TINA V3C105: Fierce Landing

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All the materials on the enemy battleship are loaded on their transport ship while the enemies on the battleship….uh, all the battleships are unmanned. Facing the empty battleship, Mu Gen asked his classmates to grab the brains of the battleship.

“How come there are no enemies? The intelligent system driving this battleship is our enemy. Doug, please imprison all the brains on these warships in the small black room.” Mu Gen explained it this way at that time.

“Ok.” The student named Doug didn’t ask any questions and silently accepted the task. When he was about to leave, Mu Gen stopped him:

“Don’t abuse the captives! We have to check the procedures for them regularly, and we have to brainwash them…”


“En. Just use the military training freshman manual to brainwash them. Let them read and write 10,000 times in the system every day.”


“If they confess, they can leave the small black room.”


The conversation between the two children made them very speechless, but——

After watching the student named Doug really “ask” a navigation map from the brain who came back from the “little black room”, Lt General Yolan opened his mouth slightly.

With the first brain that “confessed”, there’s a second one. These brains “confessed” their respective tasks and the navigation map on their bodies.

Senior military officers: 囧!!!

Can it be done like this?

From the facts “confessed” by the brains, the students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy pieced together a complete task and an increasingly complete navigation map.

“Continue to pursue Colton Military Academy (78, 12, 60 in Galaxy 5) and Imperial Comprehensive Academy (49, 78, 11 in Galaxy 7)

When Mu Gen read out the mission, the entire conference room became extremely quiet.

The news about the freshmen from other academies they’ve always wanted to know suddenly appeared!

Aside from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, the students of the Colton Military Academy are still alive!

Everyone’s spirits were refreshed: They have prepared for the worst. This is the first time they feel the existence of hope!

“Avery, you must find Ivan…” With his hands folded on his chest, Dean Comrow couldn’t help but utter his thoughts.

No one laughed at him, because at the moment, everyone’s thoughts were roughly the same as him.

As if hearing their voices, the Comprehensive Academy’s white transport ship dropped its head and began to move towards Galaxy 5 where the Colton Military Academy is located.


“Commander Ivan! The damage rate of our team’s mecha has been 80%, and it can no longer hold on!”

The mechanical claw slashed down the enemy mecha’s face and the mecha piloted by Ivan heard the damage report from his classmate in the channel of his left ear before he landed.

“Move back, the first team support will be here soon.” Ivan Comrow said in a deep voice as his feet landed the same time as he spoke. However, the moment he landed, his body tilted. After mobilizing the detection system to perform a quick self-check, Ivan’s thoughts sank: He found that the left foot of his mecha was swept and broken by the enemy in the battle just now.

“Warning! The damage rate of mecha is 35%, please repair it as soon as possible! Warning! Damage rate of mecha is 40%, please repair it as soon as possible!” Ivan was taken aback and looked at the result of the self-check. He discovered that not only the left foot but also the right hand of the mecha had two broken fingers when he just cut off the enemy’s head!

As a person who uses the hand (claw) of the mecha to attack, the most important weapon suffering a degree of damage meant that his fighting ability will be halved!

Like other freshmen, Ivan fainted when he entered the system. After waking up, he found himself in a mecha. The panic is: they’re on an unknown planet. Fortunately: the mechas that each of them drove were the mechas they used during training.

However, it was too late for them to understand the situation as a batch of silver-white standard mechas immediately attacked them. Ivan and the others didn’t know what was going on at first and some students even tried to talk to the other, but this student was immediately dismembered by the opponent’s mecha——

The students of the Colton Military Academy then fought back in a panic.

The number of enemies was equal to them but because they were caught off guard at the beginning, many of them were injured in the initial battle. At this time, Ivan fulfilled his due responsibility as the Commander. Under his effective organization, Colton’s resistance became very effective. However, behind the enemy was a steady stream of supply warships coming over, but they are always alone here. Even with their mechas broken, there is no tool to repair them. The personnel was injured but there’s no suitable medical treatment. As time progressed, their disadvantages became more and more obvious.

When Ivan found out that his mecha was damaged, his heart thumped. Reluctantly standing firm with his ankles, the opponent immediately attached.

It’s over——The moment he noticed the other party, these two words suddenly appeared in Ivan’s mind. He blocked three mechas alone and there are no other students around him except for himself. In other words, no one around can help him!

Facing the enemy, Ivan didn’t close his eyes. Raising his arms in a cross, the first style of standard fighting technique——defense form!

When making this action, a familiar and unfamiliar figure appeared in Ivan’s mind.

After that game, he secretly tried countless times the moment Avery defeated him. Although he didn’t succeed once, it finally made him practice the defense form to the point of incomparable proficiency.

Now, this move saved his life! Ivan abruptly held the enemy’s first attack with a defensive form, then the second and the third!

However, his defensive form is not as proficient as Avery’s, and his mecha doesn’t have many specifically defensive parts like Avery. By the fourth time, Ivan heard the sound of his mecha cracking.

This time, it’s really over…

When this idea climbed into his mind, Ivan felt very at a loss in his heart for a moment.

But he didn’t have time to grieve. The enemy’s third attack was not over yet. Before his left hand retracted, the enemy’s right leg had pulled up and quickly swept towards his head!

I can rest——this was the last thought in Ivan’s mind.

At this moment, a huge black mecha suddenly fell from the sky, abruptly blocking the enemy mecha in front of him! It has no head and was a thick tortoise shell mecha…

“Avery!” Ivan couldn’t help calling out the name of the mecha operator!


The metal collision produced a huge sound and sparks exploded in front of Ivan!

Perfect block!

At that moment, Ivan felt like he heard the referee’s voice. He couldn’t see the movement of the mecha in front because of the black mecha standing in front of him as a guardian with his back facing him. Even so, in his mind, he could clearly “see” every move of the other party.

Ivan can clearly “see” how perfectly the mecha resisted the opponent’s blow with all its strength, and then, at a wonderful angle, the elbow would lightly pull up, and this time!


This time, Ivan saw that the head of the opponent’s mecha was squeezed out by the black mecha!

“Ivan, you can rest now.” A very dull voice passed through Ivan’s ears through the mecha’s channel.

Both familiar and unfamiliar, it was Avery’s voice.

Hearing this voice, Ivan felt relieved: It’s no one else but Avery, it’s Avery who told him he could rest.

The spirit that had been strained for too long finally relaxed and the pain he had forcibly suppressed swept through his whole body. This time, Ivan didn’t stubbornly open his eyes and slowly closed them.

“Ivan, stand up! You have no time to rest! Even if you are a genius, there will always be someone who’s more genius than you in this world!” From small to large, this is the sentence he heard most often.

“Your brother is trash, so you have to support the family on his behalf!” This sentence also.

Don’t know if it’s because of listening for a long time that these words became a part of his life goal.

Ivan is always silent and hardworking.

He never felt how talented he was, he just worked harder than the others;

He didn’t think that Avery was a waste. How delicious the muffins and tarts that Avery made was a secret that only he knew.

The children’s world was very cruel, even for Ivan. When he was young, he often fought with others and didn’t win every time. Every time, he’d swear that it’d only be that time. Ivan will also secretly envy other people, even those who were beaten by him and lose because they always have an older brother standing in front of them to protect them and fight back.

Only Ivan has nothing. He didn’t want Avery to be injured and he couldn’t tell his father that he lost, so he could only hold back and find a way to fight back by himself.

When he was a child, he stood in front of Avery and when he stood in front of the other students, Ivan felt a little tired.

He was waiting for someone to allow him to rest and like a machine, he didn’t dare to rest since no one allowed it.

Now that he finally heard this sentence.

Ivan finally fell.

But instead of falling to the ground, he was caught by the black mecha in front of him. He quickly returned to the rear with Ivan’s mecha and handed him to his classmates. Avery then quickly returned to the battlefield and resolutely took Ivan’s original position!

Looking at the huge white transport ship falling from the sky, the students of Colton Military Academy thought it was reinforcements from the enemy and fell into deep despair until a black tortoise shell mecha jumped from above and stood in front of the mecha that their Commander was driving. Only then did the students realize that this transport ship was reinforcements from their “own side”!

“Hurrayyy!!!!!” There was a huge cheer among the tattered mecha group from the Colton Military Academy——


“Hurray!” Off-screen, in the conference room, Dean Comrow and several other generals couldn’t help but let out a low cheer.

“Quiet.” Lt General Yolan softly stopped them. However, behind these people’s gazes, Lt General Yolan lightly opened his clenched fists.

The corner of his mouth was also slightly raised.


“Student Henry, please lead the mecha maintenance department to quickly repair the mechas of Colton Academy; Student Emma, please lead the medical department to treat the wounded…” Sitting in the cockpit, Mu Gen assigned tasks orderly. Looking at the situation in the field, he quickly issued two other commands:

“Student Dobby, please guide all of Colton’s mecha out of the battlefield quickly with the three other students who have mecha. Next, we will implement a large-scale clearance operation on the battlefield.”

Along the way, 18 enemy warships and two small transport ships were captured. At the same time, the ships’ brains were also captured and the Imperial Comprehensive Academy didn’t waste it all. They even took the things on the battleship. Even the battleship itself was not wasted. While removing the brain, they left the remaining warships together and stuffed them into the transport ship. As for the weaponry on the battleship, they tried every means to install it on the Lander. Aside from being a fuel-rich transport ship, the Lander now has far more firepower than the silver-white battleships used by the enemy to chase the freshmen!

The mechas of the Colton Military Academy quickly evacuated if they could run and those that couldn’t was lifted by Dobby and other mechas. If there’s a fight, Avery and Domra will take over.

Then, the muzzle on the huge white transport ship aimed at the enemy mechas remaining on the battlefield…and the battleship behind them.

“Enemy mechas, your allies have been controlled by us. All the supply ships along the way were captured by our side. Three minutes later, we will fire indiscriminately on the battlefield. Before that, you have three minutes to surrender.” Mu Gen said the surrender lines that he had memorized from the beginning.

“Raising your hands means surrender.” Worried that these mechas would not understand, Mu Gen even described the standard posture of surrender.

Making a group of mechas surrender? Are these Comprehensive Academy students stupid? ——after climbing to the huge transport ship, the Colton freshmen who felt safe were stunned:

There was nothing in those mechas. They’ve already seen the mechas chopped down before: the inside was empty, so these mechas are controlled by the brain!

The Coltons were dumbfounded.

Then, a scene that made them even more dumbfounded appeared:

After hearing Mu Gen’s surrender order, a group of silver-white mechas looked around, and then——

Raised their arms one after another.

When one of the mechas raised its arms, the right arm that had been broken during battle fell to the ground. Looking around at its “colleagues” who all raised two arms, the mecha quickly squatted down. The left hand grabbed the broken right arm and then raised it high together.

“This works?” Facing such a scene, the Coltons were dumbfounded.

The author has something to say:

I apologize.

That, it was a bit serious at an altitude of about 5,000 meters, and then I got motion sickness after changing cars in the afternoon.

Then I lost my mobile phone while I was sick and after sending a message on other people’s mobile Weibo, there’s no mobile phone to contact you…

Then I finally got my phone just now.


I apologize to everyone with this new chapter. I am returning and will update on time in the future.

There’s really no helping it since I have no way of notifying everyone these days. It’s not good to travel alone.

I let everyone worry.


TINA V3C104: Last Event 4
TINA V3C106: Discovery

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