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Putting down the communicator, Lt General Yolan didn’t look back. He only said two words:

“Carry on.”

These two words are for the military officers and also for the head of the technology department.

“Carry on.” In the system, Olivia only said these two words.


“The damage rate of the 4th Mecha Battalion of Grando Academy is serious, please send someone to replace it as soon as possible!” Grando, who was in charge of the mecha attack, first sent a protest.

“Two heavy firepower ships of Team 7 from the Imperial National Defense are malfunctioning! Requesting support from the headquarters!” Immediately afterward, the Imperial National Defense Academy also came to ask for people.

“Motha-effer!” Before Olivia said a word, Todd, who stood by his side, cursed in a local dialect.

The people in these two academies were rescued by them on the way to the base. According to the equipment they were assigned to, Grando is a long-range mecha battalion, while the Imperial National Defense Academy is a heavy firepower battalion. The students of these three academies are still under the command of their academy Commanders. Olivia didn’t intend to consolidate all the academies under one command but don’t know when it started, the other two got closer and closer until they treated the Imperial Military Academy as the head.

Faced with this situation, Todd was quite proud at first: Our Academy is amazing! The Chief I chose to support is amazing!

But as time progressed, he became uncomfortable:

The other academies know that important people need resources, but their own people and resources are limited. Where these things came from and how to distribute them, you have to find a way to get on your own.

Todd was worried, but Jopson felt that the Chief was more and more powerful:

If the road is gone, take everyone to find a way; If a thing is gone, take everyone to find a way to get things; If people are gone…people are still there.

Among all military academies, the Imperial Military Academy has the smallest number of people. Even if their average individual ability is better than the other academies, it can’t make up for their biggest shortcoming of insufficient manpower.

In Jopson’s view, whether it’s the Grando Military Academy or the Imperial National Defense Academy, these are the manpower found by the Chief to “make up for the lack of human resources on his side”.

When Grando Academy and the Imperial National Defense Academy encountered problems their Chief could not solve, they tentatively went to the Imperial Military Academy. The things they couldn’t solve, Chief Olivia helped them solve.

The second time they encountered a similar problem, they found the Imperial Military Academy again. And Chief Olivia still helped them solve it;

With that momentum, whenever they encountered problems, the first thing they thought of was the Imperial Military Academy. These people will then have a sense of trust and reliance on their Academy and this feeling would form a vague impression in their hearts. This impression is like a brand, unconsciously, they began to accept the command of the Imperial Military Academy.

This is the power of Chief Olivia.

After a few days without rest, the Chief’s eye circles are a little blue——Such Olivia made all the students of the Imperial Military Academy feel at ease.

Even when they heard what Lt General Yolan just said and knew that they were in a very dangerous state, seeing the desperate attitude of their Chief, their hearts suddenly settled.

The Chief must be able to rescue the Marshal and the General, and take everyone out here together——everyone firmly believed this.

Mu Gen, I will definitely rescue you——staring sharply at the electronic screen on the table, Olivia firmly swore to himself!


Those children who thought Olivia is working hard to rescue the Marshal and the General, you are too naive!

The object that Olivia wanted to rescue was not the two bad old men at all, but the pink and lovely Mu Gen boy!

 ̄▽ ̄

The first person rescued by the Imperial Military Academy was Brad, who was fleeing in a panic in a spacecraft.

Olivia ignored him at first and used him as bait, even taking the opportunity to shoot down several enemy warships, until the other party sent a distress signal when he was about to be shot down, indicating that he was a student from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

Olivia hastened to have someone rescue him.

Knowing from Brad’s mouth that the entire Imperial Comprehensive Academy was captured by the enemy, the students of the Imperial Military Academy instantly had their blood boil: The task of saving the Imperial Brides x N is on us! ~\(≧▽≦)~


Where to save?

Everyone looked toward the command cabin. They believe that Wise and Godly Military Chief, His Excellency, will definitely help them find the location of the brides~

Instead of blindly searching, let the enemy take the initiative to expose the location of the base to them.

The method Olivia chose was: Bait.

Send a few students as bait to be captured by the enemy, and the enemy will definitely take them back to the base. This is the fastest way to find the whereabouts of the prisoners!

Facts proved that Olivia’s decision was correct. Along the way, they rescued the Grando Military Academy students and then the Imperial National Defense Academy that had been imprisoned on the edge of the base.

Only the Imperial Comprehensive Academy was not found.

After assessing the combat power of both sides, Olivia finally gave the order to attack the opponent’s base.

With insufficient manpower, he must borrow the troops of the other two academies. However, unlike the Imperial Military Academy, the people from the other two academies were obviously struggling with commands:

The gravity gun that you just got is finished in three or two shots——you are so wasteful, does your mother know?

The people he grabbed, a sixth had already died after a while——hurry and reincarnate?

Under his calm appearance, Olivia’s heart is already irritable.

The injury he suffered when he fought yesterday was aching again, and Olivia frowned slightly.

Olivia had to go on the field in person due to encountering a very difficult enemy mecha yesterday that even Willard retreated from. Although the mecha was finally defeated, Olivia was also seriously injured. In a virtual system that simulates reality 100%, any pain is the same as in reality. The Imperial Military Academy, Grando Academy, and Imperial National Defense Academy, which are currently involved in a battle, didn’t have a Medicine Department. This meant that there are no medical officers in their team, but there’s lots of ammunition in the supply cabin. However, the limited medical resources were quickly consumed within two days. When Olivia was injured, there wasn’t even the right medicine in the warehouse.

Like other injured students, Olivia had to endure.

Looking at the various reports for help frequently coming from the front, Olivia felt his wound getting more and more painful.

In the end, he did not choose to continue to support the two teams that encountered problems from the Grando and National Defense Academy. His patience has been exhausted: Limited resources should be spent on teams that are worthy of support and those who are not worth it are doomed to be abandoned.

Soon there were other battle reports and Olivia’s attention was immediately turned away.

Don’t know if it’s his own illusion, Olivia felt that it’s suddenly easy to command the students from other academies. The time it took for the entire order to be executed has greatly reduced and since 1 pm, good news would come frequently, and by 4 pm, the front had advanced a full kilometer!

This is the first time they encountered an attack from the enemy base since he ordered to attack!

Interested, he sat up straight, but the pain in his abdominals quickly caused him to bend down slightly.

“Sir, please let me clean up your wound again.” Todd naturally knew the reason for his expression, because he had put the bandage on Olivia’s wound before.

“En.” Olivia nodded slightly, then closed his eyes. After working for too long, his eyes were also very tired. His eyes can take a break while dressing up the wound.

Olivia thought it was Todd who cleaned him up this time and was ready to get hurt again due to Todd’s clumsiness, but——

He still overestimated Todd’s level.

Todd’s action this time was heavier than ever! Untying the original bandage, cleaning the wound, applying the medicine, then bandaging…every time he makes a move, Olivia’s brows got a little tighter. When the wound was treated and the bandage resealed, Olivia and Todd breathed out softly at the same time!

Olivia slowly opened his eyes. With black lines on his face, he intended to scold Todd, such service! It’s really bad——

Then, he saw Mu Gen’s concentrated face.

Finally, a beautiful bow was tied to the bandage on Olivia’s belly, and Mu Gen completely relaxed. Mu Gen smiled when he met Olivia who had just opened his eyes.

The mouth that was about to curse was slightly opened, but he couldn’t say a word.

“This medicine is good, it’ll be better tomorrow morning.”

Olivia heard Mu Gen say this to him.

The person he’d been thinking of rescuing suddenly appeared in front of him, gently bandaging his wound without saying anything, and even talking!

“You have a fever now! Is it painful to sit? Taking this medicine will make you better and you won’t doze off.” Mu Gen also gave Olivia two packages of medicine.

Not noticing Olivia’s mood at the moment, Todd’s big incomprehensible face inserted between the two people.

“Chief Olivia, I didn’t have time to tell you before. The people from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy and Colton Military Academy arrived at noon and took the initiative to fight as soon as they arrived. It wasn’t until just now that I had time to come over to report. I now knew that the reason why today’s battle went so smoothly was because of them!” Todd was obviously very happy as he reported the news he had just received to Olivia.

“They brought a transport ship full of personnel and supplies! It’s a Lander, I think? Did you know? That kind of very big transport ship! This is great, the people from the two Academies are filled with supplies! You don’t have to worry about that anymore!”

“By the way, I heard that they have a special Medicine Department. We seconded their medical staff to re-diagnose and treat the wounded. The one who just bandaged you is the student I asked from them, who’s said to be the most skilled. What do you think?”

At this point, Todd’s expression was obviously very nervous. If you look closely, Mu Gen’s expression was also a bit nervous.

Aside from being nervous, there’s also a hint of…guilty conscience?

This time, to bring the medicine box to Oli and bandage his wound, Mu Gen used his authority for the first time!

 ̄▽ ̄

God knows he’s not from the Medicine Department at all. Moreover, when practicing basic nursing courses during military training, Mu Gen’s grades are also inverted.

He can come over this time instead of the most skilled student because Mu Gen used his position as Commander.

He looked at Oli nervously.

He knew that his skills are not very good, but he wanted to see Oli! He was nervous when he heard that Oli was injured.

“Chief Olivia, how is the medical officer?” Todd asked again with a serious tone. If Lord Olivia is dissatisfied, he can throw this medical officer out.

“…good…very good…” Looking at Mu Gen’s expectant eyes, Olivia stammered a reply.

“Great!” The medical officer who can satisfy the demanding Chief Olivia must be skilled, and Todd is finally relieved.


“Honored Medical Officer is very skilled. In fact…I am also injured, can you please look at it too?” Scratching his head, Todd decided to entrust himself to this medical officer.

“O-okay.” Mu Gen nodded, and then followed Todd to another room. With each step, he looked back at Olivia, who was looking eagerly at him. In the end, he only had time to say:

“Remember to take your medicine!”

Then, the hatch fell heavily between the two of them.

Then, across the thick soundproof wall, Todd’s ear-piercing roar came from next door.

Everyone who lived close to Olivia is his confidant. All these confidants also let the medical officer, whom they thought was a skilled medical officer and approved by Olivia, also bandage their wounds. And then, the roars never stopped!

Although they’re still in the battlefield, although his wound still hurts, although the roars are awful——

The corners of Olivia’s mouth curled up slightly.

His wound was also treated by Mu Gen, but Mu Gen’s treatment has subtle differences:

The medicine that the others got was one box, while he got two boxes!!!

Others’ bandages were only wrapped three times, but his own bandage was six times!!!

In conclusion, Mu Gen treated him the best.

Olivia was finally satisfied.

The author has something to say:

I’m a bit worried about the latest update. I know that you’re not satisfied with this and I apologize.

Recently, I’ve been too busy in 3D, not for college entrance exams, I’m moving out.

After returning from Xizhang, I had a fever for one night, and the next day, I had to get up to prepare to move.

 ̄▽ ̄

I’m accustomed to regular life, but with this kind of big change, I can’t keep up with the updates.

But I will try to re-regulate myself.

3D will probably be finished the day after tomorrow.

It might be a little hard these days. but I’ll work hard to write updates and everyone should also work hard to endure it.

The day after tomorrow, I’ll work hard to fix up an update schedule.

Regarding the leave you mentioned, I think I’ll try not to use this as much as possible.

Because I’m a writer who’s not good at writing and who’ll write stories based on emotion.

Once I ask for a leave, my momentum would tell me: it’s okay to drag it for a few days since you already asked for leave!

Once there’s no change in a period of time, the relationship will change.

Everyone who has chased the marshal before should find that the tones from the beginning and end is different.

This is the result of the subsequent emotions being different from before.

So I will try my best to finish writing a story with a consistent tone.

To achieve this goal, I have to write constantly.

There’s indeed something wrong on my side these days, thank you for your understanding.

Although I like regular life, there are always times when I want to go out on vacation and when I can’t bear it, so I will go out.

When I had enough of playing, I will come back to continue regularly coding words.

During this time, it’s tough on you.


Wait till the day after tomorrow and it’ll be fine

TINA V3C107: Call
TINA V3C109: Grim Reaper

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