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Although very tired, Mu Gen woke up on time before training the next day.

Uncle Beta said: “If you want to be a good hunter, you must get up earlier than your prey.”

So Mu Gen always wakes up earlier, not too early, but definitely half an hour earlier than the horned beasts on average.

Stretching his long idle waist, Mu Gen sat up with a satisfied expression. He saw Uncle Alpha sitting next to his bed at a glance: “Good morning, First Uncle!”

This sentence was spoken very quietly because the other students in the dormitory hadn’t woke up yet.

“Good morning.” Alpha nodded at Mu Gen, “I received your report card. The ranking is very high and your performance is good.”

Uncle Alpha first expressed his affirmation of Mu Gen’s achievements, and then changed his words: “However, you are not allowed to stay in the virtual environment for that long in the future.”

“But, but this time, it’s not a game, it’s for training!” Mu Gen tried to defend.

A red light flashed on Alpha’s screen: “As a human being, you must have basic self-control.”

First Uncle’s voice was very serious. Of course, he had always been very serious.

“A robot can replace parts if it’s overloaded, but can you as a human?”

“If it’s not for mental fatigue, your winning rate can be higher. During virtual competitions, failure is just a decrease in the percentage of wins. But in reality, a failure is likely to cause unimaginable results.”

In the world of robots, there is no 99% or 98%, only 100% is allowed in their world.

Any robot with less than 100% is a substandard product that is not allowed to leave the factory, waiting for its fate to be destroyed.

Even if they left the factory as qualified products, they still have to guarantee their winning rate.

Every time they fail, they might change from a qualified product to a substandard product. Every day, they might be eliminated.

This is the experience that Alpha summarized in his short-term robot life. He shared this experience with all younger robots and at the same time, this concept of education was passed on to Mu Gen.

Of course, they won’t abandon him even if parts are missing due to mission failure one day. However, what they could not bear was that the child could never return due to a certain failure.

Alpha’s dark screen quietly faced Mu Gen.

After understanding the seriousness in his First Uncle’s “eyes”, Mu Gen nodded vigorously after a long while.

“Then get up, I’m going to the roof to collect the clothes.” Touching Mu Gen’s soft hair, Alpha got up and left.

Rubbing the hair touched by his uncle, Mu Gen smiled. Looking at Sigma, who was still turned off in the bed, Mu Gen also touched Sigma’s big bald head. Pulling the quilt to his chest, he rolled out of the bed gently like a cheetah.

After that day, Mu Gen didn’t stay in the system for a long time. The sleepless crazy fighting frenzy in the first two tests suddenly disappeared, and Mu Gen showed self-control in the following training assessments. This rule-abiding performance made Fraffetal even more satisfied.

After talking to his First Uncle, Mu Gen resumed his routine before entering the virtual system.

There’s a large training ground in the center of the dormitory buildings where the instructors would raid at night and pull the freshmen out for training. Mu Gen and the others have not been raided once, but Mu Gen will come over to do some warm-up exercises every morning.

This is a very good place and the instructor didn’t prohibit them from using it, but very few people would come over for morning exercise. Most people are exhausted by the daily training so they want to sleep in for a while every day. The only people who came here to watch the sunrise are Mu Gen and Brad, as well as Avery Comrow who joined halfway.

From the fifth positioning match, Mu Gen and Avery knew each other well.

“Good morning, Avery.” Mu Gen routinely greeted Avery, who nodded with a grimace, but still ran over and ran silently behind Mu Gen.

Avery was tall and strong but he doesn’t like to talk, even so, he’s a man with a strong heart←by Mu Gen.

After running five laps in the training ground, Mu Gen finished early. After doing three sets of the first set of standard fighting techniques, Avery just finished his run while panting. Waiting for his breath to calm down, he stood by and practiced with Mu Gen.

He’s still practicing the first set of the standard fighting techniques: the defensive pose and the subsequent combo, but the difference from Mu Gen is that he’s operating a virtual mecha out of thin air.

Knowing his level very well, Avery made a decision: In the remaining military training time, he must perfectly master the combo that Mu Gen taught him, so he gave up training all other moves.

Rather than knowing all kinds of tricks, it’s better to specialize in one——he told Mu Gen about this and when he saw Mu Gen nod his head, he was relieved.

When Avery practiced for the fifth time, the third person who would also go here every day——Brad, also appeared. While carrying a big bucket, he walked over from the dormitory.

Unlike the two people who came to exercise early in the morning, Brad woke up early for the piglet.

Resolutely executing his punishment and with the premise of not interrupting his shooting and mecha training, Brad will pass by Mu Gen and Avery every day.

“Good morning, Brad.” Mu Gen greeted him as always.

“Good day.” Nodding reservedly is regarded as a greeting. Seeing what Avery was doing, Brad frowned, “your toes are raised too high.”

After that prompt, Brad strode forward with the bucket. He would take the morning bus to feed the pig and then return quickly before the start of morning training.

All the actions of these three teenagers were reflected in Fraffetal’s eyes.

The three of them have the same perseverance and self-control, but their talents are completely different!

He can almost imagine the future of the three teenagers in front of him: Brad can climb up through his qualifications, and will eventually get a good position in the middle-ranks of the military. His future is the most secure;

And Avery, although it’s cruel to say this: This kid doesn’t have any talent, and it’s completely through hard work that he got into the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. He’s stupid and has to learn something 20 times when others can learn it in just three tries. When the other students have already started the third set of standard fighting techniques, he hadn’t even passed the first set of fighting techniques. Now that he’s being trained in group tasks and had a lot of experience, many instructors responded that whichever team this freshman is in, he will drag them. Although he worked harder than the others, the gaps he could catch up to are getting less and less. In this situation, he actually gave up all training and put all controllable training time on an unfinished task every day.

If he was a real soldier, Fraffetal would advise him to stop.

But Avery’s training program got Mu Gen’s approval. Due to a certain bias that has always been in his mind, Fraffetal decided not to interrupt him.

Fraffetal’s sight finally fell on Mu Gen:

Strong learning ability, unparalleled determination, and machine-like self-discipline. This is almost a perfect soldier.

It’s him, Fraffertal told himself. He didn’t need to continue watching. On behalf of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, the commander-in-chief who would represent the academy in the near inter-academic league can already be determined.

Fraffetal could almost imagine that day, the day when this boy named Mu Gen will shock the audience!

He can’t wait.

At the same time, the Imperial Military Academy also confirmed their commander in chief——


This name, which would have shocked the military only seven years later, has finally appeared in front of the big figures ahead of time.

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TINA V2C087: Terrifying Child
TINA V3C089: Third Letter

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