TINA V4C115: Mu Gen’s Make Up Exam

TINA V4C114: Honey
TINA V4C116: Days At Home

No dreams that night.

When he woke up the next day, Olivia thought he was still at school at first until he saw the colorful quilt on his body——this was definitely not in line with the Imperial Military Academy’s style and his mood suddenly improved.

Sunlight flooded the bed, making Olivia squint slightly. Immediately, he felt that there was another person under his wings. Thinking of who it was, Olivia felt even better and secretly lifted the quilt, wanting to see Mu Gen. Unexpectedly, Olivia was immediately dumbfounded when he lifted the quilt——

Aiyo? Why is Sigma under the quilt?

Did he sleep with his arms around Sigma last night?!!!!


Olivia quickly bounced off the flowery-printed bed.

With messy hair, Olivia hugged the quilt for a while, but seeing a corner of the holey pants exposed under the pillow, his mood brightened again.

It’s comfortable in his original form but Olivia had to turn into a human to wear the jeans. With two long legs exposed under the holes, Olivia was in a good mood even though his pants would let in air with every step.

Without any clothes other than his uniform, Olivia picked up Mu Gen’s shirt and put it on.

Feeling that the shirt was a bit tight, Olivia slightly raised the corners of his mouth——Mu Gen’s clothes are small, which means I’m finally taller than Mu Gen ~\(≧▽≦)~

Putting the flowery quilt on the offline Sigma, Olivia patted him with interest. Then he stomped out of the bedroom slowly.

As soon as he left the room, he smelled a strange and familiar smell and followed it to the kitchen. Olivia was 囧囧 when he saw Mu Gen baking cakes like it’s his enemy!

There are three cakes on the table and he could imagine that Mu Gen had been busy all morning.

“Oli, good morning.” Although he’s making some terrible dark dish, it’s undeniable that under the sunny kitchen, the boy in green apron greeting him with a smile…looks very good.

“Good morning.” Well, I overslept. Olivia touched his nose and pulled out a high chair in front of the table, sitting across Mu Gen deliberately.

“Are these cakes for breakfast?” With a smile on his face, Olivia picked up a fork, seemingly wanting to take the initiative to taste those cakes!

Truly a Kantas, to dare face Mu Gen’s cake!

Chick Oli, you are such a brave chick!


Unexpectedly, Mu Gen pulled the cakes away, then took out a large tray from the incubator behind him and placed it in front of Olivia.

“This is breakfast for you, Mr. Mi’s egg fried rice. This is a secret dish that’s not available in his restaurant! Hurry up and eat.”

Olivia glanced at Mu Gen incomprehensibly then looked down at the fried rice: It’s really tempting!

Under Mu Gen’s urging, Olivia quickly solved the extra-large serving of egg fried rice.

“After breakfast, I can now have dessert o(n_n)o!” Pushing the empty tray aside, Olivia once again extended a fork to Mu Gen’s cake, but who knew——

“This is the sweet fruit pudding from Boss Maya, which Uncle Beta bought for you early in the morning. There are only ten per day, so there’s a limited supply!” Mu Gen took another tray from the incubator behind him, but the tray was smaller this time.

“o(n_n)o” So Olivia graciously ate the sweet fruit pudding that Mu Gen gave.

“Since the pudding is done, I can eat the cake you baked now, right?” Olivia reached for the cake for the third time, but Mu Gen turned to the incubator again. The first time can be regarded as normal, the second time accidental, but the third time…Olivia had to suspect that Mu Gen didn’t want him to eat the cake he made.

“I knew that since you had Dobby, you don’t need me anymore, but Dobby is flying home this morning, so he can’t help you taste the cake…” Olivia lowered his head, his tone a bit sour. He looked up at Mu Gen then dropped his eyes again, the long eyelashes forming a slight shadow under his eyes, looking a bit pitiful.

Olivia thought that Mu Gen would come to comfort him immediately, but no one came even after lowering his head for a long time. In the end, Olivia had to raise his head but this time, Olivia was stunned!

With his head hanging lower than him, Mu Gen looked so depressed.

“What’s wrong with you?” Olivia hurriedly got up and ran to Mu Gen. The feeling of only seeing his black hair made him anxious!

After a long time, Olivia heard Mu Gen’s voice again.

“…perhaps, I’m not a genius…”

Olivia: 囧!!!

“My uncles have always said that I have a talent for cooking but I think that’s a misjudgment caused by their inability to taste. In fact, I have no talent for cooking at all, right, Oli?”

Wiping his eyes with the back of his hand, Mu Gen’s eyes looked a little red. He looked really pitiful, but——

Olivia: What should I do when I really want to laugh right now?

Did Mu Gen always think that he’s a culinary genius? Oh my God! How did he come to such a conclusion?

Resisting the urge to complain, Olivia drew a piece of tissue paper from the counter and carefully handed it to Mu Gen. After a long while, the sound of the other party blowing his nose came.

Uh, Mu Gen looks…really sad…

Olivia was speechless.

“…during my first course exam, among the six professors, five ate the food I cooked and were sent to the hospital.” Mu Gen began to tell Olivia what happened to him, no! The experience of the poor blokes who had eaten his food!

“Two went to the dentist, two went to the gastroenterology department, and one went to the obstetrics and gynecology department…”

Wait——the first two are still normal, but what happened to that last one who went to see the obstetrics and gynecology department?

“…oh, because the professor vomited badly, they went to the gastroenterology department first, but later found out that there might be a baby in their belly so they finally got transferred to the obstetrics and gynecology department…” While sobbing, Mugen answered Olivia’s question blankly.

Olivia: What to do! I want to laugh even more right now!!!!

Stretching out his fingers and pressing the corners of his mouth forcefully, Olivia was able to maintain a serious expression and continue to ask as Mu Gen’s sounding board.

“When Oli said it was delicious yesterday, I was really happy at first, but…when I went to the toilet this morning, I found that the roll of toilet paper I just put there yesterday was gone. I thought, Oli, you must have lied to me yesterday and must have gotten diarrhea…”

Olivia: -_-|||

Your observation is so meticulous it makes people want to bang their heads on the wall ahhhhh!

“Oli, this is an ointment for you…” Wiping his nose with the tissue paper, Mu Gen turned around and took out a small box from behind him.

When he saw the text on the box, Olivia felt bad all over!

“Lubricant? You, why did you buy this?”

A lubricating ointment! According to rumors, isn’t this the ointment to treat difficult stools and common diseases known as hemorrhoids and sores?

Pure chick Oli holding the ointment, blushed and almost jumped up!

“En, I’m worried that you’ll have difficulty po0ing after eating the cake that I made, so I bought it especially for you.” Mu Gen’s expression was also very upright and foolish. That means he rushed to the drugstore early this morning to buy lubricating cream. The pharmacy owner looked at him with a weird expression but for the sake of Oli’s reputation, Mu Gen bravely told the pharmacy owner that he wanted to use it!

“Don’t worry, Oli, they don’t even know you want to use it.” Mu Gen vowed to him.

“Ah?! T-thank you.” Olivia froze.

it took him a long time to regain his composure and put the hot lubricating cream in his pocket. Olivia coughed then picked up another apron hanging on the wall.

“Don’t be too sad. There’s still some time before the exam so I’ll practice with you.” Olivia decided to give Mu Gen a little confidence.

The reason why Mu Gen is so frustrated is related to his environment: His peers all volunteered to be cooks, so basically, no one’s bad at cooking. Except for his peers, the rest are professors in the Cooking Department. These people can be called the top chefs of the Empire! In this environment, Mu Gen is not that good. (Hey! Just say he’s bad!)

However, he’s different since he’s a novice who’d never made a cake before. Making cakes with someone of his level, Mu Gen should have a little confidence, right?

Olivia fastened his apron.

Sacrificing himself for others to have confidence is something Olivia had never done before. On the contrary, he’s skilled in business. If the people of the Imperial Military Academy saw Olivia at this time, they would all be frightened.

However, Olivia was very patient. His movements were a little clumsy as he made the cake step by step according to the steps provided by Mu Gen.

Make the batter, bake, shape, decorate…Olivia made the cakes very jerkily.

When making the cake, he once again remembered what he told Mu Gen about his dream.

Olivia really thought of opening a dessert shop.

However, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to realize this dream in his lifetime.

But Mu Gen was still advancing on his dream. Although he’s walking slowly, his path didn’t deviate a bit. He obviously had talent in other things, but he just didn’t want to take a more suitable path, sticking to the way he liked and no one had stopped him yet. It’s great to walk the way you want to go willfully.

Glancing indulgingly at Mu Gen, who was carefully mixing the cream, Olivia’s mouth slowly raised. Lowering his eyes, his attention was once again focused on the work at hand.

Finally, they made two cakes: Mu Gen’s cake is very beautiful and has a perfect score in appearance!

Olivia’s cake is a bit crooked and not very good-looking, but the color looks great!

The two teenagers looked at each other, then reached out at the same time and cut two pieces of cake each.

The moment he tasted the cake, Olivia thought, “This is bad!”

Mothereffer! Why did the cake I made so delicious!?

Olivia hurriedly turned to look at Mu Gen and sure enough, after tasting the two pieces of cake, Mu Gen’s face dropped again.

Although he could eat unpalatable things, Mu Gen still knew what “delicious” is. The cakes Oli made were obviously better than the ones he made.

The cake is soft and fluffy, just like what the professors made! Unlike my cake that tastes crunchy (!?).

Compared with Oli, who just started making cakes for the first time, he has no talent orz.

At this time, there are only three hours left before the make-up exam. Excluding the time on the road, Mu Gen had to go but his current state isn’t suitable for the exam.

I’m not good at all → Olivia felt very guilty, and the brain of the Imperial Military Academy’s freshman grade Chief started to run at high speed!

Then a light bulb lit up. When Olivia looked at the two cakes they made again, his smile was now full of confidence:

“In fact, all exams are based on criteria. The reason why you didn’t do well was not that you have no talent, but that you haven’t mastered the exam criteria…” Raising a finger, Olivia smiled and taught him tips and tricks for this exam.

The cake consists of three parts: cream, topping, and cake.

The cream doesn’t need to be made by students at this stage, and the toppings are also fresh. What the students need to make during the exam is the cake.

Dang! Dang! Dang! This is where the students are examined!

Olivia taught with a serious face and Mu Gen listened with a serious face. While listening, he nodded, and in the end, he confidently went to the exam with Olivia!

Then, under the frightened gazes of the Professors, he handed over a beautiful cake.

The cake was about 6cm high and 5.5cm wide composed of just the toppings and cream! The cake part was actually compressed to the extreme. Only 0.5cm!

This cake that fully grasped the exam criteria was thus placed in front of the professors. Finally, under the professors’ tangled eyes…

He passed the exam.

“Oli, I passed the exam! The professor said that I made great progress!” Seeing Mu Gen come out of the exam room with a smile on his face, Olivia finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Seems like I have a talent for cooking.” Stretching out a finger to scratch his nose, Mu Gen smiled shyly.


 ̄▽ ̄

Forget it, as long as you’re happy!

In any case, Mu Gen finally passed his course exam and the first school year of the two teenagers was finally over.

The author has something to say:

Olivia is actually among those people who spoil Mu Gen.

TINA V4C114: Honey
TINA V4C116: Days At Home

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