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There are a total of 20 shops on Idoli Commercial Street. Except for the owner of the hardware store who went to other planets to take care of his son because of the birth of his grandson, all the other people participated in this tour group.

There are only a handful of customers in the bustling commercial street so Mu Gen’s buns can’t be sold in large quantities every day. It’s no wonder everyone wants to go out and play on holiday.

Professor Mu Lansha and her housekeeping robot, Mulland, arrived at Mu Gen’s door on time the next morning with a whole team of guards and a very huge hover car. They came to pick up Ailanda.

After receiving a communication from Professor Mu Lansha in advance, Mu Gen took Ailanda and waited at the door early in the morning.

Seeing the tall and sturdy Ailanda, Mu Lansha’s tight mouth eased a lot. There was a hint of surprise in her eyes as she gently touched Ailanda’s head.

“I don’t know what to say except thank you.” Touching Ailanda with both hands, Professor Mu Lansha glanced at the robot Mulland behind her. Mulland immediately took out a card from his suit pocket.

“This is Ailanda’s accommodation fee for the past few days. Please don’t refuse, just treat it as a work-study program to help the professor.”

The card was an anonymous electronic bankbook and Mu Gen was shocked when he saw the amount.

Ailanda worked in his home so he’s about to give Ailanda’s salary these days to Professor Mu Lansha. Why is it that he hadn’t paid Ailanda’s salary yet, but Professor Mu Lansha gave him so much money!?

He was about to speak, but Professor Mu Lansha waved him to stop.

“Besides that, I’ll also give you five extra credits for the Life and Breeding course. You’ll see it when school starts and I think you’ll need it very much.”

Mu Gen:  ̄▽ ̄

Him grabbing credits everywhere in other departments…does even Professor Mu Lansha know?

While the two humans were talking, Ailanda stretched out its head and gently touched Professor Mu Lansha’s palm. When she felt something hard, Professor Mu Lansha looked down in surprise.

What Ailanda handed over was…a gift bag?

Looking at Mu Gen with a puzzled gaze——

“This is a small gift from Ailanda.” It’s Ailanda’s own flour. After knowing that it was going home this morning, Olivia personally wrapped it and tied a bow on it.

If it were Mu Gen, he’d most likely put it in a grocery bag.

“Thank you.” Holding the gift bag personally, Professor Mu Lansha looked at Ailanda with a stiff smile.

Mu Gen wanted to invite Professor Mu Lansha into the house for tea, but Professor Mu Lansha refused. The precious Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon was still in transit and she’s really worried that something will happen on the road.

After inviting Mu Gen to drink tea in her office after the beginning of school, Professor Mu Lansha took Ailanda and left in a hurry.


After sending off Ailanda, Mu Gen hurried to the backyard. First Uncle and the others are making preparations for the small workshop there and Oli is also there.

When Mu Gen arrived, he was a little dumbfounded to see the scene in the yard.

All the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons stood stubbornly in front of the mill. No matter what, Sigma could not drive them away and one of them even bit the corner of Olivia’s clothes. Looking closely, there are even tears almost streaming out.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Gen ran quickly and he just came over when a group of Crescent Moon Emperor Dragons surrounded him.

“Sigma told them they don’t need to grind in the workshop,” Sigma answered very honestly.

The bun shop is temporarily closed and the one-horned beasts can naturally take a rest. They don’t need to pull the mill every day and just bask in the sun in the yard.

“Uh——” Mu Gen tilted his head.

One by one, their heads rushed towards Mu Gen!

Don’t eat me! Want to grind! Can do a lot of work every day! Please don’t eat anyone else!

25 pairs of big eyes looked at Mu Gen. For an instant, Mu Gen inexplicably understood what these Crescent Dragons were worried about.

“I’m not going to eat you guys!” Mu Gen patted the head of the leader dragon, looked at it seriously, and said: “The students have been on vacation recently, and no one has bought buns anymore. First Uncle decided to take the whole family out to play so you can also take a vacation.”

The Crescent Dragons understood, but they still bit the corner of Mu Gen’s clothes.

They strongly indicate: Don’t take a holiday! Need to grind! If we don’t grind for a day, we’ll feel uncomfortable and the sh*tt*ng won’t be smooth!

“Uh…then so be it, I’ll discuss with the bosses of the commercial street about letting you circle the commercial street, giving you a larger range of activities every day. You can also patrol the streets.” The more Mu Gen thought about it, the more he thought it’s a good idea: “By the way, for that little sapling at home, you should also remember to pee! Only one dragon can do it once a day!”

Patrol? Water the flowers?

Have work to do!

All the Crescent Dragons were instantly energetic!

Watching Mu Gen leave the yard to negotiate with the other bosses on the commercial street, the tears in the eyes of the Crescent Dragons finally disappeared.

Except for Big Horn.

“…I want to take you there too, but…Dad has no money.” Squatting on the ground, Olivia whispered to comfort Big Horn, as if they’re parting on their death beds.

This reason is truly… too tragic.

Olivia became more and more frustrated as he talked and in the end, it became Big Horn who licked its dad’s hair to comfort him.

Dad can rest assured that everyone will do a good job of grinding, patrolling, and watering the flowers…Big Horn will work hard to feed Dad (づ ̄3 ̄)づ.

And that’s how it’s arranged at home. After Mu Gen communicated with the other shop owners, they all agreed to Mu Gen’s plan. Before leaving, they raised a high electronic security wall around the commercial street. This is a basic anti-theft and isolation device which is generally used as an anti-theft guard when the owner is not at home. It can also be used in road construction to organize pedestrians not to come in and disrupt the scene or even for police to protect the scene. After the electronic anti-theft wall was raised, the entire commercial street was isolated from the outside world. Of course, if someone really wants to steal something, they could only invade from the air, after all, this is just a basic defense measure. However, for the Crescent Dragons on Mu Gen’s family, they have a new job! All the things inside the wall are under their watch and when the owner is away and when they’re not grinding, their most important task is to guard this street!

After locking the door, Mu Gen opened the door to the backyard to facilitate the passage of the Crescent Dragons. Boss Tony raised the anti-theft wall, and then they went to the port happily ~\(≧▽≦)~.

They were not surprised that the eight robots of Mu Gen’s family also participated in the tour as a member of the brigade.

Older people are more open-minded in many things than younger people. After a year of getting along, they deeply knew how the nanny robots headed by Alpha worked hard to raise the child Mu Gen, from something as large as the department Mu Gen chose, to something as small as Mu Gen’s homework books. They’d often encounter difficult problems and would always learn from the human neighbors on the commercial street. As a robot, they should have spent their owner’s money, but the robots in Mu Gen’s family diligently made steamed buns every day to make money for their little owner to study.

In a word, these robots are so cute!

Look, they will also take the initiative to help the elderly in the group carry their luggage! This makes the neighbors in the commercial street look more kindly at them.

However, the elderly were too embarrassed to ask Alpha and the others to help them carry all their luggage so they have to hold something.

There aren’t many people in the port right now so it didn’t take long to board the spacecraft, which is bus-shaped. Starting from the original star, there will be several stops along the way and many people will get on and off but the advantage is that it’s cheap.

Sitting in the economy class of the spacecraft, these old men and women, with an average age of 500, quickly fell into a traveling atmosphere:

“3,000 Farads can go to three planets! It’s a bargain!” Don’t know who said this at the beginning, so the topic of travel began.

“…the dog of the owner of that travel agency suddenly fainted while walking on the road a while ago and I easily helped him. That’s why the owner of the travel agency said that he was grateful to me, so I asked him if he could give me a discounted price.” It’s Mrs. Bayati who got this benefit for everyone.

“Huh? Treating pets can reduce travel expenses to one-tenth?” Olivia felt very incredible.

“I remember…the owner of the travel agency is a dog person, so that dog…should be his son? He came to my shop a while ago to buy a book.” The owner of the stationery store, Colin, leisurely said: “Different from his fat-eared dad, that is a very well-behaved and beautiful puppy.”

“En, it’s beautiful. At first, I wanted to take it home and raise it.” Mrs. Bayati nodded sullenly.

Everyone: …

So this is an incident that progressed from stealing a dog to inexplicably saving a dog, right?

“When discussing the price, the price quoted by the other party also charged for the group meal. When I saw the group meal they provided, I took the initiative to tell them that we don’t want it, so the price of the group meal was left out.” Tony, the owner of the pastry shop, was also involved in the negotiation process with the travel agency: “Let’s just eat the snacks from my store and the set meal from Boss Komi’s.”

Boss Komi nodded with a smile.

“I also prepared desserts for everyone.” Boss Maya from the dessert shop also smiled: “According to everyone’s preferences, I prepared different desserts for everyone.”

The neighbors in the commercial street are very happy.

But though they’re happy, the passengers next to them were not.

“A group of country bumpkins.” Sitting behind them and listening to their conversation was a beautiful young lady frowning in disdain.

She’s also traveling to the Murdore Galaxy and naturally didn’t care about that small amount of money since she’s from a good family. She was very disdainful of such old people who even care about paying for a group meal.

Her voice wasn’t deliberately lowered so the elders in front heard it.

Boss Tony glanced at the lady at this time.

She glared at Boss Tony provocatively then the woman put on her eye mask and took a nap.

Then, mealtime arrived.

The lady woke up from the strong smell of food.

“Is it mealtime?” She took off the eye mask and stopped the robot waiter passing by, saying with restraint: “Please bring me lunch.”

“Okay.” The robot waiter immediately took a tray from its storage space and gave it to her.

The woman frowned immediately after she uncovered the insulation cover.

“Are you fooling me? Such a simple lunch box is fundamentally different from others!”

In fact, the meal on her table has a very reasonable combination of meat and vegetables. There’s even a thick soup as well as exquisite desserts and an ice cream which looks very tempting.

However, compared with the fragrance that seduced her to wake up, this meal is down to earth!

“It’s not wrong, this is your customized tour group meal.” The robot waiter carefully checked the passenger information in the system and indicated that he had taken it correctly.

“Can’t you smell that fragrance, you useless thing! I’m a human being and the smell of the lunch box in front of me is completely different from the others. Even if you can’t smell it, you think I can’t?!”

Don’t know why her temper became so violent. After saying this, she became angry and even threw the whole meal box onto the robot waiter.

The robot waiter paused, and squatted down for a while, cleaning up the wreckage on the ground. The female passenger didn’t give up and directly rang the bell to call the human flight attendant over. She needed an explanation!

“I’m sorry that our service has left you unsatisfied. After verification, this robot waiter didn’t make a mistake about your meal. That meal box is indeed your travel tour group meal and the meals with the completely different smell you mentioned before were brought by the customers.” The human flight attendant arrived quickly and finally gave her an explanation.

“The meals of the travel group use the cheapest materials. How can we not bring our own delicious food! Xiao Mi’s store is Bailu Star’s first luxury restaurant~ it’s so delicious that you can only get it by lining up!” After having a delicious lunch, Boss Tony deliberately said loudly. (T/N: Just FYI, Xiao Mi is referring to Boss Komi.)

“Tony’s pasty shop is also a thousand-year-old shop! I like this matsutake egg tart the most…” Boss Maya also had a great time.

The shops that have been standing in the Idoli Commercial Street for many years, which one is not an old shop with secrets? Even the steamed bun shop in Mu Gen’s house is so good at being mysterious!

Her face flushed, the female passenger’s lips trembled and she finally sat down.

Throughout all this, she didn’t apologize to the robot waiter.

Looking at the robot still squatting on the ground to pick up the mess, Mu Gen ran over and quietly tidied up with it.

The robot was stunned and then indifferently said after a long while: “Thank you.”

While eating, he found that Mu Gen suddenly disappeared, so Olivia walked over and saw two people squatting on the ground and mopping the floor. Olivia didn’t say a word and in the end, just helped them pick up the trash.

This is just an episode on the spacecraft, but in the afternoon, the elders of the tour group discovered that even though they hadn’t ordered a drink, they still got some delivered.

This drink was very expensive, three times more expensive than the normal drinks in the spacecraft. Although they’re not short of money, they will not spend so wastefully.

“The robot waiter bought this with its credits. Although the robots in our spacecraft don’t have a salary, each robot will be given credits and they can use these points to replace parts for themselves.” Regarding the doubts of the old people, a human flight attendant answered them: “It used its two-month credit to buy you drinks, please enjoy.”

Sigma also received a bottle of drink. Although he can’t drink it, he still seriously packed it and in return, he gave the robot waiter an apple-flavored energy oil.

Mu Gen and the others would get off in the evening. Long after they got off the spacecraft, they can still see the robot waiter waving at them when they looked back.

Finally waving at it, Mu Gen smiled.

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