TINA V4C122: Under Water

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The gaudy elderly jumped into the sea like dumplings.

Whoever got to the opposite island was the first game and their figures suddenly disappeared.

Mu Gen followed them at first, but after swimming for a while, he found that Olivia did not follow. He told his dad and uncles to continue swimming and he’s going back to see Oli, so Mu Gen turned and swam back. When he went back, he found that Olivia, with hair covered in dry white sand, was facing the sea very solemnly while sucking on an empty ice cream jar.

From any point of view, Olivia is a very attractive handsome guy.

But Oli alone like that…looks a bit difficult to get close to?

Wetly climbing up from the sea, Mu Gen was stunned when he first saw Olivia, but quickly remembered why he came back.

Curiously walking up to Olivia, Mu Gen asked him: “Oli, why didn’t you go?”

Taking a look at Olivia’s floral swimming trunks, Mu Gen tilted his head: “Could it be…”

Olivia nervously took another breath of the empty jar.

“Are you imagining what Grandma Maria said about showing off her swimsuit on the beach?” Grandma Maria brought n sets of swimsuits. During their days in Doli, she decided to show five sets of swimsuits a day.

Olivia: 囧!

Looking at Olivia’s slightly rosy cheeks, Mu Gen suddenly realized:

“Oli…you can’t swim?”

Olivia turned his head awkwardly.

Mu Gen found a little secret: Oli, who seems to be omnipotent and can learn everything at once——still can’t swim.

During the only trip in his childhood, in that small river at the entrance of the orphanage, Olivia drowned. Although he was finally fished out of the river, he could no longer learn to swim.

They have indeed done many underwater training in the Imperial Military Academy, but that kind of underwater training is all deep-water training. It’s either staying in the submarine or wearing special suits on their body, like a diving suit. In that case, Olivia knew he won’t drown, so as long as he overcomes his psychological obstacles, he could stand being in the water. However, after leaving all kinds of modern technology and equipment and with only a pair of flowery swimming trunks, Olivia…

He looked up at Mu Gen while still slurping. Olivia lowered his head, then nodded twice quickly.

The person in front of him is Mu Gen, so Olivia didn’t think there’s anything wrong with exposing his shortcomings.

“I’ll teach you!” Without the intention to ridicule at all, Mu Gen took Olivia to the beach.

Mu Gen’s swimming skills was taught by Uncle Eta according to standard textbooks. Although he only learned it after coming to Bailu Star, he seemed good at swimming by nature and it didn’t take long to learn all the swimming styles.

Breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly——Mu Gen can’t wait to show Olivia all the swimming styles he’s good at, but it’s a pity that Oli can’t swim. Not to mention swimming style, he can’t even do a basic float.

Olivia was very nervous in the sea and didn’t even dare plunge his face.  ̄▽ ̄

Mu Gen also tried to take him to swim together, but the attraction between Oli and the bottom of the sea was too great and the two would sink together.

“Shall we go buy a swimming ring?” In the end, Mu Gen had no choice but to retreat.

Mu Gen eventually bought two flowery swimming rings.

“Small swimming rings for dinosaur cubs”——Olivia was embarrassed to buy that style, but Mu Gen bought it without complaint. With a buy two get one free deal, the store gave them an extra swimming ring. This ring was worn by Mu Gen behind Olivia and he decided to give it to Sigma ←when swimming, Sigma was hugged by Mrs. Bayati and unable to get out, so Mu Gen had to leave him alone to fetch Oli  ̄▽ ̄.

With the swimming ring on, Olivia floated on the water smoothly when he went into the water this time.

Only the upper body was floating while the part below the chest was immersed in lukewarm seawater. Olivia laid his head on the swimming ring and looked down. When he raised his head, he was really surprised:

“Mu Gen, there are many small fishes in the water!”

In the blue water, there are many small white fishes, but not many.

“En! Here is the shallow sea so there’s only this kind of small fish. There are more beautiful fish a little bit ahead!” In another swimming ring, Mu Gen told him while pushing Olivia forward.

“Is it?” Olivia’s eyes brightened.

“Yup! The seawater is very salty so you have to bring your swimming goggles and look down.” Mu Gen handed Olivia swimming goggles——the goggles are accessories when buying the swimming rings.

So Olivia immediately put on the goggles and plunged his head into the sea.

His lung capacity was very large, so he didn’t need to raise his head to breathe for a long time. When he sunk his head in the sea and observed the fish and corals on the sea bed, Mu Gen smiled and pushed Olivia’s swimming ring, gradually swimming into the deep sea.

When Olivia raised his head again, he found that he could not reach the shore or the island. He and Mu Gen were already in the middle of the sea.

Olivia: 囧!

Mu Gen, you’re bad! While I was watching the fish, you actually pushed me to the deep sea!

Olivia looked at Mu Gen accusingly.

“Oli, the schools of fish here are more beautiful!” At this moment, Mu Gen pointed under the water again.

Olivia: …

Putting on the swimming goggles, little Oli plunged his head again.

The sea bed here is more beautiful.

Unlike the dark seabed during training at the Imperial Military Academy, the seabed here is bright. The sunlight hit layer by layer from above as it reached the white sandy bottom of the sea. There are all kinds of strange-shaped marine plants growing at the bottom. Olivia’s eyesight was very good and equipped with swimming goggles with magnifying function, he could see very subtle things on the bottom clearly.

Some plants are like seaweed that have small leaves and some are more like animals than plants.

Schools of fish shuttle between these plants, all kinds of them and in every color, even fancier than his gaudy swimming trunks.

The seabed was a completely different world from the shore.

Even as a rare Kantas or the Chief of the Imperial Military Academy, no matter how tough he usually looked…Olivia is actually just a little chick that hadn’t seen the world. In the world of Kantas or the world of humans, he’s still a cub. Even if he grew taller, there’s always a blank space in his heart where he didn’t experience childhood.

Now, the blank space began to fill up bit by bit.

Olivia hates water.

The first trip in his life was to the river next to the orphanage and he drowned. He was also put in confinement for causing trouble for the management staff and locked in a small dark, dirty and smelly room. Tensed and fearful, the very young Oli waited for the adults to release him. However, the management of the orphanage actually forgot about him and kept him there for four days before remembering that there was such a child. Only then was Oli released.

Oli also didn’t like taking a bath.

The people in the orphanage bathed the cubs very roughly and some even painfully. Many of Oli’s hair were abruptly taken off when he was taking a bath as a child. It’s easy to tear off but difficult to grow it back. Some people are unwilling to touch these cubs so they use more crude ways to “bath” the cubs, like using a hose and strong water pressure to clean them. Seeing these cubs jumping up and down wetly under the stimulation of the strong water pressure, the adults even laughed.

Big Horn was also thrown into the water.

So water is full of negative impressions for Olivia.

Water is cold, the bottom of the sea is dark…in his only life experience, Olivia’s experience has always been like this.

However, after returning home and living his days with Mu Gen, Mu Gen told him another temperature of the water.

The bathwater in the bathroom is very warm and very safe. The bubbles rubbed by the brush and bath foam are light and delicate, exuding a good smell!

And today, Olivia discovered that the seafloor is no longer just utter darkness anymore——

With his head stuck in the water, Olivia closed his eyes. His ears are blocked by the water which is a bit strange.

When he opened his eyes again, his eyes widened!

Don’t know when Mu Gen got underwater, but at this moment, he was swimming like a fish in the sea below Olivia.

The strong and vigorous body and slender limbs can swim far away with a slow stroke in the water. He looked very healthy on the shore, but underwater, Mu Gen looked abnormally fair and just like a fish!

Olivia suddenly thought of the picture book he had just read.

Mu Gen looked like the mermaid in that picture book!

Olivia looked at Mu Gen in the water without blinking.

Mu Gen is not swimming alone. More and more schools of fish caught up with him curiously and Olivia was surprised to find that Mu Gen became the leader of those fish schools for some reason! Wherever Mu Gen swam, the schools of fish would swim beside him!

Just when Olivia looked dumbfounded, Mu Gen suddenly raised his head. Black veil-like hair fluttered upward with bubbles, and Olivia saw Mu Gen smile at him.

With his hands forming fists, Olivia saw Mu Gen suddenly put two fists on his chest and when the fist suddenly pushed forward, a strange scene happened:

A huge circle of water suddenly shot out from in front of Mu Gen and turned toward Olivia’s direction.

“(*@ο@*) Wow…” Olivia couldn’t help reaching out to reach the bubble that Mu Gen made.

but he was too high, and the circle of water disappeared before it reached him.

Don’t know if he saw Olivia’s disappointment, Mu Gen soon pushed another circle of water.

This time, the bubble successfully reached Olivia’s wrist.

The water circle was “worn” on his wrist for a while before it disappeared and Olivia was amazed. He didn’t look down again until the water circle disappeared for a long time.

Mu Gen, among the schools of fishes, gave him a big smile.

Olivia suddenly blushed.

Then, Mu Gen came over with the schools of fishes, stretched out his slender arm, and grabbed Olivia’s somewhat stiff hand.

Blushing, Olivia felt something in his palm and when he looked down, he saw a few pieces of white flowers.

It looks like…soaked bun skin?

Mu Gen nodded at him and then motioned for him to feed the fish with it.

Seeing the bun skin in Olivia’s hands, the fish that had originally been around Mu Gen suddenly rushed towards Olivia fiercely.

Shocked by the fish’s fierceness, Olivia looked 囧囧 at Mu Gen.

Turns out that the school of fish following Mu Gen in that beautiful scene…was like this…

Mu Gen is indeed a person who had nothing to do with romance…and even told me the truth for god’s sake!


While spitting in his heart, Olivia was still very happy to feed the fish.

Before he knew it, he was completely unafraid of the water.

Olivia’s location was too high so only a small school of fish came over to eat. Seeing the more beautiful big fishes below only move slightly, Olivia thought for a while. He got out of the swimming ring’s protection and stretched out his hand tentatively. Following the swimming method that Mu Gen just taught him, he swam towards Mu Gen.

The moment he grabbed Mu Gen’s arm, Olivia looked down and saw Mu Gen’s encouraging eyes.

Then he felt more at ease.

After overcoming the psychological barrier, Olivia can finally swim. Together, they fed the fish and observed the plants on the bottom of the sea. Mu Gen also gave him the secret to launching a bubble under the water. Olivia was very smart and learned it after two tries, even learning how to play water polo underwater.

Seeing Mu Gen’s adoring eyes, Olivia was even more triumphant.

After swimming underwater for a while, they went up and swam while pushing the swimming rings. Before they knew it, they swam to a deep place.

The sea here was very dark and the fish also grew strangely, but the two boys were very courageous and still swam under such deep water.

After all, his body is Kantas, so Olivia’s physical advantage became more and more advantageous in the deep sea so he swam deeper than Mu Gen. The time he was able to stay underwater was also longer than Mu Gen.

So the task of collecting pebbles on the seabed was honorably handed to Olivia.

This time, when Olivia picked up a rock from the bottom, he vaguely saw a person above.

There’s only the two of them here, so Olivia instinctively thought that person was Mu Gen. The bottom of the sea is too dark, so he can’t see clearly, but the figure of the man was very similar to Mu Gen, so Olivia immediately tried to swim towards “Mu Gen”, but——

Olivia panicked when he found that “Mu Gen” was motionless!

It’s said that the people who drowned are mostly those who knew how to swim. Did Mu Gen swim for too long that he has cramps while under the sea?

Not thinking of anything, he threw away the stone on his hand and Olivia immediately hugged Mu Gen to the surface.

When he emerged from the water, Olivia threw “Mu Gen” to the flowery swimming ring first, and then looked at him anxiously.


With a glance, he saw Mu Gen in a swimming ring leisurely basking in the sun.

Looking at Mu Gen in the swimming ring and looking at the white body in the other swimming ring, Olivia was dumbfounded.

“Uh? Oli, who’s this?” Mu Gen noticed the other person and got up from his swimming ring.

The author has something to say:

Little Mu Gen’s underwater bubble is actually not a trick.

People, who like to play in the water, should be able to do it.

The author can also launch small circles~


TINA V4C121: Mermaid
TINA V4C123: Proof

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