TINA V3C089: Third Letter

TINA V2C088: Chief Established
TINA V3C090: Military Conference

For the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, the days when military training first started felt like years ago. However, as the training continued, they gradually got used to this kind of life. After finishing the virtual training in strategic subjects, they reluctantly discovered that there were only eleven days left.

Still a bit unwilling to believe that their military training life was about to end and in this complicated mood, the instructor dropped a notice:

“Next, you will represent the Imperial Comprehensive Academy in the Inter-Academic Military Training League.”

“Ah?” The freshmen were stunned: League? Uhm…they’ve never heard of it?

“This is Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s first year to participate. In previous years, this league was only held within the major military academies, known as one of the three major events of the military academy. How about it? Isn’t it exciting to participate in this level of competition?” After three months of seeing the hard work and efforts of the freshmen, these rigid-faced instructors can now occassionally joke with the students.

The freshmen were all 囧: Not, excited, at, all! No matter how you look at it, they’d get the last place!

“After this announcement, we will give you one hour to prepare. One hour later, we will gather on the training ground.” With the corners of their mouths pursed, as if the smile just now never happened, the instructors left.

The freshmen were left stunned.

But no matter how shocked they were, the freshmen still ran back to their respective dormitories at the fastest speed. However, when they arrived, they found that: All the luggage is ready, neatly on the back of the robot they brought. Since they were notified a step late, the robots are already ready to go. At this time, their training was not in vain as these former entertainment robots now looked decent.

There’s also a uniform prepared with the luggage. At this moment, the white uniform with good texture is lying on the bed of each new student.

“It’s the uniform of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy!” Someone immediately recognized the identity of this uniform.

The uniforms of their Academy are notoriously good-looking since designers that graduated from the Academy tailored a series of uniforms for the Academy. According to gender, there are two types, for men and women. Boys’ uniforms are trousers, while girls’ uniforms are A-line skirts. The main tone is white and the accessories are matte gold. The overall design was elegant and generous, without losing the vivaciousness of young people.

The above is the official evaluation of the uniforms of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy from the outside world.

The actual evaluation is: OMG! The student uniforms of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy are truly the highest offense for the students!

As a student, xx-brand anti-wolf spray is a must! They need it!

Strictly speaking, the uniforms of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy are as conservative and strict as the uniforms of other academies. But the designers couldn’t bear it so while paying special attention to the rules, wearing it would still make the curves on the chest line, waistline, and hip line fully visible! No matter how bad their figure is, people who wear this would immediately look decent. The lower grade students would look innocent and cute, while the advantages of the higher grade students would be fully displayed. It’s said that there are even fan clubs among the public!

Cough! The author has digressed.

Freshmen didn’t receive this uniform when they enrolled in school, but they didn’t need uniforms as freshmen. At that time, there were many disappointed people, but now that the uniform they dreamed of was in front of them, everyone cheered and rushed to the bed.

Mu Gen also put on the uniform with the help of his First Uncle.

Although it’s the most powerful robot in the world, the power of the Alphabet Series Robots is only related to the military. They don’t have civilian skills and they don’t know how to weave or how to cut. Mu Gen, who only wore animal skins every day, is like a savage.

Alpha not caring about this is normal for robots. Those soft, fancy clothes have no other effect besides conforming with the rules of human society. However, at this moment, watching Mu Gen stand in front of him in a snow-white uniform, Alpha suddenly didn’t think so.

Taking a little step back, he took a picture of Mu Gen’s current countenance without any dead ends, and a strange feeling suddenly surged in his “heart”.

It can’t be calculated nor reasoned out, so after saving this sentiment in his archive, Alpha applauded Mu Gen.

“Very deterrent.” First Uncle made a personal conclusion from Mu Gen’s uniform.  ̄▽ ̄

“Ah ⊙▽⊙, is it? I think this white is too eye-catching and easy to get dirty.”

“Everyone is wearing this, so you’ll be very concealed. In addition, after testing, the uniform material is very resistant to dirt, so you can wear it with confidence.”

“This uniform is really good.” Mu Gen then heaved a sigh of relief.

Godot + Kerry next to them: “Very deterrent”, what the hell is with that description? Shouldn’t normal people be impressed by its exquisite design? And also——Chairman Mu Gen, do you think this uniform is good because it’s stain-resistant enough? This…this focus is simply too crooked!

Without a uniform, Sigma put on his vest. He also took his brother’s spare tie and looked at all the other robots with naked butts around him. He tied the tie around his neck and tucked the end of the tie into the little vest in a decent manner.

As the Chief Robot, Alpha took the group of robots to the designated place. As for the task of gathering the human students, Instructor Fraffetal handed it to Mu Gen in front of the freshmen.

“Mu Gen, starting today until the end of the league, you will become the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, and all students here will be your subordinates.

Discover their abilities, use them, integrate everyone and strive for a common goal. As the commander-in-chief, you are responsible for every student here. Whether you succeed or fail, you will be responsible for the results of this league. Can you do it?”

Looking directly at Mu Gen, Instructor Fraffetal looked harsh. At that moment, he released all his aura!

The students standing next to Mu Gen weakened on the spot, but Mu Gen did not move. He held on to the classmate who was about to fall next to him and looked at the faces of the others behind him, his eyes full of doubts.

The others are also looking at him with excitement, encouragement, yearning, and expectations. After receiving countless glances, Mu Gen’s originally confused head became firm.

He raised his head again:

“Guaranteed to complete the task!”

With shining eyes, the young man in front of him is full of fighting spirit!

There was no retreat in his eyes, nor any concealment. By accepting the task assigned to him by his superiors, he is confident to complete it——the above is all the information Fraffetal read from Mu Gen’s eyes.

He’s not excited at fighting, but for the task itself.

“Very well, then, Commander Mu Gen, from now on, call on everyone to gather and board the ship.”

“Yes, sir!” With his legs straight and in perfect posture, Mu Gen issued his first command after being appointed——

“At ease, stand at attention, collection in Yip’s Formation!”

Lined up neatly, the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy embarked on the journey to participate in the league.

And three hours later, far away on Hengtian Star at the other end of the same galaxy, the spacecraft of the Imperial Military Academy also left.

“Chief Olivia, I look forward to seeing you again and… with two medals added here.” After telling that to Olivia, who was appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military Academy for this league, the instructor pointed to his left chest: This is where soldiers wore their medals.

Competition existed from the beginning and during the military league held by the army, those who performed well can receive corresponding medals based on their performance and that medal is allowed to be worn on their school uniforms as a symbol of honor.

There was a muffled sound from leather boots as Olivia saluted the instructor. Then he turned and left, accompanied by Todd and Jopson who were waiting on the side. His figure finally merged into the black army of cadets behind him.

The first thing he did after going into the spacecraft was a meeting. After sending them the news of participating in the league, the instructor provided them with information regarding the competitions of the Imperial Military Academy over the years, and within the half-day journey to the venue, they must seize this chance to study these materials, summarize them, estimate the scope of this league, and then allocate tasks reasonably.

“Mengmeng has sent the information to everyone’s smart brains. After three hours, submit a report on time.” After a simple and rude arrangement of the task, Olivia then walked slowly to the corner, opened a book, and read it quietly.

Mu Gen’s third letter is here:


Now you have to call me Chairman Mu Gen~\(≧▽≦)~.

I was elected!

I actually don’t have competitors but I was still elected normally. Although there is very little staff in the Cooking Department…dad and uncles were still very happy when I received a position for the first time. Uncle Beta deliberately lined up to buy cakes from the Lollana Cake Shop and came back, saying that he wanted to eat cakes to celebrate. The cake is easy to break and cannot be mailed, so I helped you eat one more piece!

(Hey! That’s my cake, even if you help me eat it, at least describe the taste and color of the cake too!)

Did Oli also go on a campaign? Uncle urged you to work hard as a student and it’ll be relatively easier to find a good job in the future, but Dad said it’s okay even if I can’t find a good job. Someone needs to inherit the bun shop at home~

(Rest assured, I’m already the Chief. It’s said that as long as I don’t die, I’ll get a good position when looking for a job.)

By the way, I went to help the professors clean their offices. Do you remember Professor Mu Lansha? Although she looks serious, she’s a very kind lady. Not only did she give Sigma a very beautiful little vest, but also often invited us to drink tea. We talked about Mengmeng together and she said that if she had the opportunity to see Mengmeng in the future, she could make an apron for him.”

(Her kindness is only for the robot, right? By the way, Mu Gen, are you treated as not human? I think that’s why she’s so good to you.)

In the middle of each paragraph, Olivia added his complaints.

During his days at the Imperial Military Academy, reading a letter from Mu Gen was his only moment of relaxation. He inserted his own words between the lines as if Mu Gen and he were talking to each other.

In this place, if you stand too low and humble, no one will talk to you;

However, when you stand tall and proud, no one will talk to you either.

It’s not that they won’t, but they dared not.

When those people surrender to him and he chose to stand behind them, Olivia knew that he was destined to not make any friends here.

“Oli, did you make good friends?”

Looking at the slightly sharp familiar handwriting in the paper, Olivia seemed to see Mu Gen’s clear black eyes through the paper, looking at him intently and asking him seriously:

“Oli, did you make good friends?”

No, I only have you as a good friend.

But, you must have made more and better friends, right?

Thinking of this, Olivia’s face dimmed.

But the pen in his hand didn’t stop. Slowly, he added a small line after the question:

“I have a lot of good friends now. One of them is Todd, the other is called Jopson, and like Dobby, they’re brontosaurus. ~\(≧▽≦)~”

Olivia didn’t know how terrible his face was when he drew playful emojis.

No one dared to approach him. The two layers around him seemed to be a vacuum layer, separating him from the other students.

However, Olivia slowly read the letter.

“When you receive this letter, I should be in military training. Students from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy can also participate in military training. I also just learned about it.

I don’t know what base we’ll go to, but it’d be great if I could meet Oli during military training!

Mu Gen”

Staring at Mu Gen’s signature at the end, Olivia’s face became even more solemn.

No, Mu Gen, you don’t understand, I don’t want to meet you during military training.

I never even thought about it at all.

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TINA V2C088: Chief Established
TINA V3C090: Military Conference

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