TINA V4C114: Honey

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TINA V4C115: Mu Gen's Make Up Exam

When he dug out a white Big Horn from the flour pile in the small workshop, he looked at the surrounding scene and Olivia felt chaotic.

Dad, I ground all this flour!

Big Horn tugged Olivia’s trousers with his mouth and motioned him to look behind him.

There’s a small pile of flour over there.

At the same time, the other Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons also saw Alpha and Mu Gen come in with Oli. All the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons were nervously optimistic, and the leader gave a deep moo, pretending not to care but reminding Alpha and Mu Gen to see the fruits of their labor just now.

Compared with the small hill that Big Horn made, the flour that the others made was almost like a hill!

“Good job!” After patting the sturdy calf of the leader, Mu Gen praised it.

Looking down at Big Horn proudly, the tall Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon twisted his ass and continued to grind away.

If relevant experts from the Imperial Military Academy and Professor Mu Lansha from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy were here, they would surely jump up in surprise:

The precious, difficult to breed, easy to die in the process of growth, and extremely difficult to raise in captivity Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon grew so well in this small workshop!

Not only are they healthy, but they’re also in a large group!

Olivia looked at this small workshop dumbfoundedly: The cage in Big Horn’s eyes is actually just the tall fence here. This is a very big yard, but because there are many large Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons here, the originally large yard looked very crowded.

And…when he left home a year ago, there was no such yard at home.

Olivia tilted his head to look at Mu Gen on the side.

Mu Gen smiled at him:

“Probably because it’s been on the spacecraft for too long, after you left, the eggs slowly began to hatch. At that time, we made some money selling steamed buns so we bought the open space at the back.”

Suddenly thinking of something, Mu Gen sighed: “This isn’t really what I intended. The professor said that these one-horned beasts are…I mean, the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon is a nationally protected animal. They won’t let us kill or eat them, so we have to raise them. Fortunately, they’re not picky with what they eat and drink, and they can also help with work so they’re now indispensable employees of the family’s bun shop!”

As if understanding what Mu Gen said, the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons who were grinding not far away worked even harder ~\(≧▽≦)~.

Olivia just felt speechless.

Because of Big Horn, he understood the status of the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon in the Empire better than ordinary people. He also knew how difficult it is to raise them. Even raising Big Horn is not easy, he would always discharge along the way and his body size is not growing fast enough.

But the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon in this small workshop only eats grass and for an improvement, they would occasionally eat Mu Gen’s leftovers (this…is truly an improvement o(╯□╰)o). Every day they get up to work, so their only luxury is to bask in the sun (Hey! Big Uncle, you’re abusing your employees!), but they actually——grew so strong?!

“Look at this one.” Just as Olivia looked at the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons in thought, Mu Gen called out to him. He called Olivia over and pointed to a little dragon who was working hard not far away: “This is the egg that was given to Professor Mu Lansha before. I originally wanted to give it to her to eat, but it accidentally hatched. However, Professor Mu Lansha said it was a bit small and sent it to me once a week. Look, it’s bigger than Big Horn now~”

Olivia: …

He could almost imagine that Professor Mu Lansha’s original intention wasn’t like this:

To get the extremely precious Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon’s egg (although it came with a recipe), Professor Mu Lansha must have worked very hard and paid a great price to hatch the egg, but the growth of this egg was not very good. With no other way, she thought of Mu Gen who gave her the gift. Thinking of his seemingly experienced appearance, she solemnly asked Mu Gen to take care of the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon for a few days…

As a result, Mu Gen used her baby as a coolie.

 ̄▽ ̄

Thinking about the results of the physical examination of Big Horn a while ago, and looking at Professor Mu Lansha’s dragon, who had a more complete shell and a bigger body, Olivia patted Big Horn’s head:

“Hey~ Keep working hard.”

Big Horn, who was expecting to be taken away by his dad, was stunned.

“Newcomer, hurry up and work. If you don’t work well, be careful to be chopped into steamed buns!” Professor Mu Lansha’s little Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon came and mooed at it.

Big Horn…don’t cry!

Letting the tears fall on the flour, Big Horn continued to work hard.

After a day’s work, he didn’t rob the other dragons when they went to grab leftovers, so Big Horn had no choice but to eat the little grass mixed with the flour, his stomach growling while lying among his group of companions. Before falling asleep, Big Horn vowed to try hard to grab food tomorrow! Eat more leftovers!

Unconsciously, after not eating the food carefully prepared every day, this little picky eater’s life goal changed to grabbing more leftovers to eat.

 ̄▽ ̄

Congratulations, Olivia would never have to worry about Big Horn being a picky eater anymore. One month later, Big Horn’s growth rate finally caught up with Professor Mu Lansha’s little dragon.

Of course, this is something that happened later.

Since today’s dinner was cooked by Olivia, Mu Gen was in charge of setting the table, and the task after the meal was gloriously handed to Sigma.

Sigma was a little depressed: “Sigma didn’t eat anything, why does Sigma have to wash the dishes?”

However, even though he complained, he still obediently cleaned the bowls and Mengmeng consciously helped him dry the cleaned dishes.

Olivia was urged by Alpha to take a bath.

Lying in the hot water in the big bathtub, Olivia looked around this brand new bathroom——feeling a bit strange.

The bathtub was newly replaced and the volume has doubled. The tiles have also been replaced with new, fancy patterns. At first glance, it’s Uncle Eta’s aesthetics. If it’s left to Uncle Alpha, he’ll definitely choose just one color for the tiles.

Splashing his body, Olivia quietly thought.

The day before yesterday, his people were still in the dormitory belonging to the Chief in the Imperial Military Academy, he was busy on the spacecraft yesterday, and now, he’s sitting in his bathtub. There was no sense of this being real.

The holiday would end after forty days, and he can take missions from the beginning of the next school year. When the time comes, he must go to the army in advance——

At this moment, Mu Gen’s voice came from outside the door and Olivia’s thoughts were suddenly drawn from Academy affairs.

“Oli, how’s the water temperature? Do you need heated water or cold water?” Mu Gen loudly asked outside the door.

“No, it’s just right.” Olivia quickly replied.


Then Olivia heard the sound of the door opening. Immediately afterward, Mu Gen, who only had a flower-printed bath towel around his lower body, came in.

Olivia: (⊙o⊙) ah!?

“I’ll rub your back.” Tossing the towel with his left hand, Mu Gen smiled.

Oli’s face…slowly turned red.

Then he sat forward, showing his back, and obediently let Mu Gen wash his back.

Feeling the temperature from a human body pressing behind him, Olivia almost wanted to groan comfortably.

“Oli, you haven’t had a good bath for a long time, have you? It’s so dirty!” Mu Gen’s voice came from behind and Olivia’s face flushed even more when he realized what he meant.

“…no one usually washes my back…” He whispered.

“That means Oli hasn’t taken a good bath in a year?” Mu Gen’s voice was muffled.

“Hey, Oli, do you want to try this?” Suddenly, Olivia felt that his back was poked with a finger. He turned his head reflexively and saw Mu Gen’s right hand raised and showing a large brush.

Pterosaur’s favorite! Cub brush!

Seeing the large brush in Mu Gen’s hand, Olivia’s mouth opened wide!

Timidly glancing at Mu Gen, Olivia slowly turned his head back, and then——

A fluffy Kantas cub appeared in the bathtub!

Although still a bit thin, it’s a full circle fatter than before and the hair was much thicker.

Touching the down feathers on Oli, Mu Gen nodded in satisfaction, then he started brushing Oli with the brush: “I knew this brush must be very suitable for Oli.”

“Chirp~” Mu Gen was helping him brush his fur, Olivia narrowed his eyes and tweeted comfortably.

Brush the head, back, and belly~

This bathtub was very big and Olivia, who’s in cub form, lied on his back with belly up. It was so comfortable being brushed that his eyes never opened. When his belly was brushed, he didn’t know what nerve it touched to be so comfortable that Olivia’s two thin legs couldn’t help but twitch. Then he felt his leg was held by Mu Gen and brushed carefully and powerfully.

Mu Gen didn’t dare use too much force when he brushed the fur at the beginning since the scene of the previous brushing was still fresh in his memory. He was afraid that Oli’s fur would be brushed off again, so he only brushed it lightly a few times. After carefully observing the brush, he was finally relieved: None of Oli’s hair fell off!

So he did everything he could to help Oli brush his fur.

Mu Gen’s strength was not small, but this kind of strength that was almost torture for others was just right for Kantas. So, when Mu Gen finished brushing, apply some foam, and brush it again, Oli was already asleep.

“Kacha!” Holding the brush in one hand, Mu Gen couldn’t help but secretly take pictures of Oli, who was full of bubbles.

Putting the camera aside, he started to rinse Oli. Then he started brushing and blowing Oli again, so when Oli turned into a clean fluffy chick, he woke up Olivia.

“Oli, you can go to bed now.”

Olivia sat up while drooling, still sleepy.

Mu Gen smoothly wiped his saliva with the towel in his hand. Realizing that he had fallen asleep during the bath, Olivia lowered his head in embarrassment.

“Chirp?” I haven’t washed your back yet...

“It’s okay, Sigma always does it to me, so I’m very clean!”

“Chirp…” But I also want to wash your back...

“Then please help me wash my back tomorrow ^_^.”

Oh yeah! Mu Gen is so considerate!

Picking up the towel on the shelf, Oli curried favor by helping Mu Gen dry his body. The voices of the two teenagers in the bathroom were too loud and Alpha finally opened the door heavily.

“It, is, time, to, sleep!”

Oli, who was leaning on the door, rolled out of the bathroom like this. He laid on the ground and glanced at First Uncle looking down at him. Oli gave a coquettish “chirp” sound.

Alpha: Confirmed, Olivia is still a cub and can sleep with Mu Gen.

And so, holding Mu Gen in one hand and Oli on the other hand, Alpha personally sent the two children back to the bedroom while whirring.

After a year, Olivia and Mu Gen can sleep together again.

The fluffy Oli doll was placed on their heads and Olivia smelled it as soon as he went to bed.

“Huu huu…” Olivia was content and slumped in the bed.

But Mu Gen put on his pajamas properly, took out a bag from the closet, then knelt beside Oli.

“Oli, this is my gift for you.” Poking Olivia, Mu Gen whispered.

“Chirp?” Olivia quickly rolled out of the bed and sat up.

Opening the bag, Mu Gen showed the gift to Olivia:

This is a pair of pants.

Uh…even a pair of pants full of holes. The workmanship is a bit poor. This is obviously a pair of pants that were sewn together but then torn apart again.

Olivia: (⊙o⊙)?

“…I’m sorry, I sewed your pants before. I learned later that it was popular, so this time, I specially prepared pants with holes for you. I bought a lot of them! Oli, you can always wear pants with holes at home ~\(≧▽≦)~!” Mu Gen pointed to the closet not far away with a row of pants, all with holes!

Olivia became silent.

When he wore holey pants before, on the one hand, it’s to pursue fashion, and on the other hand, it’s actually because the pants were ripped and no one had repaired them.

After meeting Mu Gen and his robot family, he no longer wore pants with holes.

However, for Mu Gen to give this gift, it shows that he always remembered it. He remembered what happened when they first met and remembered what happened to him.

Olivia was a little happy.

He awkwardly lifted the holey pants and hid them under his pillow.

Then he took out a small card from under his pillow and while pushing it with his mouth, he sent the card to Mu Gen.

“A bankbook?” Mu Gen was stunned.

Olivia nodded solemnly.

Not knowing what to give Mu Gen, he finally decided to give all his savings.

Mu Gen looked at the balance on the card.

“Zero?” He tilted his head.

Under his furs, Olivia blushed instantly: This is bad! He forgot that he ran out of money on the road!

“Chirp~ chirp chirp chirp!” Although there’s nothing now, I will work hard to make more money in the future!

He patted his chest while vowing that.


Since Oli still loves to spend money, I’ll keep it——after touching Oli’s fur, Mu Gen also put bankbook under his pillow.

With the holey pants and bankbook with zero balance under the pillows, Olivia and Mu Gen finally fell asleep sweetly.

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TINA V4C113: Scheming Chick Oli
TINA V4C115: Mu Gen's Make Up Exam

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