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The spacecraft of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is also white all over, looking like a white star when traveling in the night sky. When they descended, because of their fast speed, they looked like stars falling from the sky from a distance.

Seeing a meteor gliding in the distance, a tall boy in a dark green uniform put his hands together solemnly and began piously making his wishes to the falling meteor.

“Is there anyone making wishes in meteors these days? So stupid——” A boy standing in line next to him called out on the spot, and he deliberately spoke very loudly to his companions, disregarding the rest of the team next door glaring at him.

The tall boy quickly made his wish, and without saying a word, he walked out of his team and strode over to the boy who had just spoken. He tapped the other person’s shoulder:

“Who are you calling stupid?” The voice was calm.

“Of course it’s the person who just made a wish to the stars. He’s obviously a big and thick man but acting like my sister who’d make a wish on a planet, pfft——”

He didn’t finish his words because when he saw the opposite person clearly, he was punched by the opponent!

A perfect arc was drawn in the sky and the hapless egg fell to the ground.

“I’m a girl.” Wiping the blood on her fist on the uniform of the hapless classmate, the tall man…no! The girl raised her chin slightly, then pulled her skirt intentionally or unintentionally.

Everyone: 囧!


The eff! This is really a girl!

Seeing the tall girl re-group with her team at a steady pace, the team from the nearby Academy didn’t dare say a word.

At the same time, the star that just accepted the girl’s wish is getting closer and closer. As it flew closer, the students present recognized that they were not stars, but three white spacecrafts!

“That white spacecraft…which academy has such a showy color?” After learning the lesson just now, no one dared to talk loudly about others casually.

There are always seven military academies that come to participate in the Freshman Military Training League every year: Imperial Military Academy, Imperial National Defense Academy, Colton Military Academy, Horsey Military Academy, Grando Military Academy, Aofa Military Academy, and Daolan Strategic Research Institute.

After the league last year, the Military Department decided to merge Aofa Military Academy and Daolan Strategic Research Institute. The two Academies after the merger were collectively known as Daolan Aofa Military Academy.

The freshman from the Colton Military Academy was the one who insulted a freshman from the Horsey Military Academy. These two academies have a deep relationship and had never been harmonious, but they’re arranged to stand next to each other every year.

Today, all the students from the six Academies have reached the venue, but for a spacecraft to arrive at this time…is it the legendary Lord Marshal who’ll be present this time?

Uhh…does Lord Marshal like to use such a pompous color….no! A spacecraft with noble colors?!

The freshmen in a better position saw the badge on the side of the spacecraft and when they recognized it, they couldn’t believe it and called out:

“Imperial Comprehensive Academy! This is the spacecraft of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy!”

This news is far more shocking than the arrival of the ship belonging to the Marshal! All the freshmen immediately turned their heads. That clear whooshing sound was enough to show the neatness of their head-turning movement.

The spacecraft opened its doors and the passengers on board began to disembark in order: The first thing that caught their eyes was a pair of straight and slender legs. Looking up, there are simple snow-white skirts and uniforms of the same color. The perfect waist design outlined the thin waist perfectly and the inconspicuous position of the skirt and cuffs very deliberately embellished the thin golden embroidery thread. When the wearers of these outfits raised their hands, those gold threads would flicker faintly and inadvertently add a gorgeous feeling to this pure white simplicity.

Compared to the one who punched the Colton Military Academy student just now who looked like a boy, this, this is a real girl!

For a time, the spacecraft of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy became like three magnets, firmly attracting the eyes of everyone present! Looking closely, not just the freshmen, even the instructors next to them didn’t look that bad!

The students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy in snow-white uniforms walked off the spacecraft very orderly and stopped when they walked to the open space on the right side of the Daolan Aofa Military Academy. According to a pre-arranged order, they quickly formed a square formation. Among the military academy students in dark uniforms around them, they look very different!

“(*@ο@*) Wow~ Is this the legendary bridal academy? Their momentum is different…are they here to be a cheerleader?” Don’t know who but after watching for a long time, someone whispered shyly what’s in their hearts.

If they had sent such a luxurious cheerleader lineup earlier, they would have desperately tried to win the championship a few years earlier! Many instructors have graduated from these major military academies so seeing these lovely freshmen, their hearts were very unbalanced!

“The last participating Academy——Imperial Comprehensive Academy has arrived.” When the pink bubbles in everyone’s hearts were about to overflow, the instructor standing on the side of this snow-white team spoke.

Everyone: 囧!! What?!

Everyone was stunned——

Their gazes full of admiration suddenly turned to dumbfoundedness as they looked at the Imperial Comprehensive Academy standing in the last row in disbelief.

Everyone looked at the snow-white Imperial Comprehensive Academy on the far right in silence for a long while, then weirdly turned to the team standing on the leftmost side:

Don’t know if it’s the evil thoughts of the instructors, the order of the queues of various academies was actually arranged from dark to light…

The one on the far right is the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, which participated for the first time this year, and the one on the far left is the very famous elite——Imperial Military Academy.

Like the pure black uniforms on them, they are also freshmen in the first grade. They’re obviously in the same square formation, but their atmosphere was exceptionally solemn.

When the fleet of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy arrived, other Academies turned their heads on the spot. However, no one in the Imperial Military Academy moved a bit, even just a glance, no one looked to the right.

Many years ago, Louis I, known as the sole Emperor, founded the Imperial Military Academy. All Kantas of that era had to go to the Imperial Military Academy to receive the most important education in their lives and become qualified guardians of the empire as adults. As the military academy with the highest enrollment requirements, the most ferocious creatures in the universe were gathered here and only a Kantas can maintain the top position of the pyramid in this kind of place. The previous deans were all Kantas and even the current Dean Argos is also Kantas. The uniform color of the Imperial Military Academy was taken from the color of the scales of an adult Kantas. It’s the purest darkness between heaven and earth, and the tie was in blue. Green and dark gold symbolize the universal color of a Kantas’ eyes. Blue ties are for ordinary students, green is for the Chairmen of each department, and dark gold is only available for the Chiefs.

Of course, since the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is nicknamed the Bridal Academy, as the potential husbands, the Academy with the most provenance——the Imperial Military Academy also had a complimentary nickname at some point: “Groom Academy”.

All the other military academies’ freshmen looked at the Imperial Military Academy’s queue and had a common idea in their minds: The final moment to confirm the strength of the Imperial Military Academy has finally arrived. If this Academy dares to take first place in this competition, they will be convinced!


“Hehe, the children are here.” Before the freshmen or even the instructors around them knew, the military leaders had already arrived.

For some reason, Lord Marshal deliberately spared his precious vacation time to rush here from a honeymoon holy land as far as two galaxies away.

“The one in my family said that he wanted to come over. Usually, because of confidentiality, he can’t be shown many games, but in this freshmen exercise, he said that he wanted to come over.” The Empire’s Marshal——Rothsay Tangula Chu looked like a very strong and mature middle-aged man with silver-white hair curled neatly around his ears. This is a hairstyle that could only be maintained when his wife is around to take care of him. Usually, people are more familiar with the unkempt silver-haired Marshal.

“But it’s not bad to bring him here, he prepared a lot of small cookies, it’s the secret sweetheart cookie of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy~” Saying so, the personal guard who had been standing behind him in black military uniform approached. The officer standing there with a serious face was carrying a very…lovely baggage.

Taking a step forward, he gently placed the burden on the table next to the Marshal. The hands with black military gloves used bomb-disarming dexterous movements to untie the powder blue brocade and the dessert box inside was neatly lined with many heart-shaped biscuits. At this time, the other guards distributed these biscuits one by one to the high-ranking military officers below.

“Madam Marshal’s craftsmanship is as good as ever. Lord Marshal is truly blessed.” A military general sitting under the Marshal commented after tasting the biscuit: “I also brought the one from my family here, and she prepared tea for everyone. Gulundall’s specialty black tea with the sweetheart biscuits is the best afternoon tea.”

“Oh! My wife also brought small sausages from her maternal family. If you’re not full from the sweets, you can try it.”

Regardless of which academy these senior military officials came from, almost all of their other half came from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. This is a very strange situation, no matter how different their political opinions are. However, in the internal meetings of the Military Department, the Marshal would always use the sweetheart cookies made by his wife to get everyone together.

Almost everyone brought food made by their wives and they finally reached Dean…


Today’s Dean Argos didn’t wear his white casual clothes and instead wore a black standard military uniform. The four stars on the epaulets were shining under the light.

“Is it my turn? I brought…” Without instructing the adjutant behind him, he smiled and looked at the opposite side: “Ode, what did you bring?”

He said it very casually and everyone present looked at him with ambiguous eyes, then at Dean Ode acting like an iceman across from him.

Among all senior military officials, only Dean Ode wore a non-military uniform.

Looking at the wall behind Argos with a cold expression, the female secretary behind Ode smiled and stood up:

“Dean Ode brought Bailu Star’s most popular snack right now——delicious meat buns.”

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TINA V3C089: Third Letter
TINA V3C091: Military Conference 2

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