazy?

And so, Avery joined the morning exercises the next day.

This is something that happened later.


Not just Mu Gen: In the five positioning matches, Olivia also won the first four, but lost in the last match.

The reason was very inexplicable.

“…the mecha slipped for some reason and I lost. This is a malfunction! A malfunction! Olivia should have passed the positioning matches with 100% winning rate!” Holding the records and reading them over and over several times, the instructors were still aggrieved.

Well, it appeared that during Mu Gen’s third positioning match, his feet suddenly slipped and he fell facedown, eliminating him. That poor creature was our Chick Oli.

The two little guys who had been thinking of each other in their hearts and counting the days to meet don’t know: as early as this time, they had already met.

And passed by each other.

The author has something to say:

2015.5.16 Revised the identity of the freshman who played against Mu Gen ←major revision


I went to buy a gift for mom.

Translator’s Notes:

In the first version, Olaf was the person Mu Gen taught but in this revised version, it became someone Avery.

TINA V2C085: The Burning Instructor Fraffetal
TINA V2C087: Terrifying Child

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