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Mu Gen finally completed his five positioning matches.

While most freshmen stayed in the newbie arena, only a small number can enter the one-star arena smoothly. He successfully got positioned in the three-star arena’s…last place~

Although it’s the bottom, this result has broken the highest positioning record ever held by the four-star military base where he is located and it ranked first among all the students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy!

Like the shooting training, the training assessment for the mecha operation is also ten days. However, these ten days allowed the freshmen to return to reality and rest, provided that they must complete ten matches every day.

This is to prevent any traumas. During the mecha operations assessment, the students are completely unable to communicate with the outside world. Under these circumstances, a considerable number will induce symptoms of autism: becoming irritable and self-destructive or developing a tendency to hurt other people.

In this case, every time a student finished ten games, the system will automatically prompt the students to leave the system to rest, and most students can’t wait to choose to leave.

Of course, if they don’t want to come out, the system will continue to arrange matches for them. The interval between these matches will not exceed ten minutes and the students’ spirit is almost always in tension. One day is fine, two days can be maintained, but after three or four days, most people will choose to quit. Only those fighting freaks who are born to love fighting can survive.

Since meeting Mu Gen, Fraffetal found that all his previous conjectures were invalidated and almost none of them were accurate.

He thought that Mu Gen was too soft, but Mu Gen personally shot and killed 931 people in the shooting training without mercy;

He thought that Mu Gen has a clear principle and was very logical about any task, however, Mu Gen lost to a weak opponent in the fifth positioning match;

A natural pacifist, usually harmless, however, when encountering violations against his own justice standards, he will become very terrifying——Fraffetal’s remarks on Mu Gen grew longer and longer.

In the previous shooting training, it was due to the actions of those people who undermined the “justice” in Mu Gen’s eyes. Mu Gen is not fond of fighting——Fraffertal thought that Mu Gen would take regular breaks every day as usual, which is completely different from this young boy who lacks self-control. In Fraffetal’s observation, Mu Gen is a child with a very strong self-control ability.


This child seemed to be sent to him by the heavens to test Fraffetal’s ability to distinguish people as Mu Gen’s actions were once again contrary to Fraffetal’s expectations!

Ten days! Mu Gen stayed in the virtual system for ten days, continuing battle after battle and the light in his eyes became brighter and brighter!

This, this kid is actually a natural fighting freak——Mu Gen didn’t rest for a few days, and Fraffetal, who was sitting in front of the console and watching him closely, also didn’t rest for those few days. Mu Gen’s stay in the system could no longer shock him as the constantly refreshing time records have already wiped out his shock.

“Winner: Olivia, Number of Battles: 352, Winning Rate: 90.8%. Congratulations, you have advanced to the five-star arena!”

This is Mu Gen’s final test score.

The average student can only play 100 matches at most, but Mu Gen’s matches were three times that! The too-frequent matches didn’t affect his performance since Mu Gen’s winning percentage is very high!

“What a terrible guy…” During Mu Gen’s matches, the remaining two instructors began to rest as usual after watching for five days. When Mu Gen’s results were announced, they could only utter in admiration: “I couldn’t tell that this little guy is actually a fighting freak!”

Fraffetal just quietly looked at the console screen filled with the military logo without making a sound.

At the end of the ten-day test period, whether it’s a student in a match or a student waiting to participate in a match, they were all teleported out. When the egg-shaped cabin was opened, many people were stunned. Noticing the faces of the students around them, they realized that the ten-day mecha training was over.

“Where’s the Chairman? Where’s the Chairman?” The first thing Dobby did when he woke up was to find Mu Gen. Since their cabins are next to each other, every time he came out to rest, the cabin next door was still closed, so Dobby hadn’t met Mu Gen for ten days. However, he thought that Mu Gen’s rest time just didn’t match with him, so he never expected that Mu Gen hadn’t rested for ten days.

“I haven’t seen him for ten days.” Kerry’s “egg” was also next to Mu Gen, and while neatly jumping out, he also pulled out Dobby, who hadn’t crawled out even after a long time.

“Me too, I haven’t seen Mu Gen for ten days.” Godot’s voice suddenly came from the side and Dobby was taken aback.

The three then looked at the “egg” that contained Mu Gen——

Inside the egg, Mu Gen was sleeping.

“He shouldn’t have…fallen asleep during a match, right?” A voice came from the side, but it was from a student of another department. Not knowing what was going on, he also came in to join in the fun.

However, their voices were not loud. Intentionally or unintentionally, they used their bodies to block the sight of the instructor on the side, thinking of waking up Mu Gen before the instructor noticed——everyone thought so. However, Mu Gen, who had always gotten up on time, fell asleep this time and couldn’t wake up no matter how much Dobby pushed him. With no other way, Dobby finally carried him on his back.

Everyone lined up and went out. Unlike the military academy where the results are announced in real-time, the Imperial Comprehensive Academy students will only know the results after it was over.

Mu Gen’s name was very eye-catching in the first place: even with a high winning rate of over 90%, he has played as many as 352 matches! Not to mention, the far right side of the result showed that his arena turned out to be a five-star arena!

Oh my God! Most of the people here are still in the one-star arena!

Domra was in second place. His winning percentage is 78.9% and he entered the three-star arena. He thought he must be in the first place, but never expected——

“352 matches, has he been playing all this time?” Finally, some students couldn’t hold their surprise and spoke out loud.

“Yes, within ten days, he has been playing in the system without a break.” Unexpectedly, the instructor on the side not only spoke but also answered their questions.

“I’m impressed.” Domra turned his head in admiration and looked over.

“The Chairman is so amazing!”

“That’s right, that’s right! In the previous shooting task, he was so hot!”

The tolerance of the instructor just now restored these children to their original vigor. Coupled with Mu Gen’s amazing achievements, the announcement hall was filled with admiration for this freshman for a while.

Although they have always paid the most attention to Mu Gen, their attention to the other freshmen hadn’t fallen. All of their performance after waking up were seen in Fraffetal’s eyes and all their words fell in his ears:

“Chairman”——Fraffetal noticed that aside from the freshmen in Mu Gen’s group, more and more people called Mu Gen this way and even some chairmen called Mu Gen like this.

More than that, when they just woke up, many people intentionally or unintentionally looked towards Mu Gen. When they discovered that Mu Gen didn’t wake up on time, everyone covered for him intentionally or unintentionally. In the end, when there’s nothing more they could do, someone took him out at the risk of being punished.

How long has it been? His innate affinity made everyone willing to approach him and his absolute strength made it impossible to raise the idea of confronting him.

Terrible, what a terrifying child——Looking at Mu Gen, who was being carried by his big classmate, Fraffetal was silent.

The author has something to say:

This volume is almost over, the next volume should be about the league, and then time will be fast-forwarded.

Everyone’s expectation of Oli’s vacation time will also be in that volume


Following everyone’s suggestions, the author decided to go to bed late. Since there’s a lot less today, I’ll add a small chapter tomorrow.

PS: I asked everyone for the title of the third volume on Weibo before, and it turned out…

: Eight more a day (== this is a daydream and it’s not suitable as a volume title! Dismissed!)

: Big Horn Big Horn (the protagonist changed orz...)

: A Fat Chick (it’s a little hard for Oli to gain weight…)

The author feels molested 囧

But there are also good ones

: Stardust Journey

: Spark Ascending to the Stars (this is my favorite, but I think it should be a bit more advanced)

: College’s Double Walls (I like double walls, but the word college…I always feel that there should be the word star there)

Looking forward to your suggestions!

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TINA V2C086: Passed By Each Other
TINA V2C088: Chief Established

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  1. Okay I know Chinese novels are not know for their accurate depictions of non-neurotypical people, but seriously wtf none of those things mentioned in this chapter are symptoms of autism.

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