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At the same time, the military officers outside the screen were stunned.

They watched as all the mechas raised their arms and Colton’s freshmen received the task information at the same time:

“Now announcing the content of the competition: There is no time limit to rescue the kidnapped Lord Marshal Rothsay and General Condon.”

It was the same as the task received by the Comprehensive Academy, but they received it a little later.

“It seems that the prerequisite for receiving the mission is to escape the enemy’s pursuit!” Dean Comrow said excitedly!

Both sons are fine! All the freshmen of his academy are found! So the most excited person on the scene was him.

The planet that Ivan and the others hadn’t had time to observe was originally a barracks or a mecha battalion. After careful investigation, Mu Gen placed all the captured mechas in that camp. Each mecha has a room and there are a few students in each room with the job of “extracting a confession”, sigh! No, it’s a routine inquiry.

It’s very simple: Just as the students entering the system have their missions or goals, these warships or mechas also have their missions. What Mu Gen needs to know is the tasks assigned to each of these brain systems. So far, they haven’t received any useful clues other than the mission objective. In this case, the fastest way is to ask the “enemy”.

All the mechas stood in their assigned rooms and weapons with strong firepower were deployed outside the camp. All the mechas knew this since they have very advanced scanning equipment and this is something they can detect.

Henry is a student of the Mecha Maintenance Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. He was also assigned the task of interrogation. Looking at the tall mecha in front of him, Henry swallowed, but thinking of the task assigned to him, and thinking of the forts arranged by the other students outside, his heart was much calmer:

“If you don’t confess, you will be pew-ed!”

Henry righteously said so.

“But if you confess honestly, it’s fine.”

For these children, smart brains are good and mechas are also good. It’s just a means or tool to assist them in learning. They always only need to order them to do something, so negotiating with them on equal footing like this seemed to be their first time.

After a fierce battle, these usual majestic steel giants have now become tattered. The two mechanical arms of the mecha assigned to Henry’s room have a lot of cracks. With its every move, the metal would fall off and even though he knew it was virtual and that these mechas don’t feel pain, seeing this broken mecha, Henry still felt a little weird in his heart.

The parts that almost fell on Henry’s head were retrieved in time and the huge mecha stood indifferently away from these humans.

“Truly? If I confess, I won’t be beaten to death?” The harsh mechanical sound emitted through the voice generator reached Henry’s ears.

Henry nodded solemnly: “Yes.”

Then the mecha didn’t say anything.

If it’s a human being who was locked in a room, the captives can’t communicate. However, smart brains are different. Even if their body was locked in different places, the brain systems that drove these mechas are connected. In other words, communication between them was unimpeded.

So, when Henry answered the mecha’s words and passed them to the mecha’s brain system network, it was shared with all the captured mechas.

As Mu Gen said, these mechas naturally have their tasks. Their task is to stop these students and whether they’re injured or killed, they must stop the students.

This is the command from the “main brain”.

As for the mechas themselves, the main brain didn’t give any instructions.

They are all intelligent brain systems on the virtual platform of the military network and their logical capabilities are not high. They were created for the sole purpose of training users of virtual platforms. In the training process, it doesn’t matter if they’re destroyed by humans.

Their “body” in the virtual platform will be fragmented but will soon be reborn at some point. Their previous “memory garbage” will be cleared and new instructions will be executed again.

Or, they will be part of this “memory garbage”.

In the virtual system, the opponent is a warship or a mecha operated by the brain. This situation is common, but unlike human opponents, no one has ever wanted to capture these brains.

“If the opponent is a smart brain, you must fight to the end with all your strength until you destroy it.” ——don’t know when but this sentence became everyone’s code of action.

In a battle with intelligent systems, humans could stop at any time, but the intelligent system can’t.

Humans didn’t give the smart brain a second choice.

Once these brain systems fail, their destiny will always be destruction. And now, these young humans suddenly gave them extra options.

Sharing Henry’s answer with all the brain systems that performed the task, they discussed for a while on a common network and the final decision was——

They confessed at the same time.

 ̄▽ ̄

“Prevent the Colton Military Academy (78, 12, 60 on Galaxy 5) from reinforcing the Horsey Military Academy (11, 25, 98 on Galaxy 1).”

The information provided by the mechas was the same.

In fact, it includes two tasks in total: 1. Prevent Colton Military Academy; 2. Colton Military Academy needs to reinforce Horsey Military Academy.

When they heard this news, many students at the Colton Military Academy brightened: This is a clue to the mission! They need to support Horsey Military Academy!

“When we were fighting, the warship that Horsey was on had been destroyed, so we completed this task.”

Also in the room where Henry was in charge, the mecha answered honestly.

“Damn——” Hearing this answer, another Colton student in the room ran out immediately.

So only Henry and the mecha were left in the interrogation room.

“Ah! I also want to report this news to Chairman Mu Gen!” Henry said later, but…

The tattered mecha without a calf looked very pitiful.

Henry was a little embarrassed, but at this moment, the assembly bell rang, and he must leave.

“When the game is over, I will fix this leg for you.” With a final glance at the mecha, Henry turned around and ran out.

No one noticed this little incident in this room. In the conference room, the sights of all military officers were focused on Mu Gen. At this moment, Mu Gen has all the “interrogation” results in his hands.

“Prevent the Colton Military Academy (78, 12, 60 on Galaxy 5) from reinforcing Horsey Military Academy (11, 25, 98 on Galaxy 1).”

The results of the interrogation that Henry and the others got, Mu Gen naturally also got. The interrogation results that Mu Gen finally got in his hands was one more than most students got.

A very critical one.

“Transport the captives of the Colton Military Academy.”

Only one mecha confessed this information and its mission was different from other mechas. According to its confession, after defeating the students of Colton Military Academy, it will take the remaining mechas and the remaining students to the transport ship and take them back to the base.

If the support of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy didn’t arrive in time, the fate waiting for Colton is probably having all its students captured!

After knowing the facts about these transport ships, all Colton’s students were very worried.

However—— the confession of this mecha revealed a piece of exciting news: “base”!

The place where the student captives are held, and their mission objectives: Lord Marshal and the General are likely to be there too!

However, what frustrated them was: the coordinates of the base will only automatically appear in the navigation route of the transport ship when the mechas complete their mission. Now that they’ve defeated the mechas, such an important clue has been cut off——

These mechas have honestly confessed and they have also received the mission content of these mechas. However, the content of these tasks is not very useful and no more useful information was revealed. The Horsey Military Academy mentioned in the mission is already out, so even if they rushed there, it will not help.

Where are the Marshal and General who are the target mission locked up?

For the students, this is the most important clue. However, this is a clue that will only be known if their mission fails and they were captured. Now that they’ve defeated the enemy, they have no way of knowing this!

Continue to the coordinates of the Horsey Military Academy in Galaxy 1 to see if there are clues there——this is the choice in the hearts of most people.

There’s only one problem with this: Galaxy 1 is too far away! Their current fuel is just enough to get here, and even if they “rob” others in the middle to get more fuel, it would be too late. Although there’s no time requirement in terms of task time, all the students present know: Their game time is only four days and the remaining time now is less than two days!

Going to Galaxy 1 seemed to be their only choice at the moment.


Ivan frowned.

He always feels like this is a trap.

There are many traps on the way to complete the task and failure is allowed in the middle. As long as they can complete the tasks sent by the system at the end, they can still complete their goals.

There’s only one clue, but it takes too long to get to the location of the clue. It will even make them too late to complete the task——this is a multiple choice question with no extra options.

Ivan hesitated.

Turning his head, he saw his brother on the side.

Since childhood, whenever he turned his head, he’d see Avery silently looking at his back, waiting for him to turn his head. But now, he found that the person Avery was looking at is no longer him.

The person Avery is looking at now is Mu Gen.

The Commander in Chief of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, Mu Gen, was a figure that Ivan hadn’t noticed before. He always thought that the Commander of Comprehensive Academy would be Brad of the Battleship Command Department.

At this moment, the humble Commander was holding his chin with a wandering expression on his face.

Ivan frowned again.

“Mu…Commander Mugen, what are you thinking right now? Maybe you have a discovery?” He was tactfully reminding Mu Gen not to daydream.

Mu Gen didn’t answer him.

It wasn’t until Ivan asked him again that Mu Gen turned his head as if he had just awakened from a dream.

“The Lander is a transport ship!”

He said words that confused everyone.

“The tasks on the brains of those transport ships is to transport the captives of Colton. They said the transport ships are prepared for transporting prisoners and the Lander is also a transport ship…”

While speaking, Mu Gen stood up and turned, running towards the Lander not far away. Seeing him leave, the Comprehensive Academy students followed in his footsteps one after another, and Ivan also followed.

When a bunch of people crowded in the cockpit of the Lander, watching Mu Gen become busy on the console, they saw his fingers pierce through various keys quickly and everyone’s eyes were fixed on a coordinate that finally appeared on the screen.

“Task: Take the captives of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy to the base (11, 67, 26 on Galaxy 11).”

Flicking his fingers to relax a little, Mu Gen showed a slightly awkward smile:

“Sure enough…the Lander is the enemy’s transport ship, we…it seemed like we were caught in the beginning and we were all captured.”

Everyone was 囧!

The author has something to say:

I’ve been unlucky lately

I lost my phone and got a fever. I just finished writing and the internet went down. Switched to a new phone to send it but it didn’t work. It’s easy to understand the result.

Such an unlucky author, please calm down in the comment section.

PS: Students that are coming back from the college entrance exams, don’t follow the series now.

Translator’s Notes:

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I actually had already translated all the chapters I wanted to publish for this month but my laziness kicked in and I lazed around, addicted to reading a certain novel, so the editing has been postponed.

I gave myself a goal of publishing 2 chapters a day and they just need some editing but guess the habit is hard to break. These chapters are the ones supposed to be published last week. After this, it’ll be back to 2 chapters a day. Unless of course I got lazy again and I’ll play catch up on the following days.

The ending for this volume was so…heart-wrenching…sobs…

TINA V3C105: Fierce Landing
TINA V3C107: Call

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