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They then thoroughly investigated the lottery for the contest.

Now that they think about it, the reason why Lord Marshal decided to enter the system was entirely due to the exam topic drawn.

“Schell, did you throw away the notes we used for the lottery? Take it out.” Clasping hands and propping elbows on the table, Argos’ voice suddenly came from the end of the conference table.

“It’s all here with me.” Cautious by nature, Schell——Marshal Rothsay’s adjutant hurriedly took out all the paper balls. There are a total of 23 people, including the Marshal and Condon, so a total of 25 people have the right to decide the content of the game.

The ball of paper that Schell brought over was not too much, exactly 25. One of them has already been opened, and it’s the one that the Marshal has just drawn.

Spreading those papers——in the unfolding, everyone’s faces darkened: the topics on all the papers are the same.

No matter which paper ball the Marshal drew just now, he will enter the system in the end!

This is a conspiracy!

“The test questions are passed to the central intelligent system in the conference room by the officers present here. It prints out and automatically folds it into a ball of paper, so no one saw the test questions during the whole process.” Schell was a little nervous as he recounted the process of drawing lots. This has been done in every previous game and there has never been a mistake.

“We create the topic and enter it into our smart brains, from ours to the central intelligent system…until this step, there is no problem.” After checking the records on his smart brain, Dean Ode said: “The problem lies with the central intelligent system. Someone has tampered with its procedures.”

“Quickly! Let the technicians go check the program in the central intelligent system!” Looking at the guard who was waiting for the order tremblingly behind him, Dean Comrow shouted!

“In short, the top priority is to free the Marshal and General Condon from the system as soon as possible. There are also those freshmen. Once this matter leaked out, the Empire will be unstable.” Lt. General Yoran’s calm voice came from the side and he ordered: “Block the news and announce that the league is still going on normally.”

“…I just sent someone to try to log in to the system to see if I can get more information from the inside. Unfortunately, it failed and the entire system is currently blocked.” Argos brought another news and everyone’s hearts sank at the same time upon hearing this news.

“So, all we can count on are these freshmen who have entered the system before this.” Lt. General Yolan fell silent after speaking.

Everyone knew the reason for the silence. The children were under fire as soon as they entered the system and it’s known that two academies have been eliminated, and——

“Wait——Look here!” A female voice suddenly broke the heavy atmosphere in the conference room. Following the direction she’s pointing, everyone’s eyes were aimed at one of the corner screens.

As the battleships of other academies disappeared into the universe one after another, the screens showing the game images to the military officers in all directions became black screens. At this time, a white spacecraft in the corner was particularly eye-catching.

“Enlarge! Zoom in!” The voice of Lt General Yolan, who has always been calm and self-restrained, has a little impetuousness. Without his urging, someone magnified that screen for the first time. The unobtrusive picture that had just been shrunk in the corner was instantly magnified dozens of times and appeared in front of all high-ranking officers!

“Not the enemy! This is a spacecraft piloted by a freshman!” Someone immediately confirmed the identity of the spacecraft!

The battleships that had just chased the freshmen are silver-white bat-shaped battleships. This spacecraft was different from them in terms of color and appearance.

It’s not even a battleship.

This ship was obviously a transport ship, very large and generally used for long-distance transportation of supplies and even soldiers.

“Think of a way to look inside! We need to determine which academy is inside as soon as possible!” Lt General Yolan eagerly urged.

Although the login and logout function of the system is blocked, the outside monitoring system was still running. After entering a few lines of instructions, the technician successfully cut into the perspective of the cockpit inside the spacecraft.

The figure of the young man who was sitting alone in front of the huge operating console and performing various operations methodically appeared in front of everyone.

“This child is…” Lt. General Yolan frowned.

“Mu Gen, he’s Mu Gen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.” In the end, it was Argos who called out his name correctly.

So, as of now, the identity of the only survivor who appeared in front of them was finally determined——

The Imperial Comprehensive Academy!

“Why are the remaining students from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy? It would have been fine if it was the Imperial Military Academy or the Imperial National Defense Academy…” After confirming Mu Gen’s identity, an officer couldn’t help but complain.

In the final analysis, the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is not part of the military system. They don’t know anything about the Military Department or the army, and they didn’t even expect them to have the iron-blooded spirit of military personnel when they complete a mission!

“I think that if he can stand there, he is already much better than the academy you just mentioned.” Making a cold look at the man, Dean Ode then blankly turned his head.

Ignoring this episode, Lt. General Yolan kept his eyes on Mu Gen. Looking at him, his frowning brows suddenly stretched out.

“Find a way to contact this student.” Lt. General Yolan only said this.

This command was simple to say but difficult to do. The channel for communicating with the outside world on the spacecraft was interrupted. They could see everything that happened on the spacecraft, but they’re unable to convey any information to the people in the spacecraft!

Before the technicians found a solution, they could only watch the teenager on the screen busily move.

But watching this, they also saw hope.


“I didn’t find out just now: Isn’t this spacecraft the Lander?” Someone finally recognized the model of the spacecraft through the console!

The Lander was first designed to replace the transport ships commonly used by the military at the time, but its operating system was too complicated. There are 33 more buttons than other transport ships, and a pilot can’t operate it at all. If there were two pilots, they will affect each other and ultimately affect the actual operating level of the spacecraft.

The complex operating system became the root cause of the final elimination of the Lander.

In the virtual system test, it’s judged to not meet the requirements, so this dying work from a well-known warship designer eventually became scrap.

The boy’s expression was calm, and his eyes kept reflecting the rows of numbers scrolling across the screen. Without looking at the console below, his fingers tapped on the console with precision, appearing like a phantom.

Staring at the teenager a little longer, everyone discovered the truth of the matter: He’s not proficient in operating this military spacecraft and has been making mistakes, but he discovered them and corrected them too quickly. Often before the error occurs, he can realize in time that he’s about to make a mistake and pull back in time.

It’s like you missed your hand and was about to drop a porcelain bottle. The ground is very hard and will definitely shatter the bottle, so everyone immediately thought of the consequences of this miss when they failed. They knew it was a mistake, but few of them could quickly pick up the porcelain bottle and take it back before it hit the ground.

And Mu Gen can.

To put it bluntly, his hand speed is too fast!

However, he didn’t realize it. His uncles use “consciousness” to manipulate themselves, so their speed of “thinking” is much faster than their reaction speed. For a long time, Mu Gen desperately used his hand to catch up with his uncles’ demands so he was used to it.

Mu Gen was not proficient in the operation of this spacecraft from the beginning, but he learned from constant mistakes. In this learning process, he grew rapidly.

Under Mu Gen’s operation, the huge white spacecraft rolled dexterously in the vast universe, dodging the long awaiting black hole with a big mouth in front and avoiding the meteorite that was about to hit it. Finally, Mu Gen, who was already a skilled pilot, drove the Lander to the next galaxy. He successfully threw away the silver-white hunters behind him.

Hunters: =.=

Witnesses: =.=

Boy, have you forgotten something? (Hey! This is not a spacecraft driving competition! Look at your taskbar, hello! Lord Marshal is still waiting for your rescue!)

This kid looks so unreliable…

However, he’s the only one so far一一the only freshmen who escaped the pursuit of unknown enemies.

Not only that, but he also escaped with a whole team!

Seeing the students in the cabin waking up while vomiting from the violent turbulence, Lt General Yolan pursed the corner of his mouth.

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