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Olivia got the shoes he ordered in Bayati two days later.

The moment he tried it on, Olivia looked up at Mu Gen in surprise.

“Isn’t it particularly comfortable?” Anticipating that he would react this way, Mu Gen gave him a thumbs up.

“En ~\(≧▽≦)~.”

Jumping on the spot while wearing the new shoes and walking a few more steps, Olivia stood in front of Mrs. Bayati in satisfaction.

“Didn’t it take seven days to get custom-made shoes? And its also made in order of appointment?”

This rule was written at the entrance of the shoe store, so he noticed it.

“Other people don’t lack shoes, at best, they just lack a pair of shoes that I did well, but you don’t have shoes to wear except little Mu Gen’s slippers. Of course, I have to make yours first.” Mrs. Bayati still looked like a stranger, but after hearing her words, Olivia thought she was really cute.

“Thank you!” Olivia gave a brilliant smile to Mrs. Bayati.

Mrs. Bayati looked stunned. Seeing her like this, Olivia couldn’t help but tease: “Is it that long since you’ve seen such a handsome young man that you look so dumbfounded?”

These days, he’d been running around the commercial street with Mu Gen so Olivia had long since replaced Mrs. Bayati from “a character in the legends of Star Net” to “the old lady of the neighboring house”. He no longer treated her as a stranger when talking to her.

“…how can that be!” Frowning, Mrs. Bayati immediately refuted Olivia’s statement: “I have seen countless handsome men in my life!”

“Then why do you look so stunned?” With the corners of his mouth raised slightly, Olivia continued to tease her.

“I, I just think that you look familiar.” The old lady stuttered, looking like she’s fallen into her memories.

“Familiar? Are you saying that I have a common face?” This time, it was Olivia’s turn to be stunned: “It’s not that I’m boasting but my face is hard to misrecognize. Look at my hair and eyes…it’s obviously different from the crowd, okay?”

This was the truth. Olivia’s skin tone, hair color, and eye color are very light with a very high purity, which makes him very recognizable. As a child, Olivia was often talked about or even bullied for this reason. Now he can calmly talk about it. It could be seen that Olivia has really changed a lot since that time.

“I can’t remember and I don’t want to.” Olivia wanted to tease her more, but Mrs. Bayati cleanly gave up remembering; “I’m getting older and my brain doesn’t work well.”

Olivia boringly stepped aside and took Mu Gen’s slippers that he had worn before. He was about to leave with Mu Gen when Mrs. Bayati suddenly stopped them:

“You take this list back. This is for the adults in your family.”

Though confused, he still took the list because it was for the adults of the family. Olivia didn’t open it and while holding his things, he and Mu Gen went home and got busy again.

Their family now has 26 Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons (including Big Horn, excluding Professor Mu Lansha’s Ailanda), two of them, the ones Mu Gen originally brought from the barren star, is very big. The other 24 little dragons with an average age of one year were hatched locally from the eggs. These Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons are now very good pullers and can grind enough flour every day. Now that Olivia and Mu Gen are on vacation, it became their job to grind a bag every day.

They have to bag the flour and place it in the storage room, so they don’t need to care about the business in the bun shop.

Without leaving the production room, Olivia held his chin with interest as he watched the robots working:

There’s a clear division of labor between the robots: Robot A is responsible for purchasing——he’s the most suitable for shopping on the street and he now has the “auto-follow basket” that Olivia gave him; Eta and Epsilon are responsible for making the dough——the two of them have the greatest strength; Pi is responsible for preparing the fillings——his scanning system is the most advanced (?); Beta is responsible for making the buns——his mechanical fingers are the finest; Now that Mengmeng is back, Alpha immediately assigned him a new task——delivery.

Having said that, some people are probably thinking: What about Alpha? Which link is Alpha responsible for?

Don’t worry, Uncle Alpha is responsible for the two most important aspects of the Steamed Buns Store: Sales and…material collection!!!

There are 26 Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons in the house and all these dragons are employees, protected by nationals laws, and can’t be eaten. So where did the “stuffing” of “Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon Steamed Buns” come from?

When he asked Mu Gen, Mu Gen said he didn’t know but he provided a clue: When they left their hometown, they brought the meat of two Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons and put them in the refrigerator.

However, even though most of the steamed buns sold at home nowadays are without stuffing (Damn! A steamed bun without stuffing is not called a steamed bun! It’s called a scam!), the meat…there shouldn’t be much left, right?

The patriarch who holds all the secrets at home——are all in the hands of Robot Alpha.

Olivia secretly followed Alpha, trying to figure out where the meat ingredients came from. However, he only observed Alpha taking out a large piece of meat from the refrigerator every day.

The mysterious Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon’s…minced meat is still a mystery.

Regarding Olivia’s worry that there’d be no dragon meat buns at home, Alpha only told him “don’t worry” and then went on to work.

Since then, Uncle Alpha has become more mysterious and majestic in Olivia’s heart.

The children can do what they want, and supporting the family is still left to the “adults”——this is the concept of the robot parents.

So Olivia only watched for a while in the production room before being driven out by the “adults”. He then picked up a hose and with Mu Hen, they began to shower the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons who had finished their work.

In Bailu Star’s summer, the temperature is relatively hot. The dragons only work in the morning and at night, most of the day, First Uncle let them rest. Although they could not enter the house to enjoy the coolness brought by the temperature balancer (a modern technology similar to air conditioners), Alpha arranged a small sprinkler on the grass of the small workshop. Every day at noon when the temperature is the hottest, it will automatically turn on and the dragons would take the initiative to take a shower. When Mu Gen was at home, he would brush them a few times.

“This is really a happy life that you can’t dream of!” ——every time at this time, the two dragons born in barren star can’t help but fall into memories.

No need to be eaten, no need to eat sand, they can eat grass every meal and occassionally eat leftovers from the owner’s house with a peculiar taste. When the weather is cold, they can sleep on the haystack, and when the weather is hot, they can take a shower!

What’s the most precious on that barren star? The answer: Water!

For the two dragons, taking a shower was truly an unexpected paradise life!

If there’s a chance, they want to take their parents, grandparents, and aunts too——this has become their goal of working hard every day. The owner said, when the business of the steamed bun shop expands, a new batch of grinders might be needed. When the time comes, they’d consider returning to the barren star and bringing a batch of Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons again.

Tonight, they’ll also do a good job of grinding!

Bathing in the small fountain, the two largest dragons had determined faces while the little ones next to them listened to their seniors talk about their hometown every day and became particularly content with their current life.

Turns out that Big Horn, who can swim in the swimming pool every day didn’t look at these small fountains at first, but after a few days, when it became dirty and smelly that even Dad didn’t want to touch him, it, it finally joined the army to grab positions after grabbing food!

The once “delicate” Big Horn, after a period of life in the collective, became more and more skinny.

Seeing how strongly Big Horn squeezed among the group of Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons trying to grab a few drops of water, the smile at the corner of Olivia’s mouth never left.

Big Horn saw him too and squeezed out from his wet comrades. Big Horn then crouched in front of Dad and picked up a brush. Olivia followed Mu Gen’s method and brushed hard on Big Horn’s skin.

The water mixed with the sweat, flour, and other secretions from the dragon fell into the soil. The Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon’s secretions are probably also a treasure, right? Besides, there’s also the poo from these dragons…

The land daily irrigated by these things should be very fertile, and only on this kind of land would the Life Tree that Mu Lansha gave Mu Gen unexpectedly sprout.

Everything is expected and also unexpected!

Did Mu Gen know how many serendipitous precious species he has inadvertently planted and fed in this yard?

Shrugging, Olivia patted Big Horn’s head to signal that scrubbing time is over.

He’s going to cook.

Although practical application often fails, Mu Gen’s class notes are very good. Olivia’s daily entertainment was to cook dishes according to Mu Gen’s notes.

Olivia was probably born with this talent as he sometimes didn’t put the ingredients in exactly the amount specified in the notes, even changing it according to the existing conditions, but every dish he cooked is delicious.

By the way, when cooking medicine, Olivia was very used to the bitter taste. Although he hates hardships, he can still endure hardship if he needs to. Although he only took the medicine for two days, he obviously felt his stomach aches improve a bit. The evidence was that he no longer wanted to vomit after eating meat.

For a young Kantas who is growing up, eating meat and wanting to vomit afterward is a fatal disease. This meant that they’re likely not to grow up as strong as their counterparts. In the Kantas race whose body is strong and beautiful, a weak Kantas should be obliterated!

Eating Mrs. Bayati’s prescription and drinking the life fruit tea from Professor Mu Lansha, Olivia’s body recovered every day and various hidden diseases were slowly healed.

And in the fragment of the future that Sumei Ge once saw, when Olivia, who had grown up and had the power of the entire Empire, is troubled by the pain, the national treasure-level doctor, and the life fruit tea that can’t be found in the entire empire was so easily delivered to him this time.

This time, his life had changed.

After eating, Olivia and Mu Gen habitually went to clean up the dishes. When putting everything away and sorting out the shoebox that he brought back today, Olivia saw a list in the shoebox and remembered what Mrs. Bayati said. He then handed the list to Uncle Alpha.

“To the adults at home”——naturally referred to the robots led by Alpha, Olivia took it for granted.

“Bailu Star’s students are on holiday so business is much deserted. The shopkeepers on the commercial street decided to close shop collectively and travel. This list is a wish list.” Alpha quickly scanned the contents of the list.

“Are you interested in traveling to the Murdore Galaxy?”

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