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The atmosphere in the conference room was tense to the point of breaking out. At the same time, the technical department sent a new report:

This is an accident caused by an intelligent system virus infection.

After intensive investigations by dozens of technicians, they found a piece of virus-infected code in the quarantined area of the military intelligent system. This is their key finding: The infected piece of code happens to be the new battlefield created specifically for the league in the virtual system!

After tracing the historical records, they discovered: To prevent viruses from invading other programs, at the moment when the program is judged to be infected, the military intelligent system immediately isolated this code from its program. What’s terrible is that this happened to be the time when the Marshal and the freshmen entered the military network system to participate in the last event and the infected piece of code also happened to be in the battlefield specifically opened up for the league.

“That piece of code represents a complete world in the system. The moment you enter that world, all means of communicating with the outside world have been blocked as a virus. Lord Marshal is equivalent to being trapped on an isolated island.”

“Then what caused the virus?” Lt General Yolan asked in a deep voice.

“Reporting to Lt General Yolan, we initially suspect…the military network system produced another intelligence.” The technician who came to report bit the bullet and said the result.

“What!” This news was really surprising.

“It’s different from the intelligent systems of other departments and because there’s a military network simulation system, the military intelligent systems are more complex than the other intelligent systems and more prone to produce system waste.” The technician explained in detail.

“In the virtual system, every virtual device with an intelligent system that we use is actually a trace of the tentacles separated from the military intelligent system. These tentacles will keep in contact with humans during training and will produce various emotions over time.”

“The military intelligent system will then call these feelings system trash and cleans them up every once in a while. Therefore, the military intelligent system will not remember any user, and would guarantee absolute fairness and justice.”

“This time, the situation is that some system trash, don’t know why, escaped from the military intelligent system’s cleanup and continued to evolve until the military intelligent system no longer considers it a part of itself and separated it from its program as a virus…”

“At the beginning of the draw…” Dean Ode turned to look at him.

“When the lottery was drawn, the system that presided over the entry and output of the topic catalog was no longer the military intelligent system, but a pretender. Since it’s still part of the military intelligent system, we were completely unaware of it. I’m truly sorry!” The technician bowed deeply.

No one is more afraid of the impact of this incident than they were. The Marshal, a general, and the freshmen, if any party had an accident, the first one to carry the blame would be the technical department. Although this kind of felony won’t sentence them to death, a sentence of more than 500 years of imprisonment is impossible to escape from.

Damn it! His life span is more than 500 years. Even if he didn’t die in prison, wouldn’t it be more tragic to die right after being released?

Facing the big men sitting in front of him and watching their darker and darker faces, the technician in charge of the report had already begun to wonder what kind of punishment he will get.

“What will happen next?” Unexpectedly, Lt General Yolan’s voice was still very calm.

“Reporting to Lt General Yolan, due to absolute fairness, the military intelligent system will not accept any of our requests. It will only destroy all garbage and viruses in the quarantine area after three days. If the Marshal and the others can’t be rescued before then…” The technician’s voice went low.

“The Marshal and the others will be brain dead, right?” Lt General Yolan asked in a low voice.

“Reporting to Lt General Yolan, y-yes! At that time, Lord Marshal, General Condon, and 7,313 freshmen will be brain dead!”

“!” Dean Comrow stood up. There was a harsh sound from the chair’s legs rubbing against the floor. Realizing that everyone in the meeting room was focused on him, Dean Comrow was startled:

“Sorry, I, I just…” He tried to explain in a low voice.

“Your twins and students are in the system, we can understand your mood.” Lt General Yolan waved his hand and motioned for him to sit down.

“From Dean Comrow, we can see: Once something happens to these children, the military will bear multiple pressures and the majesty of the military will be gone. Besides that…” Lt General Yolan continued:

“After that Lord learns about this, he will definitely use public opinion from various quarters to put pressure on the military. He will definitely find ways to get in touch with the central brain of our military, whether replace it or repair it, and then our military secrets are bound to be revealed to him in all entirety.”

“The Marshal must be rescued. There is no other person in the Military Department who can compete with that Lord otherwise.”

“The other four generals can’t do it and neither can I.”

“By then, the status quo that we have maintained for nearly 600 years will no longer exist!”

Lt General Yolan’s words was like a hammer, knocking on the hearts of everyone present, heavy and ear-piercing.

“Then, we have to divide the work: Dean Ode, you and Dean Comrow, along with several other deans must issue three sets of crisis management plans.”

There’s nothing wrong with this task. The freshmen of their academy had a collective accident. Whether it’s the military or the academies, there’s always one party that will bear the responsibility.

“Yes.” Several Deans took over the task.

“Lt General Fabre, please inform the four generals stationed in their respective territories in my name.”

“Yes!” Fabre took the order.

Lt General Yolan was orderly in assigning tasks. The tasks at the beginning were normal, but starting from Brigadier General Petunia, the task began to change:

“Brigadier General Petunia, use your military authority to mobilize the garrisons of the nearest three planets to go to Ifadia in the name of exercise.”

As soon as this task came out, everyone was stunned:

The Imperial Capital, Ifadia, is where that Lord usually lives!

Brigadier General Petunia did not hesitate at all and calmly accepted the task.

This mission was obviously to prepare for the failure of the rescue. Lt General Yolan...is the estimate of the situation so pessimistic?

Then they heard Lt General Yolan call out Argos’ name.

“Dean Argos, you and Dean Pei Nan will come with me. The three of us have another task.”

Dean Pei Nan instantly paled!

Argos just stood up calmly and accepted the task with a smile.

Everyone’s heart thumped: As we all know, in addition to guarding, the Imperial Guards led by Argos would also arrest people, and beyond that was another shameful task——


All the shameful tasks of the Military Department are performed by the Imperial Guards. Now that Lt General Yolan asked for him, it’s self-evident!

Obviously, Lt General Yolan had prepared for the worst.

At this moment, the communication device on the waist of the technician whose legs were trembling at the door suddenly rang. The hilarious ringtone was particularly conspicuous in the serious conference room. He hurriedly took the communicator from his waist, about to shut it down, when suddenly:

“Lt General Yolan, look at the monitor! They, they…”

Brigadier General Petunia, who was about to go out, came back from the door with a vigorous step and pressed the switch on the monitor again. The scene on Mu Gen’s side was immediately revealed to everyone, and everyone was stunned by the scene in front of them——

“Reporting to Commander, we shot down 3 enemy spacecrafts in this battle. All the weapons in the opponent’s cabin were seized by us.” A student reported to Mu Gen, but the content of this report…why does it seem like something’s wrong?

“Great, take all the weapons in their cabin to Lander’s cabin. Don’t throw away those spacecrafts, keep the good parts and let the Battleship Maintainance Department see if they can put together a complete one.” Mu Gen’s expression was very calm, he didn’t think anything was wrong at all.

Brigadier General Petunia looked away from the cockpit where Mu Gen was. As her eyes fell on the surveillance screens on the other locations of the Lander, her expression was slightly distorted.

That…not only are the students of the Comprehensive Academy still there, they’re also doing well. Instead of being shot down by enemy warships, on the contrary, it’s not difficult to see from the scenes uploaded on the screen: They even lived a life of actively pursuing enemy warships.

It’s a bit euphemistic to say that the pursuit is actually a robbery o(╯□╰)o.

Look at this full storage cabin and you’ll know: Their gains along the way are pretty good.

“What happened?” Lt General Yolan’s sight fell on the full supplies in the cabin and didn’t leave.

“The, the report submitted by the colleagues who was in charge of the monitoring system stated that they were performing tasks.” Holding the communication device and while looking at the report sent from it, the technician stammered. Seeing Lt General Yolan frown, his adjutant immediately snatched the communication device from the technician and handed it to Lt General Yolan.

In the report, the person in charge of monitoring recorded every move of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy in detail.

From the moment they saw the content of the task.

Their entry method was completely different from usual and many students began to question this game, but while the army’s top was unstable, the students of the Comprehensive Academy began to carry out their tasks seriously just because the boy named Mu Gen said that this was the mission. Everyone didn’t think more about the content of the mission for another second.

Their military spirit instantly became stable.

“In this case, why don’t we rob?” Among various opinions, he made a suggestion.

There was no objection and everyone accepted this whimsical approach, then immediately accepted the task assigned by Mu Gen.

Every one of them!

What terrible leadership.

“Using the last fuel to directly hit a lone warship, and when they’re about to hit the opponent, the four mechas in the cabin stretched out their robotic arms at the same moment and the capture was complete.”

Dean Comrow also saw the report of their first “robbery”. There were only a few words in the report, but Dean Comrow saw the risk of this operation at a glance:

Using the last fuel to sprint, if it fails, the ship will be destroyed!

When they’re about to crash into the opponent, the four mechas have to capture it at the same time. If one of the four mechas was a little slower, the capture will fail. The impact force from the battleship would bounce them back and none of the four mechas would be spared!

He shook his head.

What Dean Comrow saw was the unreliable part of the plan, but what Petunia saw was another aspect of the plan:

“Student Mu Gen made this move with a deep understanding of the parameters of the Lander.

The Lander focuses on defense and is equipped with weapons. The walls of the spacecraft are very thick, which is the basis of this plan.

When flying at full speed, the impact force generated by the Lander is enough to crush an enemy ship. During the flight, even if the enemy ship fired at them, it cannot cause fatal damage to the Lander.

The subsequent capture included two aspects: On the one hand, the four mechas should have the same firing time and they must not shrink from the battle; on the other hand, and the most important one: The pilot must pause the Lander at the moment of collision. Braking a spacecraft at full speed required extremely skilled operations from the spacecraft pilot.

With this arrangement, Mu Gen has a deep understanding of the abilities of his classmates. At the same time, he had a deep understanding of the arrangements made based on his abilities.”

To do this at Mu Gen’s age is truly remarkable. However, these were not enough to shock Brigadier General Petunia, who was accustomed to seeing geniuses. What really made her admire was the trust shown by the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy in this small activity plan.

The four mecha operators were trusted by Mu Gen, so they dared to lean out of the cabin when their battleship rushed over. You must know, once Mu Gen can’t break briefly at that moment, they’d be smashed by the enemy ships!

Mu Gen also trusted the four mecha operators so he dared to rush towards the enemy ship without any defense. Once he rushed over, if the four mecha operators can’t catch the enemy ship, even if they smash the enemy ship, they’d still face the deadly situation of energy exhaustion if the capture fails.

Using this method to get their first pot of gold, the spacecraft of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy used various methods to capture ten enemy warships one after another. With successful captures, the students became more and more confident and their tacit understanding got better and better.

At the same time, the trust in their Commander is also higher. It can be said that even if the task assigned by Mu Gen had a certain death risk, they’d still accept it very frankly.

“Terrible leadership.” Until this time, the senior officers of the military could no longer ignore this humble boy.

The author has something to say:

Modified the setting about not knowing the Marshal in the previous chapter, about how he forgot what the marshal said before

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TINA V3C103: Last Event 3
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