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First place in the Logistics and Armament Project——this is the first first place that the Imperial Comprehensive Academy has won so far.

As the Commander in chief of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy in this league, Mu Gen’s name appeared before the eyes of senior military officers for the first time. Although it’s the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s first time participating in the military training league, they have left a deep impression since the first project. Although they haven’t won any first place so far, there are many freshmen whose names were remembered by everyone. For example, Dobby in the long-distance race, or Avery in the mecha fighting competition, or Brad in the Battleship Command project…

Including the Logistics and Armament project that just ended. Although Mu Gen is the Chief Coordinator, it wasn’t him who left the deepest impression on the senior military officers, but rather Kerry from the Music Department who said “the beast is delicious”.


Such a humble Commander in chief, it’s the first time they noticed him.

The league has progressed this far, who the Commander in chief of other military academies, the others already knew it well, but until now, no one knew who the Commander in chief of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy was.

Many people guessed it was Brad from the Battleship Command Department and some guessed it was Domra. Some even guessed it was Dobby, but no one noticed Mu Gen.

If they didn’t see this additional explanation, even the big men of the Military Department would never think that Mu Gen was the Commander in chief sent by the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

At this time, the photos of the seven Commanders in chief from the seven academies with their names were displayed side by side on the big screen in the meeting room. Although the faces of these commanders looked immature, the murderous aura in their temperament had already faintly formed.

Well, one face is an exception.

Completely different from the other Commander in chiefs’ long expressionless faces, Mu Gen’s picture smiled so happily that he showed very bright eight small white teeth.


Gentle and harmless, prefers defense than attack, trusts teammates’ power more than his own power…hmmm…this smile is very cute——Mu Gen finally left a grinning impression in the hearts of these adults.

Six days have passed since the start of the league, and now, there’s only one item left.

A comprehensive test of all the knowledge that these freshmen have learned in military training and also the contest that has the greatest impact on the final score——Actual Combat Contest.

Each academy must elect a Commander in chief before the start of the league. In fact, this is the final contest!

This is the final competition between the academies and it’s also the final competition between the young Commanders.

Each year, the Actual Combat Contest is different, it might allow freshmen to participate in a virtual battle, it might also be a simulation of a real battle, or it might be a confrontation between academies, even melee. Last year’s contest was like this and the team that won, in the end, was the winner.

The content of the last contest was still written by these officers and decided in the form of a lottery.

“Let me take a look, what’s the content of the last game…” The adjutant has collected all the papers and put them in a porcelain plate to which Marshal Rothsay stretched out his hand with a smile. Without digging through the papers, he took a paper from the bottom and unfolded it. When he saw the title, he let out a “yo” cry.

“Ask Marshal Rothsay and the freshmen to battle.” The content of the note was very simple, only one line.

“Interesting! Interesting!” Marshal Rothsay smiled.

“Truly a creative subject, I have never tested it like this in previous years!” Upon seeing the topic, General Condon also became interested: “I want to participate too, Lord Marshal, please send me as the vanguard officer!”

“No problem, since you were promoted to Lt. General, I rarely see you come in person, this time, I’ll let you enjoy!” Marshal Rothsay played with his beard.

The two high-ranking figures in the conference room discussed enthusiastically. Seeing them like this, the others joined in one after another. And the final contest of this military training league is finally determined!

The last competition is practical. The entire contest lasted for four days and will be conducted in a virtual environment. For this contest, the Military Department deliberately opened up a field that meets the requirements of the contest in the military network simulation system!

The pain system has been improved to 100%, so any player who is “seriously injured” in the virtual arena will “die” in the game. Because the pain sensation is the same as the perception in reality, players need to pay special attention to protecting themselves even though they’re in a virtual environment.

Specific tasks will be announced after everyone entered the system, so please pay attention to the taskbar.

Only after receiving the above few notices did the freshmen enter the familiar egg-shaped cabin.

At the same time as they entered the egg-shaped cabin, Marshal Rothsay and General Condon also entered. According to the plan they have discussed before, the freshmen of the seven academies will appear on one planet, and will be responsible for defense and offense. The academy with the best performance in four days will be the winner.

Due to the appearance of the Marshal in person, this game that was originally just a playfight in the eyes of the senior military officers suddenly became extremely formal. Several screens were erected around the conference room, and the officers decided to follow the game from start to finish.


As the first picture began to appear on the screen, everyone in the meeting room was stunned.

This is…not right!


In the darkness, Mu Gen suddenly opened his eyes.

It was very quiet around him and he was shocked. He was about to jump up but found that his body was restrained by the seat belt, so Mu Gen didn’t struggle anymore, With the help of the night lights on the wall, he could see the surrounding situation clearly:

This is inside a spacecraft, and outside the window is the vast universe.

At the same time, he’s not alone. His classmates were sitting around him, wearing the same soldier uniform and holding guns in their hands. With their bodies fastened to the wall behind them by safety belts, they looked like soldiers about to be dropped on the battlefield…

Oh! That’s right, they’re playing right now~

Mu Gen suddenly remembered.

During the military training, numerous training had been carried out in the virtual system. It stands to reason that Mu Gen should be no stranger to entering the virtual system, but this time, Mu Gen felt that something is weird.

He looked at his hand and always had the illusion: the realness now is higher than before.

Unfastening the seat belt, Mu Gen slightly jumped up. Just like a light leopard, there’s no sound when his feet fell.

Dobby slept next to him soundly. Mu Gen pushed him for a long time but he didn’t wake up. Kerry and the others were the same. No matter what Mu Gen did, they wouldn’t wake up.

Mu Gen then stood up straight again.

“Please return to the cockpit immediately! Please return to the cockpit immediately!” At this moment, a red light lit up above the spacecraft, and a rapid system warning sounded.

Uh…this is the first task?

Without thinking, Mu Gen hurried to the cockpit of the spacecraft. The cockpit was wide open and there was no one inside. The red light and green light intertwined and flickered on the console with complex buttons as rows of data representing various information were constantly swiping across the screen. At the same time, red characters representing warnings were constantly flashing at the bottom right of the screen.

Mu Gen was stunned and he immediately sat in the driver’s seat.


At the same time, a battleship sailing quietly on the screen suddenly fell apart! There was no spark and no sound as the battleship quietly exploded!

“The Nina is destroyed with 324 dead and 278 missings.” The cold broadcast of the system was the only background sound of the explosion.

“This——” Brigadier General Petunia stood up in disbelief.

The Nina was a battleship that carried the students of the Horsey Military Academy. All the students from the Horsey Military Academy who participated in the league this time were on that battleship and the system’s broadcast just now represented only one thing: Horsey Military Academy is out.

“Reporting to the Brigadier General! We’re unable to contact the freshmen in the system, besides that…Lord Marshal can’t be contacted either.” At this moment, Brigadier General Petunia’s adjutant gave them worse news.

As early as the moment the freshmen and Marshal entered the system, the officers present in the conference room immediately noticed something wrong!

It’s completely different from the scene described by the Marshal at the beginning. All the new students who should have appeared on the planet appeared in the universe. The whereabouts of the Marshal and Condon, who should have appeared as the attackers from the universe, are unknown!

Something’s wrong——the same sentence appeared in everyone’s mind immediately.

What happened next seemed to confirm their premonitions, and an unknown pursuer suddenly appeared in the universe. It was a group of silver-white unnamed battleships, full of firepower, launching fierce attacks on the battleships the freshmen boarded!

The spacecraft from the Daolan Aofa Military Academy was hit and destroyed by two silver-white battleships both in front and in the rear. All members died!

Surprised, the Military Department immediately sent someone to call out the freshmen of Daolan Aofa from the egg-shaped cabin, wanting to ask them what happened in the system.

However, something worse was discovered at this time: The military’s technicians could neither disassemble it from the outside nor communicate with it from the inside. They actually lost contact with the contestants in the system!

More than that, the situation was the same on Marshal and Condon’t side!

Just as everyone in the conference room watched the Nina quietly explode, through the loudspeaker, they finally heard the system’s voice since the freshmen entered.

“Now announcing the content of the competition: There is no time limit for successfully rescuing the kidnapped Lord Marshal Rothsay and General Condon.”

The cold and mechanical voice sent out a message that shocked everyone in the conference room.

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