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The virtual battlefield created specifically for this league has become an independent country. No one can come out and no one can go in.

It’s been three hours since they discovered this problem. During this time, technicians have tried various methods and attempted to regain control of the system, but they failed.

“The intelligent system of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Land and Resources has also been invaded before. In the end, Pendra sent experts to complete all system repairs.” Lt General Pei Nan immediately thought of the intelligent system invasion incident that caused a stir in the Empire before.

The Mechanical Star——Pendra, besides mastering the most advanced mechanical technology, they’re also pioneers of intelligent system technology. The intelligent system at the level of the Empire basically came from Pendra.

“No.” Lt. General Yolan immediately rejected this proposal, gave him a cold glance, and said: “Pendra is the planet of that Lord, do you want to defect?”

These words were so aggressive that Lt General Pei Nan, who had just put forward the suggestion, immediately fell silent.

Although the military ranks are the same, the status of the two in the military are completely different! The general rank of Lt General Yolan was obtained from his qualifications and military merits. The main reason why Lt General Pei Nan was appointed as Lt General was because of his other identity——Dean of the Daolan Aofa Military Academy.

After the merger of the two academies, Lt General Pei Nan was selected as the Dean of the new academy. At the same time as the academy raised one level, the academy’s administrator title must also be promoted from Brigadier General to Lt General.

The title of Lt General obtained in this way is just titular. In fact, his power in the military is not like the other Lt. Generals.

Not to mention in comparison with Lt. General Yolan.

He’s in charge of two legions. In addition to serving as the head of the Imperial Staff, Lt. General Yolan can be described as the leading Lt General among the Empire’s Military Department. Among the senior military officers who came to participate in the league this time, excluding the Marshal and General Condon, the third place was Lt. General Yolan. So from the start, he took over the command. This was the default of all military personnel. There are currently five generals in the empire and only General Condon came this time. If General Condon has an accident, Lt. General Yolan will inevitably become his successor.

“Yes, Pendra…are you a loyal follower of that Lord…” With the palm of his right hand supporting his cheek and his left hand taking a pen to draw on the electronic screen, Argos softly chuckled: “Lord Marshal hasn’t had an accident yet, but you can’t wait to be a follower of that Lord?”

Lt General Pei Nan stood up violently at his words.

“Pay attention to your words!”

Lt General Pei Nan walked away.

However, when he opened the door to go out, he was stunned.

“No one is allowed to leave this room during special periods.” The lead guard coldly stopped him.

“You——” Lt General Pei Nan’s face distorted.

At this moment, Argos’ voice came from behind him: “Until a solution is found, none of us can go out that door.”

Argos’ footsteps were getting closer and closer from behind, and when he felt the body behind him, Lt General Pei Nan stiffened. He saw a big hand from behind and that hand slowly touched the door. In front of Lt General Pei Nan, he closed the door slowly and forcefully.

“You…are doubting me…” This sentence left Lt General Pei Nan in a very small voice, every word seemingly coming out of his teeth.

“No, not just you, everyone here has my suspicion, including Lt General Yolan.” As Argos said that, his gaze fell on Lt General Yolan. Still sitting with a serious face, Yolan ignored his gaze.

“Including Ode…” Argos’ gaze then fell on Dean Ode at the end of the conference table, but Dean Ode just gave him a cold glance.

With the corners of his mouth slightly bent, Argos pointed to his chest at last: “Including me.”

“So, no one can leave until a solution is found.”

“After all, this is under the scope of my responsibility~”

Although his tone was playful, everyone who heard him trembled.

In addition to being the Dean of the Imperial Military Academy, Argos’ other identity is the Commander of the Imperial Guard. Of all the legions, the Imperial Guard has the least number, but also the most famous and most powerful.

It has a fierce reputation.

Stay away from all legions and monitor other legions, interrogate suspects at any time without an arrest warrant…it can be said that everyone in the military is most afraid of anyone who has a relationship with this army!

The Hounds——only at the command of the Marshal will the special Imperial Guard act. The guard who stopped Lt General Pei Nan at the door just wore the white uniform of that Imperial Guard.

Ironically, he’s obviously a bloody executioner but his uniform was spotlessly white!

Lt General Pei Nan twitched the corners of his mouth before finally turning around and returning to his seat.

Seeing that he had gone back, Argos also sat back with a smile. His right hand supported his chin again and his left hand continued to draw on the electronic screen.

Dean Comrow leaned back against his chair.

He wanted to go out just now. Since both children went missing in this incident, the momentary instability in his heart is also certain. Fortunately, he didn’t go out, otherwise, he would replace Pei Nan.

General Condon can’t do anything, not even the Marshal! They disappeared for only three hours and the atmosphere in the Military Department suddenly became tense.

Just now, Lt General Yolan and Dean Argos (between his military rank and as Dean, calling the other’s academy title makes the other party happier) both mentioned “that Lord”. Although they didn’t call his name directly, everyone in the room knew who “that Lord” refers to.

Today’s empire has no emperor, and the Marshal is the owner of the highest authority. However, this supreme power is not only granted to one person since there’s also a person in the Empire who’s equal to Marshal Rothsay.

“The Lord”…

If we separate the military and politics, Marshal Rothsay has the power of the Emperor, while the other person is in control of the Imperial Administration. The two seemed on good terms and there’s a clear distinction, but the contradiction in private was getting bigger and bigger.

The days of peace have been too long and the power of the military was no longer as awe-inspiring as it used to be.

The Daolan Aofa Military Academy has always been famous for cultivating civilian soldiers and their military capability has always been at the bottom of several well-known military academies. The military department puts more emphasis on soldiers with military capabilities. Under this circumstance, it’s no wonder that Lt General Pei Nan immediately thought of asking Pendra for help.

Maybe that thought appeared in his mind as early as this incident happened, right?

Isn’t it a better place to go under the command of “that Lord” than the Marshal who doesn’t value him?

No wonder Daolan Aofa is becoming more and more insignificant, with such a spineless Dean, how can they stand up!

Comrow coldly snorted.

With the disappearance of the Marshal and the General, the pleasant atmosphere these few days evaporated as soon as they’re gone. The two most distinguished seats on the conference table were empty and sitting in the next position, Lt General Yolan presided over the first military meeting since the accident.

For the students in the system, their task completion time was unlimited. But for the military officers in the conference room at this moment, their time limit was only four days.

After four days, if the Marshal and Condon can no longer be found, the entire empire would be shuffled!

“We are not experts about the internal situation of the system. In this regard, we must trust the ability of our colleagues in the technical department.” After a long silence, Lt. General Yolan spoke again: “Before they find a technical solution, let us rule out the suspects.”

“The first suspect is me.”


The Imperial Comprehensive Academy freshmen who were pushed by Mu Gen before and even got slapped on the face several times and didn’t wake up finally woke up.

In the virtual system, they retched for a long time and after waiting for the uncomfortable feeling to pass, Kerry and the others held their heads and found Mu Gen in the cockpit.

“Are you awake?” When they came, Mu Gen was checking the current coordinates of the spacecraft. Seeing Kerry, Mu Gen greeted him happily: “How do you feel?”

“…not good at all, I don’t know if it’s an illusion but I always feel like my face is swollen.” Kerry touched his cheek hesitantly.

^_^ Thinking of slapping Kerry when he wouldn’t wake up, Mu Gen could only smile stupidly.

Temporarily setting the spacecraft into automatic flight mode, Mu Gen and Kerry went to the rear cabin together.

“Report to the Commander in chief! The students in our Academy are almost all here! Only the whereabouts of Brad from the Battleship Command Department is unknown.” While Kerry looked for Mu Gen, Dobby had already used his many years of raising cattle and was very conscious of the number of people.

“What’s going on?” Domra also leaned in from behind.

“Right now is the last event…” Mu Gen was thinking about Brad’s whereabouts, but hearing Domra’s question, he decided to tell everyone what he had seen so far.

“There’s no time limit to rescue the kidnapped Lord Marshal Rothsay and General Condon——who are these two people again?” After reading it, Godot scratched his head.

“Sounds familiar.” Having never read political news and not knowing any political figures, Kerry, who’s in the Music Department, suddenly turned his head.

“We have a rich man whose surname is Condon, but he’s not a general…” Dobby supplemented his opinion.

“Uh…I don’t know these two people either, but I understand that they should be NPCs, right?” Mu Gen raised a finger: “As long as the two of them are rescued from the bad guys, we’re done.”

“囧////” Domra was dumbfounded after hearing the conversation between these people.

His dream was to join the army and be a mecha fighter with glory (money). Domra is a rare kid at this age who looks at the political sector every day, so he’s no stranger to Marshal Rothsay and Condon, who appeared in the news very frequently.

“Marshal Rothsay is the current Marshal ahhh! And General Condon is second only to the Marshal in the military!” Domra went mad.

The three people looked at Mu Gen together.

“Right, on the first day of the league, the spokesperson was Marshal Rothsay.” Mu Gen added.

“But, isn’t such a task a bit strange?” Godot thought for a while.

All their previous tasks only have virtual characters with no humans appearing. But now, there are two big figures in reality suddenly appearing, which is a bit weird.

“And there’s no time limit. This part is really weird. The last event should only be about 4 days.” Kerry frowned as he rubbed his face.

“It doesn’t matter, we just need to do our mission. The instructor said that the mission is the only thing that matters to a soldier. No matter what kind of mission it is, when you receive it, the only thing we need to think about is how to make it happen.”

Hearing Mu Gen’s words, all the students nodded. Don’t think about the unreasonable parts of the game, just focus on how to complete the task.

“The first task before us: I flew too long just now and Lander will soon run out of resources. In this case, what should we do!” Holding out a finger, Mu Gen smiled awkwardly.

“Huh?!” Everyone was 囧.

The author has something to say:

Thanks to Great Poet’s opinion, these contents should actually be written together.

Given that I’m out of town recently, I can’t update a lot, so the sub development does affect the reading experience to some extent.

In addition, about Mu Gen’s golden finger, I’ll be honest, I actually don’t like the term cheats.

Basically, if a story tells about the protagonist’s golden finger, I won’t read it.

So for Mu Gen to have always been associated with a golden finger for a long time, I’m a little 囧.

I’ve seen everyone’s comments and Furry Cat Hat is the most in line with the setting I have in mind:


This story is not the growth history of an ordinary boy.

Mu Gen is not one of those people who turned over from waste by a cheat (to be honest, I don’t understand this setting and I don’t think waste can really turn over).

This story is about the growth history of a man destined to become a legend in the future. It belongs to Mu Gen and Oli.

They will both put on their own colors in the future that belongs to them.


Although the writing style might not achieve that feeling, it will take time to describe the story they want to tell everyone bit by bit.

Mu Gen is a genius, although he doesn’t think so.

Mu Gen is also lucky. If he isn’t, he would have died on that barren planet long before his robot uncles arrived.

But luck is not his golden finger, even though many people think that “that guy has good luck”. One’s luck is the inevitable result of getting more help than others.

Mu Gen’s character is destined to give up a lot and also get a lot from others.


The above is a brief conversation between the readers. In fact, I don’t want to say something about these as the author. I hope you will be direct instead of talking about it by yourselves.

I got this feeling from the text.

However, given the lack of my writing ability, sometimes, I still have to communicate with you.

I learned a lot from everyone’s comments, thank you

PS: Happy wedding to Xu Tao! Getting married tomorrow, so I’ll write a chapter today…the author is really worried about being talked about by your husband 囧!

Although I want to update a little bit, the author is recently playing in Tibet and had to get up at 5 or 6 o’clock every day and set off, coming back late at night.

There are too many updates and it takes a lot of time so my body can’t load.

Update today in advance, by the way, I’ll send you a wedding blessing.

I wish you a happy life and a happy new chapter in your life.

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

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