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Carrying Mrs. Bayati’s small luggage and walking at the end, Sigma didn’t speak for a long time, but after a while, he walked to Mu Gen’s side and suddenly said:

“Sigma won’t leave home in the future and won’t be a spacecraft waiter.”

After a quiet glance at Sigma, Mu Gen nodded: “Sigma will always be with me in the future. We will open a store together and Sigma can be the boss.”

“En.” Although he always has a mechanical face that will not change in expression, everyone felt Sigma become happy.

“When brother and I open a shop in the future, we will hire the robot just now.” Sigma has a new dream.


“Can we give him a salary ten times higher than before?” Sigma continued to discuss with Mu Gen.


The neighbors in the commercial street laughed and listened to the conversation between the two brothers. Finally, Alpha couldn’t listen anymore.

“Employment is fine, but not ten times the salary.”

As soon as the elder spoke, the two prodigal sons were brutally suppressed.

 ̄▽ ̄

“Up to three times.” After a year of business, Alpha is the best economically minded robot in the family.

So Sigma rejoiced again. Turning the volume down to the lowest level, he told Mu Gen: “Sigma left our address for the robot just now.”


Although one is human and the other is a robot, although one has eyes and the other has a screen, the brothers still exchanged a tacit look.

Dragging their luggage and walking in the long white diversion channel for about 15 minutes while following the instructions on the wall, the members of the Idoli Commercial Street Tour Group finally came out of the passage.

The moment they left the passage, everyone took a deep breath.

“The air is so humid and hot!” The air that hasn’t been filtered by the climate balancer is blowing in. It’s humid with the unique heat of the tropics and for the residents of Bailu Star whose average temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius, this feeling was extremely new!

When stepping out of the passage, the floor made of white technological materials under everyone’s feet also became pure natural grass. However, the grass here is not green, but pink. More than that, when they looked around, all the trees here are pink and the difference lies in their degree of pinkness.

“(*@ο@*) Wow~”

“This is the romantic city——Crabira.” As the leader of the group, Boss Tony didn’t hurriedly report where they were.

The Murdore Galaxy is equivalent to a “tourist attraction” in this era, but this “tourist attraction” was too big. One entrance is definitely not enough so there are 13 host planets in the Murdore Galaxy. People traveling from various galaxies to Murdore Galaxy will first come to these host planets to register according to their destination.

Incidentally, these host planets are not part of the Murdore Galaxy.

As a galaxy focused on “tourism”, the Murdore Galaxy is composed of all planets with tourist value and the number of its planets is not completely constant. These host planets are from galaxies that want to join the Murdore Galaxy. They will continue to discover the value of their tourism industry and only through the Murdore Travel Bureau assessment will they formally become a member of the planets in the Murdore Galaxy.

The planets that can become host planets are already candidates for the future tourism resources of Murdore. As the first stop for tourists, the Murdore Travel Bureau gave these planets a chance to show off; at the same time, for tourists to be able to visit one more planet outside of the planet they expected to visit. Most tourists are also very surprised by this arrangement.

“We have to register here and wait until the staff of the Travel Bureau arranged our admission schedule before we can plan our planetary tour according to the admission time.” Boss Tony said with experience.

“En en!” Mu Gen and the Alphabet Series Robots, who was traveling for the first time, took notes.

Although Olivia looked calm on the surface, he still silently remembered it. As a minor chick and a minor chick who grew up in an orphanage, no attraction would allow him to go sightseeing alone, and the orphanage would take the cubs from the yard to the farthest place——a small river at the entrance of the orphanage.

It’s free there.

But as soon as two cubs fought, the trip ended hastily——that was the only trip in his memory.

For Mu Gen and Olivia and their robots, this is the first trip in their lives. In addition, this trip is also a good opportunity for them to learn the “correct human lifestyle”.

Although they’re humans, Mu Gen and Olivia were both raised by robots. They’re very clever young humans and their grades in school are also very good (except for Mu Gen’s professional courses  ̄▽ ̄). However, they’re actually lacking in “common sense” and it’s a great experience for both of them to travel with these elders who have hundreds of years of “human” experience!

“Accommodation and meals in hotels designated by the Travel Bureau on this planet are free. If you want to experience the local places, you need to pay!” Team leader Tony continued to introduce professionally: “However, the consumption level here is very low. I suggest that today we can live in a designated hotel and then go eat local snacks together!”



All the neighbors raised their hands in agreement. Olivia didn’t know whether he should raise his hand or not, but at this moment, Uncle Alpha’s mechanical arm was also raised.

“Agreed.” In a very rigid but very firm voice.

So Olivia also quickly raised his hand. ~\(≧▽≦)~

The atmosphere in the group is very friendly. Due to the high efficiency of the Travel Bureau, they didn’t wait long, but an episode happened during registration:

The staff at the registration desk is also a robot. Nowadays, many guiding tasks are done by robots. They’re highly efficient, had good service, and don’t require a salary, so they’re much easier to use than human employees.

“Please sign here.” The robot used a robotic arm to hand a piece of electronic paper out of the window, beckoning the tourists to sign after confirmation.

Everyone did this before and there was no mistake.

Until it met Alpha.

After receiving the electronic receipt, Alpha quickly scanned the contents of the paper: This is a unified form made following the travel plan submitted by them before, and there was no error in the content.

After confirming, Alpha signed his name.


Then a problem came.

“Please sign here.” The receipt handed over by Alpha was re-delivered, along with the bill, and the mechanical voice of the robot receptionist.

“It’s already signed.” Alpha also said in a business-like mechanical voice.

“Please use handwritten signatures, please don’t use printers.” The robot receptionist changed his line.

“It’s not printed, it’s a handwritten signature.”

With Uncle Alpha’s sudden appearance, the robot receptionist was almost killed!

The processing speed of the whole window greatly slowed down and the tourists behind them, who didn’t know why, couldn’t help but ring the bell to call the human coordinator. After the coordinator hurried over and figured out what happened, he was a little dumbfounded.

The biggest difference between humans and robots is that humans know how to be flexible and quickly solved the problem of documents for Alpha and all the robots (including little Mu Gen) behind him. After confirming that there are no more robot tourists, the coordinator apologized to all the tourists before leaving.

“Robot tourists? Interesting.” Thinking of the two robots arguing with the same mechanical voice, the coordinator burst into laughter. It’s common for nanny robots to travel with the owner and it doesn’t cost money. There’s only one reason for this bug today: The robot is registered as a tourist.

This is the first time that a tourist is willing to spend money on robots to travel with humans. This is the freedom of others and they certainly won’t stop it.

The coordinator told his colleagues about the episode that day, and everyone thought it was a joke.

However, for the robot, this incident was definitely not a joke.

The robot receptionist didn’t leave directly after getting off work (they didn’t leave work, the so-called off work means changing shifts with other robots to charge). He put aside the nine sheets that had been processed by the human coordinator and quietly held the electronic receipts, looking at them for a long time. Before eliminating all the above information and resetting the electronic receipts, the robot receptionist took pictures of the nine receipts and archived them on his hard drive.

It didn’t understand why it wants to do this and it’s not part of the business process. Although there’s no violation of the regulations, this is just a matter of occupying space on his hard disk. For robots like them with a small hard disk capacity, they will not do things easily.

However, it just wanted to do so.

After the incident, it also occassionally shared these photos along with what happened that day to its companions.

Those robots also silently saved these photos in their hard drives.

A robot that can travel like humans is so good.

For the robots, this is a very great event that can exist on their hard disk.


Alpha and the others naturally didn’t know what these robots did. As the first batch of robots to travel, they also got their own room in the hotel. When Alpha put his luggage in the room and the front desk of the hotel called to ask him if he needed a meal, Alpha made the first “wasteful” behavior in his life.

He, he ordered a meal.

Among all kinds of meat, he chose tortoiseshell dragon meat. For vegetables, he chose the local specialty pink crunchy grass. He even ordered pink berry juice and ice cream.

The waiter didn’t enter the door and left after pressing the doorbell and placing the dining car outside.

Alpha opened the door sneakily, preparing to pull the dining car back.

However, when he opened the door, he saw six dining cars neatly arranged in the corridor…and six doors opened at the same time.

Beta, Eta, Pi, Epsilon…and Robot A also sneakily opened the door, preparing to pull the dining car.

Just when the robot’s screens collectively went blank, another door opened. It was Mengmeng’s first time living alone in a room, so he opened the door with his little wings and jump out.

“Are these dining cars for Mengmeng? Why isn’t Mengmeng’s here yet? Is the delivery slow?”

Glancing coldly at Mengmeng in the corridor, the other six robots quickly pulled their dining cars and then closed the door even more quickly.

“Chirp?” Mengmeng tilted his head slightly but his dining car soon arrived. He happily thanked the waiter who was pushing the dining car up and Mengmeng happily pushed it to his door.

Although he can’t eat it, he can take pictures of these dishes! His storage space is huge, so it’s easy to put in a few more dishes!


The robots did it quickly and secretly, so no humans knew about them ordering. Don’t know what method they used but when they left and the waiter went to clean up the room, the room was very clean and tidy.

Uh…even the plates are gone.

When being with humans, the robots acted like they didn’t order anything.

Well, except for Sigma.

Mu Gen and Olivia will definitely give him a portion if they order. Although he can’t eat, Sigma would habitually put all the good things in his stomach.

After eating, Mu Gen will explain the taste and texture to Sigma in detail.

Alpha only needs to pay and silently follow Mu Gen and Olivia. Seeing how happy the children were, he looked calm and reliable.

As a result of walking on a barbecue street for a long time this evening, Mu Gen and Olivia got a strong smell of barbecue, so they had to soak for an hour in the bathroom before coming out.

Sigma also soaked with them for a while. Even if he’s made of metal, he smelled of barbecue.

Today, after soaking for a long time, Mu Gen then brushed Olivia from start to finish. When the two came out, Sigma was shut down…


Coming out of the bedroom while holding the heavy Sigma, Olivia put him on the left side of the bed.

“Sigma shuts down on time.”

“Sigma is heavy, isn’t he?” Mu Gen smiled as he wiped his hair and walked from behind them, then sitting on the right side of the bed.

Glancing at the left side, then at the right side, Olivia didn’t think much and made a 大 on the center.


The light in the room was turned off. In the dark, the two teenagers with the same smell pulled on the quilt and talked about the food they had eaten tonight.

“I hope that in the future, Uncles, Dad, and Sigma can also taste human food.” Just before sleeping, Mu Gen suddenly whispered.


“I hope I can think of ways to let them taste the food I eat. For this purpose, I must work hard in the Cooking Department.”

“But I don’t know how to cook yet, so I want to learn how to cook first.”

Whenever they eat, the robots can only watch by the side, so Mu Gen always thought this way. He had been thinking this way for a long, long time. This is why he had to enter the Cooking Department.

Although Mu Gen didn’t say it, Olivia instantly understood.

“There will be one day.”


The two of them looked forward to tomorrow’s itinerary and finally hugged each other to sleep.


Do you remember the little gift Ailanda brought to mama?

The Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon personally ground it and Olivia, the leading figure of the future empire, personally packed it and is handed over by another important figure in the future, little Mugen——that little gift~

It was lying on the desk of Professor Mu Lansha at this time.

Mu Gen said it was a gift, but forgot to tell her it was flour. When Professor Mu Lansha took it back and found that it was impossible to detect what it was with an instrument, she had to put the gift aside.

However, Ailanda is very attentive and passed by her desk every day, glancing at the package eagerly and then at Professor Mu Lansha. That little look is almost! Almost like if Professor Mu Lansha didn’t use this gift immediately, Ailanda would be very pitiful!

Professor Mu Lansha decided to immediately develop a practical use for this gift.

In the end, under Mulland’s suggestion, she, she…

She applied the suspicious white powder to her face.

All the wrinkles and pores are gone! All the spots that have been exposed to the sun all year round are covered! Even the darker complexion due to perennial planting looks fairer than normal women!

This, this——

Ailanda gave mama the best foundation in the world!

The surprised Professor Mu Lansha secretly gave Ailanda a big hug that night!

This girl is her little cotton-padded jacket, so sweet!


The author has something to say:

Revealing the reason why Mu Gen joined the Cooking Department.

For Dad and Uncles, for Sigma, he…he did not hesitate to harm the professors of the Cooking Department!

Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Today’s update is very long!

TINA V4C119: Robot Waiter On The Spacecraft
TINA V4C121: Mermaid

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