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The students were silent;

The officers who had been watching them off-screen were silent;

Lander…was also silent.

Okay, it’s been silent for a while.

As the transport ship sent by the main brain to transport the captives, it, it really resisted hard enough, but under Mu Gen’s operation, resistance…was not found…and directly became invalid (囧), so, carrying the prisoners that successfully escaped, the Lander robbed its allies one after another, until Mu Gen revealed its identity.

Since the freshmen entered the system the moment when the military intelligent system isolated the infected program, their brains received varying degrees of shock and all of them experienced coma for a while just after entering.

Just when the freshmen of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy fell into a coma, the Lander and many warships ordered to chase them arrived. In the face of an “enemy” who had no ability to resist, the brain systems did not hesitate too much and simply got them all on Lander.

Lander 151, whose identity was revealed, “confessed”.

“What about Brad?” Mu Gen asked one last question.

“He’s the only one一一the only one who managed to escape when we transferred the others. He drove away on the spacecraft you were in.” The smart brain on the Lander answered honestly.

Mu Gen & all freshmen:  ̄▽ ̄


“Great! That base should be the place where the Marshal and the others were detained! Colton’s students are all here and they will surely be able to successfully rescue Marshal and General!” Dean Comrow’s excited voice rose!

Both sons were fine, and all the students in his academy had been found. Of the two academies known to have survived, Colton is one of them! Now, they even knew an extremely important coordinate——

The situation is moving in a better and better direction.

“Hehe, was Colton successfully rescued by the Imperial Comprehensive Academy?” Slightly looking up, Dean Argos chuckled softly.

Hearing the irony in his words, Dean Comrow unnaturally regained his face. He tried to restore his usual solemn expression but a smile remained at the corner of his mouth.

What other people say is not important, if there’s a team that can successfully rescue the Marshal, Colton will be one of the two candidates anyway!

Looking at Lt General Yolan behind him imperceptibly, as expected, facing the children’s breakthrough discovery, even Lt General Yolan’s indifferent expression finally showed a trace of ripples.

Good news came frequently. At this moment, the technical department sent another excellent news:

“The students of the Imperial Military Academy and the Imperial National Defense Academy have been discovered!”

Not only this, they even discovered mission clues earlier than Comprehensive and Colton. They’re now at the base and even declared war on the enemy!

When the scene on that side appeared on the big screen, the atmosphere in the meeting room was refreshed!

The scene in front of them looks like a simulation of an ordinary war taking place in a virtual system.

With soldiers as chess pieces, the Commanders of both sides launched a fierce contest on the base chessboard. This is a scene that every officer present is very familiar with. After just watching for a while, the expression on Lt General Yolan’s face obviously relaxed.

“The Commander is good.” Looking at the indifferent expression of the Imperial Military Academy’s Commander on the screen, he commented. In the case of Lt General Yolan, who had always been demanding, this sentence is almost a compliment. There was even a serious smile at the corner of his mouth.

Even better news came at this moment——

“Reporting to Lt General Yolan, the technical department has found a breakthrough! We can now talk to the students in the system!!!!!”

So far, the best news has finally appeared.


The military officers who had been sitting in the conference room for a day finally left the conference room. They’re now standing at the office center of the Technical Department. The technicians are doing the final debugging and after this, they can talk to the students in the system again!

This thing that they took for granted is now extremely difficult due to the collapse of the system. To achieve the purpose of calling, technicians tried countless port opening methods. In their eyes, everything on the screen is just code. A spacecraft corresponds to a piece of code and a student also corresponds to a piece of code. They had no way to find all the students before since their codes were hidden by the system. Fortunately, after unrelenting efforts, they finally found the codes of all the students. Trying to establish a connection with these codes again, they can finally talk to the people in the system again!

Passing a simple communicator to Lt General Yolan, the technicians indicated that Lt General Yolan can now speak.

The call might be terminated at any time due to the sabotage of the other party so the head of the technical department reminded the Lt General to cherish his speaking time.

Finally making the final decision in his heart, Lt General Yolan slightly nodded and began to speak.

All the students in the system heard his voice at the same time:

“The situation is very dangerous right now.”

He went straight to the point.

“The smart brain system has been attacked by a virus. Now, the virtual system you’re in is a system isolated by the smart brain as a virus.

You are trapped on an island.

In this system, the living will never be able to leave the system, and the dead…will never have an afterlife. According to professionals, once you can’t leave the system for a long time, your body that remains in the outside world will shrink until the brain dies. At that time, you will also become a piece of code in the system.”

“When the military intelligent system cleans up system garbage, your code will also be cleaned up at the same time. At that time, you will truly die.”

All the freshmen who heard this news were stunned.

“This, this isn’t a game?” At that time, a student roared out. Lt General Yolan’s voice appeared out of thin air and they don’t know where the sound source is.

“It’s not a game anymore.” Looking down at the freshmen who were boiling on the screen, Lt General Yolan continued.

“This is war.”

“Lord Marshal, who was in charge of the topic, as well as General Condon, were also trapped in this system at the same time. We have not yet ascertained the true motive of the system, but I can tell you clearly, the tasks you got should have been issued by the master brain of that system.”

“What?! Are the tasks we got fake?” When they heard this, the students’ anxiety reached the point where it could be felt through the screen.

“Unfortunately, we have not yet ascertained the other party’s intentions, but we can tell you clearly: the task given by the other party is also the mission we need you to complete.

Once again, I’ll officially announce your task in this competition: Rescue the kidnapped Lord Marshal and General Condon!

Time limit! 23 o’clock the day after tomorrow!

That is the fixed time for the military intelligent system to clean up the system garbage. You must rescue Marshal Rothsay and General Condon before this time. If you can’t find them, everyone will——”

Everyone was listening attentively to Lt General Yolan’s speech, however, at the most critical moment, Lt General Yolan’s speech was interrupted.

The port was blocked again by the other party.

The author has something to say:

Sorry for being late, but I can only write up until here. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, these few days, I’ll be very busy in 3D and I only have less than 2 hours to write every day. This is also my speed….everyone knows that my writing is quite slow.

To not disappoint everyone, I had to bite the bullet and post this. I’ve been busy with some business for the past few days. After this, I’ll work hard to grow and thank everyone for being considerate.


TINA V3C106: Discovery
TINA V3C108: Oli's Thoughts

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