TINA V4C112: Oli Is Back

TINA V3C111: Disperse
TINA V4C113: Scheming Chick Oli

The Imperial Comprehensive Academy has an exam every three months, except for Mu Gen’s first exam where he was ranked first in his grade, the subsequent exams…

Is where he struggled in dire straits.

There’s no helping it: The score for the first exam is based on their performance during military training, and the others after that was based on their professional course. And Mu Gen’s professional class is——


In the first professional exam, he had to make an original cookie recipe and a total of six professors acted as judges. After eating Mu Gen’s cookies, a total of five referees fell, and the only one who didn’t fall was Professor Kurno who had three heads (←only one head ate the cookie, the other two didn’t).

You can’t say that Mu Gen didn’t work hard since he usually works very hard. His notes are clean and tidy and the ingredients are processed quickly and beautifully. If there’s a theory test in the Cooking Department, he would definitely get first place with full marks! But the Head of the Cooking Department thought that the most important thing for a cooking exam was practice. Every time, the exam questions are all actual production of various dishes, and Mu Gen’s biggest weakness was suddenly exposed.

Professor Kurno said: Until now, I had never seen someone so unsuitable enter the kitchen!

Mu Gen worked very hard, but his professional course scores are too low, so low that he might be dropped out in the coming year.

With no other way, Professor Kurno had to give him an idea: Use the results of elective subjects to make up for the lack of results in your professional course.

Thus, the nightmare era of the Battleship Command and Mecha Department arrived!

The first place in the Battleship Command and Mecha Department has been taken away by this bastard from the Cooking Department!!!

Every time they saw Mu Gen sitting in the first row, listening carefully and taking notes, all the students of these two departments felt itchy, wanting to beat him, but couldn’t (囧). So every time in class, everyone rushed to sit in the front row and listened carefully, fighting to answer the questions raised by the professor. For a time, the learning atmosphere in these two departments was extremely strong!

Without knowing that he has become a motivation inspiring others to study hard, Mu Gen worked hard every day and went to and from the various departments. He’s very busy right now. Not only busy with elective courses but also busy practicing his professional course. Besides that, he and Dobby also became auditors on part of the courses of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

It’s too expensive to buy a robot, and Dobby’s family can’t afford it while Mu Gen was also unable to buy it for him, so they decided to make it themselves.

Before saying goodbye to Miss Dolai, she gave Mu Gen a lot of professional books (even signed it) and Mu Gen started to make his first robot while learning. By the time the first school year was about to end, the prototype of their robot has come out!

Although it’s very rough and ugly, it’s easy to use and has a lot of strength since it can grab a cow and the movements are very dexterous that it can make delicious scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Although this robot is ready to work, all the work can only be carried out by inputting the command since its intelligent system is still very rudimentary.

Speaking of which, the intelligent system of this robot was provided by his uncles. The smart system sold in the store is very expensive, but don’t know where First Uncle got a bargain, it was installed the day the robot was created and Dobby was very happy. He said that he must repay his uncles no matter what, so his First Uncle instructed Dobby to teach Mu Gen how to make a pine cone cake.

During the professional exam of the Cooking Department, the scores are based on after the professors’ tasted it.

It turned bad at this point:

There are seven robots in Mu Gen’s family and each robot is a master in theory. They can correct every detail of Mu Gen’s process while making the cake, but——

They cannot taste these cakes.

Robots have no sense of taste or smell and even if the cake is good, they can’t eat it. Mu Gen not passing his professional courses should partially be blamed on his robot uncles.

“It must be that we can’t give the correct evaluation criteria that caused Mu Gen’s professional course results to be so bad.”

They saw Mu Gen’s efforts and planned silently.

The Head of the Cooking Department likes to eat their steamed buns, so they go and give the head some steamed buns every three days;

Since there’s no way to taste it, they tried to get other humans to help taste the dishes made by Mu Gen.

Before Dobby came, all the owners of the commercial street were poisoned by this family. After no one dared to taste Mu Gen’s cooking anymore, Dobby rushed to deliver himself~

Dobby looked at the few robots that solemnly walked around the kitchen.

Chairman Mu Gen’s grades in his professional course are low, this he knew, but he had never eaten it. Today was the first time he had the honor to taste the dishes prepared by the Chairman himself.

Under the gazes of the seven screens, Dobby was about to take a bite of the cake made by Mu Gen——

Olivia came back at this time.

After the end of the annual final exam, the Imperial Military Academy finally closed.

When he left, he only brought Mengmeng, this one robot. But when he returned, Olivia not only brought Mengmeng back but also Big Horn.

Olivia drove Mengmeng. Since he did a lot of bad things when he was wandering before, Kan Mengmeng had been blacklisted in many galaxies. Many routes will not allow him to enter at all, but now, after Olivia became the first grade Chief of the Imperial Military Academy, and with the fact that Kan Mengmeng had to carry the national treasure class endangered protected animal, Big Horn, the black history of Kan Mengmeng has finally been erased.

The Academy’s not bad——Olivia thought, satisfied.

He came back through the exclusive route of the Imperial Military Academy and there’s no toll on this route. Aside from the fuel being free, the restaurants on the road also provide free meals. As a child who still depends on the family to send living expenses, Olivia has now learned to be frugal. However, he didn’t need to pay a penny in the Academy. Military Academy students usually receive various subsidies for their missions. He even occassionally bought lottery tickets and made some money…Olivia saved the money with the money sent by the uncles, and then spent it all on the way home ~\(≧▽≦)~.

But this time, instead of spending all his money on candy, he bought a gift for everyone in the family ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿.

There’s first uncle’s, second uncle’s…and finally, Mu Gen’s.

He even prepared some very thoughtful small gifts, intending to bribe Dean Ode and the Head of the Cooking Department.

When Bailu Star neared, Olivia’s heart burst with nervousness. However, when the spacecraft landed, he suddenly didn’t feel nervous anymore.

The port is full of students returning home, many of them wearing the white Imperial Comprehensive Academy uniforms. Many people looked curiously when they saw Olivia coming down the exclusive lane.

Olivia changed a lot from a year ago.

He had grown ten cm taller! Although his figure is still thin, through the black school uniform, it’s not difficult to see the firm and tight muscles underneath. His complexion is still a bit sickly pale, but against the background of his handsome facial features, with the iconic black uniform of the Imperial Military Academy, Olivia looked handsome but indifferent.

Many people blushed as they watched.

No one dared talk to him. Although Olivia looked very attractive, the aura around his body was not fake. Moreover, he’s taking a special lane that was separated from the civilian port used by the others by a strong protective layer. Everyone could only watch him complete various entry procedures in a very short time, put away the cute spacecraft, and finally took a big pet before quickly going on a hover car and leaving.

Olivia didn’t go straight home by car.

When passing the commercial street, Olivia got out with Mengmeng and Big Horn.

This commercial street was mentioned more than once in Mu Gen’s letters. This is where Mu Gen and Sigma travel when going to school together every day. With Mu Gen’s letter, Olivia knew the name of every store and every owner on this street.

“Mr. Tony, hello.” When passing by a pastry shop and seeing the buns on the counter, Olivia smiled and took the initiative to bring Mengmeng and Big Horn to the counter. He smiled and greeted the boss who was reading the newspaper.

If there are students of the Imperial Military Academy nearby at this time, they would definitely jump at the smile on Olivia’s face!

“Hello…huh?” Instinctively, Boss Tony was stunned when he looked up and saw the young man in black standing in front of him: Who is this guy? Don’t know him

“I’m Olivia…” Olivia wanted to introduce himself, but Boss Tony interrupted him just after hearing that.

“You’re Olivia from Mu Gen’s family! I see, he often talks about you!” Boss Tony laughed all of a sudden, the wrinkles on his face piling up with his laughter. “Are you a student of Imperial Military Academy? Coming home on holiday?”

“Yeah~” Olivia’s smile widened. Standing beside him, Mengmeng also greeted Boss Tony. What surprised Mengmeng was: Boss Tony even knew Mengmeng! He called Mengmeng’s name accurately.

Seeing dad and Mengmeng both greet the other party, Big Horn couldn’t stand it anymore and rubbed against the counter as he “moo”-ed at Boss Tony.

Big Horn is a big guy now! Boss Tony was frightened and sat down.

Knowing that Big Horn was just saying hello, Boss Tony embarrassingly patted his butt and got up.

“For you.” To comfort Big Horn who was injured by his reaction, Boss Tony also cut a large piece of strawberry cake for Big Horn to eat.

Licking the sweet cake, the Big Horn’s frustration immediately disappeared.

“Moo~” This thing called cake is delicious! Big Horn, who had never eaten this kind of food in the military school, snorted happily.

After giving the small gift he bought for Boss Tony along the way, Olivia continued to move forward with Mengmeng and Big Horn. Along the way, they greeted a lot of people, gave out many small gifts, and received many gifts.

Although Olivia didn’t live here, it’s obvious that the people on this street were no strangers to him. Almost everyone who knew the Mu Gen family had heard his name.

Olivia felt his chest bursting.

Then, finally, he walked to the door of his house.

His heart pounded.

His finger pressed on the fingerprint lock.

Then the door opened.

He saw First Uncle, Second Uncle, Third Uncle, Fourth Uncle….he saw Dobby who was about to eat the cake, and Mu Gen, staring at him dumbfoundedly.

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Oli is back

TINA V3C111: Disperse
TINA V4C113: Scheming Chick Oli

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