TINA V4C116: Days At Home

TINA V4C115: Mu Gen's Make Up Exam
TINA V4C117: The Secret Of Mu Gen's Backyard

Little Mu Gen is the last student to take the exam at the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.

After taking the make-up exam, he went to the professor’s office for the last time. He then sorted out the office (and built a lawn by the way) before going to Professor Mu Lansha of the Life and Breeding Department to pick up Ailanda (name of the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon hatched by Professor Mu Lansha) and took it home. After getting two large packets of tea from Professor Mu Lansha (Oli also got a packet), he happily went home with Oli ~\(≧▽≦)~.

Along the way, Olivia kept looking at the two tea bags he’s carrying.

Life Fruit Tea?! According to rumors, drinking the life fruit tea can prolong life, eliminate all diseases, and the main material for the Gene Evolution liquid…that tea?!!!!!

Olivia’s heart was greatly shocked.

But when he saw Professor Mu Lansha, he knew that the tea bags in his hand was absolutely real. As the Chief Professor of the Life and Breeding Department who independently bred a Life Tree, Professor Mu Lansha is very, very famous! As the Chief, Olivia had frequent contacts with professors from various Academies and he’d heard Professor Mu Lansha’s name before. Many other professors wanted to get even a little tea from her but couldn’t ask for it. Now, he just followed Mu Gen to Professor Mu Lansha’s office (←PS: It’s said that Professor Mu Lansha’s office is also the mouth of the legendary Kantas that no one can enter  ̄▽ ̄), and he got a big bag of life fruit tea?!

“Oli, you also drank this tea yesterday! The tea that Sigma gave you is life fruit tea.” Although…it was in Sigma’s belly for a year.

“This tea has a very good detoxification effect and many people will have diarrhea after drinking it. Seems that Oli, your diarrhea yesterday was caused by this life fruit tea.” Thinking of this, Mu Gen was finally relieved.

The legendary life fruit tea ahhhh! And you just let me drink it like boiled water…too wasteful! You’re too wasteful ahhhh!

Barely maintaining his calm, Olivia’s heart was already a bit crazy! He drank too fast yesterday and now he can’t even remember the taste!

Although you can’t tell from his appearance, Olivia is a very picky little chick~ For particularly precious or favorite foods, he will carefully prepare matching tableware to show his seriousness. When the weather is good, he’ll also prepare afternoon tea. In addition to refreshments, he’s also very particular about tablecloths and teapots!

Fussy, meticulous, pointlessly careful——this is the racial trait of Kantas. Although Olivia is still a cub, he inherited this racial nature perfectly.

Olivia was frantic but calm on the outside as he carried the tea bags and walked beside Mu Gen. Olivia, who’s not wearing a uniform and with a pair of flip flops under his feet and tousled hair looked like an extremely ordinary teenager. If he appeared in the port like this, there wouldn’t be that many people watching him.

The sun is warm and the heat just right, making people want to bask in it and sweat a bit.

Olivia squinted slightly.

They’re now walking on the commercial street and from time to time, someone would greet Mu Gen and he would greet back. Everyone noticed Olivia, so Olivia also gave a lot of greetings.

Mu Gen took Olivia and stopped in front of a shoe store called Bayati. This is a handcraft shoe store that’s rare nowadays. They hadn’t entered yet but Olivia can already smell the strong odor of leather.

“Why, do you want to buy shoes?” Standing on the steps, Olivia casually asked.

“No, I want to buy shoes for Oli.” Looking back at Olivia, Mu Gen replied: “Your feet are now bigger than mine so you can’t wear my shoes. You didn’t bring any other shoes back, so you can only wear my slippers to go out, right?”

“Also, Oli doesn’t like flip-flops.” This sentence was said very confidently.

Mu Gen’s observational power is down to the smallest detail——glancing at the slippers under his feet, Olivia touched his nose with a free hand.

“Mrs. Bayati, good afternoon!” Opening the door, Mu Gen smiled and greeted the owner.

She was a fat old lady who looked very old and wore a heavy pair of glasses on her left eye. There are many wrinkles on the old lady’s face and she looked unkind. There are two vertical lines at the corner of her mouth, making her look harder to deal with.

“Hello!” Olivia, who entered the door behind Mu Gen, also greeted the old woman.

“Hello there.” The old lady greeted them, but there was no smile on her face. It was as if the person entering the door owed her hundreds of millions of farads.

The business of this store must be very bad——Olivia thought.

“Mrs. Bayati’s shoe store business is super good! The shop is by appointment only and it closes after noon every day. Today, Mrs. Bayati kept the door open especially for Oli.” As if hearing Olivia’s inner complaint, Mu Gen turned his head and told him.

At the same time, Mrs. Bayati’s eyes hidden under the wrinkles also showed a fierce light, shooting straight towards Olivia.

Olivia hurriedly smiled and stood up.

“Sit there.” Thin fingers pointed to the round stool on the ground and Mrs. Bayati drily motioned Olivia to sit down.

That cushion…looks so dirty…

While hesitating, Mu Gen gently pushed him with both hands, so Olivia gave up and sat on the round chair. Mu Gen grinned and also sat on another dirty chair next to Olivia.

Immediately afterward, Olivia felt his two feet being picked up! He spent a lot of effort not to kick Mrs. Bayati who was holding his feet!

“Left foot 8a, right foot 8b. This kid’s feet is exactly two yards bigger than you.” Holding a ruler against Olivia’s feet and measuring it carefully, Mrs. Bayati told Mu Gen on the side.

Nodding his head, Mu Gen hurriedly wrote down the numbers she called out. Don’t know when, but Olivia discovered that Mu Gen had an old notebook and an old pen and was now acting as a shoemaker’s assistant.


“Aren’t my feet the same size?” Hearing Mrs. Bayati mention two shoe sizes, Olivia was a little curious.

“Of course, few people would have big differences between their two feet but there will always be subtle differences. The shoes sold outside are only the same sizes which is okay for those with the same size, but it doesn’t consider the special circumstances of the wearer at all. Are those shoes comfortable to wear?”

Mrs. Bayati said, staring at the soles of Olivia’s feet for a long time.

“The inside of the sole has to be thickened for you.”

Different people walk with different weights and the same pair of shoes would be worn differently by different people. In the end, the degree of wear on the soles would be different. Mrs. Bayati observed Olivia’s usual walking habits by observing his soles.

Then, Mrs. Bayati used a tape measure to measure the height of Olivia’s instep, the width of the forefoot, and the width of the backfoot…waiting for the data, Mu Gen recorded them one by one until Olivia became dizzy: He never knew making shoes was so particular.

“You know when the shoes are made, Mrs. Bayati’s shoes are super comfortable!” Handing the notebook to Mrs. Bayati, Mu Gen patted Olivia on the shoulder.

Mrs. Bayati took the notebook back with a serious face, then quickly turned back.

“Olivia…was injured 5 months ago? In the left abdomen, the small intestine and part of the stomach was injured. After the injury, your appetite decreased, right? Will you vomit after eating greasy food?” Mrs. Bayati suddenly said something casually.

Olivia was originally smiling, but hearing those words, he was stunned.

Five months ago, after the military training ended, he was injured by a second-year student in the second-year mecha coaching training session. Although he sent the other party to the hospital, he was also admitted.

Modern technology has developed so much that stomach wounds could be cured just by lying in the repair liquid for one night. Olivia thought that he was all right, but then, his stomach obviously weakened.

His eyes became sharp.

“This is a recipe. Eat according to the recipe every day at home during the holidays. You’ll be almost fine when you go back, just come back again before school starts.” Without paying attention to Olivia’s sight, Mrs. Bayati handed over a note full of words.

“Thank you Mrs. Bayati!” Mu Gen hurriedly took it. He first expressed his gratitude to Mrs. Bayati, then stared at Olivia seriously: “Oli, why didn’t you tell me about your injury? Fortunately, Mrs. Bayati noticed it today, otherwise, you would keep hiding it, right?”

In other people’s stores, Mu Gen wouldn’t say much, but to express his gratitude, he handed the life fruit tea that he got from Professor Mu Lansha today to Mrs. Bayati.

“This is the tea you said that helps you sleep better after drinking before. I got some more today so this is for you!”

Mu Gen’s mood made Olivia dumbfounded: The priceless life fruit tea was, was sent out just like that!

“Thank you.” And the serious-looking Mrs. Bayati actually accepted it like this!!!!

Olivia was stunned.

“However, I can’t use so much. It’s best to drink this tea during Olivia’s recuperation.” After pouring out a small portion of the tea, Mrs. Bayati left most of the tea in the original packaging and handed it to Mu Gen again.

“I-is that so?” Mu Gen was stunned, and accepted the gift he just sent out: “Although I’m embarrassed, if, as you said, Oli needs this tea to heal right now, then I’ll accept them back.”

However, he promised firmly:

“I also have a tea tree of this kind in my house, which is still very small. When it grows and starts to produce leaves, I will send you tea regularly!”

Making a promise, Mu Gen took the recipe. With Olivia still in shock, he walked out the door of the shoemaker’s shop.

“Mrs. Bayati was a very famous doctor before. It’s said that many years ago, the Emperor sought her for a cure, but she’s now retired. When she came to Bailu Star, she decided to pick up her previous hobby and became a shoemaker.”

Shoemaker is a lowly occupation, especially in the era of widespread use of robotic workers, so shoemakers almost have no work.

“It’s said that Mrs. Bayati’s father was a shoemaker and raised her by making shoes since she was a child. Mrs. Bayati wanted to inherit her father’s business, but the money she made as a shoemaker couldn’t treat her sick father so she eventually became a doctor.”

Mu Gen softly introduced what he had learned about Mrs. Bayati:

“…however, she’s now a great shoemaker. The whole Empire is looking for her to make shoes!”

In shock, Olivia didn’t forget to use the portable smart brain on his wrist to check the name “Bayati” on starnet. There are many celebrities named Bayati but when he saw the search result with five stars at the top, Olivia immediately recognized that this person’s name corresponds to the old woman whom he just met:

This up-and-coming general medical practitioner in Louis I’s era was especially good at gene repair. She treated more than one million people in her lifetime and is a famous doctor at the level of the Empire’s national treasure.

There are many search results about her, most of which are academic papers. The introduction about her was only a few lines with a photo of her when she was young.

At the age of 400, the famous doctor disappeared, Only a few people at the top of the Empire knew her whereabouts.

And only the highest level in the Empire can call on this famous doctor.

But now, this famous doctor prescribed a prescription for him?

If he were in his original form, Oli’s hair would have been flattered!

“After we go back, we’ll give this prescription to Dad and after Dad buys the materials, you have to take your medicine on time.” Mu Gen didn’t pay attention to Olivia’s shock at all and just thought of how long Oli will stay at home, and——

“Oli, you haven’t told me about your injury, right?”

Facing Mu Gen’s serious face, Olivia now had no time to be shocked by the famous doctor.

He could only rack his brains and begin to explain to Mu Gen as tactfully as he could about his injury.

Robot A is very efficient. On the day Mu Gen gave him the prescription, all the ingredients were ready and for some reason, Olivia cooked the medicine himself.

Olivia is responsible for the medicine while Mu Gen is responsible for other tasks. After turning off the fire, he pushed Olivia out of the kitchen.

Mu Gen then cautiously placed the hot medicine bowl beside Olivia who was sitting in the yard.

“Remember to drink medicine and I’ll go clean up the kitchen.” After the order, Mu Gen left, leaving only Olivia and a big medicine bowl.

There was a strong bitter fragrance from the medicine as Olivia looked at it. He smiled when he saw a few sugar balls next to the medicine bowl.

Mu Gen doesn’t like candy but there’s candy at home, so he must have bought it for him.

Because he was worried about tooth decay, Uncle Alpha had long forbidden him to eat candy. But since he agreed to buy the candy, it must be because he’s taking medicine.

The medicine tastes bitter, but Olivia felt sweet.

At this moment, he drank the medicine tailored for him by a famous national treasure of the Empire, and struggling to grind in front of his eyes was a national treasure class creature——the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon, even——

Olivia watched Mu Gen come out of the kitchen and pour out the dregs of the decoction under the small sapling in the yard.


Even an inconspicuous tree in the yard is an Empire-class national treasure——the Life Tree.

Olivia sighed contentedly.

After drinking the medicine, he put the empty bowl aside, and with two big candies in his mouth, he laid contentedly on the grass in the yard.

Being at home is so comfortable——Olivia sincerely thought.

Therefore, in history, Olivia, who suffered from serious injuries during childhood and suffered until adulthood, in an ordinary afternoon, fate made a turning point again.

Fate always wants to correct things as they are, but another thrust always pushes it in unexpected directions.

The author has something to say:


Although it’s not suitable, Mu Gen always does things for a reason.

Please believe him more.

He’s not a wasteful child.

TINA V4C115: Mu Gen's Make Up Exam
TINA V4C117: The Secret Of Mu Gen's Backyard

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