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The staff sent by the Travel Bureau to solve this matter provided various compensation plans in great detail and they didn’t refuse to answer any questions from Idori. However, once someone asked about the matters related to the previous planet, the other party’s answer became vague.

In addition, the compensation plan of the Travel Bureau is just right and they weren’t stingy; there’s actually no bottom line to their compensation——and this just made people feel scared.

As the representatives, Boss Tony and Granny Maria negotiated with the people from the Travel Bureau about the compensation issues. In the end, to make up for the Bureau’s negligence, all the hotels in the itinerary of the Idoli Commercial Street Tour Group have been upgraded to the highest level. In addition, each of them received a VIP card, so all local consumption can be discounted by 30%.

“In addition, we will also entertain you to travel on any three planets in the Murdore Galaxy. The redemption time is unlimited and the VIP card can be used for life.”

And so, in the real Doli, Mu Gen and the others stayed in the most advanced nine-star hotel in the area. This hotel has the most beautiful private beach on the planet. In normal times, ordinary people can’t get in even if they pay a higher price.

After getting off the spacecraft and sitting on the sofa waiting for Boss Tony to check in, Olivia sat on the sofa boredly…

And in a daze.

Paul met Olivia at this time.

As mentioned earlier, the Imperial Military Academy’s acceptance standards for students are very high. The vast majority of students are from military families, and a considerable number of students’ parents are currently senior military officers.

Paul came from such a family. Although his father’s position is not very high at the moment, his grandfather was very powerful with four stars on his shoulders.

The Empire’s fertility rate is very low now, and Paul is the only cub in the family. To celebrate his grandson passing the first year in the Imperial Military Academy, his grandfather took the whole family to Doli on holiday. It was also by virtue of his grandfather’s identity that they were able to stay here!

The only nine-star hotel on planet Doli will only entertain high-ranking officers and wealthy people so staying here is a status symbol! Even for Olaf (←Paul is a member of Olaf’s faction), it’s difficult to have the opportunity to stay here!

He could show off after school started——following his grandfather and father, Paul looked around excitedly.

While looking around, he found Olivia.

Paul shivered instinctively.

When Gods fight, the people suffer——Paul was one of the people who suffered.

As a member of Olaf’s faction, when Olaf and Olivia faced off, he didn’t see Olivia’s tactics to be honest. At first, he didn’t even realize that his experience was man-made. When he returned home this time, and only after talking to his grandfather did he recall his previous encounter with Olivia.

“Oh!!!” Paul couldn’t help but scream.

At this time, he was very close to Olivia and there were very few guests around. The movement on his side suddenly awakened Olivia.

“…P…Paolo?” Olivia glanced at him.

“I’m Paul! Paolo is dead!” Paul almost jumped up.

“Oh, hello.” With the corners of his mouth curled slightly, Olivia lightly said hello to him.

Paul’s father suddenly guessed Olivia’s identity.

He actually didn’t pay attention to this civilian Chief (what Paul told him). He knew the training method of the Imperial Military Academy, however, the unusually frustrated look of his son after returning home still made him dissatisfied with this chief.

So he stood by his son’s side. Although he didn’t say a word, his face showed his intentions.

He wanted to shock this kid and let his son have more confidence as well.

At this moment, Granny Maria came over.

“Little Oli, the room is ready. Go to your room and rest.”

When she came over, she also noticed the Paul father and son——yes, no matter how bad the old woman’s eyes are, these big men was blocking the only way to the sofa, they’d be ghosts if she can’t see them!

Granny Maria looked inconspicuous, looking like an ordinary old lady in her hand-sewn floral clothes, so Paul’s father didn’t pay attention to this old lady at all.

However, the humble old lady spoke extremely domineeringly.

“Who are you two? Do you know you’re in the way?”

This old lady is simply more domineering than him! (Paul’s father is usually very domineering~)

Paul’s father was about to get angry when the old lady did something even worse: Not giving way? Then, when the old lady passed by, her butt arched to the side and the father and son fell.

 ̄▽ ̄

As someone well-trained, Paul’s father would avoid getting embarrassed in public. However, the behavior just now was so arrogant that he’s truly angry!

Just as his hand was about to grab Granny Maria’s collar, suddenly——he felt a strong suffocating force on his neck! The father and son were energetically pulled by the grandfather who had been standing by.

And then thrown aside mercilessly.

Somehow, he pulled back his strength when grabbing his grandson, but he didn’t have any reservations about grabbing his son. Touching his neck, Paul’s father was stunned.

Then, he watched his father walk up to the old lady and respectfully bow ninety degrees!

Paul Daddy & Paul: 囧!!!

“Hello!” Paul’s grandfather, who was among the prestigious group of high-ranking officers, looked like a different person at this time!

“Are you…Johnny?” But the overbearing old lady scratched her head and spoke.

“General Johnny passed away a hundred years ago, and I am Kony.”

The familiar conversation between the two old people was strange.

Looking at the wrinkles on Paul’s grandfather’s face, Granny Maria seemed to think carefully, but within three seconds, this old woman gave up thinking.

“…I can’t remember, and I don’t want to.”

 ̄▽ ̄

She has a good relationship with Mrs. Bayati, so Granny Maria also learned her famous saying.

“I brought my great, great, great, great grandson out to play. The sea is good so I’m going to play in the water, I have no time to chat with you.” Snapping her fingers at Olivia, Granny Maria motioned for him to follow and he left without saying hello to Paul’s grandfather.

It’s a very rude behavior but Paul’s grandfather not only didn’t complain, he even bowed when sending the two people away.

“Paolo, see you after school starts.” When passing by Paul, Olivia nodded slightly at him.

Paul: I’m Paul! Not Paolo! 囧!!!

Paul’s grandfather straightened his back when the two of them were out of sight.

He’s once again Paul’s very majestic grandfather.

“That kid is the new Chief with a civilian background that you were talking about?” With his eyes still fixed where the two disappeared, the old man asked.


“Don’t think about going against him. After school starts, follow the Chief to do things.”

“That person’s background is much bigger than yours.”

The old man only said these few words.

But both Paul and his father nodded and said yes.

Paul’s father was a martial artist with a very high level of strength but his mind is a little lacking. Because he has always listened to his father since he was a child, his current career was very stable.

What Dad said is right——this sentence is the iron law for him.

Hearing his father say that he wanted his son to listen to the Chief’s words in the future, he kept his eyes on him. When checking in, he took out a high facilitation fee and asked the front desk where the other party lived.

This isn’t bad since he just wants to let his son play with the other while staying here.

To cultivate feelings in advance~ He still knew that!


“The other party lives in District 1.” Rejecting his high spending, the receptionist at the front desk only told him this piece of information.

He immediately deflated.

Even in the same hotel, the reception specifications are completely different. District 1: That’s a place where only super-big people are eligible to stay.

Residents in District 1 can freely travel to the other nine districts, but the other districts don’t have the right to go sightseeing in areas with numbers lower than their own.

This is the limit.

Paul also heard what the receptionist said. He thought: When I return, I must give Olaf the background of Chief Olivia. This is the only thing I can do for Olaf.


In that room, the three generations of father and son are teaching by deeds, but on this side, Olivia sprinted to catch up with the old lady in front of him.

“Grandma Maria, does that person know you?” He was gossiping with excitement.

“How would I know! At first glance, those guys are not easy to provoke high ranking officers and they had a soldierly quality to them. I was worried that you were bullied and rushed over and when I did, I was also worried!”

This old lady thought that she could still fight with three tyrannosauri, but there were a dozen soldiers behind them! If they swarm up and she can’t beat them, what an embarrassment would it be to lose in front of little Oli!

This is what the old lady was worried about!


Olivia mistakenly thought that the other party cared about him, so his face turned slightly red. He bent down and happily pecked Granny Maria’s face ←he learned this trick from Mu Gen, thank you, chirp~

It was really useful with Granny Maria.

“The old ladies all look the same in the world and he might have mistaken me for another person. Before he finds out, I have to take you away quickly!” Granny Maria proudly patted her shriveled breast.

“Nice!” Olivia gave her a thumbs up.

“You can’t deal with that kind of high-ranking officer! You’ll only be bullied if you tried to persuade them. The way to deal with few people is using a few people and for a lot of people, you need a lot of people…” She began to teach Olivia the secret of group fighting.

Granny Maria was obviously a martial arts master when she was young (←in fact, she’s still very strong even now 囧). The secrets of her fighting techniques made Olivia listen to her earnestly!

Cheats to deal with tyrannosaurus!

Cheats to deal with brontosaurus!

Cheats to deal with mosasaurs!

Cheats to…



How many species did this old lady fought with?

Although Olivia never thought of taking the route of force to persuade people, he still wrote them all down.

“Grandma! You’re teaching bad things to kids again!” But Miss Maria, who was waiting for them, accidentally heard Granny Maria’s teaching when they approached.

“Nonsense! I’m just teaching him how not to be bullied.” The old lady stared at her great great great….is this her first-generation granddaughter? Mothereffer! Regardless of her generation, she’s still her kid anyway!


“Mu Gen and Alpha mentioned that you were forced to attend school at the Imperial Military Academy, so they specifically asked about the details of great great great great grandmother’s academy since she also studied there.”

Touching Olivia’s soft hair, Miss Maria explained to him.

“En, great great great great grandma Maria went to the Imperial Military Academy?” Olivia was curious.

“However, great great great great grandmother didn’t use any conspiracy at all and just became Chief by force. Although her method was a bit rough, it’s said to be quite easy to use. Hahahaha…”

Olivia: I knew this old woman is very brutal!

So in the following days, Olivia seriously asked Granny Maria for advice on how to fight every day.

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