TINA V3C111: Disperse

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At the moment of the explosion, everyone thought that everything was over and the head of technology even closed his eyes.

However, it wasn’t the same as they thought. After the Lander was destroyed by No. 1, the world it constructed collapsed but Mu Gen and the others are still alive. They hid in a safe recovery area with the egg-shaped cabins when the explosion occurred, so all students were able to return to the real world.

“The room full of egg-shaped cabins at the mission destination is the recovery area of the source infected code. If it can enter that area before it explodes, it should not have been deleted.”

“But it didn’t go in.”

“I can’t figure it out.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

In most people’s eyes, the Lander is just a piece of “infected” code which in itself is troublesome. No one has the time to think about the self-conscious brain that was deleted. Everyone is busy right now: The technology department and the medical department were busy removing the Marshal, General Condon, and the students from the egg-shaped cabin; the military officers are busy stopping the various missions in progress; the staff in charge of the league related matters are busy calculating the final total score for the students of each academy; others racked their brains to think of a reason for the accident.

They thought about many reasons but they were all rejected by Marshal Rothsay.

“You don’t need to explain, the task that the brain thought up is great, isn’t it? The competition it held was much better than the one I thought at the beginning!”

The first task is to work together to rescue the same target. In this mission, each academy was assigned a corresponding mission. They had to find about their own task, complete that task, find their companions, and with their companions, everyone will complete the final task together.

For example, in this mission, the identities assigned to Grando Military Academy and Colton Military Academy were both mecha fighters, one long-range and one close combat; the identity of the Imperial Military Academy is the commander of a battleship, and the battleships that Daolan Aofa Military Academy piloted before being hit were the reconnaissance and medical ships; the Nina that Horsey Academy rode is a large transport ship commonly used in the military. Although the two academies were eliminated at the beginning, it can be inferred from the weapons they were assigned: Their original identities should be scouts, medical officers, and supply officers. Fortunately, the Imperial Comprehensive Academy filled those gaps in time, replacing them in their original tasks and bringing sufficient supplies to their frontline comrades.

The first task made them fully examine all the knowledge the freshmen have learned during military training. At the same time, it examined their ability to quickly enter combat state and their ability to protect themselves——those who cannot enter into combat state in time and cannot protect themselves are eliminated at the beginning of the battle.

The first task taught them the meaning of “self-protection”, while the second task taught these children the weight of “self-sacrifice”.

Leaving their hope of living to their comrades, they resolutely blocked the enemy and bought more time for their comrades to escape. Who disembarks first? Who will block the enemy? Who will lead everyone away?

These children have gone through countless choices on their way to the second task.

In these choices, they are fully aware of their abilities and the abilities of their comrades. They believe that they can buy more time for their comrades when they went out and that those left behind can lead everyone to the end…

Whether it’s the person who actively chose to sacrifice themself or the person who shouldered everyone’s last hope to go to the destination, they are all burdened with great psychological pressure.

It could be said that the final test of the second task encompassed the word “trust”.

Trust——it’s the basic characteristic that a soldier should possess. Most people only slowly develop this character through long-term relationships. After these children have passed this test, they have a preliminary and vague understanding of the meaning of this word.

“A great game.” Marshal Rothsay gave the final word for the final event.

In this way, the military recognized the competition developed by the Lander, becoming a normal official event.

“The game was originally going to be like this.” “Lt General Yolan’s speech midway is also part of the game.” “The system is safe.”

And so the truth was successfully concealed.

The Imperial Comprehensive Academy that Mu Gen led won first place in the final event.

Leading the Imperial Comprehensive Academy to escape the enemy’s attack safely, preparing sufficient supplies all the way, timely supporting the trapped Colton Military Academy, discovering the coordinates of the base location, and finally shouldering everyone’s expectations to arrive at the recovery area on time, triggering the escape conditions and leading everyone to return to reality smoothly——the Imperial Comprehensive Academy represented by Mu Gen deserved to be the best performing Academy in this event!

The Imperial Military Academy led by Olivia was second.

The first to discover the location of the enemy’s base, proper commands when attacking the enemy’s base, finally breaking through the enemy camp, successfully rescuing the Marshal and General Condon, and finally sacrificing himself in the final evacuation operation to successfully cover Mu Gen to enter the recovery area——Olivia and the Imperial Military Academy behind him have contributed a lot!

All academies got their own rankings and scores.

Even the Daolan Aofa Military Academy and the Horsey Military Academy, which were out of the game at the beginning, have scored. The reason is to “attract the enemy’s attention and buy more time for the escape of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy”.


These scores and rankings are all the final results of the judgment made by Lander that is no longer there.

The military intelligent system obliterated the existence of Lander, but its judgment results was preserved in the recovery area and the Military Department finally used this judgment result.

These judgments are very fair.

The score of the last game and the previous games were added to make the final score, then the results of this military training league was released:

Imperial Military Academy defended the championship again, Colton Military Academy was second, Imperial National Defense Academy is third. And for their first time participating, the Imperial Comprehensive Academy achieved good results to receive fourth place!

Although it’s not the top three, it’s also not the bottom three. This is already pretty good——in this regard, Dean Ode expressed his satisfaction.

Not knowing that they almost died, after all the competitions were over, all academies were invited to the honorary banquet hosted by Marshal Rothsay.

The children are so excited~

In previous competitions, only students with outstanding performance will be awarded a military medal! Due to the high selection criteria, it’s unlikely that a student will receive this medal during the ten-day competition. These medals are serious military medals! It can be written in their award record, which will be beneficial to their promotion assessment in the future!

Sitting at the round table, the food on it could not attract the attention of these students at all. Everyone stared at the ceremonial table ahead, waiting for the emcee to announce the name of the honoree.

“…there are two medal winners this time, they are: Olivia from then Imperial Military Academy and Mu Gen from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy. The two medal winners are invited to take the stage.”

The emcee finally announced the name of the medal winners.

No one was surprised by these two awards. Amid thunderous applause from the audience, Olivia and Mu Gen walked onto the podium from the round table where their Academy was.

The two received two medals respectively.

One was the same, a golden medal named “Guardian of the Empire”. This medal is a conventional medal of the military, which has always been awarded to soldiers who have made contributions to the Empire;

The other one differs according to their performance in the game: Olivia won the “Best Commander” medal while Mu Gen received the “Best Pilot” medal.

This kind of medal was something awarded to students in previous military training leagues. According to the performance of the winners in the competition, the design would differ slightly and it’d be a unique medal in the entire Empire.

Marshal Rothsay personally pinned the two medals to Olivia and Mu Gen’s chests.

Bowing to the Marshal, Mu Gen lightly touched the “Best Pilot” model on his chest. This medal was designed to look like the Lander, and the two small wings were carved vividly. It wasn’t the tattered look when Mu Gen last saw it, but the brand new look when Mu Gen first saw it.

Mu Gen suddenly felt a little hot in his eyes.

At this moment, the emcee announced that the two honorees could shake hands and celebrate. Mu Gen hadn’t reacted yet when Oli leaned over.

Without shaking hands, just pressing Mu Gen’s head on his shoulders, Olivia directly gave Mu Gen a big hug!

Seeing this scene, the applause in the audience became even more enthusiastic! Someone even whistled.

The arms around Mu Gen tightened and after giving Mu Gen silent comfort, Olivia immediately let go of him.

Then he calmly stepped down.

With a slightly red face, Mu Gen hurriedly bowed to Marshal Rothsay again. As he was about to step down, Marshal Rothsay suddenly stopped him:

“You, do you want to be my disciple? My spacecraft is also very good!”

After saying those words, the audience was stunned!

This is the olive branch thrown by the Marshal!!! Oh my God! Is this person so good that the Marshal wants to teach him himself?

Everyone held their breath.

In their opinion, no one would refuse the Marshal’s invitation, no one!

However, in the face of the invitation that no one would refuse, Mu Gen scratched his head and shook his head after a long while.

“No, I already have a great teacher.” H-h-h-h-h-he actually refused the Marshal’s invitation?!

Hearing Mu Gen’s words, even General Condon couldn’t help raising a brow.

“Uh…who is your teacher? Is he better than me?” Marshal Rothsay had no other intentions, just seeing such a cute and good child, he couldn’t help but want to tease him.

Putting away his smile and raising his brows slightly, Lord Marshal deliberately put on a vicious look.

“My teacher is the Head of the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, and he can make delicious cookies. In my eyes, he is very powerful.” Mu Gen answered honestly.

Huh? Head of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s…Cooking Department…? That…that person?

As a result, the eyes of all senior military officers were directed at the marshal.

Marshal Rothsay: 囧!!!


“Then…he’s really better than me. Good boy, go down, there are cookies made by your teacher on the round table. Eat more.” Embarrassingly scratching his mustache, Marshal Rothsay smiled heartily. At this moment, the last bit of gloom in his mood disappeared.

Seeing the happy appearance of the Marshal, all senior military officers once again set their sights on Mu Gen, who was a little nervous and left awkwardly:

The best compliment refers to what the kid said just now…right?

For Lord Marshal Rothsay, who madly loves his wife, there is no compliment better than complimenting his wife!

“This kid has talent, ah!”

At this moment, everyone thought so.


All the children had the most delicious meal they had eaten during this time.

After the banquet, they left on the spacecrafts of their respective academy. The white spacecraft of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy where Mu Gen was located was the first to leave. After half a day of flying, they returned to the four-star military base where they had received three months of military training.

Landing in front of the hover car track they used for endurance training on the first day, Instructor Fraffetal gave them a slightly stiff smile.

“Your performance is very good. Then, let us proceed to the last project of this military training.”

He pointed to the runway behind him.

“Run here, this is the last project.”

“Yes! Instructor——” The freshman shouted in unison.

“I’ll shout this time.” Not standing aside as usual during training, this time, Instructor Fraffetal stood beside the neat queue of students.

“When I was in my hometown, I also raised cattle!” Making a provocative look at Dobby, Instructor Fraffetal smiled again.

This time, he smiled naturally.

So, in the sunset, on their first track, all the students of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy went through the same training schedule when they came here on the first day.

However, this time was different from the first time: From the starting line to the finish line, everyone lined up in a neat line of squares. From start to finish, no one was left behind.

At the finish line, Instructor Fraffetal took off his cap and bowed deeply to all the students.

“Thank you all, this military training has ended successfully!”

In response to him, all the students of Comprehensive Academy bowed neatly.

For the students of the Comprehensive Academy, the only military career that most of them would have in their lives is over. Many of them will not engage in military-related industries throughout their lives, so for them, this is a precious time.

Everyone gained something during this time.

Mu Gen gained the precious opportunity to meet Oli and the medal;

First Uncle harvested a group of younger brothers (who will come to the store regularly to purchase buns in the future);

Avery gained his father’s acknowledgment and the courage to move on with his life during this time;

Mary had a boyfriend from the Imperial National Defense Academy;

And Brad…

Reluctantly harvested…a pig.

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

The author has something to say:

Military training is over! Go home!


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Translator’s notes:

The event already ended on July 2, 2015. Also, I have to say that from the picture, I thought Oli would be more chicken-like, not puppy-like. But then again, he’s a chick dinosaur with fur and feathers alike as well as teeth. Uhh, I’m sorry, it’s really hard to imagine.

TINA V3C110: Last Event End
TINA V4C112: Oli Is Back

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