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TINA V4C122: Under Water
TINA V4C124: The Ferocious Granny Maria

“He isn’t wearing swimming trunks.” Looking at the boy, Mu Gen said so.

Olivia: 囧!

The point is not that the person is not wearing swimming trunks! But whether the person is alive or dead!

The other person’s upper abdomen was bulging and when Olivia touched the other party’s nose: He’s not breathing.

Get first aid!

There’s no land on the front, back, left, or right. They had to put the person on the swimming ring. While Mu Gen was responsible for first aid, Olivia stretched out his palms and pressed down on the boy’s back vigorously!

Olivia hit the boy’s back repeatedly. Mu Gen also reached out to open the boy’s mouth and to see if there’s any water floating up. After more than thirty seconds, Mu Gen’s eyes lit up: “Yes! There’s water coming out!”

He hurriedly raised the hand that had been on the boy’s mouth and when he saw blood on it, both Olivia and Mu Gen were dumbfounded.

Mu Gen looked at the person’s still white back with fear: He can’t be…injured internally by Oli…right?

The culprit’s “hand” was still on the other party’s back and Olivia also looked guilty.

At this moment, Olivia sensitively noticed the body bounce and there was a faint sound from the opponent’s throat so Mu Gen quickly extended his hand to the opponent’s mouth.

This time, when Mu Gen saw the palm of his hand again, both of them looked weird.

This is…half of a fish?

To be exact, it’s a half-digested fish. Only the fish head is left while the lower part had begun to dissolve. One can imagine just how powerful the digestive juices of this person are!

Olivia hurriedly pulled away the half fish head in Mu Gen’s hand.

At this moment, the guy who was lying on the swimming ring also woke up. He hadn’t opened his eyes yet, but don’t know how he saw it, when the fish head was about to fall into the water, he quickly reached out and grabbed the fish head. Opening his mouth, he chewed the half fish head and swallowed it.

The belly that had just flattened out immediately bulged a little.

Mu Gen & Olivia: 囧!!!

“Ptoo! Ptoo!” Two fish eyes spat out from his mouth and the boy finally opened his eyes.

Those eyes are the same color as the ocean!

Not only the eyes, but the boy’s hair was also aqua blue and he had very long eyelashes. This is a boy with a heart-shaped face and looks very beautiful!

However, after witnessing the scene where this guy stuffed the vomited fish back into his belly, Olivia and Mu Gen were shaken away from his looks.

The boy looked at Mu Gen and Olivia curiously then after a long while, he bared his teeth at Mu Gen.

Two rows of unusually sharp and thick teeth with shreds of raw fish that have not been cleaned looked terrifying.

When he turned his head to look at him, Mu Gen also bared his teeth at him.

Mu Gen’s teeth were much neater than him and very white. At first glance, he’s a good boy who brushes his teeth every day——Olivia thought distractedly.

Then the boy bared his teeth at Olivia.

Showing off your sharp teeth? Although he felt that this action wasn’t very elegant, Olivia gnashed his teeth at him immediately.

Although it looks the same when their mouths are closed, the teeth of different races are very different. Even as a cub, Olivia’s teeth are very sharp. After seeing Olivia’s teeth, the boy was obviously a little scared (←Olivia thought so o(╯□╰)o)

The teenager couldn’t speak, nor could they understand him. At this time, Mu Gen’s wonderful ability to communicate with others was demonstrated again: Not knowing how he did it, the two people gestured for a long time before Mu Gen finally understood what he meant.

“He ate too much and was sleeping in the sea when he woke up here.” Mu Gen relayed the teenager’s complaint.

Olivia: …

“This guy is so vicious when he grinned.” Seeing Mu Gen and the other party talking happily, Olivia was a bit sour.

“No, baring teeth represents a smile. The one-horned beasts at home also bared their teeth at you every morning, didn’t you pay attention?” Mu Gen was a little surprised.

Olivia had no choice but to…notice.

Baring teeth represents a smile or something is the primitive instinct of beasts. After living in modern times for a long time, many beasts no longer have this instinct.

The boy and Mu Gen became good friends and because Mu Gen and Olivia were good friends, the teenager indirectly became good friends with Olivia (orz what a complicated relationship…)

He’s very good at swimming too and since this guy can fall asleep even in the water, maybe his original form was some kind of aquatic beast. Olivia instinctively felt the threat from the other party, so even if Mu Gen was having fun, he didn’t dare take the other party lightly. Carefully observing the route the boy took them to swim, he firmly remembered the way back. Once there’s something wrong, he could immediately run away with Mu Gen!

However, this guy’s mind is very simple and didn’t seem malicious either. He brought up weird things from underwater more than once along the way. There’s a fruit that looked very strange which they thought was a fish at first, but was actually a kind of fruit. After eating it according to the method indicated by the boy, Olivia was surprised to find that the taste was incredible.

In exchange, Mu Gen also taught the teenager how to launch circles in the water. This guy learned fast and well, so not long after, he can launch a very round water circle.

Both the boy and Mu Gen looked very happy, but Olivia was even more worried.

How can those old ladies and old men swim so well? Why haven’t they reached their target island after so long?

After swimming in the sea for so long, Olivia was a little tired. Mu Gen got into the swimming ring even earlier.

If this continues…once something happens…it’d be even harder for them to escape…

Olivia thought a little anxiously, but he didn’t express his anxiety, even becoming happier.

Finally, they saw the shadow of land!

Seeing the smoke rising from a distance, Olivia’s spirit instantly relaxed.

“Mengmeng! First Uncle!” He loudly called out to the shore and then a louder response came.

Olivia was completely relieved.

The adults are there so he’s not afraid of this unidentified guy anymore. When Mu Gen generously invited the teenager to the shore, Olivia just smiled and looked aside, not stopping him.

Seeing a group of strangers, the teenager hesitated a little, but the smell of barbecue that kept floating from the shore was too tempting. He couldn’t hold back and finally landed ashore behind Mu Gen and Olivia.

Following them with bare ass.

 ̄▽ ̄

“I saw something good!” Giving a thumbs-up, Granny Maria smiled under the layers of wrinkles.

“Hahahaha! What a white and tender boy! It’s much more beautiful than my old man!” The lady Boss Komi, who has always been very quiet, also nonchalantly uttered surprising remarks.

Looking at the boy walking in a daze, Mu Gen quickly picked up his big towel from the ground and wrapped him in it.

“I say, why after waiting a long time, we still didn’t see you. Turned out you met a new kid halfway through!” Boss Tony laughed and tore three pieces of meat from the grill, strung them with branches, and handed them to the hands of three teenagers.

“Wow!” Mu Gen and Olivia were shocked when they saw the huge grilled fish more than ten meters long on the grill! Especially after seeing the hideous big teeth in the fish’s mouth——

“Grandma Maria caught it and everyone grilled it together. You just came but this fish is too big that it’s barely cooked until now.” Seeing the question in their eyes, Boss John of the condiment shop replied.

Their worldview was refreshed again——Olivia quickly turned to look at Granny Maria.

This little old lady who’d lived for how many years looked like she’d fall at the first touch, but to catch such a fierce fish with her bare hands is truly… old but still vigorous! You can’t judge a person by appearance!

Realizing that Olivia was looking at her, Granny Maria smiled and raised her arms, showing… wrinkled biceps.


Even he’s not sure he can catch such a big fish alone! Eating the delicious grilled fish, Olivia thought silently. However, with such a strong old lady in control, even if that guy did something, she should be able to deal with it, right?

And there’s First Uncle too!

Thinking of this, Olivia’s little heart was finally at peace.

After eating the barbecue in his hand, he showed the empty branch to Boss Tony:


The strange boy stuck out the empty branch.

In the following time, the scene became a competition for who has the biggest appetite. Everyone ate desperately, but their species are different so their belly capacity was of course, different. Mu Gen was the first to lose. With a smile, he took on the task of putting food on the branches. As the elderly of the commercial street ate, they began to lose one by one and only Olivia and the teenager were left to continue the game.

“No, no more…” Even if his appetite during the growth period is large, Olivia felt his belly was full and he’s about to explode. Olivia rolled to Mu Gen’s waist with his chubby belly.

He was a little sleepy.

“Little Oli still lost…” Boss Tony’s voice echoed in his ears but Olivia’s eyelids began to close. As a beginner swimmer, he swam for a day, and even with adequate food supplies, his body was still a little tired.

“This kid has a really good appetite.” This came from Miss Maria.

They were right, that boy had a particularly good appetite!

It’s pretty weird!

Not understanding other people’s words but instinctively feeling the friendliness of the people here, he bared his teeth at the old men and old ladies, his face full of meat bits.

Then suddenly——

His mouth opened. Although there was no sound, at that moment, everyone’s eardrums seemed to be shattered.

“Huh? My hearing aid…seems to be broken?” Holding the stud-like hearing aid from her ear to the palm of her hand, Granny Maria said in surprise.

But she didn’t have time to check it as everyone’s attention was focused on the teenager who was eating meat.

Don’t know what happened just now but the boy who was eating suddenly hugged himself and rolled on the beach.

“Don’t move, let me go first.” Taking out the tools from her waterproof bag, Mrs. Bayati walked over seriously.

“It’s Canilla disease and not an acute one. He should have had this disease since he was born.” It didn’t take long for Mrs. Bayati to arrive at the diagnosis.

“Canilla disease?” Olivia also sat up.

“An organ disease in which parts of the body repel each other. It’s a genetic disease and a child with this disease will not survive past ten years.” Without the intention of giving them a lecture, Mrs. Bayati briefly introduced it.

“Ironically, the incidence of this disease is very low and it often only appears in very healthy children.”

“Due to the rejection reaction in their body, their bodies will stop functioning from time to time. It manifests as a coma and with age, their time of unconsciousness will get longer and longer until they can’t wake up.”

This kid with such a great appetite… has such a tragic disease?

After listening to Mrs. Bayati’s explanation, everyone was stunned.

“…so he’s still a kid.” Touching the boy’s aqua-blue hair, Mu Gen whispered, then he raised his head and looked at Mrs. Bayati: “His illness, can you…heal it?”

Mrs. Bayati then gave a confident smile.

“Other’s can’t, but——I can cure it.”

This is the confidence of a Godly Doctor!

However, although Mrs. Bayati can cure him and even carried a miniature operating room with her, she didn’t bring the necessary blood pack during the operation. Fortunately, after a blood test, Olivia and Mu Gen’s blood can be used by this boy! In addition, Boss Tony and Boss Canaan’s blood can also be used!

“Draw more of my blood.” Before the blood draw, Olivia whispered to Miss Bayati.

“Relax, I will pay attention to your safety.” Mrs. Bayati nodded.

The barbecue site instantly turned into an operation site, showing them just how brilliant Mrs. Bayati’s surgical technique is. All laymen at the scene couldn’t see it at all, but they knew that the operation was happening very quickly. Soon, the boy’s belly was sewn up and at the same time, the allogeneic blood supply was performed. A thin tube was inserted into the arms of the four people at the same time and the other end of the tube was on the two arms of the boy.

“All right.” Watching the boy’s reaction all the time, just when she’s about to remove the tubes, something unexpected happened: The blood of the teenager returned through the blood tubes and some blood accidentally flowed towards the blood donors!

“It’s not uncomfortable, you clean up the kid first!” In response, Boss Tony waved his hand very generously, then suddenly remembered something: “You have to look at Olivia and Mu Gen. There’s nothing wrong with these two kids, right?”

They’re all old so it’s fine even if something happened, but Olivia and Mu Gen’s lives have just begun.

“It’s okay, this happens occassionally and his disease is not contagious so it doesn’t matter.” Mrs. Bayati said very positively. After hearing this, the others around were relieved.

Then, under everyone’s attention, the boy got up ignorantly and saw the bandage on his belly. Feeling the unfading numbness on his body, he jumped up in horror.

With his mouth open, he started yelling!

No one could hear his voice, but everyone knew that he must be yelling! Their eardrums were tingling strongly and many people couldn’t hold it. Seeing that someone fainted, Mu Gen approached the boy and threw him down.

“It’s okay, it’s just for you to see the doctor. You won’t have any more pain or faint…Mrs. Bayati cure you…”

Mu Gen alone couldn’t stop the boy so Olivia was the one who subdued him in the end, and Mu Gen just held his hand, repeating the words just now over and over again.

Then the “voice” eventually disappeared.

“¥&…all right?” Mu Gen heard a very naive voice.

It was very strange since he’d never heard of it.

Looking up, he saw that the young boy was looking at him intently.

No way?

Mu Gen nodded tentatively: “En, your illness is cured.”

Then he felt a strong joy.

At the same time, something more terrifying happened——

Ahead! Don’t know when but huge waves tens of meters high suddenly rose!

The huge waves are like buildings rising from the ground on the sea, rushing towards the small island where the Idoli Commercial Street Tour Group is stationed!!!

Accompanied by the huge waves, they saw the body of a huge sea beast in the waves——

All the robots stood in front of people in a protective posture with Robot A picking up Mu Gen and Olivia.

“Mom!!!” At this moment, everyone standing still on the beach heard a voice.

Regardless of the language in any species, their way of addressing mothers is very similar. Even though the pronunciation is not the same as the lingua franca of the Empire, everyone understood the meaning of that word.

Then there’s the language that they can’t hear with no real sound and more like a kind of sound wave. Two sound waves echoed each other in their minds and after a while, the members of the Idoli Commercial Street Tour Group were surprised to find that the huge waves suddenly disappeared?

The sun that’s about to set gently spread over the sea, but the sea was not as flat as before but with a lot more waves…

Dozens of huge sea beasts coldly stared at this small island.

The exposed head was comparable to the big fish they just ate. They could hardly imagine how long the body of the sea beast under the sea is!

“This fish…I can’t catch it…” Granny Maria said in a daze.

These big fishes are so big that they can be seen even without glasses!

The people of Idoli Commercial Street quietly stared at these sea beasts.

Don’t know what these sea beasts did, but another wave came from the sea. This wave was not high, but it’s still higher than the tallest Robot Alpha present.

The wave came over and then quickly returned to the sea.

The unknown boy standing on the shore suddenly disappeared.

“Ahhhh!” Looking down, Olivia cried out in horror!

That wave was so big that it knocked out Olivia’s trunks!

“Oli, look!” Mu Gen’s voice suddenly came from beside him. Only then did Olivia noticed that no one had noticed his embarrassment and everyone was looking dumbfoundedly…at the sea?

So Olivia also shifted his gaze to the sea.

Then he was also stunned.


The huge beast that was still there just now disappeared, replaced by dozens of mermaids that suddenly jumped up on the shiny golden sea!

Not the mermaid with fish head and human legs they’d seen before, but a mermaid with a human upper body and beautiful fishtail like in Mu Gen’s picture book!!!

Fishtails of various colors complemented the sparkling sea and they quickly jumped out then plunged back into the seabed at a faster speed.

Among all the mermaids, the people in Idoli Commercial Street suddenly saw a touch of golden fishtail!

Unlike the other mermaids, the owner of this figure is obviously flat-chested! Looking carefully…

“It’s the little guy who can eat!” Granny Maria loudly said.

While jumping, the figures of the mermaids drifted away.

“This…we saw a mermaid!” Boss Tony was dumbfounded.

“Gold, pink, red, green, black…seems like there are different colors, what does this mean?” Boss John was a little crazy.

“Uh…it probably means that all kinds of things can be encountered in life!” Granny Maria was very calm.


“Ah! I’ve seen good things again!” But it was lady boss Komi who screamed again.

Following her voice, everyone’s eyes turned to Olivia in Robot A’s arms.

Olivia: 囧!!!

He wanted to find a towel, but all the towels were swept away in the big wave, even his flowery swimming trunks orz.

Forced to be helpless, Olivia finally turned to his original form in Robot A’s arms.

As a little furry chick, it’s justified not to wear pants!

As a result, Olivia walked away from everyone with his two small thin legs.

So, when the Murdore Travel Bureau’s spacecraft landed from the sky the next day, what they saw was a group of old men and old ladies, a few robots, a teenager, and a little hairy chick.

“Thank God! You’re all alive!” The people at the Travel Bureau cried with joy when they saw them. There were many doubts among the Idoli Commercial Street tour group about such a grand welcome.

“There’s not much here at all! You got on a scammer’s spacecraft. They pretend to be staff from the Travel Bureau and trick tourists from the reception planets to come here! They’re a bunch of lunatics who feed mermaids with living people!”

All the people in Idoli Commercial Street: o(╯□╰)o!

“After finding out that you didn’t reach Doli at all, we immediately proceeded to investigate… fortunately, you’re all right! You guys…. didn’t lose anything, right?”

Idoli: Uh…just a few towels and a pair of floral swimming trunks…

They were quickly taken away from this underdeveloped S-class primitive planet.

That night, they underwent a physical exam and were sent to the real Doli Star. When Mu Gen took out the swimming ring and wanted to use it again, he was surprised to find three shiny objects on the swimming ring.

“Golden scales?” Olivia picked them up.

“One piece per person.” Mu Gen quickly distributed it.

Meeting the teenager was like a dream and only these three scales can prove that they didn’t dream it.

The medical reports of Boss Tony and Boss Canaan can also prove that it wasn’t a dream.

“Stomach is better? Bone age is sixty years younger?!” Boss Tony was stunned.

“You have fewer wrinkles.” Expressionless, Boss Canaan pointed to his face.

“You too!!”

This is yet another proof that they met a mermaid.


They also left evidence of visiting this island.

Since then, when a certain male little mermaid turns into a human form and sleeps in the sea, he’s no longer naked.

Floating in the middle of the sea while wearing a pair of floral pants, he looked more like a floating corpse.

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

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TINA V4C122: Under Water
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