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TINA V4C112: Oli Is Back
TINA V4C114: Honey

“…hello everyone?” Seeing everyone inside the door, Olivia, who had always been self-confident, suddenly became shy. His fingers went a little stiff on the door frame and he said hello a little nervously.

No one knew how nervous he is right now and his voice even trembled a bit.

From the moment he knew he could go home on holiday, Olivia was nervous. He didn’t know how to deal with this nervousness, so he didn’t notify anyone and came back without saying a word.

“You should say: I’m back.” Turning his head, Alpha’s dark screen turned green. To some extent, First Uncle is a truly rigid person  ̄▽ ̄.

“I…I’m back…” Olivia stammered and repeated it. He never had a “home” to go back to before, so he really didn’t know what to say after returning home.

“Welcome home.” So First Uncle also naturally said the follow-up words, but then quickly reacted: “Isn’t the Imperial Military Academy’s vacation three days later? Why are you back now?”

Alpha never did anything unprepared. Eta had already obtained the vacation time of the Imperial Military Academy by invading their system. For this reason, they had arranged to send someone to pick up Olivia in advance. The tickets had already been bought and they would leave tomorrow.

“Uh——the so-called holiday in three days is for people who need to take the make-up exams and I don’t have any subjects that need the make-up exam! First Uncle, I’m first in my grade! I even got a scholarship!” Without waiting for Olivia’s signal, Mengmeng jumped at his feet and happily took out a test paper, as well as…an electronic card with a zero balance!

“In other words, no one in the Imperial Military Academy needs a make-up exam this year, so the whole Academy had a holiday as early as two days ago! Does anyone need to take make-up exams this year?”

Olivia didn’t know what he did wrong, but after saying this, he felt that almost everyone in the room (including the robots) stiffened.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Mu Gen, who was wearing an apron and holding a big cake.

“That…Oli…I have to take a make-up exam tomorrow…” Mu Gen said weakly, his shoulders collapsing and looking very depressed.

Don’t talk about scholarships, he even had difficulty passing…

Olivia: o(╯□╰)o!!! This is bad! I said the wrong thing! Have to change the subject quickly!

So Olivia immediately began to change the subject.

“Am I in time for dinner? This cake looks delicious…”

With his long legs, he finally stepped through the door and turned straight to Dobby…and grabbing the plate in his hand. Olivia suddenly went home and interrupted Dobby’s cake testing, so Dobby put down the cake he had just picked up.

Who knew that after this sentence, Mu Gen looked even more downcast.

“This pine cone cake is Mu Gen’s make-up test.” Dobby quietly and quickly explained to Olivia.

The smile on Olivia’s face froze again, and he quickly picked up the cake from Dobby’s plate.

“You can definitely pass this time. This cake looks very delicious!”

Under everyone’s gaze, Olivia took a big bite of the cake very inelegantly!

All the robots’ dark screens were aimed at Olivia, and Mu Gen stared at him nervously. Only Dobby looked at his empty plate in a daze: Mu Gen has a whole piece of cake, so why would Olivia take it from my plate? I just grabbed it before, this is bad…before that, I went to the toilet…and uh…I forgot to wash my hands…

So Dobby looked at Olivia nervously.

Accompanied by a clicking sound, Olivia chewed the pine cone cake in his mouth, and let it slid through his throat as he swallowed.

“H-how is it?” Mu Gen asked for his opinion expectantly.

“It-it’s…” it’s smelly? Dobby was a little worried. Although the Olivia he knew seemed to have a good temper, Dobby didn’t know why he’s a little afraid of him.

Olivia swallowed the cake with difficulty.

Resisting the urge to spit it out, he gave Mu Gen a strong like with his thumb.

Dobby was still not at ease, so he interrupted on the side: “Is it normal? Did it smell bad…”

After all, he just went there just now…

Dobby was interrupted by Olivia before he finished speaking.

“How can it smell bad? This cake smells very sweet.”

Olivia said that to veto Dobby’s worries and looked at Mu Gen firmly. Seeing Mu Gen’s relieved expression, Olivia finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Dobby and Mu Gen also breathed a sigh of relief.

Enduring the strong urge to vomit, Olivia smiled at Dobby: “Dobby, are you also taking a make-up exam? Why haven’t you gone home yet?”

“Oh, Mu Gen helped me build a robot, and Uncle Alpha provided the intelligent brain system for the robot. As thanks, I stayed here to help Mu Gen taste the cake.” Dobby answered honestly.

“I see, thank you.” Olivia smiled and motioned for Mengmeng to pass the luggage to him. He bent down and rummaged in the suitcase for a long time before finally taking out a beautiful gift box: “Dobby, this is a gift I bought for you in Hengtian Star. The special spacecraft pillow for brontosaurus, so you can have a good night’s sleep when you go home ~\(≧▽≦)~.”

“Ah! Right! I will fly home tomorrow afternoon.” Following Olivia’s change of topic, Dobby suddenly thought of his ferry ticket.

“Have you packed your luggage? Have you bought gifts for your family?” Olivia continued to guide him in good faith.


“Then you have to hurry up. Before I went home, I have to prepare a full day just to pack my luggage and buy gifts.” Lies. After knowing that he can go home, Olivia only packed Mengmeng and Big Horn then went home immediately. The gifts were only bought when he remembered them on the road.

Mengmeng looked at Olivia, who was telling lies with his eyes wide open, not understanding what he meant.

“Uncle Alpha, I’m so sorry. I suddenly remembered that the luggage in my dormitory has not been packed and I didn’t buy any gifts. That…can I go home first?!” Dobby turned around very guiltily and asked Alpha.

“You can,” Olivia said that Mu Gen made something delicious this time, so there must be no problems with the exam tomorrow. Naturally, Dobby can go home → Alpha nodded slightly.

So Dobby hurried back to the dormitory with a freshly made robot in the car!

Finally, only my family is left ~\(≧▽≦)~

Olivia was finally satisfied.

As soon as he relaxed, his stomach began to ache. With a stiff face and barely maintaining the smile on his face, Olivia quickly ran towards the toilet.

When he came out again, Olivia found that his luggage had been put away and all the gifts were on the table, waiting for him to distribute.

“First Uncle, this is a gift for you. Specially made by the Institute of Materials Science of the Imperial Military Academy: A cream that can increase the fusion of materials!” Olivia first took out a big bowl of cream!

Using the nails contributed by Big Horn as the raw material, it’s a special mechanical paint with magical repair properties! It can make the fusion of two materials more natural! Completely offsetting rejection!

There was a break on Alpha’s face to which Mu Gen used other materials to fill it in. However, the fusion of the two materials is not very good. Alphas had to spend time cleaning up the small dust that might be mixed in between the two materials. Now with this cream, this problem is solved immediately!

Cautiously holding a cream box larger than his palm, Alpha thanked Olivia.

“The gift for Dad A is a vegetable basket that you can take with you! With the automatic identification function, you no longer have to worry about losing your basket when buying food! It can actively follow the owner and will automatically drift back to the designated place after returning home!” Olivia then conjured a huge vegetable basket. The one responsible for purchasing food is usually Robot A, but Dad A’s fingers are still the thick fingers of the first generation robots and can’t do very delicate activities, so the vegetable basket often falls to the ground. With this basket, Dad A no longer has to worry about this problem!

Sure enough, Dad A who received the gift was also very happy.

The gift to Uncle Beta is a special dagger;

The latest anti-virus software patch is sent to Uncle Eta;

Then the one given to uncle Pi is a signal booster;

And the gift for Uncle Epsilon is a popular game software produced this year!

Every uncle received a satisfactory gift and Sigma was not left behind. Olivia gave him two legs made of special materials with a matching butt!

Sigma immediately engraved a number on this new collection and put it in his storage space. In return, he gave Olivia the tea that he got before.

Olivia didn’t think much about the hot tea offered by Sigma (←it was kept in Sigma’s belly for a year) and drank this strangely colored cup of tea in one breath. And then…

He ran to the toilet several times that night orz.

Olivia didn’t take out his gift for Mu Gen and Mu Gen didn’t ask him. The two looked at each other and then both smiled.

That evening, before Mu Gen cooked, Olivia rushed up to put on an apron. Although he hadn’t touched any cooking equipment for a year and his movements were a bit rusty, Olivia still prepared a sumptuous dinner for everyone.

There are many “people” sitting at the table, but as expected, only two people are eating. Olivia obviously cooked too much and seeing Olivia look around, Mu Gen couldn’t help but ask him seriously:

“Oli, what are you looking for? Everyone is here.”

“I’m looking for Big Horn.” Big Horn has been very good and could play by itself during the day. As long as its dinner time, it will come back to eat with Olivia. Olivia has become accustomed to placing its bowl under the dining table.

“Big Horn?”

“En, it’s the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon you gave me. It came back with me…did you see it?”

“I saw it, Oli, you’re really good, you made it really fat.” After taking a bit of the bread, Mu Gen nodded: “It looks delicious, so I sent it to the kitchen.”

Kitchen——huh?! Thinking of what this meant, Olivia instantly froze!

He stiffly lowered his head and glanced at the dish he just cooked——Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon Meat, fresh and still with blood…

“Ahhhhhh!” Olivia let out a scream.


Big Horn’s Diary:

Today, Big Horn went home with dad. Dad said that I can see Mom when we get home (←referring to the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon). Mom’s strength is so great that when Dad went to pee, Mom picked up Big Horn and then locked Big Horn in a cage.

Although there’s feed in the cage and it’s very large, it’s still a cage!

Mama! Big Horn is a precious Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon! The doctor said that I can’t sleep in a cage——across the cage, Big Horn gave a sad “moo”.

Then, someone next to him talked to Big Horn.

“What Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon, you’re called a one-horned beast. Newbie, come here and help with work!” Big Horn took a closer look and found that another Crescent Dragon was talking to him. However, the other party has a beautiful big horn on his head and is even bigger than him. With heavy tools on his body, it’s pulling and grinding!

Big Horn was stunned.

On the left is a Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon, and on the right is a Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon…this cage is actually full of Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons! All the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons have tools on their bodies and this cage is actually a small workshop! (Flour is produced here.)

Big Horn, who grew up with everyone pampering him, suddenly felt extremely small.

So when Daddy Olivia came to save Big Horn, Big Horn was already a skilled grinder.


︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

The author has something to say:

A reveal of the mysterious production process of the Uncle’s small workshop…only a bit.

TINA V4C112: Oli Is Back
TINA V4C114: Honey

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  1. Oli really drink Vinegar ha..
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    1. When i re-read Big Horn’s Diary, i realize that Mom in his story refer to Mu Gen.
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      Congrats Oli and Mu Gen you already have a child 🥳

      1. Erm…sort of. Oli was referring to the mother dragon when he said mom but Big Horn assumed that mom is Mu Gen. I’ll fix it in a bit to make it less confusing.

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