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Logistics and armament management is a test of the students’ comprehensive analysis ability. All they got are always data. They had to quickly decompose these data and then quickly analyze the users and enemy, put all the conditions together and then come up with a set of the most cost-effective solution.

Olaf spent two full days leading the other students to analyze all the data they got and it took four days to build a model. The 28 people then spent 2 days inputting all the data into the model and a total of 10 feasible solutions were obtained. In the last two days, they conducted manual deductions for each set of plans, and finally, the fifth set was selected as the final plan.

Olaf was very confident in this plan. This time, he considered the parameters of the soldiers when designing the model, even equipping special weapons based on their abilities. There will be no other academy that considers this! This is a technical problem and other freshmen simply cannot complete such a huge model construction within the specified time!

On the last day of the game, he confidently handed in his plan within the stipulated time then began to wait for the results to be announced.

However, what he got was the final result of the failure of his plan!

“What——” Olaf couldn’t believe his ears. Not only him, but the other five Academies also saw the results announcement board at the same time.

There was no ranking. The competition results of the six military academies are all “failures”. The only one that had a bright red “success” was behind the name of Imperial Comprehensive Academy!

As early as the project was announced, Marshal Rothsay turned his head to look at General Condon.

“General Condon, did you do it on purpose? Giving this topic to the children, they can’t succeed, right?”

A brand new planet with the enemy a kind of terrible aboriginal people and a fierce beast with a risk factor of level 4. To explore this planet, the Empire will send an entire army led by a Lt General to station here in ten days.

The logistics and armament coordinator will lead his team to take the lead and arrange everything in advance for the garrison and ensure that all military activities required by the army stationed here will last until next year.

This is not a virtual question, but a real thing that happened. That planet exists and the level 4 beast exists. The Lt General is also real, and he’s a subordinate of General Condon whom he attached great importance to. Condon had high hopes for him and regarded him as his successor, but——

That seemingly simple task failed.

Three months after arriving on that planet, the planet sent a distress signal. When General Condon’s personnel arrived, only one-fifth of the entire army was rescued. The others, including the Lt General and the NCOs of that mission’s logistics and armaments coordinator, all died.

They weren’t even killed in battle, but rather, died of excessive intake of a certain element.

The coordinator responsible for the logistics and armament set aside a considerable part of the budget for the purchase of nutrients. This very common arrangement finally became the main reason for the failure of this mission, and it could even be said to be the only reason.

The only antidote that can dilute the excessive intake of this element was the beast on that planet. As long as the meat of that beast is regularly consumed, the normal metabolism of the human body can be maintained. However, because the logistics and armament coordinator had prepared enough nutrients, and since the food is sufficient, the officers and soldiers had no intention of capturing the only creature on a strange planet for food, and the direct result of this action was the large-scale illness three months later!

The saddest thing is that they don’t know why they died until they died.

Modern logistics and armament coordinators pay more and more attention to the word armament and ignore the word logistics. There’s no helping it, this is caused by the different focus of the academy’s education. The logistics and armament coordinators trained under this kind of education policy can only do it like this.

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter if no one wins. I just want to see how much these kids, these freshmen, can do without a complete mindset. Even if they fail, through the lessons of this failure, they would pay more attention to the things that have been neglected in the future to study.” General Condon just laughed.

But these children are so good. Not long after they just started school and not long after they’ve been exposed to these subjects, they have already been completely affected.

The various solutions handed over either focused on defense or attack. Considering the tactical direction, in fact, every plan has bright spots, especially the Imperial Military Academy, but considering the special circumstances of that planet, their plans will eventually fail.

The time of failure was exactly the same, all three months later. When the disease broke out, the mission was doomed to fail.

The Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s plan was the last to be presented to the referees and the senior military officers.

Noting the budget spent on armaments, many people at that time did the calculation: Too much, this budget is too much. It’s the highest among the seven academies. The increase in armament costs will inevitably mean that other budgets will be cut. However, when they saw what the budget cut was, everyone was stunned.

Only the basic amount of nutritional solutions was purchased. The plan submitted by the Imperial Comprehensive Academy has greatly reduced the cost of nutrient solutions and the replacement was: They submitted a recipe, a recipe on how to cook that kind of level 4 beast.

The ingredients are taken from the local area so food expenses have been greatly reduced, so more budget has been added to arms expenditures.

They are not on the same channel as the senior military officers. When the referees received this plan and inputted the data of this plan into the pre-made large model just like the previous six plans, after a period of calculation, the intelligent system announced the deduction results of the plan.

“The plan passed.” Finally, after denying six plans in a row, the intelligent system announced the establishment of a plan.

“According to this plan, the exploration mission will be completed in six months and 36 days. The Empire will get a new type of animal breed.”

The intelligent system’s voice was cold, but the results announced were an encouraging picture at first thought.

Hearing this result, General Condon was stunned.

“Who made this plan? What a genius!”

The adjutant immediately called up Mu Gen’s information and when he saw that behind Mu Gen’s name was the title of “Current league Commander of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy”, while curling his beard, Condon was stunned again: Compared with the Commander in chief of other academies, why does this commander have such a low sense of existence? I always feel like this is the first time I noticed him…wait, why is this description a bit familiar.

He once again told his adjutant:

“Call up the design reason behind that plan.” Every plan must be accompanied by the design reason of the coordinator, and General Condon is now saying that he wants to look at that.

“Yes.” His adjutant immediately turned the plan on the screen to the last page.

“Student Brad from the Battleship Command Department said that if you want to achieve proper combating, the budget on staffing must reach that amount;

Student Domra from the Mecha Department said that to effectively protect the base, the budget spend on base defense must also reach the specified amount;

Student Abi from the Life and Breeding Department said that it’s very strange that there is only one species left on the planet;

Student Xiao En from the Medicine Department said that in this case, we must consider eating the only healthy living creature in the local area;

Classmate Kerry from the Music Department said that he had eaten that kind of beast and it was delicious;

Based on everyone’s opinions, this plan is the only one I can come up with in the end.”

A very unprofessional design reason but it explains many problems:

The logistics and armaments coordinator of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy fully delegated powers to each player and believed in their abilities. They will make their own designated part of the plan and finally, he will coordinate the overall plan;

The team members brought by the coordinator are not students of that particular course, but “experts” from various professional fields;

General Condon touched his beard.

“The Imperial Comprehensive Academy does not have a major in logistics and arms management. Although they had been trained for this project, our students are not strong in this aspect. For this reason, the chief coordinator chose to send a player from each of the relevant majors to participate in the competition together.” Dean Ode spoke again in due course.

Did a group of nonprofessional miscellaneous troops defeat the “experts” in the end?

“After this period of military training, they trust each other very much and understand each other very well.” Dean Ode continued.

“So that’s it.” General Condon nodded: “Fraffetal taught them well.”

Ode never spoke again, his goal has been achieved.


Olivia’s goal has also been achieved.

“In regards to careful planning, no one here will be Mu Gen’s opponent!” For the result of this game, Olivia was not surprised.

Olaf lost, so the team he led from the Imperial Military Academy lost to the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. In this way, he no longer has the capital to clamor in front of him.


“Uncle Alpha will never allow such a man to be with Mu Gen.”

Olivia smiled sinisterly.

Two birds with one stone, his other goal was also achieved.

The author has something to say:

One hundred chapters.

The league content is almost over.

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