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The Murdore Galaxy has the most famous resort in the Empire! The entire galaxy includes 99 large and small planets and each one has unique items. As the advertisement said, the events here can meet the needs of tourists from nine months to 999 years old!

This is definitely not bragging.

Among these planets are seaside planets with beautiful scenery and suitable for leisure ←Yes, that’s right! It’s a seaside planet! The whole planet is made up of islands, big and small, tropical all year round and you don’t even need to consider which outfit to wear when sightseeing there, just bring a good figure and all kinds of swimwear!

There are also glacial planets with severe cold weather and winter all year round ←Under the powerful control of the climate balancer, it’s often called the “feel the snowflakes blooming climate”? There are 15 large and small planets in the winter constellation of the Murdore Galaxy, with temperatures ranging from high to low, as well as glacial snowfields! Mountain climbing, ice skating, and skiing are possible, and tourists can enjoy the embrace of winter!

“According to different sightseeing purposes, the planets of Murdore Galaxy are divided into honeymoon planets, adventure planets, vacation planets, and entertainment planets. There are a total of 99 planets and if you want to see all of them, it would take about 10 years.” Uncle Pi soon showed the data of Murdore Galaxy to everyone. From the official videos of Murdore Tourism and Cultural Bureau, he also deliberately downloaded many videos taken by tourists on the Starnet.

“Wow!” Mu Gen and Olivia opened their mouths at the same time.

As if learning something, Sigma, who was sitting between the two of them, also let out a surprised voice.

“Wow.” The word is the same but it sounds dry. (¬_¬)

“Bailu Star is mainly composed of Academy students and professors. The annual holiday is the least populated period on Bailu Star so the business in the commercial street is very poor and every year, we organize everyone to travel together. This year’s sightseeing project is for three planets in the Murdore Galaxy and the duration is 20 days.” Alpha read from the list.

After reading, he raised his head and looked at the other people in the room. Mu Gen and Olivia were very interested.

Robot A noticed the children’s eagerness and raised a hand (←this is their way of speaking at home). He asked naively: “Excuse me, will Boss Joe of the vegetable shop and Boss John of the condiment shop also go?”

These two stores are the two stores that Robot A must go to every day to purchase things.

Alpha checked the list carefully.

This list was passed from family to family on the commercial street so there’s only one copy. Those who are willing to go will write their name and the number of people on the back of the list.

“They’re going.” Alpha found the names of the two bosses.

“Then I suggest we go too.” Robot A continued: “If they’re gone, we can’t buy food.”

After speaking, he glanced at Mu Gen, who gave him a thumbs-up: Dad, you’re great!

Robot A nodded to him slightly, then casually turned his head, continuing to look at Alpha seriously.

“3000 Farads per person.” He read out the travel offer.

“Then it’s 30,000 Farads! Can our family afford it?” Mu Gen’s eyes blinked and he looked at Uncle Alpha hopefully.

“Affordable” was what he wanted to say but Olivia secretly strangled his wrist again: I spent all my money on the way!!!! But I can’t buy one less gift ahhhhh!

In conclusion: I still made too little money!

At this time, if there was 30,000 Farads in the bankbook he gave to Mu Gen, Mu Gen can travel if he wants to travel!

Olivia lowered his head in frustration.

At this moment, Uncle Alpha spoke authoritatively.

“Affordable.” Taking out an electronic bankbook from the storage space, he counted the money and passed it in front of everyone. Uncle Alpha solemnly said: There’s a lot of money at home! It’s no problem to go out for a family trip!

“Ah! First Uncle, you’re awesome!” Mu Gen jumped up immediately, jumping on his First Uncle like a monkey and kissing him.

This is his first time seeing Mu Gen like this so Olivia was stunned. But soon, Uncle Alpha’s dark screen aimed at him, flashing with a red light. Just when Olivia was a little confused, Mu Gen motioned to Uncle Alpha’s cheek.


At Mu Gen’s urging, Olivia leaned over to Uncle Alpha with all his energy, rising to his toes and “chirped” at First Uncle.

First Uncle’s dark screen didn’t flash anymore.

“Sigma hasn’t kissed you yet.” At the moment Alpha turned his head, Sigma spoke mechanically on the side.

Condescendingly looking down at Sigma, who is short today without wearing legs and buttocks, but under Mu Gen’s expectant gaze, Alpha had to reluctantly let Sigma’s screen collide with his.

After the collision, Sigma contentedly followed his brother to pack the luggage.

Although he’s a robot, because of his identity as “Mu Gen’s younger brother”, Sigma grew up with Mu Gen and what Mu Gen does, he’ll also learn to do. He’s a robot that has fully learned the process of human growth.

Currently, no one realized what this means.

To liberate the labor force and reduce their burden, human research and development of the brain system improved from generation to generation. Robots have been popularized on a large scale and they have increasingly replaced human labor in some areas. However, at this time, humans began to fear robots again. They’re afraid that these machines will become “humans”, so they artificially limit the development of artificial intelligence.

“The biggest mistake mankind made is not to create artificial intelligence systems or machines, but to merge the two into one.”

“The creation of mankind is a work that only God can do.”

“Robots should be prohibited from learning human emotions. Once a robot has deciphered the code to human emotions, they will replace human beings as the most perfect human beings and will eventually become humanities’ enemy.”

As the research on robots became more and more sophisticated, the opposition to robots was getting louder.

A robot that has a deep understanding of human emotions is a robot that is not allowed to exist.

And Mu Gen’s robots have become more and more aware of human emotions.

“Shall we go too?” Beta asked Alpha indifferently.


“Are we sitting in the luggage compartment? If I’m in the luggage compartment, will it be considered as overweight luggage?” Epsilon tilted his head. Although he had realized something from the amount Mu Gen calculated, he needed to ask first to confirm.

“Mu Gen said that the total cost of travel is 30,000 Farads but everyone’s travel cost is 3,000 Farads. 30,000 divided by 3,000 equals ten, and these ten people naturally include us.” Alpha answered his question very seriously.

After he finished speaking, all the robots went silent.

If they were humans, they would have jumped up with excitement at this moment! Blushing, with hot ears, and faster heartbeat or something——

However, they’re just robots with very good performance. Even if their hard disk is running at ten times the normal speed, it will never overheat the shell!

Alpha and they have known for a long time that humans have the habit of traveling, but they never wanted to travel in the past. This is their selfish thoughts:

For humans traveling, robots, in principle, are placed in the luggage compartment.

They don’t want to be put in the luggage compartment.

They’d spent so long as Mu Gen’s family that they don’t want to be treated as luggage or objects anymore.

“Then we have to pack our luggage.” Pi finally said.

“Yes, but before that, sign the list.” While answering their questions, Alpha had already signed his name on the list.

Handing the list to Beta, he motioned Beta to sign his name.

Beta got stuck.

This is his, to be precise, first time signing anything.

Luckily, these robots can have their own names and they have the opportunity to sign…

No one’s ever heard of it.

After receiving the list, Beta read the list carefully.

It’s just a very ordinary travel proposal with only the introduction of the scenic spots and the proposal written on it. It’s a very unprofessional list, the kind that will be swept away as rubbish when dropped on the side of the road.


Beta earnestly found a blank space then wrote the name “Beta” stroke by stroke on the horizontal line.

Before, this letter was just a code name, but at this moment, the letter Beta really became someone’s name!

The other robots also came over, watching the whole process of Beta signing, and then in order——signed their names.

As if carrying out some kind of sacred solemnity.

Alpha deeply knows what a signature means to the other robots. In a human family, most of them are signed by one person and he just handed the list to every robot and asked them——to sign their names.

The last name——”Mengmeng”, right after appearing on the horizontal line, Alpha solemnly collected this list and then began to assign tasks to everyone. The children only need to pack their luggage, but the adults need to do more than that. Many things related to the shop must be arranged in advance.

After quickly receiving their tasks, the robots quietly got busy.


After carefully reviewing the relevant introduction of the destination of this trip, Mu Gen began to prepare a variety of things. All the things that need to be brought are spread out on the bed and Olivia stared at him dumbfoundedly like he’s doing magic. In the end, many things were stuffed into two small suitcases.

“Oli, we need almost the same things so I also packed your luggage. Can you see if there’s anything else you need to bring?” The activist Mu Gen already packed, not only did he pack his things, but he also helped Olivia pack his.

“I…” Olivia was stunned and finally thought of what was wrong. He hurriedly reached out the window: “If all of us are going out, what about the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons and the Life Tree at home?!”

These are priceless treasures!!!!! And his Big Horn!

“Uh…there’s grass on the ground so they can eat them as they like.” Mu Gen tilted his head. If you look closely, you’ll find that the angle of his head was the same as the angle on Uncle Eta’s head tilt.

Not only did the robot learn some of Mu Gen’s habits, but Mu Gen was also unknowingly influenced by them.

“But, but——” Olivia stuttered for a long time but finally didn’t know what to say. Does Mu Gen understand the value of these things? No, he doesn’t (囧nz).

“Calm down! When we were in the barren star before, we always kept some Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons. They can eat everything and are obedient. Once the wind and sand were too big and we accidentally lost it. A year later, I found that those Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons are still guarding the door of the house~ They’re very smart!”

Boldly waving his hand and picking up the two suitcases, Mu Gen went out humming a little song in a very good mood.

Leaving Olivia…

Olivia: 囧!! As it turns out…you can do it like this?

Mu Gen and Olivia also signed their names on the list and the list was finally sent to Mrs. Bayati’s home, the form collector, by Beta at 8 a.m.

“Knocking so early…did something happen?” Mrs. Bayati opened the door with a stern face and then took…a piece of paper from Beta, whose face was worse than hers.

“Oh! Turned out to be the travel list. Are all your family members going?” Squinting her eyes, Mrs. Bayati recognized what this piece of paper was. Turning over the list, she was a bit dumbfounded when she saw the signature column.

“Uh…handwriting is fine, there’s no need to print it.” Because Mu Gen’s signature is completely printed. With the crooked signatures at the back, these printed fonts are truly eye-catching.

“It’s handwritten. The money has been sent to the designated account. Please check it.” He bowed and just like when he came, Beta quickly left.

“Huh?” Mrs. Bayati looked at the list in her hand again and finally tugged the corner of her mouth as she slowly wandered into the house.

“There are many young people on this trip~”

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By the way, Soy Sauce drew the bathroom scene of Mu Gen and Oli.

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TINA V4C117: The Secret Of Mu Gen's Backyard
TINA V4C119: Robot Waiter On The Spacecraft

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