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Mu Gen and the others’ trip included three destinations, namely:

Ainilala, Doli and Baluni.

After registering their travel plans yesterday, everyone received their admission schedule early this morning.

“Lucky! We can go to Doli at nine o’clock today!” Boss Tony was very happy.

To ensure that tourist destinations are not overcrowded, Murdore Travel Bureau strictly implements a tourist restriction plan. Even if everyone has a plan in advance, they cannot determine when they can set foot at a tourist destination. The time was set by the Murdore Travel Bureau depending on the number of tourists and plans of other tourists. They might even stay on the host planet for one day, making everyone’s plan greatly disrupted.

“Yes, the young couple who lined up behind us yesterday to register lives next door to me. They’re in line until two o’clock this afternoon.” The owner of the vegetable shop, Joe, is also very satisfied.

After quickly eating breakfast, the group immediately boarded the hotel bus to the port. The official spacecraft of the Murdore Travel Bureau was already waiting there. This is a small spacecraft and this time, it only carried the shop owners of Idoli Commercial Street.

It’s a charter ship! 3,000 coins is truly worth it——everyone thought so!

The blue and white spacecraft carried Mu Gen and Olivia’s family along with their neighbors, flying quickly and steadily.

“Doli——the hometown of ocean people. There, visitors can see seven kinds of blue waters and all kinds of beaches. They had the finest and whitest beaches in the Empire and there are also sandy beaches made entirely of crystals. The food we’re going to eat there is called a fruit smoothie. The red ones are fruity and sweet while the yellow ones are sweet, sour, and refreshing. This kind of fruit is only available in this place and cannot be transported outside. Please be sure to enjoy this fruit in Doli…” To make the trip not boring, the official narrator of the Travel Bureau began to explain the destination attraction to the tourists with a sweet smile.

Just hearing and seeing the pictures depicted in the narration made people fascinated——

Before getting off the spacecraft, everyone’s expectations for Doli were getting higher and higher!

Doli is a new planet that only joined the Murdore Galaxy last month, so Mu Gen and the others are the first tourists to visit here.

“This newly developed attraction is the best! We’re really lucky.” Listening to this, Boss Tony can’t sit still anymore. Pulling out a pair of pants from his luggage, this old man can’t wait to put it on now.

Under everyone’s increasingly eager desire, the blue planet finally appeared in front of them. As the spacecraft broke through the atmosphere and got closer and closer to the sea, the incredible beauty of this planet finally appeared in front of everyone!

“(*@ο@*) Wow!” Putting their faces on the window and looking out, Mu Gen and Olivia both looked surprised.

The spacecraft finally landed on a vast white sandy beach. When the tourists couldn’t wait to run outside, the spacecraft narrator smiled and said goodbye to everyone. Before leaving, she gave one last thing to everyone:

“Also, to anyone who comes to Doli, compared to anything else, Doli has another title——the land of mermaids!

“That’s right! As a planet 75% covered in ocean, Doli has the most mermaids in the galaxy! Among them, the golden mermaid is the rarest and it’s said that people who have seen a gold mermaid will have a very smooth and happy life!

And people who see a pink mermaid will fall in love immediately~

“But please be aware: It’s forbidden to take pictures of the mermaids here, so please don’t, thank you.”

Putting their luggage in the hotel and changing into their swimsuits as soon as possible, everyone ran to the beach without delay——

Mu Gen is the fastest runner! Olivia followed him closely.

Mermaids!!! The legendary mermaid ahhhh!

Mu Gen immediately thought of the mermaid princess picture book he had seen when he was a child.

“I look forward to it! Oli, there are mermaids in my hometown too! The mermaid here might be relatives with me!” While running, Mu Gen told Olivia in an expectant tone.

As an Earthling who has never lived on Earth, little Mu Gen, he, he…

He took fairy tales seriously.


The warm sun flooded the entire beach and they ran towards the direction of the trees. There’s only one kind of tree here which is called a fruit tree. This kind of fruit tree only grows on the beach by the sea and it could be said that where there are trees, there’s the sea. This has long been proven, so Mu Gen and the others found the beach without any difficulty as soon as they landed.

Then they saw the mermaid.

Everyone went silent.

“Uh…this is your relative…” Seeing the “mermaids” collectively drying their belly on the beach, Olivia was stunned.

The beach was very beautiful, the fine white sand just like sugar; The fruit trees are also very beautiful with long leaves waving in the wind like a veil; Blue sky, white clouds, blue sea, a fine white sandy beach, and tall fruit trees constitute a heavenly picture——

If you ignore the mermaids on the beach.


“No wonder you’re not allowed to take pictures!” Olivia suddenly said: “if this kind of photos spread, it’s estimated that no one will come.”

Mu Gen…there’s no way to refute his words!

It’s completely different from what Mu Gen imagined: The mermaid here is not the kind with a human upper body and a beautiful tail but in reverse.

The upper body of a fish plus two small human legs, lying on the beach with their belly spread out, these mermaids looked like they were enjoying themselves.

But their appearance, when seen by the tourists, is just…so awkward…

Mu Gen: These are definitely not my relatives…


At this moment, the old people with slower legs also arrived.

“Aren’t all mermaids like this?” Boss Tony didn’t understand Mu Gen’s previous excitement at all. Although mermaids are now rare creatures, it wouldn’t be enough to make this child rush over in such a hurry, right?

“Mu Gen thought that the mermaids should have a human upper body and a fishtail.” Unfolding the big towel he had been holding in his hand, Olivia motioned for the elderly to sit down.

“How can that be? How can there be such a mermaid? The reason why mermaid’s tail turned to human legs on land is for the convenience of walking. It’s unscientific to keep the tail.” Boss Tony smiled.

These mermaids are not afraid when they found someone coming. This place had just been developed as a tourism planet so they hadn’t been in contact with many humans. Seeing them, they didn’t mean to avoid them, probably because Mu Gen’s and the others’ thin legs looked the same as them. This made them regard Mu Gen and the others as their own kind, and even some merfolk gave them a little room. In this way, it actually signaled them to bask in the sun with them.

“Thank you.” Mu Gen is in one of the surrendered places. He habitually thanked the other party, spread a big towel on the beach, and motioned for his family to come and sit.

The sun star hadn’t risen for long and the sea is still a bit cooler, so their group didn’t enter the water right away. Mrs. Bayati bought a lot of fruit smoothies. With a drink in one hand, everyone sat on the beach, quietly admiring this beautiful scenery.

“After getting used to it, I think they look very beautiful~” Looking at the mermaids around him curiously, Mu Gen suddenly said so.

Everyone other than the robots: There’s definitely a problem with this child’s aesthetics!!!

In the Imperial people’s cognition, mermaids are indeed very precious because of their scarcity, but they’re definitely not beautiful.

They are evolutionary creatures that cannot fully become humans and they cannot even be called intelligent creatures.

From under Sigma’s belly, he found a tattered picture album, and Mu Gen showed the image of the little mermaid he had seen to everyone.

“The mermaid on my place looks like this.” The upper body is a beautiful woman and the lower body is a seductive fishtail. Even though Mu Gen just showed a children’s picture book, everyone still felt the beauty of this creature.

“Just imagining it, it’s very beautiful. If the mermaids really look like this, it would be great.” Carefully holding the dilapidated picture book and looking at it, Mrs. Ko Mi yearningly said.

“There used to be such a mermaid.” Suddenly, a voice intervened. Mu Gen looked back, but it was the owner of the funeral shop——Canaan.

Since funeral shop items are never used at home, Mu Gen has the least number of dealings with this old gentleman. Mr. Canaan should be very old, his tall figure a bit crooked with a little hump on his back, but his waist was still habitually straight.

“Kantas female is said to be such a mermaid.”

“Kantas? Does Kantas have females?” Miss Maya, the owner of the dessert shop, tilted her head and listened.

“There are archaeological discoveries, but long ago, due to geographical isolation, the females and males of Kantas eventually became reproductively isolated and no longer the same species. The Kantas we know now is all males with no females.” Mr. Canaan continued.

“Oh-oh! I remember, Canaan, I’ve been subscribed to this magazine too!” Then Ake, the owner of the bookstore, chimed in.

Powerful and beautiful, it’s the unified impression Kantas left to the world. All humanized Kantas that appeared in public are so beautiful they don’t look like humans. If there’s really a female Kantas with a human upper body and a fish lower body, then…she must be a peerless beauty, right?

Everyone was fascinated.

“Mu Gen, you said there are mermaids like this in your hometown, so you might be the offspring of a female Kantas.” Finally, Mr. Canaan came to this conclusion.

“Uh…but I only have Dad…and I’m a boy.” Looking at the blue swimming trunks on his lower body, Mu Gen smiled awkwardly. “Moreover, the people in our place are all evolved from apes.”

After entering the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, Mu Gen also came in contact with other species of evolutionary races. Gradually, he understood the racial classification here and at the same time, he understood that humans like him can’t change to their original form since they’re “weak people” with weak genes.

Human beings are always evolving in a better direction. For the people on Earth, human forms are much more developed than that of apes, so there’s no need to change back after evolution. For other species, a human form has the advantage of having a human form, but their original form also had great advantages. The ability to change between the two forms is the choice for their genetic evolution.

Although he knew his race was weak, Mu Gen wasn’t discouraged at all. Regarding his race, he didn’t mean to hide it in the slightest.

“…not quite.” Unexpectedly, Mr. Canaan didn’t let him go: “You don’t look like a monkey. You must be a cub of some powerful creature that hasn’t learned how to change to your original form, maybe even a Kantas.”

“How can that be? Which Kantas have dark eyes? Although their scales might be black when they reached adulthood, their eyes are either blue, green, or gold.” The owner of the bookstore, Ake, usually reads a lot, so he immediately refuted Boss Canaan: “And this kid Mu Gen doesn’t look like one, but Olivia looks a bit like Kantas.”

“What you said…this kid really looks a bit like one.”

With Boss Ake’s words, everyone’s eyes fell on Olivia, who was lying on Mu Gen’s legs while eating ice cream and looking at the picture book.

“Ah?” Realizing that everyone was looking at him, Olivia raised his head in confusion. Immersed in the story of the little mermaid, he didn’t hear what everyone was talking about.

Everyone: Although this child is good-looking, he looks so dumb…no way!

“Oh~ It’d be great if Olivia was Kantas, then he could definitely help me get the signature of Lord Nashkiel!” Although thinking it’s impossible, Miss Maria, the owner of the clothing store, still sighed.

“You can get in now!” Just when she wanted to say something, Granny Maria (←that’s right, Granny Maria is Miss Maria’s great great great grandmother) suddenly stood up. Taking off the big towel around her body, the old lady ran towards the sea with a swiftness that didn’t match her age.

Encouraged by her spirit, everyone cheered and ran away toward the sea.

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